cybersecurity is hard.

cybersecurity is hard.

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This video is sponsored by cyber fast track a platform to help accelerate the path to cyber security for college students receive hands-on practice through their platform cyberstart and win scholarships for world-class training learn more about my thoughts on cyber fast track in a few moments do you

Ever have anything in your life that you just have no idea what you’re staring at that’s me every single day in cyber security right now as a brand new cyber security professional i literally have no idea what the heck i’m doing and well i’ve questioned everything i’ve

Ever studied so this question begs for a video topic why the heck is cybersecurity so hard well i think i’ve come up with an answer but we’ll see all right so for the short answer cyber security is hard because there’s such a broad spectrum of knowledge skills responsibilities and a

Whole bunch of general other words that you can use to fill in the blank there is such a broad spectrum of information and tools and technologies and concepts and attacks that you must know and it’s almost impossible to keep up with everything i’m going to divide this

Video into two topics you have the learners or students perspective and then the general industry to start with a learner’s perspective i think that cyber security is hard because you have to understand general i.t before you can add the layers of security on top i’ve talked about this

Over and over and over again about how you’re supposed to learn the foundations of it before you get into cyber security but that concept shouldn’t be overlooked this broad spectrum of it foundations includes a lot of skills including networking software development programming scripting cloud and automation you need to understand

Offensive security the different types of attacks as well as governance frameworks and business alignment you have to understand all of that with tools technologies and anything in between so basically it’s information overload the amount of i.t foundational technical skills that one must master before getting into cyber security

It’s almost impossible to master every single one of them so you kind of have to pick your specialties and hope that you can get past those interviews and get past whatever those situations are but ultimately it’s a broad spectrum of knowledge that you must know before getting into cyber

Security and even when you get into cyber security it’s tough now from a career perspective why is cyber security so hard to get into i think for me what i’ve noticed is that there are just so many different routes that one can take to get into cyber security this

Dispersed amount of learning routes makes it hard to navigate with where exactly you fit in within one of these learning paths so comparing cyber security to an accounting job and i’m not saying accounting is easy but what i’m saying is accounting usually you have a defined set path you go through

College you get your cpa certification and you’re set to go into an accounting job cyber there’s not only the consideration of a four-year degree program but you also have associate degrees cyber security boot camps you have graduate degrees and then you have all of the certifications and you have to

Navigate which ones are more credible than others which ones will help you throughout your process of getting started in cyber and then on top of that you have to understand the different skills requirements responsibilities that companies are looking for and you know a role that you’re applying to so

From a career perspective it’s really hard to navigate because there isn’t one set path the traditional way of going to college getting your cybersecurity degree and flourishing through your career is starting to be a little bit dated there are different ways that you can get into cyber and that makes it well

Hard and confusing for individuals like ourselves okay so we all know that cybersecurity it’s not as easy as it may seem but there are several different ways to learn cyber security and that includes today’s sponsor cyber fast track now cyber fast track is a effective fast way to get started in

Cyber security with a hands-on practical approach now of course all platforms are going to say that they’re trying to sell you something what i really like about cyber fast track is the opportunity to gain a scholarship opportunity for world-class training such as the sans institute training which we all know is

Very expensive to begin with cyber fast track you start with cyber start which is a gamified way of getting yourself immersed into cyber security situations in addition there is the field manual which walks through essential basic and foundational skills that you must need to get started such as web cryptography

Linux programming and binary and there’s walkthroughs throughout the different scenarios finally you get to win scholarships for world-class training through the national cyber scholarship foundation and this is where you can get access to world-class training such as the sans institute foundation’s training there are hundreds of platforms out

There and i actually do want you to consider cyberstart in one of your possible avenues to learn because they offer those foundational skills scholarship opportunities and overall they provide a real practical approach to getting started so to make cyber security just a little bit easier go ahead and use the link in the

Description below and sign up for cyber fast track so that’s from a student’s perspective now what about industry why is it so hard to accomplish cyber security whatever in industry you know you open up your browser each week you see that this company has been exposed to a data

Breach and this a government state-sponsored group has gotten into this facility well reverting back to the basics if we think about security from a business perspective it mostly comes down to risk management risk management requires an organizational effort and it’s not just the tools and technologies which are going to accomplish this this

Has to be both a cultural and a technical issue when you took a look at an organization from a security perspective it’s endless you have shadow i.t you have siloed groups of developers you have people who are trying to bypass your access control so that you can get into your favorite

Uh youtube channel or something i don’t know the proximity is endless and that makes it really hard to understand what’s in your environment known as asset management understand how to manage what is in your environment now in addition to that you have to think about a corporate network there are

Complex network topologies production corporation and development networks they’re all working perhaps in a different area of the business that is very hard to track what is going on within the business the way that you can solve one of these problems is getting professionals into the environment and helping you out well

Guess what if you’re like me you’re not gonna hire me because i’m a beginner and i don’t have experience it’s tough to find qualified individuals who have the experience and knowledge to go ahead and tackle these big problems you’re not going to hire a whole bunch of beginner script kitties

To go out there and you know work on these huge networks it just doesn’t work like that and then on top of this you have attacks offensive security well they evolve and they’re endless the days of mitigating the traditional phishing email from a random russian domain with complete different spellings and all of

These random attachments those are over a business in general industry has thousands of systems computer networks infrastructure hybrid environments including cloud native and on-premise data centers you can’t patch every single vulnerability the attack surface is ever expanding and you have no idea what’s going on in your environment so all of

This leads into one little tiny script kitty attacker coming in and well they only have to have one area or one way to get in to get establish a foothold into your network and then well you’re screwed that is why cyber security is not easy the marketing side of the industry often

Likes to depict cyber as like these dark rooms hackers it’s easy to get into lucrative whatever yeah it’s not like that i mean if you have those feelings that’s great but the majority of people or maybe just me i don’t really know yeah cyber security is very hard hopefully this video has been

Enlightening and that you know you’re not the only one struggling out there not knowing a lot of things and yeah until the next video have a good day

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