Cybersecurity is Overhyped (it’s not reality as a career)

Cybersecurity is Overhyped (it's not reality as a career)

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This video is sponsored by ghostery a free browser plugin which makes privacy easy there’s literally no gimmicks it’s two steps away from protecting you but you can learn more about my thoughts on ghostry in a few moments okay so if you’ve been following my channel like the duration of 2022 you’ve probably

Realized and seen me just harp on the realism behind getting started in cyber security and cyber security as a career now in this video i’m basically doing the same exact thing so you can just click off if you don’t really care about this so cyber security it rides in hype

On buzzwords on trends and there’s a lot of bs in this industry that you have to take a look at and really navigate through this video has been inspired by alexis over at hackersploit who talked about trivializing cybersecurity or stopped trivializing cybersecurity and there was a lot of good points that he

Made in the video i suggest you go check that out and this is more so just an evangelization of his message and kind of what he talked about in that video okay so yeah self-explanatory i think a lot of people know kind of what the hype part of cyber security is but

If you take a look at security companies and we’ll just use content creators as examples on social media what you’ll find is a lot of people talk about maybe one area of cyber security and okay i just wanted to clarify this isn’t all content creators i’m talking about

There’s just like a certain sub sector of them and i’m not going to name them but you know we’re talking about you know john hammond ipsec pwn function live overflow those people obviously they know what they’re talking about a lot more than i do and so i just wanted

To clarify this isn’t just all content creators on youtube they tried to make that a trend now in particular this has nothing you know no harping or anything on a true hacker but a lot of people talk about red team or hacking and they trivialize

It in a way that they make it sound like you know as a career you’re going to get high paying salary to hack into fortune 500 companies and you’re just going to be hacking all day and you have the anonymous mask and the dark terminal screen and there’s a lot of marketing

Behind that but specifically in the content creation space that content actually does really really well there are you know plenty of content creators out there who are extremely knowledgeable in maybe uh you know some some particular blue team area and they’re not going to get nearly as much attraction as someone who’s going

To talk about brute forcing passwords using kali linux right uh it it it’s so simple but that’s just the reality of youtube or you know the reality of content creation now let’s again not to harp on anyone who creates that content specifically if you’re really trying to get into

Cybersecurity as a career and maybe not so much as just like uh hacking as a hobby but just actually making real money and having a job out of this the industry is going to be a lot different when you you know step foot in your first job oftentimes the job is

Going to be this you’re going to wake up you’re going to go to meetings maybe go through some ticketing systems triage alerts if that’s what your job is do some reporting and documentation and you know maybe call today and you’re gonna be sitting at your desk

In front of a computer screen eight to ten hours a day is that fun well for some people they’re fine with that others they would be driven nuts from just like sitting down all day so security is not going to be about brew forcing passwords or getting domain

Admin you know that’s one component of it but that’s not the whole picture of cyber security when you’re talking about it from an enterprise environment a little bit of a side note what i’ve learned is that security it’s not so much that it’s you know fully a technical issue it’s also a

Culture and people issue you have to be willing to work with people and people are all going to have different types of opinions and you have to compromise with them okay so you know it isn’t your privacy but it’s important and that’s really dumb transition anyways ghostery

A free open source browser plugin with over 100 million downloads the ghostery privacy suite protects your data across all websites it you know uses those standard features that all privacy plugins use but it uses additional tactics such as ai anti-tracking which i know sounds very buzzword-y but yeah

It’s legit it’s two steps away from enabling privacy across all your websites and searches there’s no gimmicks just go use the link in the description below and you can add the extension now the team over at ghost street did send me a trial version of the ghostery privacy suite which comes

With a whole set of features such as the ghostery dawn browser the glow search engine and then the course the browser extension plug-in now let’s be honest here i think a lot of us want to stay with the mainstream browsers because of you know the support and capabilities

That they provide but there is good news ghost redon it sits on top of mozilla firefox which is my daily browser so you can still add your favorite browser extensions and then there is the glow search engine which is a privacyfirst search engine and then there’s also other features such as anonymizing your

Data and has cool reporting features so if you’re interested in this suite of privacy tools it’s less than five dollars a month regardless you should just download that plug-in 100 free and yeah onto the video if you could switch over to like tools and vendors everyone’s trying to implement a zero

Trust network today they all have zero trust network tools you have to think about uh the buzzwords and the acronyms and the trends that you know companies and and security vendors are trying to push on you are they really do they really have substance or is it just like

Oh this is the new thing go go after it and you know sell people they’re just trying to sell you things i’m guilty of it myself look i’ve created a course before i have debuted merch when people are riding on hype they’re often times just trying to

Gain the views and the subscribers or the sales so as a you know new entry-level cybersecurity individual here what i can say is that cyber security it really is it’s not a lot of what people on the content creation space security vendor space are going to

Talk about it’s it’s a lot of hard work it’s a lot of research it’s a lot of collaboration and as a career there’s a reason why that dollar amount or that salary is particularly so high um there is a particular rate of burnout how do we navigate this you know is people who

Maybe are really actually trying to get into the industry question really get into the mind of someone when someone is like trying to prove that they know things and technically a lot more sufficient or superior than you just question them uh you know try to understand exactly

Where and why they came to that conclusion the second strategy or a way is taking a look at i’m gonna say it the fundamentals listen to those who really are experienced and who are going to be authentic like those who actually are talking about cyber security in a non-uh you know buzzwordy

Or hype way they’re typically very experienced and they’re typically people who don’t need to push and sell you something i know this video has been a conglomerate mess of nothingness but i wanted to talk about how cybersecurity it rides on hype so know how to navigate that hype and

Actually see the real substance behind um all of that hype whether that is you know a trendy new thing going on really you know it’s it’s important that you keep in mind the fundamentals and that you question what is going on that’s it for today’s video i hope you

Even sort of kind of got something out of this and yeah until the next time have a good day

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