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Guys. *somber music* I have been cheated. I heard USA, and out of habit stuffed my bags with 1500 sweaters. Full Antarctica-level packing. And just now Gautami messaged: THIS. EVEN MORE WARMER THAN MUMBAI. And now, we have to leave in an hour. (rip) *fun upbeat music meanwhile* My suitcase is full. Oh all this space has to be brought back stuffed right! This is for chips and chocolates! (Priorities on point) MOM WHERE’S MY GANJEE?? (=VEST) WHERE’S MY UNDERWEAR??? Vaccine certificate, Aadhar card Flowers For the air hostess 🙂 PAN Card, a copy of the visa Extra hair for emergency (what even-)

Tickets What else… (your co-traveler’s common sense) And to remain comfortable in a long flight Nighty. Important stuff 🙂 Done. *quintessential vlog music* Yo at least take the passport with you vlogger. (collective facepalm moment) *constant series of shit* (when you accidentally activate the sculk shrieker)

Leaving aside loose motion and underwear vlog, we two idiots are out to vlog a trip. We’re making an actual travel vlog. Which is why we are unable to become good YouTubers man. Our strategy is wrong. Guys, its 2 in the night All rich people around are snoozing.

And she, with the packet of chips: *cronchy packet noises* Easy, easy, easy, easy It ain’t opening what am I to do?? Yooo keep it down! TSK TF YOU DOING???? That’s how you eat chips no! Should I now dip them in water to soften them? Everyone is looking man. *more crunchy crimpsy noise* (they see me chompin, they hatin) I’m not with her. I’m not with her. She’s making so much noise. So uncivilized dude.

I dunno where these people come from. There are people worse than me here. We just heard this WhatsApp soundtrack: *the intense overcompensating laugh track* Some uncle played it loud af, on full volume. I was reminded of dad. “- to, Abu Dhabi” (incoming Abu Dhabi jokes) “for departure update-”

Why you recording me? They just said your name. *vlog music* So guys I have taken apple juice. And she has taken champagne. Mom is watching this- Mumma this is not champagne I’m telling you- For the first time I’m glad we didn’t get a window seat. What’s the use what even is visible from here bro. Waterfall! (Cherrapunjee flashbacks) *upbeat music* *incessant cartoon soundtracks* Its 7 in the morning. We haven’t slept throughout the night. Just like future, even the circles are growing dark. Now we have to stay here for 3 hours. *flump* LET ME SLEEP. (everyone to mobs be like) What will we do dude. This is what we’ll do.

What else do we even know. Yeah yeah open every one of them. Wants to eat everything. Even wants to see more options. Look at him, no control whatsoever. Unique people, whose weight increases before the trip even starts. Oye. I’m slim. “Yeah….I am fat” So, Manoj Bajpayee sir is in our flight, we just saw him. And… So sir if you’re watching this video, please turn off your hotspot. “Climb up someone’s butt” Big fans, big fans.

So it’s a 16-hour flight from here. (dayummm) We’ll have to watch Ghatak 6-7 times then we’ll reach there. We’ll circle half the earth today. For this situation, I have looked up the perfect movie for you. Cure for insomnia. 87 hours! (WHAT)

Think about how less 16 hours will feel compared to this. (modern problems require modern solutions) It’ll feel as if the flight ended early but the movie didn’t end. Like whatta hack! Yeah we should sleep now because she has lost her mind.

We’ll have to travel to the moon to finish this film. (fun fact: it would still be 72 hours of the film) In this plane, there’s a bar as well. Hello, do you have this milky chocolate drink called BournVita? uh no? Okay, no problem. (bartender be like am I joke to you?)

Look at him he’s sitting there in the bar. You making a drink or having one? What will you have um, uh Mocha, Latte no wait that’s coffee. I don’t even know the name of drinks. No knowledge dude. But still he’s in full swag. A lot of stuff is kept here.

Everything is there but BournVita isn’t. Literally, watching Ghatak for the 4th time. Doesn’t he get bored dude??? Her incessant chomping woke me up. Ghatak was so ghatak (=deadly) the TV started lagging. Tch. *song mashups* ~Mere mehboob qayamat hogi~ So after a total of 26 hours, trip’s first destination, GTA city. Mood off right away. You should keep something so that the person entering the room should get positive vibes. What is this??? It’s useless even for this purpose. *sed somber music* YouTube knew our mood would be ruined immediately on entering so they gave so many gifts to please us! Bro what is this? Yeah that’s a collapsible bottle. When you wanna drink water And when Gautami wants to drink champagne. Ayyyyy stawp. Yooo what is this? What’s all this? Toothpaste. Mouthwash. Uhh um YouTube,

We keep ourselves clean man no need for tension dude. See this, handwash. YO YOUTUBE WE ARE CLEAN. DUDE YOUTUBE OUR FACES OUR ALSO CLEAN. Yeah these are mints right. WE DO BATHE AND WASH HANDS. We brush and do everything. Open it carefully- It’s chocolate?! Bro chocolate! This bag is also very nice

We can use this bag. This girl immediately sees a grocery bag. She’ll take it for buying groceries. Groceries bag- We still are unable to believe that YouTube called us from so far away Us. (YES U) To listen to our knowledge! On how we make videos, what we do.

We’re supposed to be giving tips now? (yes coz u two op) We ourselves still watch that video on bringing views in 2 minutes. Become viral in one video We’ll see that video, and copy the knowledge from it to speak. Yeah we’ll write that down how will they even know.

We’ll write the stuff in Hindi into English as notes and we’ll say that tomorrow. Ready for panel! We made all the mess in Abhyudaya’s room hehe. And the one in my room, I’ll take this as it is. *very sed music* I’m feeling thirsty man. Almost 400 rupees?! And we need to include tax in this too?! No worries we’ll drink our tears today. We have come to LA, in VidCon! YouTube has called us for spewing knowledge as we said but… Presented by Tik Tok?? Let’s go, let’s go. Taxi? Yeah mom. Yeah I’m returning home today itself. I don’t think this place is okay. We even banned them after discovering. Good lord- Oh my god! Thankfully we don’t have to stand in the line. Coz we are speakers here. Benefits of spewing knowledge. *silent excited screaming*

Here they’re predicting the future of Spotify listeners by looking at their playlist. I showed them my Tony Kakkar playlist (oh no) In the screen the future turned out to be dark. Darkness all around bro. *perfectly syncing to Bolo Tara Ra Ra* There’s Vidya Balan in the sauces here.

We were here to grab a bite they’ve given us a sauce buffet. Strawberry sauce Butter Pecan sauce Blueberry sauce old fashion sauce (from the 16th century.jk) And since they thought we would definitely be able to consume this entire bottle. One more bottle. Everything has to be done over the top here.

I thought there’s food incoming in the plate, more sauce. (bro how much-) Which sauce? vanilla sauce. Our table just has nonsense stuff apart from food lol. Right now we’re betraying YouTube. Because this is where the food is at. And at least we aren’t going in the Tik Tok area.

This is okay. Right. We won’t be bought completely. We can just be bought for half. Select the music here. And make a Reel here. Hurry up I found a song, I found a song we have to make a Reel! Make a Reel!

The music for the entire hall changes if you press play here. Biscuit Duba Ke please (=after dunking a biscuit) Biscuit Duba Ke. ~Biscuit Duba Ke~ What are you making me do even- Make a Reel! A Reel! Only creators to play Bhojpuri songs at US VidCon. On a global level ~Feeling Proud Indian~ This is where we have to give a speech. In front of all English speakers. YeAh So I CaN THaLk In EnGLiSh- Ya kNoW I’m I’m No no please absolutely don’t do that please. *camera clicks* *camera clicks returns* What happened? After pretending to be mature and intelligent for an hour I got tired. There was a NASA employee here as well

And she too asked us a bunch of questions. I even asked her for a free NASA hoodie. hehehe. She ain’t giving you nothing bro. There are creators from all around the world in VidCon and not just YouTube Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook This is a global level conference

Where not only people who work here come but also from Google, YouTube, Facebook everyone comes here. And this is just like a college. You can either listen to stuff in the classroom or have fun outside bunking the class. And here are Meet and Greet of creators. Huge creators such as Mr Beast.

But ours… who would even be here who even knows us here. (you have no idea how many know) Any fans? Yooo not there, here! Hardly saw an unknown guy and… *punches it* It feels good to be in a place where YouTubers are respected a bit. *general audience noises* And not just humans, even dogs from Insta and Tik Tok are invited. (good bois unite) People are identifying the dogs saying its that female dog, I wanna make a Reel with her friendships are being done. Such fan moments are happening for dogs.

And their owners are even showing them that go meet your fans Tommy! I’m unable to understand USA at all. (aw but it was a pawsitive move) Our blood! Our place has been found! Let’s go. “This is my area and-” Guys please subscribe x 3 We want this one dude.

Please subscribe, I’m beggin’ you, please subscribe- Today in beverages, we’ll have… Boba. What? Taro Milk Boba. What what what??? Yooo BOBA. Typical US dude. They filled ice instead of water. And now, let’s drink water. It ain’t coming down. (please explain US) We went to another area to look for water

Where the moment we entered, the DJ, *started playing Mundian Tu Bach Ke* Let’s go from here. And people are even dancing at our embarrassment. *various artists at VidCon* *songs playing* *virtuous music plays* This sign reminds me of… I am remembering something (past trauma) *angery siren noises* Let’s get outta here fast. FAST. I’m feeling really scared. Look at how big his is. You understand you’ll get slapped by that very hand. Oh goodness! Oh shit. (ouch) I even checked guys and in that incident Will Smith had a big hand. (dad joke alert) *badumtss* Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (laughing at your boss’ jokes) Now we’re going to Chicago. *upbeat music* They chopped off a leg from Burj Khalifa and put it here.

What is this Trump bro. It feels very stylish to stay Chicago right? – ChiCHagO. Do you know what it means? Stinky onion. (nani?!) We are here in a rotten onion. We could’ve found this on the roadside paani puri stall too. This place is roasting itself. (ooh self burn. those are rare) Yeah mom.

Yeah I’m here in stale onion. Damn, it actually is stinky. Here, a rickshaw is a showpiece! You take a ticket to sit in this! The rickshaw puller was beckoning us as if we’ve never seen a rickshaw at all! Nope not at all! As if it was invented here.

He doesn’t even know half my life has been spent in rickshaw. This is too much dude. We go to foreign countries to get a feel of foreign. This ain’t even an autorickshaw. It’s a manual one. Look at him bro! How cool he’s looking inside a rickshaw. Yooo mister. ~Still D.R.E.~

He’s sitting in such style as if Oh Lord I’m the most beautiful around here. (a wild Narcissus appears) Someone remind him he isn’t inside a Ferrari. This literally runs on rent of Rs 5. Here the swag of rickshaw pullers is over 9000. I saw it thrice.

Girls flirting with the rickshaw pullers! (US please explain) It’s time to leave YouTube guys! You’ll find me in Chicago whenever you need a rickshaw (meanwhile parents: 👁👄👁) $20. That’s how much they’re charging. Dhoom 3 was shot here as well. It was one of these bridges from which Aamir Khan did that stunt

Where he was running after turning his bike into a jet ski. *Dhoom theme song* In fact, it is said that Batman’s Gotham is inspired from here as well. Meaning flop and hit pictures both have been made here! (apply cold water to burnt area) So Chicago is famous for one more thing as well. Here’s pizza. Which we have taken from: Lou…Lou Malnati’s. Oh damn did they cover it in a blanket? Yooo Amazon delivery, do we unbox this now?

Why is it so thicc dude?? Look at this, its thiccer than a finger. Oh this is why it’s called deep dish! Deep dish. Damn, we should put a candle in between this and celebrate birthdays. This is not pizza issa cake. It’ll fall x 3 OH MY GOD.

Are you seeing how thicc this is? Real thicc. Like you. (comment F to pay respects) Dominos doesn’t put this much cheese in an entire year. How is it? *reaction loading* It’s cheesy. (no shit sherlock) OOOH MAN. A PIZZA CAN BE CHEESY AS WELL?!?! Told the correct thing man.

We have come to Nutella cafe. Here you can get a jar with your name on it. They’ll need 6 jars for your name. Such a long line for such a thing which you can literally buy and eat at home. What did we get in the Nutella cafe? Nutella! What else will we take?

What other things are even available here? After roasting ice cream dosa she’s eating it herself. (how the turntables) This is not a dosa, its called a crepe. Crepe. (shore shore) And what is this you’ve ordered? Chocolate injection. Take it out at least. It looks like something else is coming out. – Ewwwwww (apologies to anyone eating rn) I don’t wanna say it… (then don’t) but this is what I did in the morning. (WHY WOULD YOU-) Duuuude my rest of the food- Eat it no it looks delicious. This will also be needed later. (not looking at chocolate the same again) This is how they clean all this here. So someone told us to go a bit further there’s a very famous art piece there. So we’ll go there and see. An iron kidney bean? Such a big fat kidney bean. (*artist crying in the corner*) This is an art piece? This has been designed by an Indian guy! What? Then the meaning of this art must be he’s a kidney bean curry and rice lover. And this is his tribute.

To rajma-chawal. (kidney bean curry and rice) ~Rajma Chawal~ This is so shiny its hurting the eyes. What kinda kidney bean is this?? Bro, are you like, eating the bean? Ohoho, ohoho. Yeah amazing, it’s totally seeming as if you’re eating the bean. I have taken same to same as well. (LIES) We have gotten inside of the bean’s butt. Look how amazing we’re looking. HeLLo!! *general crowd chattering* HELLOOOO! The logic for this is said to be that the reflection of the city looks great in this. City, which you can literally see by turning around. Yeah right dude! Yeah so look at the real thing why do they need to look at the reflection? Right! And the buildings are looking twisted in this. Look here all straight. Look at how greasy it is. There’s people’s fingerprints, scratches.

Meaning here also there’s no respecc for public property guys. Nice to know. These ominous faces you’re seeing here? In the fountain? So these people have volunteered themselves. You can volunteer and they’ll put up your photo here bro. YOOO SHE’S SPITTING ON KIDS SPITTING ON KIDS.

OH MAN SHE’S GARGLING AND SPITTING. – He’s spitting. But the kids seem to be enjoying themselves. Look there he’s spitting with closed eyes. OH MY GOD. People are bathing in their spit! Look at how much fun they’re having bathing. Oh ho they got all the fun in life from here.

People are thirsty for a drop of spit here. AIYOOO. The kid passing by just splashed water. Dude you should’ve brushed for the video. Yellow teeth all crooked… Such a smol heart and a hope for spit. With cameraman Abhyudaya, this is reporter Gautami. In anticipation of spit.

Here, more than English, I’m hearing Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu. This is what I’m hearing. There are wayyy too many Indians here. And the dude here spat on this! Oh wowww Look at the kids happiness. Look at their happiness. “If I were to come across you”

“then I won’t even spit on your face” (*confused Diogenes noises*) *bass boosted party music* Aesthetic metro shot. Yo a wedding and such less relatives? Heh. (ok Anya) Oh no here you can’t even do that thing to get free food in weddings. Everyone is in suits and look at the dresses of the girls.

Bro this is not how we work. Damn dude. Here we’ll have to buy food to eat. This ain’t right foreigners. Change your dress code. This isn’t correct. So what’s the plan for up ahead? Now we’ll get to know about the architecture of this place the entire history and architecture

Who, how, and what of architecture. Architecture? Knowledge day. Its gonna be boring. Dude all this is interesting! Walk a little faster. Should we go up on the first bench? First bench? I’m feeling sleepy I’ll sleep here only. Dude I wanted to be a front bencher. Dude the rows up ahead are still empty.

Let’s goooo. I’m telling you no one is interested. People paid for this and they still don’t wanna sit up ahead. Yoo look there there’s a party boat going there Songs are being played there. People are drinking and dancing. And you booked this knowledge boat. All old people are visible here.

*Text: who did you call an oldie?* Wherever there are Indian families, we pack along some snacks to go. Yoo our thing is going on this side look here. Look here, this side. That seems more fun. I also wanna come down there. “- Wrigley Chewing Gum”

“that’s all bubblegum money that you’re looking at there from the 1920s” Such a great view. And… *snoring during history lessons* “-Home Chicago! Thank you folks!” “And enjoy the rest of your day” “It has been fantastic” Clap clap clap clap clap *a round of applause* It’s over…it’s done right?

What an amazing tour it was guys. How and why each building was made, its shape- Whoever comes here definitely try this out. (look who’s saying xD) You yourself didn’t do it. 75 minutes are worth it. Yeah yeah totally worth it. Your entire afternoon nap was covered in those 75 minutes.

And this tunnel which they have shown in the chase scenes of countless movies. Here Diwali is being celebrated in July itself. “-saying if we were to celebrate Diwali then how would we do it?” “our firework (=love interest) is angry with us” ~Hum Pyaar Hain Tumhare~ Chicago is really famous for its pizzas

Which is why I’ve dressed up as a pizza today! “WOOOOWWWWW” Now let’s wake him up. Abhyudaya. *more knocks* Ready? Come on let’s go. – I’m ready. I’m ready too. What kinda T-shirt is that? And this- YOOO WHY THE HELL AREN’T YOU WEARING ANYTHING BELOW?!?! WE CAN’T SHOW THIS IN VLOG-

WHAT IS THIS???? Issa pant, issa pant. Oh my god I got so scared for a moment. Go and change it. Done. Let’s go. *RCB chants* What is this?!?! I have thought that making a vlog for a solo trip would be really fun.

So from now on Abhyudaya won’t be appearing on this channel- Pizza lover. Pizza lover- We’re about to have real fun. Let’s go let’s go. We didn’t get a table inside the shop. They said they’ll send through delivery. Let’s go back home. That was really unfortunate. (shore shore) So yesterday, You fell asleep in the river right? So today I’m taking you… in this. (surprise mf) Now she can’t sleep even if she wants to. Yeah you have to row it with this. In this deep river. Dude left, left, left!

Where are you pushing the aunty Dude use the paddle in your hands! Move faster move faster row it properly. You are just asking me to do the rowing. This is too much. This is double cheating. I am relaxing guys. You were sleeping a lot right?

You know that this is gutter water right? Gutter water? So after taking the money and throwing us in water they’re telling that this is gutter water? My hands are aching. “That seems more fun” “I also wanna come down there” Haaaa. I feel like relaxing a bit now. You’re like that every day. You keep rowing straight. She was sleeping bro. I brought her to the same place. Why are we so far behind… We all have stopped here coz right in front of us, a guy’s boat completely got upturned.

So we’re waiting for him to climb back up. How do you feel on hearing this news? I thought this doesn’t turn. (rip) *scary realisation dawns* Whoa whoa whoa – YO YO YO BREAK BREAK Oh shit oh shit Where we going. What are you doing dude??

We just escaped the clutches of death guys. Push it a bit. I’ll row I’ll row it you let it be. This gets upturned. What’re you doing? Push with this. Right right right – Whoa whoa whoa uncle Come on Abhyudaya get to work dude. (work uno reversed)

We bumped into someone because of you. Get us out first. Then only will I row. I wanted to punish you but this is becoming a punishment for me too. Look guyyyysss. We’re having so much fun guys. What fun. Dude my hands are completely red I have grown biceps now. – Me too.

People will start asking if I do steroids. Right, how did you grow biceps in 10 minutes. How are you moving this. Bumped it again. I knew it. How will we get out of here now when everyone’s gone there? This was an absolutely shitty idea. It was yours only don’t say anything to me.

“So please forward this after liking and following.” “This guy is working really hard.” “Please make this video viral” “and turn it from super to duper. Please” So in that it was written you have to row for 2 hours. And they made us sign a form

That if we were to die by doing this for these hours then they aren’t responsible. First thing we turned up last, You get a prize if you reach here first. We reached after the prize distribution was over. Looking at my pants it seems I have pissed myself.

In trying to trouble you, I myself got troubled. Nope, we don’t know how to row a boat. Don’t wanna learn. When you book the cheapest Uber here bro a Tesla arrives. Which we don’t know how to open coz… we’re used to the old WagonR. Dude my laptop’s screen isn’t this big.

Look they are eating and going- – “SLAYY POINT” Hiiii! – Hiiiii hehehe *people cheering* Everyone wants to be in a vlog. So right now we’ve reached Lake Michigan. It’s an eggplant shaped lake. And dude I haven’t seen a lake this big in my entire life. I initially thought it was a sea.

Can you see it ending anywhere? We thought we would look at the eggplant shape of the lake Its so huge I can’t make anything out. (that’s what she said) World’s biggest lake which is inside a country. Wow wow, what a foreign vibe. Bro this same smell can be experienced on Juhu Beach.

*sniffs to check* That is true tbh. There are pirate ships here too. (not from the Caribbean) Please pick us up as well. I’m tired. I’m tired from all that boat-rowing. There’s a gorgeous view of the Chicago skyline from here. Dude this bird scream just like humans. (tatakae) *silence*

Now yell when I switched on the vlog you’re quiet. Bro. Bro make that sound again. *crickets chirp* – Hello? Hello sir? (sir gives no f’s) Sir went away, you happy now? (top 10 anime betrayals) Please come here bro. *birb screams* (why it screming like that tho) YAYYYYYYYY. Look this guy is roaming about with my purse. Give me my purse back.

Someone will take it away amidst your vlogging so I have to hold it. It is said these people invented world’s biggest Ferris wheel. Now whether it’s true or not, but these peeps take the credit. Just like that I thought to take a look outside the hotel.

And bro Tokyo Drift is going on down there! After stopping the entire traffic. Vagabonds here have a budget higher than a KTM bike. Issa 3-star wanted level. And the police are here! *police sirens* But these people give zero shits. There needs to be Singham here. Its a 5-star level bro!

Now they’re scared, now they scared. Look how they ran! They running! The red car will reach Canada on reverse. The matter is solved. (mission passed! respect + 99) Thanks for the entertainment. (GTA 6 beta testing) So guys now we’re going back. And guess, what Gautami has bought. Chips! Gimme some water.

Oh my god. Water? Here. This is not what I asked you to bring. *crunchy packet noises* Look at her no shame at all dude. Just now we were heading towards our seats but the Emirates people stopped us midway that these aren’t our seats, we have new seats. Everyone is going one way and we were sent elsewhere.

And we just saw. That we have been given this entire area dude!! What seats have you given us? Last time we complained about the window seats so this time 3 windows! They are serving us tea, feeding us cake. The whole thing is empty. It’s just the two of us. Your bro has booked an entire jet. Even they are signaling to stop bluffing.

Emirates is the best airline. It’s not sponsored dude They did all this just like that! Gift. Surprise. (W airline) Bro thank you. Slippers. Which I’m taking home. Pajamas. Which I’m taking home. Can’t understand, can’t understand can’t understand Yes. Yes this Madras. Something Madras. Here the doors of the seats close.

Where you can, without shying away from anyone Adjust your underwear. (brain you need help) Scratch whatever you want to dude! No one is watching. And when you watch Crime Patrol on such a big screen. Then no one would even judge you! (viewers lurking meanwhile) *Crime Patrol theme song* Did he start to sit and speak?

He used to walk around while speaking right? When did this new update come? Even if the water was kept normally we would take it. But. Water will enter in a Salman Khan fashion like a hero. And when you press it: it will go bacc as well. So that you can watch yourself become a ghost from a human in 13 hours. Dude rich people must be writing such amazing business ideas in here. What should we do? They didn’t call me Michelangelo’s nephew for nothing in school. (minimalist art whoa) *Crime Patrol theme song plays* Now you want me to eat carefully too? She never put a napkin on her shirt like this in her entire life. She’s doing it here bro. People change. Always remember where you came from.

I’m wearing a white shirt. Places and circumstances change a person a lot guys. The girl who used to stain her entire shirt while eating popsicles on Mulund station *thunder strikes* I don’t know this Gautami dude. So thank you guys for watching. We have reached back home. (okaerinasai)

We’re splashing our faces with jet spray here. If you enjoyed the video then don’t forget to like. And press the subscribe button. And we’ll see you guys in the next one. (Toodles!) UMMM- What is this? Issa waterfall. Hol up- is that a toilet seat?

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