Diana and Roma Funny Kids Stories with brother Oliver

Diana and Roma Funny Kids Stories with brother Oliver

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Foreign [Applause] Can you play Miss Oliver I need to work okay let’s play Um oh you’re hungry wait a minute I’ll bring you something huh oh what is it no one over here no one over here where’s Oliver Why are you crying my brother is missing we’ll help you find your brother let’s go to police station yay let’s go yes cool yes Diana loves her brother how do we find it first we need to put the prison fire Now let’s look at the place where Oliver was last seen come on Who’s the Oliver hmm maybe you yeah baby or you huh This is over okay okay [Applause] Um wow Just a kid but where’s Oliver Diana where Oliver likes to play Come on come on come on guys hmm look what It’s just a doll it’s not Oliver My business Roma what are you doing we need to look for Oliver Hello hi hello if you lose something come back and check carefully in Dad’s place Oh no we have to complete the tasks to save Diana yay wow Washington yes We need to put the right color in the right washing machine okay Great job [Applause] oh no Orange balls We have to put the passengers in the wagons oh okay Good job thank you yes Thank you Oh he’s so hungry where they need to Do yummy the round belongs to Blue Keep the square to the yellow guy Hey next one yay triangle is green Yummy thank you bye bye you’re welcome bye [Applause] thank you Red the apples are right let’s pick them yes good job Last one next Yellow huh what’s that something inside Blue wow yellow Red wrong Orange [Applause] Guys hurry What should we do Wow nice [Applause] Let’s go we finished all the tasks they are nice free You see me What is this come on hmm what shapes is this okay Square huh Wow Circle Let’s decorate our house yes I also want to color my walls let’s make white squares let’s go Let’s paint Cool [Applause] I like it run yay [Applause] It’s uncomfortable here maybe I need pillows of course round pillows I have triangle pillows Now it’s better Freddy’s it’s a little bit dark here We need to add a lamp great idea cool my beautiful Square lamp triangle lamp Circle yes oh that’s better Look I have Garland I also have Garnet but it’s purple and square Wow finished guys do you have pockets yes I have triangle puppets foreign One two three four four squares my turn yes triangle guys let’s paint t-shirts I’m gonna draw a triangles I’m gonna draw square circle Finish look [Applause] Wow 3D shapes cool interesting what is slime [Applause] Wow Let’s see what’s in the next cabin thank you You have a yellow [Applause] Thank you red paper All right Wow [Applause] videos go Now Thank you foreign Amazing Challenger Yay can’t wait You won’t Chase laughs Foreign [Applause] Wow Thank you Bye-bye [Applause] [Applause] Thank you hmm can I play two [Applause] Oliver oh this is only for big cookies huh [Applause] [Laughter] Laughs So fun wow never saw it this is blue for children and you are a baby foreign Let’s go Good job [Applause] It’s gonna be so cool for Oliver come on [Applause] come on let’s go foreign Okay Look whatever found surprise hmm tea foreign [Applause] Okay yes Surprise great job thanks

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