DIY Giant Board Game Combo Panda with Ryan!!!

DIY Giant Board Game Combo Panda with Ryan!!!

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Okay it’s my turn i’m going to spin it whoa i got four i got four i keep getting four you got four last time you got four this time too now i’m very tall welcome to ryan’s world Hi guys today daddy and me are gonna be playing a diy board game and stay tuned to the end because you can see how to make it here we have red titan and combo panda the object of the game is to get the tallest leg wins

So each one of us takes turns rolling the dice and whatever number you get your leg is taller one two three four like that see now he has tall combo you ready for this battle call ryan yes i’m gonna go first let’s yell how i can get red titan

It’s pretty short right now he’s four all right okay so move up by four okay two three four boom no does that mean look at this he’s tall titan looks very weird it is okay it’s my turn and combo’s drinking lots of milk so he’s gonna get taller all right [Applause] Three four five six whoa hobo yeah he can be a basketball player look at this yeah i wish i had that leg oh i’m gang Oh no okay now i’m gonna go uh maybe red tight and drink a lot of milk four guys oh yeah that’s pretty good that’s pretty good right very consistent you got four last time you got four this time too now i’m very tall ready let’s spin it different way one three five one

Two three man come bro still growing so right now we’re trying to look at his teenager yeah what does he look like when he’s 20 i’m ready okay it’s my turn i’m going to spin it i got four actually four i keep getting four okay three four oh man he’s so tall

Red titan’s looking down on that’s gone though i’ll show you there you go oh three again what if i just get four again one two three oh we’re the same height 12 versus 12. who’s gonna get 20 me oh but i’m tall yes this is my time to shine daddy’s not a teenager

You’re so tall see he’s so tall that’s why he’s looking down like oh my gosh i’m so tall i’m scared so combo is 16 years old and red time is 14 years old but i’m a teenager yeah okay but now i’m gonna be older than combo we’ll see [Applause] again four

But he’s just going up by four every time ooh 18 are you ready to go up from college wait did you take s.a.t act which one both you win right when i hit 20 that’s when i win here we go here we go [Applause] so he needs two or more can he do this probably okay three two [Applause] he one his legs yay i won first to get to 20. it’s okay we’re gonna do one more round okay so this time instead of growing legs we’re gonna grow arms so it’s gonna

Be between robocombo versus dark titan who’s going to have the longest [Applause] i don’t know oh i’m gonna go first to be honest though guys i think they need longest leg look look at that leg very short yeah but it’s okay we’re gonna work on the arms first yeah okay let’s do it Starting out slow He’s smiling i think why just his face i don’t know all right here we go I always get six in the beginning oh whoa i mean he’s a robot so all he needs to do is extend his arm right yeah okay i’m going to spin [Applause] bye good job so now i’m one better that’s true ahead of me if i want one more wait or seven good job

Ready [Applause] [Applause] we’re going very slow this time all right this is gonna be the evo with the longest arm it’s gonna be a rubber Combo can’t even tell the difference very subtle boom you get one then i get two it’s very anticlimactic is not what people buy a ticket for all right give me give me good luck [Applause] slightly better that’s slightly better so maybe i’ll get three one two two okay i’m halfway now okay

Let’s see what i got i got three i always get one more than you yeah that’s okay all right keep going i got 14. yeah look at the arms it’s so long he’s 14 arm oh if they punch they can just go all the way over there Okay one two three thirteen oh that’s a bad luck [Applause] right now robo is 13 and dark titan is 14. we’re in our teenage years i do not like that it’s a lot of work for parents teenagers okay three two one two all right i still have a chance to catch

Up no you don’t you don’t have a chance to catch up ketchup i love kitchen all right you guys ready [Applause] If ryan gets four or more he wins this one the thief can do it three two one all right go up three it’s okay i still might not win okay if you get one the lion’s at 19 right now and i’m on 18. so this round if i roll one

I lose any other numbers i’ll win um [Applause] he goes in beyond He goes 23 so Right here yay so it’s round two eye wall yeah yeah now we’re gonna show you how to make your own diy game roll the clip i’m gonna start by drawing my favorite character i’m using pencil so i can get all the little details next up add in

Color now alpha has lots of pretty pinks and blues and all sorts of colors that make your alpha awesome there now i’m going to cut her out into a rectangle and make the outer sleeve i need to fold it into thirds but make sure i leave a tab that can be glued together

Something like like this next step making the counter board i’ve folded a piece of paper in half and glued it together now i count all the way up to 20. perfect now we need to add the feet i’m gonna sketch out the feet and then stretch all

The way up and connect the legs with a ruler last step color in the legs and you are ready to go let’s test it out three one two three let’s try again four five six seven once you get all the way to 20 you win bye guys thank you for watching the video

Remember always stay happy and rise up bye

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