Crusher Builds Robots #13 | Games For Kids | Blaze and the Monster Machines

Crusher Builds Robots #13 | Games For Kids | Blaze and the Monster Machines

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Woo hoo! I’m Robot Blaze! Building robots is easy. [gasping] It’s Blaze! Oh no! He must be helping Stripes! Man! What a good friend he is! I’ve gotta win that trophy. Then all the yummy chocolate will be just for me, me, me! Yes, but you probably shouldn’t do that

Because it’s not a very nice thing to do-o-o. Hey. That sounds like Blaze and Stripes! What?! Oh. I can’t believe those guys are still following us. Maybe I should do something extra bad so they can’t follow us anymore. I’m gonna make a Giant Robot Chef! Oh hoo hoo.

Alrighty then, I’ll go the other way. Oh hoo hoo. Rawr! Oh ho ho ho. Oh man! How are we gonna get past that guy? Every time I try to get by, he blocks the way with those frying pans! Ooh hoo hoo. Oh ho ho ho.

Right now, the Chef Robot has to empty frying pans. They weigh the same, so he’s balanced. Hmm. But if we filled one of them with giant waffles, then it wouldn’t be the same on both sides. He’d be unbalanced and tip over. Alright! I’m a Waffle Making Monster Machine! Rawr!

Now, let’s make some waffles! Look! Our first waffle’s ready! Come on, let’s put it in the robot’s frying pan. It’s working. That giant waffle made one side of the robot heavier than the other. Quick! Let’s make some more! Ooh. Yeah! Woo hoo hoo! Ooh. Oh. – Yeah! – We did it!

Got to find those eggs. Need to find those eggs. So, I could win the chocolate trophy. Hello, Crusher! Pickle, can’t you see I’m looking for something? Hmm? Let me guess. You’re looking to smell the flowers with me! No, Pickle. I’m looking for eggs! I’ve gotta find that last egg.

I just gotta find that last egg before Blaze! Oh no. I can’t let him find the last egg before me. I need a really big cheat to stop him. A Giant Robot Gopher! Look out, Blaze! That Robot Gopher’s throwing giant onions! Let’s count to see how many onions we need to chop.

Count with me. One, two, three, four. Activating Power Shears for 4 chops! One, two, three, four! Yeah! Way to chop those onions! Ah ho. Oh man! The Gopher’s got its biggest veggies yet! Giant carrots! Count the carrots with me. One, two, three, four, five, six. It’s Power Shears time! One, two, three,

Four, five, six. – Woo hoo! – Yeah! Wow. Au revoir, Gopher! Way to go, Blaze! And look! The 100th egg is just up ahead. Oh. I’m never gonna find that 100th… [gasping] egg! There it is! The 100th egg! I finally found it! Uh oh! But Crusher’s gonna try and get it before us!

To get that last egg before Crusher, we’ve got to go super fast! Time to use Blazing Speed! To give me Blazing Speed, say Let’s Blaze! Let’s Blaze! [cheering] The 100th egg and it’s all for me! Woo hoo hoo! Ladies and gentle trucks, the winners of the 100 Egg Challenge, Blaze and AJ!

And for finding 100 eggs, here it is, their prize, The Chocolate Trophy! [cheering] Here you go, Blaze! Mmm mm. Now, that’s a tasty trophy! Woo hoo! I’m… Robot Blaze! Building robots is easy. Crusher, look! Oh no. It’s Blaze and AJ! I can’t let them get across the ocean before me!

What do we do? Oh. That Blaze is on a winning streak today, huh? I’ve gotta stop him. With a really big cheat! With something like a Cannonball Blasting Blaster Fish! – Woo hoo hoo! – Alright! Get ready, Blaze. Two cannonballs headed this way! And here come some more! How many are there altogether?

Four! Yeah! One, two, three, four! Oh, yeah! We’ve almost made it across the ocean! But that Blaster Fish isn’t giving up. It just blasted one cannonball. And four more! How many cannonballs are there altogether? Five! Right! One, two, three, four, five! Woo hoo! Woo hoo hoo! Pickle, what’s that sound? It’s Blaze! Whoa!

Blaze is a Hydrofoil! Not even bumpy waves can slow him down, huh? Oh. I can’t let him get the tools back. Not now! Oh no! Oh, it’s okay, Crusher. Wait a second, Pickle. I just thought of something. He’ll never get past a Chomping Shark Bot! Phew! I don’t see the Shark Bot anymore.

Maybe we lost him. [screaming] Or maybe not. That Shark Bot’s a big problem, Blaze. And we need to find a solution. Hmm. We’ve got to find some way to make him stop chomping. And the only way to do that is to feed him something he can’t chomp!

Ooh. I’ve got a big piece of rope. Great! Let’s do a test and see if the Shark Bot can chomp through rope. Did he break the rope? Yeah, and it only took him one bite. Hey, how about a stick? This seems pretty strong. Sure! Let’s test it and see if the Shark Bot

Can chop through a stick. He’s chomping the stick! Did he break it? He did! Yeah, but it wasn’t as easy for him that time. It took the Shark Bot three bites to break it. Quick! AJ, see if you can find something even harder to bite. Ooh, look. A metal pipe.

This feels like the hardest thing yet! Let’s test it! Did he break the metal pipe? No! He can’t bite through! Look! He’s falling apart! Alright! We found a solution! Now, we know! Shark Bots can’t chomp through metal pipes. Hey, look. There’s Crusher with Gabby’s toolbox. [gasping] We’ve gotta hurry.

We need to get those tools back to Gabby. AJ, give me some speed! We’ve got to beat Crusher to that toolbox. Uh oh! But he’s way ahead of us! Hmm. Looks like our only chance to beat him is to put something slippery on the ground

So there’s no friction, and we can slide to the bottom. Hey, Blaze. What about this? [gasping] It’s one of Crusher’s super slippery bananas. That’s perfect! Get ready and on the count of three, shout slide. One, two, three! Slide! – Yeah! – Woo hoo hoo! What?! Woo hoo! See ya around, Crusher!

We got the tools! Alright! Building robots is easy. That Blaze is on a winning streak today, huh? Well, looks like there’s only one thing I can do to win this race. Cheat! [laughing] Oh boy. I know something that could stop him. I’ll make a Slippery Banana Launcher! Too bad, Blaze.

Looks like you’re in a slippery situation. [laughing] Yay ohhh! To get up this hill, we need to keep our tires on the bumpy road, where there’s more friction. Help me steer Blaze. Put your hands up and grab the steering wheel. Turn the steering wheel! Turn left! More bananas! Turn right! Turn right again!

We’re almost there. Turn the wheel. Turn left. Yes! We made it! And look. Crusher’s machine is all out of bananas. Alright! So long, Super Slippery Banana Launcher! Blaze! Huh. Looks like he’s still trying to get that piston! Just like you, Crusher. Oh. What am I gonna do? Oops. [crying] There, there, big fella.

Wait a second. I just thought of something really bad that could stop him. Uh oh. It’s a Giant Pineapple Blaster! Blaze will never get by with big pineapple dropping on him. Better get ready. I need you to help me knock the pineapples away Every time you see a giant pineapple, yell pineapple! Pineapple!

Nice one. Keep going. Whenever you see any more yell pineapple. Pineapple! Pineapple! Pineapple! Pineapple! So long, Giant Pineapple Blaster. Nice shot, Blaze! Now, let’s hurry and get that piston before Crusher finds it. AJ, Give me some speed. With that piston, I’ll finally be the best Monster Machine in the whole world!

I just have to grab it from that mud pit, and it’s all mine! Let it go, Crusher! [gasping] It’s Blaze! Yes, Pickle. I know who it is. That piston belongs to Starla, not you! Ha! Well, it’s mine now, and I’m not giving it back! We’ve gotta help Blaze get that piston.

Switching to visor view. Now, we can figure out who’s pulling harder. Place is at five and Crusher is at four. Which number is bigger? Five or four? Five! Yeah! That means Blaze is pulling with more force! Oh ho ho, yeah! Whoa! We got the Pistons! Alright! AJ, give me some speed!

Blaze, AJ! You’re back! And that’s not all, Starla. [gasping] You’ve got my piston! [cheering] Building robots is easy. Oh, look. It’s Blaze! Blaze? Blaze, you’ll never beat me to Lava Island. But I’d lava to see you try. [laughing] Mmm. Oh! I can’t let Blaze and his power tires catch up. [giggling]

But I know what will stop him. I’ll blast him out of the race with this! My Blaster Bird! Whoa! Hubcaps. This is super slippery ice. Hey, I got an idea. Let’s use our power tires to drive over the ice We’ll give them traction with sharp spikes. Yeah.

Spikes will poke through the ice so our tires can fit! To give our tires Spike Power, say, Spike Power! Spike Power! Oh yeah! [cheering] [cheering] Oh no! It can’t be! It’s Blaze! And look! He’s still got those amazing Power Tires! [squealing] I’ve gotta get back in the race. [crying] Oh. Don’t cry, Crusher.

[gasping] I can’t let Blaze beat me to Lava Island. There must be something I can do to stop him. Oops. Woo hoo! Ooh! I can’t let him beat me to Lava Island. I’ve got to stop him with my biggest cheat ever. It’s my Giant Robot Baker! Blaze, watch out! A giant muffin! Whoa!

There’s only one way to stop something that big. We’ll use our Power Tires! Yeah! We can use Growing Power to make our tires super big! And if your tires are bigger than the muffin, we can drive over it and squish it flat. To give our tires Growing Power, say, Growing Power! Growing Power!

Woo hoo! Yeah! Alright! Careful, Blaze. That robot is making the biggest thing yet! A giant jelly donut! Whoa! That donut is nine meters tall! Then let’s grow our tires to be 10 meters. Count with us. Woo hoo! Way to go, Team! And look! There’s Lava Island! Let’s Blaze! [cheering] Woo hoo hoo hoo!

[laughing] Uh oh! Hit the brakes! Hubcaps! Lava destroyed part of the bridge! Oh well! Looks like only one Monster Machine’s getting to the finish line now. And what do you know? It’s me! [laughing] [humming] We can’t let Crusher beat us! But without the bridge, there’s no way to get to Lava Island!

Unless we drive through the lava! – Yeah! – Go for it, Blaze! To give our tires the power to drive through lava, say, Lava Power! Lava Power! Lava Island, here we come! [cheering] [laughing] No one can beat me to that finish line now. Not even Blaze and his Power Tires! Woo hoo hoo!

[cheering] Building robots is easy. Hoo hoo! I’m definitely gonna win the race. Nothing can go wrong now! Hiya, Crusher! I hope you’re ready to laugh ‘cause this is my funniest joke yet. Knock, knock. Ugh. Who’s there? – Orange. – Orange who? Orange you glad Blaze’s family isn’t right behind you? Oh.

I’ve got to stop them with my biggest cheat yet! This Taco Blasting Robot! Taco! Taco! Come on, let’s estimate how many we’ll need to smash. Guess how many tacos there are? Two or seven? Seven! That’s a lot of tacos. Good thing you’ve got Wrecking Ball Crane Dad! Hi ya! Yeah! Eee ya!

– Alright! – Nice smashing! I’m gonna win the race. [humming] [laughing] Ugh. I didn’t know Blaze was gonna be in this race. [laughing] I’ve got it. [laughing] If I wanna beat Blaze, I just have to send him far away with this… Gee, I-I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Oh no!

Why’s everyone cheering? Oh! They’re just excited because Blaze and Sparkle are almost back. Yeah. Blaze and Sparkle are almost back? Oh boy, what a race! I can’t let Blaze and Sparkle get ahead of me. I wanna win! Okay. This might take a while. Oh. That Blaze is on a winning streak today, huh?

It’s not fair, Pickle! Oh, I’ve gotta stop him. I need a cheat so big they’ll never make it back. Looking good, Crusher. I’ll make a Builder Bot! Build, build, build. Look out! Hubcaps! That Builder Bot’s making a wall to try to stop us. Well, we can’t give up now.

We’ve gotta figure out some way to get past it. Ooh, I got an idea! What if we go over the wall with this? A slingshot! – Yeah! – That’s a great idea, Sparkle! We just need to launch ourselves with the right trajectory! Let’s see. If we launch ourselves now,

We’ll go through the air like this. Will that get us over the wall? No. Let’s change your trajectory! Will this trajectory get us over the wall? Yeah! We’ve got the right trajectory! – Yeah! – We made it! Ooh ooh! And look! There’s the Monster Dome! Build, build, build. Uh oh!

But the Builder Bot is trying to stop us with the biggest wall yet! Come on, Sparkle! It’s slingshot time! Will this trajectory get us over the wall? Nope. Let’s try again. Will this trajectory get us over the wall? Yes! Monster Dome here we come! – Woo hoo! – Wee! It’s Blaze and Sparkle!

Racers. on your marks! Get set! Go! I can’t let Blaze and Sparkle get ahead of me. I wanna win! [laughing] Watch out! Hubcaps! The track is broken! Aw. Too bad, looks like nobody can get to the finish line now. Except for me. [laughing] Oh, man! We’ve gotta find some way to get across!

Ooh! I know! What if we go super fast and jump across? Yeah! Time to use… Blazing Speed! To give us Blazing Speed, say, Let’s Blaze! Let’s Blaze! Woo hoo! [laughing] [squealing] And the winners are… Sparkle and Blaze! Yeah! Building robots is easy. Watch. I’ll build some robots right now.

I see a giant cake and I see a… Oh wait. Did you just say giant cake? [crying] Ooh! And it looks so yummy. I gotta have it. I’ve gotta eat it! Mmm. Yummy! Mmm! Oh yeah. I’m so good. I got it! I got it! I got it! I don’t got it.

I’ve got to build a flying robo plate! [laughing] Okay, Robo Plate, bring me that cake! Yummy! [screaming] Cake! Come back! Oh! I got it! I got it! I got it! I don’t got it. Alright! Time to get back to Darrington’s birthday with his big, yummy cake? Oh no! The cake is flying away!

Stop cake! I wanna eat you! Cake, come back! Hubcaps! Crusher’s trying to get it! But that cake is for Darrington’s birthday. Come on, AJ. We’ve got to catch that cake before Crusher. Follow that cake! Stop cake! I wanna eat you! Come back! Slow down so I can eat you! Crusher! Crusher! Crusher!

Oh! Look Crusher, it’s Blaze! What? Crusher, we need that cake! Boy, he must really like cake! Oh, but I want the cake. I can’t let Blaze get it! Ooh ooh ooh! Good thing I know how to stop him. Oops. Mmm mmm mmm. I’ve got a cake to eat!

Ooh. I think I’ll call you Smashy. [laughing] Looks like Blaze is in for one bumpy ride. [laughing] Whoa! Whoa. Man! Those Bumper Bots can really bump. How are we gonna get past ‘em? There’s only one way we’re gonna beat those Bumper Bots. We’ve got to bump them harder than they bump us.

Here comes a Bumper Bot. Let’s check his kinetic energy. The Bumper Bot’s kinetic energy is twenty. Blaze is at ten. The Bumper Bot is at twenty. Which number is more, ten or twenty? Twenty. That means the Bumper Bot has more kinetic energy than Blaze. We need more kinetic energy. Speed up, Blaze!

Look! My kinetic energy went up to fifty! Which number is more? Fifty or twenty? Fifty! Blaze has more kinetic energy than the Bumper Bot. Oh yeah! I’ve got the most Kinetic Energy! Woo hoo hoo! It worked! Oh! Here comes Blaze again! What?! Boy! He must really, really, really like cake. Not now, Pickle.

First, I’ve gotta get this cake! Oh boy. Too bad, Blaze! Looks like your chances to get that cake are slipping away! [laughing] No, no, no! I cannot let Blaze beat me to that cake! Ooh. I know. I’ll build something to stop him. A Super Slippery Ice Machine! Whoa!

I know. What if we find someone with kinetic energy who could bump into us? Yeah! Then their energy would go to us and we’d go forward across the ice. Hmm. But who could bump us and give us kinetic energy? Baaa. A Bighorn! Those guys love bumping! Hey, Bighorn! Down here! Huh?

Come and bump us! Here he comes! [laughing] [cheering] It worked! When the Bighorn bumped us, his energy went into Blaze and made us move forward. But it wasn’t enough to get us all the way across the ice. We need more kinetic energy. Baaa. Hey, I hear another Bighorn. Help us look for him.

Where do you see a Bighorn? Behind those rocks! Baaa. You hoo… Bighorn! Come bump us! [laughing] [cheering] Look, Blaze! There’s the cake! Almost got it. I almost got it! We’ve gotta hurry before Crusher takes Darrington’s cake. We just need a little more kinetic energy. Baaa. Listen, that sounds like another Bighorn!

Where do you see a Bighorn? There it is! In those bushes! [laughing] Oh, Bighorn! Come and get us! We need all the kinetic energy you’ve got! [laughing] [cheering] [laughing] This is it! I’m finally gonna get that big, delicious Woo hoo! [screaming] We got it! We saved the birthday cake! Building robots is easy.

Watch. I’ll build some robots right now. I just thought of a plan to get all those Super Ranger Badges. Is your plan to work hard and earn them? Nope. I’m gonna get those badges by cheating. [laughing] Oh. Ugh. Huh. Kinda seems like you’re always cheating, but Blaze is always winning.

Oh, my cheating never works! [crying] But you know what they say? You never know what you can do until you try. [laughing] You said it, Pickle. Woo hoo! I’m gonna catch the Croaking Cave Frog with this animal grabber. I’m gonna catch a little frog. He can’t hide from me, me, me! [laughing]

It worked! That sure is a strange frog. I mean, it’s got a black tail and, and, and a white stripe, and it smells kind of funny. Wait. That doesn’t sound like a frog. This sounds like a stinky skunk! Phew! [squeaking] Okay, Ranger Crusher. You ready to start climbing? Nah.

I know a much easier way to earn a Super Mountain Climbing Badge. Oh no! [laughing] With this machine, I can launch myself right to the top! But Crusher, isn’t that cheating? You bet it is. Oh no! Crusher needs help! Come on, Pickle. Here I go! Wee! [sighing]

All this cheering is making me hungry. I gotta get a snack. [laughing] I’m almost there. Nothing can stop me from getting to the top now. I just yuck! Something up here really stinks. The stinky skunk! Phew! Uh oh. Whoa! Well, that was fast. Oh, it’s not fair, Pickle. I keep cheating and cheating,

But it hasn’t got me My Super Ranger Badges! [crying] Oh, cheer up, Crusher. There’s got to be some badge you could earn. Well, there is one badge I was hoping to get. The Super Bravery Badge. The Super Bravery Badge? But Crusher that’s the hardest badge to earn!

Earn? Psh. I’m not gonna earn it. I’m going to steal it. With this! [laughing] My Robo Bear! Oh this can’t be good. Oh, don’t worry, Pickle. Oh. The Robo Bear will do anything I say. As long as I say it with music! Looking good, Crusher! Crusher, look! [laughing] You said it, Pickle.

Ooh. That’s perfect! Hey, Robo Bear. Listen to this. ♪ Robo Bear, Robo Bear, One, two, three ♪ ♪ Steal that badge And give it to me ♪ A bear! [screaming] Bear! Let’s get outta here! Gaskets. Crusher made a Robo Bear to steal the Super Bravery badge. Uh oh.

This electric guitar is not as loud as Crusher’s accordion. I know something that can make our guitar louder. An amplifier! Come on! We’ve gotta help Blaze make the loudest music yet! The amplifier volume is at four, but we can make it go up to and get super loud. Count to 11 with me.

Start at four. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven! [laughing] [cheering] Yeah! We rocked! [groaning] Oh. Shoo wee! You did it, Blaze! Blaze stopped bear! You were so brave. Thanks, everyone. I’m just glad the Super Bravery Badge is back where it belongs. Actually, this Super Bravery badge belongs somewhere else now. Huh?

Ranger Blaze, you were super brave standing up to that Robo Bear. And for that, you deserve this. Wow! You did it, Blaze! You earned the Super Bravery badge! [gasping] I got all three badges! [cheering] Building robots is easy. Watch. I’ll build some robots right now. Just put this piece over here.

The important thing is you follow the three steps of robotics. Okay. Maybe robotics is a little harder than I thought. Well, at least this robot doesn’t seem so bad. Step one, design your robot. – Step two. – Done. That was fast. Whoa. Gaskets! He’s chomping like crazy.

How are we going to stop it? There is only one way to stop a powerful chomping robot. Feed it something it can’t chomp. He’s heading that way! Hey, check out this piece of metal. Do you think the robot will be able to chomp through this metal? Okay. Let’s see. – Yeah! – Alright!

There must be something I can do to stop him. Something like ooh! Yes. Hello, Crusher. I am Robot Pickle. I should be winning. [crying] It’s not fair, Pickle! Oops. I’ll come in first place. And Blaze will be last. [laughing] Yoo hoo. Lug nuts. He just threw four things! So, now our code is…

Go smash, smash, smash, smash, stop! Go smash, smash, smash, smash, and stop! Yeah! We stopped the Throwing Robot! Hang on a second, Pickle. Did you just hear that? I know that sound from somewhere. Oh no, it can’t be. It’s sounding so familiar. It’s impossible. You know, it kind of sounded like Blaze!

I’ve gotta stop him with my biggest robot ever. [laughing] It’s working! And the judges score it… a perfect 10! Look, my force went up to ten! And the robot’s blast is nine. Which is more? Ten or nine? Ten! That means I’ve got more force! Yah! – Alright! – We did it! [cheering]

Robot Blaze saved us! Way to go, Robot Blaze! You’re a hero! Blaze! You just stopped three Wrecking Robots and saved Axle City. Is there anything you’d like to say? I guess I want to say that, whenever there’s trouble, I’ll always be here to help. I’m a Robot Blaze! Yeah!

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