D&D Commander Fight w/ Joe Manganiello! l Game Knights #47 l Magic The Gathering Gameplay AFC

D&D Commander Fight w/ Joe Manganiello! l Game Knights #47 l Magic The Gathering Gameplay AFC

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What’s up everybody welcome to a brand new episode of game nights this show is brought to you by wizards of the coast we have a really exciting episode for you today we are playing with the commander pre-cons from forgotten realms and we have two amazing guests joe

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Things like giveaways in fact if you want to find out how to win a bunch of awesome swag including signed playmats from joe manganiello and becca scott and us and us make sure you stick around till the end of the episode to find out how you could win but first you got to

Find out who wins this episode of game nights oh that’s a really good point let’s get into it let’s do it How’s it everybody welcome back to another episode of game nights on this one we’re playing with the forgotten realms commander pre-cons so of course we had to get one of the biggest dungeons and dragons experts that we know joe manganiello you might recognize joe from stuff like true blood magic

Mike spider-man and zack snyder’s justice league i’m joe and you might know me from all that acting stuff but some of the things you might not know is i’ve worked hand in hand with dungeons and dragons for many years now working with the marketing department i also

Wrote part of one of the modules and created a bunch of characters that are now in canon also three years ago i created a heavy metal fantasy themed streetwear line called death saves and i’m here to test out the new decks and we have a brand new friend who’s on the

Show for her very first time what’s up everybody i’m becca scott i’m an actor and a host you may know me from geek and sundry doing the how to play series for board games part of the coverage team for the magic the gathering mythic championships i also play d and d for

The black dice society on the d d channel and i’m excited to be here for my very first time on game nights today we are embarking on an epic campaign with the newest pre-constructed commander decks from magic’s latest set adventures in the forgotten realms this is a thing that gamers have been waiting

For for decades talking about all the cool characters you know and love from the forgotten realms world along with the mythic and legendary items from dungeons and dragons in a game of magic today i will be playing verondis range of ancients the goal of this deck is to play cards

That can deal damage to my own creatures which will let vrandis create a ton of dragons with that enrage ability now there’s also some cards in there that let me roll dice so i can keep cranking out those dragon tokens and eventually become the dragon highlord lord of all teammates minions

Or just kill on my pawns today i’m going to be playing prosper tone bound this deck loves playing cards from exile because whenever i do that prosper is going to give me treasure which i can save up to eventually cast a bunch of heavy-hitting game ending spells and my

Commander is galea kindler of hope this is a voltron deck with a twist i need to manipulate the top of my library so i can take advantage of galea’s ability and then stack a bunch of auras and equipment all onto one creature to make it really really big and scary

And then use it to you guessed it knock out my opponents and what i’m playing today is sephirous of the hidden ways some places you cannot go in life this deck is all about venturing into the dungeon and every time you move into a new room you get a different effect

So my goal is to put creature cards into my graveyard get through those dungeons as fast as possible and reap the rewards at the end and also somewhere in there i’ll try to win the game okay let’s play alright let’s battle let’s party let’s fight welcome to the table everybody as always

Let’s reveal our awesome play mats okay well we have two new players on the show everyone knows what that means as is tradition joe i knight thee sir joe arise yes that was that was the power of tiamat washing over me first time ever becca i dubbed sir becca all right

Whoa was it good yeah that was great okay great well welcome to game nights only one may stand are you ready let’s do this so draw for turn mountain and i will cast dragon master outcast scary in like five turns it’s interesting you don’t usually see

This card played this early in the game because that’s just a long time before joe’s gonna have six lands and a lot of opportunity for removal i’m not really necessarily expecting to make any dragons with it i just want to start pecking at my opponents to make them angry pass the

Jimmy thank you joe i will draw my card for turn i will play a planes and then i’m going to cast wayfarers bobble reprint nice yeah it’s really exciting to see this card get reprinted in these precon decks it’s a perfect ramp card especially if you don’t have green i’m playing esper

So this is one of the best hormone players i can have pass turn to you becca i will drop return play mountain boom bastard all right i will draw for turn i’m gonna play a forest yep and then i’m going to play abundant growth targeting my forest nice

So from now on it will tap for a man of any color not just a green and when that enters battlefield i will draw a card okay all right that’s it go ahead joe untap drop return i will play crucible of the spirit dragon okay then i’m going to attack you josh with

My human shaman okay uh i have no blocker so i’ll take one and go to 39. uh let’s go how’s you jimmy nice i like that all right i’ll untap i’ll drop return okay i am going to play chokes estuary noise and i will reveal a prairie stream

From my hand so it comes into play untapped okay pass turn becca drop return we’re gonna play a swamp and i’m gonna cast racto signet ramp ramp ramp ramp it’s a ramp what i got ramp already you nervous you nervous i’m coming out with my commander soon

Watch out a pastor all right i will untap i will draw okay i will play a path of ancestry which comes into play tapped unfortunately and then i’m going to tap one and i’m going to play an explorer scope so this is normally not a great card but

It works pretty well with my commander galea allows me to look at the top part of my library so i’ll know if there’s a land there so i can take full advantage of this effect in the future when i have a creature that is attached to and is attacking

So it’s not really doing anything right now yeah that’s all i can do oh passenger okay untap and i’m gonna draw i’m gonna play a mountain okay and then i’m going to tap three and i’m going to play the commander sphere how much does your commander cost oh

It’s your commander next turn yeah five yeah these commander decks are precons so they take a little bit longer to develop the early rounds are very much like lightweight boxing where everyone’s just feeling each other around and then i’m going to try to alienate all of the hosts of the show

And i’m going to attack jimmy with my dragon master outcast uh it hurts but only for one so i’ll go to 39. merely a flash wound okay cool at the end of turn i will crack my wayfarers bobble finding a swamp and putting it onto battlefield tapped

Now untap and drop a turn i will play a prairie stream i’m going to tap for three and cast my commander oh sephirous of the hidden ways death’s door can be unlocked my commander enables the main strategy of my entire deck but it doesn’t actually do anything on its own

I need to get creatures into the graveyard in order to venture into the dungeon but once i do the value train is gonna leave the station choo choo pass turn to you becca untap drop return i will play for boating ruins as it enters the battlefield i gotta

Show you this cute little swamp ah so it comes in untapped i’m gonna tap four and play prosper tone bound wow nice and now my commander is on the battlefield and i am so excited about prosper because first it’s almost like it’s giving me an extra card in hand

Each turn and giving me mana to cast more stuff with treasure tokens it’s gonna be dope go to my instep and my commander’s gonna trigger it and i’m going to exile terminate whoa that’s pretty good and i can play that until the end of my next turn

So yes becca’s commander gives her card advantage but there is a downside to it right the whole table gets to see what those cards are so now i know she’s got a removal spell my deck is pretty susceptible to removal spells so it’s good to know about it i can plan

Accordingly okay i will untap i will draw i’m going to tap two and i’m going to play sram senior edificer uh-oh whenever i play an equipment or a vehicle i can draw a card josh’s commander lets him play cards off the top of his library so together with sram you can see the

Combo he plays it off the top of the library it automatically equips and bam draws another card and keeps that going i think this is probably one of the best cards in my deck i’m a little hesitant to put it out there knowing about becca’s removal spell however i think

Dragon master outcast and both the commanders from my opponents are probably juicier targets so i’m just hoping becca has her eyes on those and not this and then i guess i can’t do anything else so i’ll pass a turn thank you i will untap drop return gonna play forest

Well we’re getting pretty close to that dragon master yeah i’m starting to get nervous now i will tap my commander sphere and then i’ll tap the rest of my lands to enter vrandis the rage of ancients as a dnd player i love the fact that dice rolling has now been integrated into magic

And of course my draconic commander benefits greatly from it if i can find things in my deck that allow me to roll dice i’m going to have an army of five four dragons very soon an interesting thing about vrondus is that it creates these 5’4 tokens which are huge that’s

Really big but they have to be sacrificed when they deal damage and it’s kind of hard for me to gauge right now how big of a downside that is we’re just gonna have to see how it pans out i’m scared i’m gonna pass the jimmy okay

I’m going to untap and draw my card for the turn i will play an esper panorama and then i will tap two mana and cast arcane cygnet and then i will tap three mana and cast hama pasha ruin seeker i think we’ve been here before yikes i was kind of skeptical about the

New dungeon mechanics in jimmy’s deck until he pulled hama bashar which means that he now doubles everything he finds inside one of these dungeons this is definitely one of the best cards in my deck because the dungeons have so many different rooms and so many different things that happen

They’re not actually all that powerful so being able to double up on those abilities means i’m generating extra value i’m gonna get my engine going even faster and hopefully create so much card advantage that my opponents can’t stop me and then i can’t really actually i can’t josh swinging for two

Is that a two three yeah oh that’s bogus okay i will take two commander damage that’s right i go to 37. that’s gonna do it for me becca go for it okay i unten drop a turn come on drop a swamp five mana to play with two of it may be

Terminating if i don’t use terminate during this turn it’s gonna go away forever so okay i have to decide what to kill and i am really worried about joe’s dragons one target is gonna make flying dragons and one target is gonna make dragons on the ground i guess we’ll go

For the flying dragon maker okay i will play terminate on dragon master outcast and because i cast a card from exile my commander will trigger and i will make a treasure not happy about the termination of my dragon master outcast i thought it was gonna start paying off

Okay this is exactly what i was hoping for joe’s land count’s getting higher and five five dragons every tournament are scary so i’m glad becca used her removal spell against that and not my stuff thank you becca i’m gonna move to combat i’ll swing it jimmy with prosper my commander

Okay uh that has death touch so i ain’t gonna block it i’ll take one damage going to 38. all right and i will tap for boating ruins to tap my recto cygnet and i will play mine stone okay now i will move to my end step and my commander will trigger

So i get to exile a tally primal sword but don’t worry he’s in exile over here just chilling okay so prosper is amazing i get this extra card each turn but now i have exiled this super powerful card and i have all the mana to cast it i

Just wish that my opponents didn’t know it was coming let’s see what they can do about it that thing is terrifying if that swings once at this table it’s going to completely throw things in her favor we can’t let that happen here’s hoping someone has an answer for

It all right i’m going to unzap i will drop okay i’m gonna pay one and i’m gonna attach my explorer scope to sram all right and then i’ll go to combat and i will attack you becca for two on that attack the explorer scope will trigger so i

Will look at the top card of my library it’s a land card i get to put it it doesn’t matter it’s not a land card it’s a telescope i mean what do you want all right and then we’ll go to damage hold up just before you do that i’m

Going to chaos warp sram Okay well losing sram’s not great because my car dry engine and you know i love those however it’s a chaos warp it is possible i flip something better off the top of my deck so let’s see what i get here come on instant sorcery maybe a

Land and then i will reveal the top card and if it’s a permanent it comes into play come on something it is a brainstorm which is not a permanent it just stays on top of my library that wasn’t great yeah so this went pretty badly my sram my car

Dry engine gets shuffled into my library who the heck knows where it is and i don’t even get anything in exchange for it couldn’t have gone worse well i guess my lamp return will be a simic growth chamber and that will return my thriving grove to my hand

And then i’m gonna tap two and i’m gonna play fleece main lion so my next kind of a voltron deck he wants to put a bunch of auras and equipment onto something and make one creature really really big the downside of that if somebody destroys that thing

You put a lot of resources into it and it can really hurt you so you want cards like fleece mainline because it can become indestructible which makes it harder to destroy and safer to put your stuff on that turn didn’t go very good i’m sorry you go

Okay i will untap and i will draw my card for the turn play a mountain and then i will tap for okay and this will count as green and i will enter onto the battlefield my dragonborn champion oh sick now out comes my dragonborn champion to join my commander which is perfect

Because anytime a 5-4 dragon spawned by my commander cause damage i’m gonna be able to draw cards i’m feeling scary at this point and then i’m gonna tap forest and crucible and play rampant growth nice which lets me search my library for a forest okay it goes into play tapped

And then i will definitely swing and kill i’m going to shoot no don’t do that well she’s the only one that i haven’t hit yet i’ve already hit the other two things he convinced me i’m going to attack you with rondis I go to 35. oh that is commander damage and because of my dragonborn champion’s ability i draw a card nice that’s good value dragons all right well that was a pretty good turn okay and i will pass it jimmy all right i’ll untap and drop return oh

Hello there i will tap my esper panorama and play a soul ring been a while then i’ll play hostage taker yours is now mine oh becca i’m gonna target your commander no i would much rather exile something i can play later but becca’s commander just is generating so much value being

Able to slow her down a little bit i think is the most important thing for the rest of the table to be able to keep up so i’m gonna take one for the team here and get rid of it he’s going to the command zone rude jimmy you trying to make enemies here

I get it i got a tally primal storm waiting to be cast and they’re worried it’s fair okay well let’s remember this happened maybe you could deal with the dragons next time all right i’m gonna go to combat and uh no becca why as well i’ll swing at you for four damage all

Right i’ll go to 31. that’s gonna do it for me i’ll pass her into you don’t hate me untap and hate jimmy for turn jimmy for turning it’s only for turn it’s not that bad okay yeah i’m down i’m down i’m gonna play zelfer and void which allows me to scry

I think i’m gonna put that on bottom okay i’m just gonna play my face up card here i will cast a tally primal storm okay a tally is on the battlefield i just needed to live for at least one round so i can get one trigger off of it

So please nobody kill my dinosaur this card is really really powerful very very scary the advantage it causes can be huge so i’m really hoping that either joe or jimmy has a removal spell because i don’t pastoring a tally is terrifying all right i will untap i will draw what

Everyone knows to be a brainstorm into my hand all right i’m gonna pay for and cast my commander galea kindler of hope wow so my commander is pretty interesting it does provide some card advantage because anything you cast off the top of your deck it’s almost like

You drew it however it can be hit and miss so for this to be really good i’m gonna have to kind of get lucky with what’s on top of my library and since i use path of ancestry to cast it i get describe one that is not an aura or

Equipment i’m gonna put that on the bottom and then because of my commander’s ability i can look at the top card of my library i don’t know what that card is but it’s not an equipment and then i will pass the turn joe go ahead okay i’m gonna untap drop return

And i will play mountain for land yep my mountain peak is growing i am going to summon my earth cult elemental okay joe’s gonna roll the dice here which is very cool that’s what his commander wants i definitely don’t want a 20. i don’t want to have to sack two things so i’m

Really hoping for a 10 or above so that i don’t have to sacrifice anything off of my battlefield no one in the dragon army is expendable so i roll a d20 it’s everybody if it’s below 10. it’s just us not you joe if it’s 10 to

19. two of you roll 20. all right let’s see that d20 oh gosh okay i rolled a six so one through nine each player sacrifices a permanent each player including me okay unfortunately i will sacrifice my mountain which means my mountain range gets one mountain smaller i’m gonna sacrifice my esper panorama

I will sack my zelfren void and i’m gonna sack my abundant growth oh nice yeah i’m doing my card off it so this actually ends up pretty good for me all of my opponents sacrifice a land and i just sacrificed an enchantment that i already drew a card for when it came

Into play so i don’t really lose anything and they’re all set behind so this elemental actually helped me out now because i rolled a die oh vrandis then activates dealing one point of damage to himself which then triggers a 5-4 dragon spirit wow when it deals damage

I sacrifice it okay so joe gets to roll or die that means his commander makes a 5-4 dragon now it’s not flying and it does have to sacrifice itself when it deals damage but i’m scared so then i’m gonna go to combat okay joe i have something to offer you your honest likes

To have damage dealt to it and you want to deal damage to draw cards right if you swing at me with both of those i will block your rawness with my hostage shaker it’s only gonna do two damage to it so your bronze stays alive because it

Only has one damage marked on it you’re gonna get through for five and draw a card and you’re gonna make a spirit token all i ask is that on the next turn you have you just don’t you leave me alone don’t attack me don’t get rid of

My stuff this sounds like a terrible deal for the whole table jimmy you’re helping joe to draw cards when he’s already getting way ahead what are you doing i don’t understand what the deal even is here joe can just attack jimmy anyway and not make any deal jimmy’s

Saying attack me joe could just be like yeah i’m going to and also i don’t have to owe you anything for that this whole thing makes no sense there’s a part of me that’s skeptical about jimmy’s deal but when i really think about what i’m gonna get out of it and a temporary

Alliance so that i can focus on the other side of the table i decide to take it because i get an extra dragon out of it let’s go let’s do it all right jimmy i am attacking you with my dragon army oh come on all right i’m going to block

Your commander with my hostage taker and then i’ll take five damage from the unblocked creature going to 33. because he takes the damage he starts raging again which creates another 5-4 landlocked dragon spirit look at all that value and because you took five damage my champion will trigger i draw a card

Very nice then when my hostage taker dies that’s going to trigger my commander and i’m going to venture into the dungeon which one i’m going into the dungeon of the mad mage so when you venture into a dungeon you can choose any of the three dungeons that exist to go into

And jimmy chooses dungeon of the mad mage so the way this works is he’s gonna land in the first room of the dungeon and from here whenever he ventures again he’ll go to the next room all along the way he’s going to keep getting these little effects these little bonuses

But each of the effects in the room seems kind of small i’m not sure if it’s going to matter that much so i’m less worried about the dungeons in this game more worried about the dragons so when i venture into the dungeon it starts off with the yawning portal which says you

Gain one life so i go to 34. and because i have hama pasha out the room abilities of dungeons trigger an additional time so i’m gonna gain another life and go to 35. sweet bro two life not a huge deal but just wait because when we get deeper

Into this dungeon some crazy things might start happening and with that i will pass my turn untap and draw my card’s return i am going to pay five mana and cast cloud blazer nice when there is the battlefield i gain two life and draw two cards

So i’ll go to 37. cloud blazer is pretty good and then i’m going to tap three lands and play dungeon map pretty sweet this card is sneaky good in my deck i want to find as many ways to get through the dungeon as fast as possible

The mana cost on it is a little steep but at least it serves as a mana rock on other turns that’s gonna do it for me i will pass the turn to you becca all right let me untap drow so the bad news here is that becca’s

Untapping and nobody was able to deal with that atolli it really just depends what’s on top of everyone’s library if they’re all lands it won’t be a big deal but if they’re like seven and eight drops even just one or two it could swing the game hugely in

Becca’s favor right now so we just gotta cross our fingers and hope that it’s not too bad before i attack with the tali the first thing i’m going to do is recast my commander oh i think that you know this is good sequencing this is good sequencing because when a tally primal storm

Attacks i get to exile the top card of everybody’s library and if i cast from exile then prospero will trigger so that sounds pretty sweet you could get at least four triggers here possibly all right well who are you gonna attack is the question here joe you’re looking

The scariest to me right now so i’m gonna swing at you with a tally primal storm that is bad yeah there’s no good attack but of course i’m gonna swing with the tally i need to get some value before somebody comes up with a removal spell so we’re

Swinging and when it attacks it’s going to trigger oh crap this is going to be so bad if it flips some scary stuff fingers crossed that we all just have lands on the top of our deck that would be the best case scenario maybe a couple of creatures small ones though nothing

Crazy so everyone please reveal the top card of your library yeah i reveal wing boots i reveal skyline despot i reveal plaguecrafter and i reveal death tyrant oh this is so bad so glad i don’t have to pay their mana costs oh so glad what four cars off of

This atali trigger for me okay so i’m gonna cast all four of these the skyline despot will trigger and i will become the monarch oh man becca stole my dragon not cool you don’t steal dragons from the dragon army and then plague crafter when it etps everybody has to sack a

Creature and i will sacrifice playcrafter to his own effect uh i guess i’m gonna sacrifice my fleece main lion i’m going to sacrifice a dragon spirit i’m going to sacrifice cloudblazer and because i had to sack a creature cephrus is going to trigger so i’m going to move and venture into

The dungeon one more time to the next room dungeon level so i’m going to scry one but i actually get described one twice because of hama pasha describe one and then try one again yep uh nope don’t want that i’ll put that on the bottom not bad and then

I’ll scribe one again okay interesting and now keep that on top wow this is brutal becca just got such a massive advantage off of all of these cards and they all impact the board and they’re going to affect us too this could not have gone any better in

Addition to everybody having to sack something off the plague crafter i become the monarch this is pretty sweet and that was four cards i cast from exile so my commander will trigger and i’ll create four treasure tokens value hey joe we’re still in combat you gonna

Block my italia yes i believe i will with my earth cult elemental that’s a shame they both die joe thanks for taking one for the table so it’s ollie had to trade with the elemental but i got a lot of value out of that play not mad about it when your

Elemental died that was a blocking creature so that’s going to trigger my death tyrant and i’ll create two black zombie creature tokens i’m not gonna play anything for my hand but i am going to equip prosper with winged boots i am going to move to my instep so i’ll draw for monarch

And i will exile the top part of my library because of my commander and i can play that till the end of my next turn all right i mean honestly this goes about as bad as it could go i mean look at what just happened

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Hastern to you josh all right i will untap i will draw because of my commander i will look at the top card in my library okay i’m gonna tap this thriving grove for a blue and i’m gonna brainstorm so i’ll draw three cards because of galea josh really wants to organize the

Cards on the top of his library brainstorm is a great way to guarantee that he has auras and equipments on top of there and then i will put two cards on top of my library and then i’m going to look at the top card my library

Because of galea and i’m going to cast it because it’s an equipment which is moon silver spear And because of my commander’s ability i can actually attach it without paying its equip cost so i’m going to equip it to galia so it’s now a 4-4 vigilance first strike and when it attacks i make a 4-4 angel jeez okay and then i’m going to pay one

And equip my explorer scope to galea cool and then i will go to combat and jimmy you’re the only good attack i have so i’m going to swing my commander at you whoa before blocks there’s two triggers explore scope and moon silver spear so i’ll make a 4-4 angel token

And then i have the explorer’s scope trigger so i’ll look at the top part of my library it is a land so it will come into play tapped good old brainstorm so with the brainstorm i’m able to put an equipment on the top equip it for free and then

Make sure i have a land there i just wish i had like you know five or six more brainstorms in my deck said every legacy and historic player ever all right jimmy and then we will go to blocks okay uh i’m not gonna block so i’ll just take four damage

And go to 33. um and then that’s all i can do i will pass the turn okay on your end step i will tap my mountain to activate my crucible of the spirit dragon to add a counter okay dragging it up dragging his stuff he’s the dragonater okay i’m the dragonater

This is fantastic then i will uh i’ll unpack my lens [Laughter] so all of a sudden i become the dragonater and then the beautiful thing is right now i’m developing so much land that there’s the bavarian mountains that roll down and meet the beautiful forest and woodlands of california [Laughter]

Okay i’m going to cast dragon’s horde oh and i will also cast colossal majesty oh that’s pretty good this is a really good value engine for joe’s deck ferrandis makes five four dragon tokens that means it’s going to put counters on the dragon’s horde as well as trigger’s

Colossal majesty so no matter what joe’s gonna have access to draw more cards into his hand and if this game is going along these are amazing cards for him i will attack you josh with my dragon spirit i don’t want to trade my angel for that

So yeah i’m just going to take five going to 32. nice and when my dragon spirit deals damage i sacrifice it oh thank goodness but also because my of my dragonborn champion when a source i control deals five or more damage to a player i draw a card those five four dragon

Spirits the fact that you have to sacrifice them doesn’t wind up being a big deal because they’re doing so much damage and then there’s so many other things that work synergistically within your deck you come out a winner every time and with that i will pass my turn i

Will untap and i’ll draw my card for the turn uh i’m going to tap six mana and cast sun titan oh geez when enters the battlefield i would target play crafter play crafter suite love that choice the worst play crafter is going to enter the battlefield when there is battlefield

Every player sacrifices a creature or planeswalker okay wow and here i get caught because i’ve got two great draconic cards on the board one is my commander the other is my dragonborn champion and i have to sack one of them i will sacrifice my play crafter i got a zombie token that i

Don’t care if it dies i will sacrifice my angel i will sacrifice my dragonborn champion and when that creature dies that’s going to trigger my commander and then i’m going to enter into the next room of the dungeon oh but there’s a fork in the road here

So i can enter the twisted caverns and choose two creatures to not be able to attack next turn oh wow you’re not gonna swing it with your giant dragon are you otherwise i’m just gonna stop it from being able to attack in that case i will

Not swing at you with my giant dragon okay great so i’m gonna venture into the goblin bazaar and it triggers twice because of hama bashar so i’m going to create two treasure tokens not bad i was a little jealous of you over there and that’s going to be it for

Me i’ll pass the turn to you becca all right i will untap during my upkeep i am still the monarch therefore i create a five-five dragon creature token with flying oh i totally forgot she was just gonna get free five fives i missed that card

Okay it got to my upkeep and i get to make this five-five flying dragon off of joe’s card this is awesome if people can’t get to me to take my monarch this could be my game i will cast feloir stone burn two treasure to play it but then i

Get one back because i’m casting it from exile oh that’s some louise and then i will cast pontiff of blight what if those crazy dragons weren’t enough now she has extort on every single one of her creatures now all she has to do is just pay the

Extra mana and just suck all of our life away this is such a bad situation for the entire table so other creatures you control have ex start so any time you cast anytime you cast you can pay up to one two three four five mana and drain

This all for five jeez so this is problematic because it gives becca a way to victory that doesn’t involve attacking so now what she can do is just sit back hold the monarch get a dragon every turn and slowly extort us out over the course of the next three or four

Turns it’s a pretty good setup and i’m starting to get pretty worried she’s definitely command of this game uh i feel like it just makes sense to extort before anybody can do anything about it right wrong so we’ll just pay two to cast dire fleet daredevil when i cast dire fleet daredevil i’m

Going to extort twice and stack two treasure tokens okay so we each take two and you gain six i go to 30. i go to 38. i go to 31. how did it feel to take damage for the first time joe if it bleeds we can kill it

Okay i gained six then i go to 37. so what uh are you targeting with the daredevil i am targeting the brainstorm in your graveyard josh okay so this is cool sequencing from becca here with the brainstorm she’s kind of able to do what i was able to do

Set the top of her library and then take advantage of it because it does matter what she exiles face up with her commander she can kind of pick and choose now and because that’s casting a spell from exile i will create a treasure token all right uh and then

I’m gonna move to combat and so i’m gonna swinging you josh uh with my skyline despot and tyrant for a total of nine both of them okay well one has medicine one’s flying so i can’t block either of them i guess i will take nine and i’ll go to 21.

That hurt a little bit and now i’m going to move to my instep i’m going to flip a card and exile it with prosper that’s a land and now i will draw a card because i am the monarch dang okay my turn i am going to untap and i will draw i’m

Going to look at my top card because of my commander is it the big winner it’s not great all right i’m gonna pay two and i’ll play sword of the animist all right pretty sweet then i’m going to immediately equip it to my commander so it’s now five five

Then i’m going to cast nature’s lore i’ll search my library and i’ll find a forest and put that into play one of the best ways to win any game of commander is just to have more mana available than your opponents what i’m really focused on this turn is

Getting a land on top of my library so i can get it into play for free off my explorers to go and so i’m using my shuffle effects to try and get as many chances at having a land there as possible all right and then since i’ve shuffled i will look at

The top card my library because my commander damn it it’s not an equipment or a land uh and then i’m gonna go to combat and i’m sorry joe but you’re the only one i can attack so i’m gonna swing at you for five filthy before blocks there’s a bunch of triggers

I’m gonna make a 4 4 angel and then sort of the animus is going to trigger so i’ll search my library and i will find a planes and put that onto the battlefield tapped not bad at all and then explorer scope will trigger and i will look at the top part of my

Library and it is a land so i’ll put it onto the battlefield tapped sorry joe it’s still attacking you for five that i will drop to 33 and that’s commander damage there’s only five yeah that’s all i can do so i will pass the turn so this was a really good

Turn for me i am able to get three extra lands into play and i’m gonna need all that mana if i want to be able to catch up to all my opponents end step i’m going to tap a mountain to reactivate my crucible of the spirit dragon

So it has two counters on it now correct all right i will untap at the beginning of my upkeep i do control a creature with power for greater my colossal majesty allows me to draw now i will draw for turn and then i’m going to play return of the wild speaker

Wow okay not bad so are you going to draw cards or pump your stuff probably i’m going to draw cards i i like that decision five mana draw five is sick uh-oh not good i went into the turn afraid for my life so i need more cards i need more choices

A lot more options now i am very scared of joe if anybody can dethrone me it’s him he’s got a lot of things that he’s thinking about over there he’s making me nervous so i draw the cards off of return of the wild speaker and i get

Exactly what i’m looking for this is gonna be bloody it’s gonna be bloody i like that uh-oh but i’m going to cast chain reaction what wow how many creatures are on the board i have six i have three so that’s 9 10 11 12. 12 creatures everything

Takes 12 damage wow dodged a bullet becca was way ahead in this game and i don’t know how we’re gonna overcome it so resetting the board i’m okay with it okay does anybody have any effects yes i’m gonna tap four mana sacrificing one treasure and i’m going to cast vanish

Into memory i am going to just target your five five dragon with this becca oh interesting by targeting becca’s token with this spell i get to draw the cards but because it’s a token it never can come back to the battlefield so that means i don’t need to discard

Anything so this just becomes a four mana draw five at instant speed not bad and then the chain reaction resolves yes all right all the creatures die because the creature hit my graveyard my commander will trigger and i’m going to move to the next layer of the dungeon

The lost level and i get to scribe too but hama pushar is not on the battlefield when that happens so i’m just going to do it once uh i will keep this card on top and put the other card on the bottom sure yeah okay and then because of the chain reaction rondis

Takes damage which then triggers a 5-4 dragon spirit nice oh and when my dragon spirit enters the board it triggers my dragon’s horde which means that i get a gold counter and with that i will pass the jimmy okey dokey i will untap and i’ll drop return um i’m going to tap

Four five and bring my commander back out cephas of the hidden ways nothing is forever make sense okay uh and then i am going to tap three and i’m going to activate my dungeon map to venture into the dungeon once again and i’ll go to the runestone caverns and

I get to exile the top two cards at my library and i can play them oh that’s cool i’m gonna flip over a thriving aisle and a component pouch sure i don’t want to play either of those so they’ll just stay exiled i’m just kind of sad that hama bashar isn’t

Out because that way i would have gotten four cards but still it gets me even closer to completing that dungeon and with that i will pass turn to you becca oh thank you jimmy i will untap upkeep and draft return i think the first thing i need to do is cast prosper

Tone bound which now costs eight whole mana geez and then i’m gonna play this mountain from exile which will create a treasure token all right my commander says it’s whenever i play a card from exile so that includes lands which means i still get the treasure let’s just tap

This mountain to equip prosper with wing boots flying and then on my instep i have both the trigger off the monarch and prosper let’s exile first the swamp and then i will draw for the monarch nice and i’m going to discard a mountain because i

Have eight cards in hand all done i will pass turn all right i will untap i will draw one two three four five six seven eight nine ten i’m gonna do nothing this turn i’m just gonna pass joe go ahead oh oh that’s not good so josh just passes

The turn that’s kind of suspicious right what is going on over there i’m starting to think do i need to play my turn differently because if he’s holding up some instant speed interaction i don’t want to be the target of it uh i will untap okay and at the beginning of my upkeep

My colossal majesty triggers so i draw a card nice and i will draw my card for the turn and uh i’m going to take my counter off of my dragon’s horde and i will draw pretty good card advantage card advantage card advantage we know how important it is i think it’s

A huge factor in who wins games of commander and i feel like i’m really at the bottom everybody else has had access to more cards than me this game it doesn’t feel good and then rondis enters again and vrondis is a dragon i get a gold counter on my dragon’s

Horse nice oh and then i will cast my neverwinter hydra so x is equal to one interesting okay so you’re gonna roll oh this allows you to roll dice got it well that’s the thing with the hydra i get to roll a die which activates frondus which means i’m going to get a

5’4 no matter what and i might wind up with a 6-6 trample creature okay so it’s going to become whatever this number is yep yep yep two two all right so it’s a two-two and because a diet was rolled vrondis takes one point of damage starts raging and therefore creates

Another five-four dragon spirit that has summoning sickness and because a dragon enters the board my golden counter goes up to two pretty good value not bad that’s a value and i attack becca with dragon spirit i will not block i take five i go to 32. okay he sacrifices because he dealt damage

And now i am the captain look at me i am the monarch on my end step uh because i am now the monarch we’re going to call it dragon highlord the rock the rifle i am now the dragon high lord uh i get to draw a chord and you wear it well

On your endstep i’m going to tap my nimbus mace for blue and i’m going to cycle the curator of mysteries that’s cool surface doesn’t actually care if my creatures die it just wants to put creatures into the graveyard from anywhere so cycling counts as well i’m into the deep mines

Now and i get to scry three cards oh you get to do that before you draw the card nice yes now i’m gonna put all three of these cards on the bottom of my library oh and then i will draw for the cycling cost all right and now i am one

Step away so the next time i venture into this dungeon i’m gonna complete it and trigger my commander i can’t wait i’ll go to my discard phase because i have nine cards i will discard two all right now i will untap go to my upkeep and draw my card for turn alright the

First thing i’m gonna do very exciting i’m gonna tap three mana and my dungeon map to venture once more into the dungeon and complete the dungeon of the mad mage it’s the first dungeon completion yes i have fully completed the dungeon of the mad mage in the span of one

Commander game i’m feeling pretty good about myself but more importantly look at what i get to do so as i enter the mad wizard’s lair i draw three cards and reveal them and i may cast one of them without paying its mana cost oh insane i’m just thinking whatever jimmy gets he

Kind of deserves it i mean he really worked to get through that dungeon okay well i wasn’t really sure about the dungeon every step along the way seems like the rewards are kind of small but for completing it this one’s legit so we just kind of hope that there’s nothing really really big

There because this could represent like a seven or eight mana spell all right so i will draw three cards off the top of my library and reveal them i revealed they victimized a terramorphic expanse in a swamp dang it ouch victimize is castable but i don’t want

To do it i’m starting to feel a little bit bad for jimmy this isn’t going his way this is not great i was really hoping to draw some really high mana value cards and slam it on the table and just take over the game but at least i

Still have my commander’s trigger from completing that dungeon okay well i don’t actually want to cast any of these right now so i’m going to just put them into my hand because i completed the dungeon that’s going to trigger my commander and i get to return a target creature card from my

Graveyard to the battlefield oh that’s pretty good titan’s in there i’m going to go ahead and choose sun titan did someone say wait i’ve seen this i’ve heard this song before you have indeed oh boy and when it comes back onto the battlefield i can return target permanent card with mana

Three or less so i’m going to go ahead and grab ama bashar the moon seeker and then i will tap four mana and cast a solemn simulacrum that’s pretty good and i’ll search my library i’ll get an island put that onto the battlefield tapped sure looking around the board

I’m feeling behind and one of the best ways i can catch up is just having more mana accessible to me i’ll tap two mana and sacrifice a treasure and cast victimize oh no and i’m gonna target hostage taker and cloudblazer oh come on this is a lot of value from

Jimmy here he’s about to draw three cards game two life and exile something off the battlefield that he can then probably recast even with whiffing on completing the dungeon this is a pretty explosive turn from jimmy here this is gonna be so big for me and put me right

Back into this game hold up before victimize resolves look i maybe should have made this decision earlier in jimmy’s turn but now i need things to stop over there i would like to play rakdo’s charm and i would like to select to exile all cards from target player’s graveyard i

Will target jimmy because i’m mean oh man i have chosen to victimize you that is so rough so what happens here is that she exiles my graveyard that means i can’t target those creatures my spell completely fizzles those two cards will not come back to the battlefield

They will get exiled along with the rest of my graveyard yeah jimmy he doesn’t show a lot of emotion but i can tell sitting next to him he was in pain okay because there are no longer any legal targets for victimized the spell fizzles so it’s just gonna go to my graveyard

And the solemn will not be sacrificed it’s like a lose-lose because you want to sacrifice it right yeah to add insult to injury jimmy actually wanted this solemn simulacrum to die so he could venture again and draw the card and now it’s just sitting there alive that was a

Pretty good play by becca there i’ll go to my end step and because i have eight cards in hand i will discard a pteromorphic expanse and i’ll pass the trend to you becca this was a really disappointing turn i completed the dungeon but didn’t flip anything crazy

Off the top my library i couldn’t cast a really impactful spell and now i’m just sort of sitting here twiddling my thumbs hoping that no one comes after me i feel really bad about where i’m at now i untap and draw for turn and then i’m

Going to play my swamp from exile and that will create a treasure token because of prosper all right and then i will cast vandal blast overloaded oh great that card just great this hurts me a lot because i have my equipment still sitting there on the battlefield waiting for another creature

To wield it and now it’s all gone i would love to say that i left all this man open so i could stop that in some way but i can’t stop it so i have no effects i have no effects i’m going to sacrifice commander’s fear to draw a card okay make sense

All right and then we lose all our artifacts go buy artifacts [Laughter] i blew everything up my solemn is going to die so that means i get the draw card and that’s also going to trigger my commander so i’m going to venture right back into the dungeon and i’m going back

For more the dungeon of the mad mage i gained one life but that happens twice because of hama bashar so i’m going to go to 33 life i’m gonna go right back into the same dungeon i didn’t have the best results the first time through but i’m pretty sure if i replay this

Campaign it’ll be better this time around and i will cast ebony fly oh interesting little sneaky versatility engine here i can have a fly i can have mana whatever i want and then i will move to my instep and exile the top card of my library

And it’s shiny impetus all right and i passed it uh on your end step i’m gonna tap all my mana whoa which is 10 mana total and i’m gonna cast diviners portent where x is equal to seven oh uh and i’m gonna roll a d20 if it’s 15 or more i

Get to scry x then draw x otherwise i just draw x wow all right so no whammies no whammies let’s roll and stop that is a six so i will not scry i will just draw seven pretty good i feel like i really haven’t been able to do much so far and i’m

Hoping this gives me enough options that i can at least have an impact on this game all right i got a lot of cards now i will untap draw for turn let us play a forest all right i’m gonna start off by tapping six and i’m gonna replay my commander galea

Very cool nice and then because my commander’s out i’m gonna look at the top part of my library it is not an equipment or aura uh then i’m gonna tap two i’m gonna play sram senior edificer oh come on sram is back all right then i’m gonna tap two

I’m gonna play swift foot boots that’s gonna trigger sram so i’m gonna draw a card nice swiffer boots is important for two reasons suiting a bunch of stuff on one thing if you can make it hex proof it’s a lot safer but also if things happen to die

The haste is really important to get me back out there and swinging as fast as possible i’m gonna look at the top right of my library because my commander it’s not an equipment then i’m gonna tap for green and i’m gonna play rancor on sram that’s gonna trigger sram i will draw a

Card then we’ll look at the top card of my library and i will move to discard three cards feels kind of bad because josh hasn’t done that much this game all of his equipment just got blown up and he spent his entire turn just rebuilding what he

Already had i will untap and at the beginning of my upkeep because of colossal majesty i will draw now i will drop return and then i’m going to play my dragon speaker shaman nice i am extremely worried ever since that board wipe joe has just been going

Nuts over there and now he can cast even more dragons even more cheaply this is going from bad to worse so with that i’m then going to cast vengeful ancestor so now who do i want to go um i will go jimmy sun titan

Oh i like it i’m down so joe goads my son time which means it has to attack either becca or josh next turn and i’m actually pretty okay with this i was planning to swing with it anyway as i do get a really nice attack trigger so now

I will cast thunder break regents wow all these two mana dragons and then outcast the component pouch oh nice so now i play thunderbig region which means i have two flying creatures i am starting to assemble my flying dragon army becca i’m swinging with dragon spirit okay no blocks i take five

I’m now at 27 life all right and he sacrifices i’m going to go to end step which means i draw a card because of the monarch i am the dragon high lord sorry dragon highlander yeah yes that’s all i got pass the jimmy turn okay uh

I’m going to untap and draw my card return um i will play a swamp for turn and then i’ll go to combat the suntan is goaded so i have to attack with it and i can’t attack joe so the sun taint is coming at you becca because of my vengeful ancestor

Your sun titan actually does one point of damage to you ouch i will go to 32 life suntan’s gonna trigger and i’m going to bring the dungeon map back on my battlefield nice okay in response to that attack i will play hellish rebuke that’s a classic d and d t fling or

Warlock ability i wish i could have targeted more of jimmy’s creatures with this but i do want to get sun titan off the battlefield okay go the damage all right i will not block and take six damage going to 21. but then jimmy because of the hellish rebuke

You’ll have to sacrifice the sun titan and lose to life sounds good i will go to 30 and the sun titan will die ah that’s a bummer i really wanted to have that sunshine out on the battlefield but i did get my dungeon map back and that’s one of the more

Important cards in my deck so again i’m just hoping that the value i get from going through these dungeons is going to keep me alive in this game hey folks it’s me garrick this is a very important summer for me i don’t want to

Get too deep into it but i kind of spent some time in the thrall of a horrible curse that turned me against my fellow planeswalker it wasn’t a great look but i’m all fixed up now i’m curse-free and ready to show the world new garrick that’s why i’m using mac weldon to build

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K again mackweldon.com knights with promo code knights when the suntine dies is going to trigger my commander i will move to the next dungeon level and i will scry one but do it twice because of hama bashar um i like this card i will put it on top

Of my library and i’ll scribe one again but i’ll just leave that on top and then i will tap three mana and activate my dungeon map so i’m gonna move to the next room and that’s the goblin bazaar and i’m going to create a treasure token but do it twice because of homophochar

Two treasures and then i’m going to tap six total mana and cast wand of orcis and equip it to my command oh that is one of the nastiest artifacts in all of bnd oh cool i wish i could have put this on a bigger creature because then i’d get a lot more zombies

But still it’s a pretty scary card and hopefully i can get some value out of it and that’s going to do it for me i’ll pass turn to you becca okie dokie i untap drop return all right i’m going to start with wild magic sorcerer oh nice cascade is another mechanic that

Synergizes super well with becca’s commander because it allows her to cast a card from exile it’s going to trigger her commander and just start that whole thing over again becca’s deck is functioning at a high level right now with all this freaking land you got a lot of bananas yeah

I will cast shiny impetus and i’m gonna cast it onto josh’s commander there you go friend don’t attack me oh thank you so josh’s deck is a voltron deck he’s gonna take one creature and make it super scary by adding a bunch of equipment and auras onto it

And i don’t want that thing to ever come for me so that’s the thing i want to goad so i’m actually not mad about this shiny impetus being put on my creature i think joe’s the threat right now and if i can i’m more likely to go after him

And if later i want to be able to attack becca with this i can hopefully find a way to remove the curse at that point until then i just have a bigger creature and i cast that from exile so i get a treasure token okay and the first spell

I cast from exile each turn has cascade oh boy exile cards from the topic library until you exile a non-land card that costs less bag of devouring and i will cast it without paying its mana cost sweet bag of devouring is pretty good in this deck

But it’s gonna take a lot of time and mana to set up so maybe if this game goes really long i’ll need it otherwise i’m not going to worry about it too much and because i cast it from exile i will get another treasure oh yeah wow so much synergy

And then i will move to my instep i will exile a card because of my commander it is hurl through hell yikes that’s bad no bueno i will pass through all right i will untap i will drop then i’m gonna look at the top card because my commander you

Can never find an equipment or aura there i’m going to start by tapping a white and i’m going to play griff’s boon targeting my commander delaia and that is an aura saw draw off sram so galea is now a 7 6 flying vigilance look at the top right of my library oh i

Found an aura i will cast that aura it is eel umbra i guess it’s a voltron deck so i will put that also onto the leah and i will draw off of sram so glad it’s coated by me and then i will look at that part of my

Library to see if it’s an aura it is an aura so i’ll cast that off the top of my deck uh it’s shielding plaques wow and i’m in a target galea i draw a card for the shielding plaques but i also draw a card for sram dang okay

Man eight seven flying vigilant hex proof is pretty scary so now i need to start trying to find an answer to this monstrosity all right then i’m gonna pay two and i’m gonna cast angelic gift on my sram whoa which just gives it flying but i

Get to draw two cards one for sram one for the angelic gift sweet bro then i’ll look at the top corner of my library because of my commander it’s not an aura so i guess i will go to combat and jimmy i’m sorry but i will attack you with my eight

Seven flying vigilant commander josh my vengeful ancestor triggers and galea will do one point of damage to you oh right because because she is turning on you okay i take one and go to 20. shiny impetus i shall make a treasure nice all right jimmy and then we will go to blocks

Well i don’t have any flyers so i’m gonna go ahead and take eight damage and go to 22. and that’s commander damage that is commander damage i go to 22 life here but the important thing is that i now have 12 commander damage from josh

That means next turn all he has to do is add one more power to that thing and if it hits me i’m just out of this game i’m gonna have to either get some flying blockers up or find a way to divert josh’s attention away from me and then

I’m gonna do one more thing here which is play a soul ring the classic turn 10 soul ring nice i suppose there’s no reason not to just suit my sram up with the swiftfoot boots so that it also has hex proof all right and that is all i can do joe it’s all

You end step i’d like to use my component pouch roll a d20 yeah oh that’s a chris a grit a natty 20 wow so what happens put two component counters on my component pouch so there we go bang okay i see how you’re an expert at d d that that was a

Crit it doesn’t matter that much that i get extra counters on it that component pouch i’m using it to roll dice so i can keep creating five four dragons and because i roll to die vrondis starts raging and takes one point of damage to himself and creates a 5’4 dragon spirit

Very cool josh do you have to discard oh yeah i do have to discard thank you for pointing that out i have 10 cards so i will discard three cards volume in okay untap now because of colossal majesty i will draw and i will draw for turn okay i’m going

To play wolfgar of icewinddale wolfbar how cool shout out to bob salvatore first of all i grew up reading the aria salvatore drist books so seeing wolfgart on the battlefield is really really cool also he’s very scary he can become a 1010 just based on what joe has on the board

The double attack triggers is also pretty strong at the very least right now that means two goads per turn so the amount of value here is crazy i’m going to cast sort of hours hello nice this sword has an attack trigger on it so it works beautifully with wolfgard instead of adding one

Counter per combat joe is going to add two and have a chance of potentially doubling that plus when he rolls the dice he’s going to make a 5-4 so lots of bad things happening right now i’m going to equip it onto my thunder break regent

I will go to combat wait before you go to combat i would like to cast hurl through hell from exile wow nice i have a really big decision here with hurl through hell i can steal wolfgard so he doesn’t get two triggers off of the equipment or do

I kill the flyer that has the sword on it but then it’s gonna deal three damage to me when i take it tough decision and i would like to cast it upon your wolfgar of the ice went dale come on goodbye wolf car and until the end of my

Next turn i can cast that card but i have to do it during my turn because i cast the card from exile my commander will trigger and i will make a treasure nice and i’m going to cascade because of wild magic sorcerer all right so uh it’s less than four

Okay we got is it chemister and because i cast it from exile i get one more treasure a lot of value jimmy i am attacking you with thunder break regent and vengeful ancestor my two flyers both and becca i am attacking you with dragon spirit on attack the sword of hours triggers

Which then puts a 1 1 counter on my thunder break region uh with my eventual ancestor i will go the wild magic sorcerer consider him goated i don’t have any flyers so no blocks becca you have a 5’4 coming at you i love this is it

Chemistry but i think i’m going to block all right so let’s go to damage i will take eight and go to 14. and then my is it chemistry dies that triggers the sort of hours die roll which i need a d12 for do you have a d12 joe i just

So happen to have a d12 and i’m so glad that it’s getting used sort of the hours the beauty of its mechanics is that i get to roll the d12 which is like the most unused dice in all of thunders and dragons six are higher than

It doubles the amount of pounders on it yeah come on you know i had a better than 50 chance to roll to double the plus one counters but i rolled a one worst possible scenario for the trigger uh so my dragon spirit is sacrificed but because i roll to die rhonda starts

Raging and another dragon spirit takes his place i will go to my step which means i get to draw a card he’s still the monarch who is going to knock off joe’s crown because it really feels like he’s catapulted to the lead here things are just getting

Out of control on that part of the board okay i will untap and draw my card for the turn i’ll play a land for turn all right i’m going to venture into the dungeon so this is going to move into the lost level which allows me to scry too and

I’ll do it twice because i pump up a shark i will put one on top my library and the other on the bottom and then i’m going to scry two again i will put one on top my library and the other on the bottom so one card is good uh i’m then

Going to tap five mana and i will play a karmic guide oh when it enters the battlefield like we’re turning the creature card from my graveyard to the battlefield and here he comes once more this looks like a job uh and sunshine is going to target my soul ring

Good job sunshine pretty good karma guide is nice in this situation because it does get some stuff back and i get a little bit of value but more importantly it’s a flyer and it’s a flyer that can block josh’s commander and that’s the main thing i need right now then i will

Pass the turn back to you becca okay uh before you do on your instep i would like to cast commune with lava i will sack on my treasure to do it so x is equal to what four x equals four my hand is near empty i really need to

Refill it so getting to exile a bunch of stuff and then cast at the beginning of my next turn it’s gonna keep me in this game and so i will exile the top four cards of my library oh pretty good oh becca just revealed some really scary cards off the top for

A library and one of them gets rid of a lot of life on top of everything else my hope is that she’s looking at josh and joe they are very scary and compared to me i don’t have anything really going on okay i untap everything and i draw for

Turn okay first thing i will play the mountain from exile which will gain me a treasure token i like this prosper it’s pretty cool and then i will play seven mana and cast fifth assist oh boy what are you gonna kill when i saw the physicist i was scared for like

Half a second then i realized all my stuff has hex proof so she can’t target me so this can’t go bad for me pick whatever you want so you’ve got a sun titan what’s your biggest power look i want to do as much damage as possible with this physicist the sun

Titan has the biggest power and toughness of anything on the board and jimmy’s life total is pretty low i just gotta go for him i will target jimmy’s sun titan oh man sun titan is going to die and that means i lose 12 life and that’s gonna bring me down to two

Total wow ouch oh no becca destroys my sun titan and deals 12 damage to me i’m at two i’m dead on board to either joe or josh so what are the chances i get another turn here and now with jimmy my dragons are smelling blood on that cast i have two triggers

I’ll create a treasure token from prosper and then i will cascade because of my wild magic sorcerer here we go and i guess i got a soul ring a lot of late game soul rings coming out here when i cast that soul ring i get another treasure token sweet

And then because a creature entered my graveyard i’m gonna move to the next room in the dungeon so i’m going to the runestone caverns i get to exile the top two cards of my library and i may play them but i get to do it twice because of hama bashar

But strange as it may sound i don’t actually want to play any of them so i will let them go to exile then i will cast wolfgart of iceman dale sure that’s cool now becky cast my wolf guard which kind of upsets me because i wanted

To use them that’s going to create a treasure token right because you cast from exile from exile and then he looks lonely without anybody with an attacking trigger so i’m going to cast the tectonic giant to keep him company that makes another treasure this worked out really well for me

I stole a card that doubles attack triggers and now i have a card to play that has attack triggers now i just hope i get the opportunity to attack and i’ll burn two more treasure to cast the dark dweller oracle from exile when i do it creates a treasure token so

Becca’s deck being pretty resilient here and able to bounce back and she’s right back in this game with all those cards she got off the commune with lava my wild magic sorcerer is goaded so i’m gonna swing at you jimmy okay i’m gonna block out with my commander and it has death touch

Goodbye you sweet cascading baby and my commander will die i will just i’ll put in my graveyard for now who knows maybe i can get it back okay that’s interesting and because the goated creature attacked it deals one damage to its controller i’m not 20 and

Then i will move to my instep where i will exile a card because of my commander dream pillager i think at this point in the game the three of us other than jimmy are looking at each other trying to figure out who’s got the edge i’m confident i have a lot of creatures

But with becca’s ability to develop creatures and spells and with josh’s flying vigilant juiced up impossible to take down commander i realized i got to wash my stuff past her okay i untap all this and then i will go and i will draw my card for the turn all right i’ll look

At the top card it’s not an aura i’m gonna start by casting serum visions which will allow me to draw a card and then scribe two i’ll put him back like that then i’ll look at top card my library to see if it is an orange equipment oh look it is

It’s curse of verbosity sure is a tough choice here who to enchant with this curse it’s obviously not jimmy because he’s gonna die the problem with joe is i have trouble attacking him and i want to draw the cards myself so i think i got

To put on becca sorry so here you go becca that’s that’s attached to you now you’re a little bit cursed come on then i’m going to tap five and i’m going to cast prognostic sphinx ooh i’m gonna pay one mana and i’m gonna move my swift foot boots over to the sphinx

So i have a three-five flyer that can attack this turn that’s bad i’m gonna go to combat and i’m gonna swing galea at you joe sram is coming at you becca and prognostic sphinx is coming at jimmy i could take jimmy out here but i think it’s actually better to just remove his

Blocker and then require joe to do the last bit of work because any resource joe throws at jimmy is one that’s not coming against me there’s a couple of triggers on the attack my vengeful ancestor triggers yep i’ll take one shiny impetus i shall make a treasure not bad at all and then

Prognostic sphinx i get to scry three i put all three on the bottom and curse of verbosie will trigger so i will draw a card and then let us go to blocks i can’t block okay um i will block with my karmic guide i will not block okay we got a damage i

Have no choice but to take eight down to 25 my karmic guide will jump and it will die yep i will take four damage and go to 16. oh okay it’s just a true spreading of the love and uh you now are the monarch okay i become the monarch because i dealt

Combat damage to you now i’m at 25 lathe but i’m at 13 commander damage from josh which means the one more hit with his flying winged vigilant commander and i’m out of the game so i’ve gotta find an answer immediately second main phase i’m going to cast an arcane signet And then i will pass the turn draw my card from the mark so now i’m feeling a little bit better jimmy now has to life and joe who is the scariest player currently on the table if i can find a way to sneak my commander in it could be lights out i

Think i have a chance to win this game end step i’m going to with my component patch i’m going to roll d20 okay let’s see what we get 18. that’s a dot over the eight okay 18. two component counters on the component pouch also it triggers vrondis

And another dragon spirit shows up yikes and uh my turn so untapped i will draw because of colossal majesty which is actually funny enough my nickname in high school and i will draw my card for the turn i’m going to play shamanic revelation amazing so you’re going to draw seven

And then how many creatures are power four greater four creatures which means i gained 16 life no uh oh 41 life that’s more than he started with i’m really counting on josh’s commander damage i’m gonna tap a mountain and drop a soul ring so i’m thinking to myself i still

Have to find an answer for josh i could be at a thousand life but i’m still going to die from one hit from his commander um interesting interesting so i do some soul searching and i realize that i don’t have creature removal but i do have player removal oh oh oh oh

Wait uh oh i will move to combat okay jimmy i am attacking you with dragon speaker shaman and never winter hydra josh i am attacking you with the dragon spirits and these two and both other flying dragons correct okay on attack the sword of hours activates

Which then puts a 1 1 counter on my thunder break region okay so it’s a 666 correct and on that attack vengeful ancestor will trigger and will goad my old friend wolfgart hmm this attack makes me nervous because it doesn’t make a ton of sense it’s going to knock jimmy out but it’s

Not enough to kill me and i would think he would want to keep some blockers back so that he doesn’t die to my commander so what’s going on okay let’s go to blocks um i will block your tutu trampler with my hama pasha that’s two three i will block the six six flyer

With dalia my eight seven fire that’s it those are the blocks decree of savagery whoa what ah so now i’m definitely gonna die that’s plus four plus four permanently to all of his creatures it’s a lot more damage than i have life so put four 1-1 counters on each creature i control

Joe just added like 30 000 power to the board so looks like we’re both very dead jimmy you got any effects i can’t do anything well let’s go to damage i’m gonna take nine damage And promptly die and then i died to a savage amount of plus one plus encounters and creatures and then i’m gonna take 25. i’ve only had 19 lives And then i die to an army of super buff dragons no not only did joe just kill the other opponents but he also made all of his creatures permanently huge and i thought my one chance of getting him was having josh kill him with commander damage

All right and because i’m out of the game now i’m sorry becca but i have to take back my winged boots and well the curse you want gone but the winged boots i’m sure you wanted sorry i really like those boots and then because of sort of

Hours and my decree of savagery i now have to roll an 11 or 12 to activate the special ability savage dude okay so get six more counters six more geez and my other dragon spirits die and are replaced with one who has got to hit the

Gym clearly at the gym uh also i was the monarch and you felt damage to me so you are now the monarch dragon hi lord welcome i’m going to go to end step because i am the dragon high lord again i will draw i’m gonna go to my discard phase i have

11 cards so i’m going to discard four wow rough life worth noting i am discarding anger creatures i control have haste okay so the end of this turn i’m at 41 life i’ve killed two of my opponents and my dragon army is now super buff i’m feeling pretty confident

Because it’s now my game to lose i shall untap my only way out here is a board wipe so i’m just going to do anything i can to look at as many cards as possible draw for turn is it the big winner no uh so i’m going to use my mind stone

Sack it and draw a card uh and then i will pay two mana to sack the felwar stone to the bag of devouring to draw a card all i need is a board wipe come on i will pay one i will activate my dark dweller oracle and sack wolfgard

Wow i exiled the top card of my library i can play that card this turn it’s a pajuka bog a lot of lands so now as becca’s drawing card after card that’s not helping her i’m starting to feel like a cat that’s just playing with his food let’s go

Ahead and cast this dream pillager here that’ll create a treasure token sure i’m looking at joe’s board and i’m doing the math and i have enough blockers that i can maybe live for one more turn so i’m gonna stop sacrificing stuff hope that i live and maybe get one more chance at

This i’m gonna pass to my instep and prosper is going to exile a card oh a beholder yeah you got a beholder if i live i’ll get to play it pastor okay untap i’ve got her on the ropes but any card she could draw off of

The deck could take me out and turn the tide i’ve got to finish this now because of colossal majesty i will draw then i will draw for turn so start out do your worst well i will play clouth unrivaled ancient yikes my ancient red dragon in the 86

World series against the mets they put bill buckner out on first base and we all know how that went but imagine if that would have gone right they wanted to put him on the field so that he could run up and win a championship and be on

The field for it i wanted my ancient red dragon on the field for the victory lap and now i will magmacore this destroys most of my blockers my one out here is to sacrifice stuff to draw cards so let’s do it so with that on the stack because i have a lot of

Options here and i really think i can pull this thing through i’m going to activate dark dweller oracle and sack my tectonic giant for one and on top of my library we got dance macabre that’s not good let’s sack my commander since he’s gonna die anyway hey one

Becca’s doing a smart thing here she’s playing to her out she’s sacking pieces overboard to draw or look at more cards so it’s a long shot but she’s not 100 dead yet i exile the top part of my library i can play that card this turn

Oh that’s a land look at that lovely land that’s exiled there and you know what it’s going to sack itself yeah sure okay we got a swamp you love to see it you love to see it if you’re jealous yeah okay so i didn’t get anything now i am dead on

Board he can just swing in and kill me okay and then magma quake resolves yes my dragon spirit is on the ground and is 5’4 so it dies but because vrondis took damage as well a dragon spirit shows up and he has ace because of the anger that’s pretty cool

Now rondis can lead my dragon army to victory feels like it’s all over but the crying here okay so i send my entire force at you first i will sack my last for treasure and then i say good game good game well done good job and then i died to an army of

Dragons and they lift me up and rip my body into a million pieces so i swing through with my dragon army and win the game onward to avernus victorious these pre-cons were so much fun to play wizards of the coast has gone so good at designing these commander sets that you

Never feel like you’re out of the game when you’re playing them my deck was super sweet i know i didn’t win but i felt like i had a lot of opportunities to show it doing really cool stuff i’m so happy to see dungeons and dragons something that means so much to me and

Magic which i played in high school when it first came out blends so well together it’s so great to be able to tap mana and have a famous character from dungeon to dragons come out or one of those mythic legendary items on your battlefield for me magic and d d both

Activate parts of my brain that i really love to use and getting to play my two favorite games together was super special i think the line between magic and d d is just gonna blur and i think that everybody’s just gonna do both i mean why wouldn’t you if you’re

Attracted to one why wouldn’t you be attracted to the other at the end of the day it really is about the same stuff hanging out around the table with your friends transporting yourself into a new world and putting on silly goopy voices you don’t need to do funny voices if you

Don’t want to this should be illegal all right you made it to the end of the episode congratulations to joe good job i definitely got run over by a whole bunch of dragons there yeah we got rhonda’s out very fitting for someone like joe as well he is definitely a

Dragon lover and huge thanks to becca scott you know she played a really cool deck and prosper complicated to play the sequencing for that uh commander is not easy but she did make it look easy yeah but you get a lot of value if you do it

Right that i was impressed yeah if you were a rakdos lover this commander is awesome so make sure you check that deck out uh and another thing you should check out is our sponsor ultra pro you know they make all the playmats the sleeves the deck boxes that you see on

All of our content that makes our battlefield look completely thematic so cool properly adorned you know so that your opponents go ooh ah you know the the artwork from forgotten realms is from d d and it’s so rich and has so much history behind it and being able to

Get that onto your card sleeves and your play mats you know i think that’s something a lot of people have been waiting for for decades and decades so ultrabook really does have the licensing agreement with wizards to be able to bring all that artwork to life on your

Other game pieces yeah and they’re the only people that do it so the next time you’re at your local game store or over at card kingdom you can pick up some ultra pro product and just make your gaming experience that much better and speaking of making your game

Experience that much better you might want to win some ultra pro product in fact you might win that playmat that joe and becca signed and if you want to do that there are three ways to enter the first is on twitter just go and tweet out to the hashtag game nights and make

Sure you link to this episode and you’ll be entered that way if you’re on facebook navigate your way to our facebook page find the post that we posted for this episode and in the comments below tag a friend tag a bestie someone that you might think wants to

Watch the episode and they’ll be entered that way and if you’re on instagram it’s super simple just use the hashtag game nights and post whatever you want now you only have one week from the release date of this episode to enter so make sure you have three chances now and you

Can enter all three ways if you want but you have until one week after this episode releases and then we’ll announce the winners on those platforms yeah every single time we do this somebody uh uses the hashtag or whatever like four weeks after the episodes come out we’ve already announced the winners once

They’re announced you can’t enter to win anymore you gotta wait till the next episode of game nights uh speaking of the next episode not of game nights but of extra turns in about a week from the release of this episode about the time that that giveaway contest is ending we are going

To release extra turns and on this episode of extra turns we have the budget upgrades to these precon commander decks from forgotten realms if you’ve been following the podcast over the last few weeks you’ve seen our team members here at the command zone dj also walking through their 30 budget upgrades

For each of these pre-cons yeah it’s lady it’s craig it’s jake and dj and they are going to be seeing who did the best upgrades so uh if you want to find out you know what happens in that game well make sure to hit that subscribe button so you know right when

That episode comes out and again patrons at patreon.com do get to see the episode a day early so again if you like the content if it’s brought you any amount of enjoyment as little as a dollar a month you can go and support that way and watch these episodes a day earlier

All right everybody thanks for sticking around and thanks for supporting our show and we’ll see you next time You

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