DND players, what was your funniest “nat 20” moment? (r/askreddit)

DND players, what was your funniest “nat 20” moment? (r/askreddit)

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Dungeon Master’s of Reddit what are the dumbest and or funniest things who were players rolled in that 20s on party members came across an altar of a celestial being practically an abyssal demigod that was hostile the moment the party tried to activate the altar I rolled to [ __ ] it

Excuse me I want to [ __ ] it okay roll for it you need at least a nun at twenty to do it The Bard rolls in at twenty party goes wild with laughter including myself sucked it up and asked the party members to vacate the premises so the two could

Get it on bard was level three and convinced an abyssal God to bring him that ass party was battling some goblins and one of my players a wizard was across the room from the rest of them now that I have killed the Goblin I rip

Off a charm and throw it at the other goblin across the room which one um the one with one hit point left you do realize you’re more than 30 feet away from the rest of your party right can I do it fine but you’ll have to roll pretty high

For this – wizard rolls in at 20 you throw the severed goblin arm as hard as you can towards the other goblin it sails through the air and bitchslaps the Goblin so hard that it dies instantly you see a man standing in the middle of the room he’s wearing baby seal other

Boots has a spell book made of human baby flesh horns pure black eyes and is dressed in all black he’s ancient as old as time itself the original sinner he’s wearing magic suppressing shackles but can obviously still fight doh he shows you his magical shackles and asks you to

Free him if you do he will not harm you but if you don’t he says he will kill you the party agrees not to free him big bat ETM tax the rogue robe now at half health after a single hit now wait a minute we can talk about this hold on sir let’s

Talk you already said you weren’t going to free me so why should I talk to you no I understand that but why do you want to kill us because it’s my job my captor told me to if I don’t I don’t get fed okay but I packed an extra ration you

Can have it he won’t feed me after you leave your single extra ration won’t last okay but what if I like come back with more food I know you’re just stalling to get out of here alive I’m not your very pleasant conversation I mean you’re millions of years old surely

You have plenty of cool stories to tell like I totally be down to come back with tea and have another chat sometime roll for deception I’m not deceiving him I’m 100 percent coming back for tea then roll for persuasion NAT 20 so he lets the party

Pass unharmed and now the rogue has tea with him every Sunday the rogue is now best friends with a horrible baby killing ancient man who literally invented betrayal she gave him a [ __ ] friendship bracelet I rolled an at 20 twice for how attractive I was so the DM

Gave me a permanent +2 – charisma NAT 20 perception to see if they could notice the outline of an NPCs penis I had a magical ring explode after a battle that would have killed the party so my cleric asked if he could make a [ __ ] house luck role to absorb it all he

Got a 20 I sat in stunned silence for like two minutes before I figured out what to do while I was never a DM personally I did work with a DM who purchased a really nice set of matte black dice once and then filled in the number imprints

With a fire engine red crayon he ended up calling them diamond dice first time he used them in a campaign there was a battle and he rolled off a 20 so instant hit the thing is it was a vorpal weapon so off with the head but he rolled for

Damage anyway and got another twenty basically the joke as the strike was so powerful the weapon even decapitated the soul of the victim but then he rolled another twenty at that point we all decided the species of the character killed had just been snuffed out of existence no they weren’t loaded dice

Either the guy just had insane luck and we all knew it not technically rolling in at twenty but i was running a pathfinder game for an all goblin party it was one player’s birthday so i gave him a free nat twenty-four anyone roll the party wound up in the Underdark and

Encountered a female driver he rolled to seduce it and managed to roll in at twenty which made me groan but goblin parties are silly parties he then goes quiet and the following exchange takes place dude you there you succeeded dried er lady wants your goblin d DM just how big is

My goblin deep goblin size can I roll for penis size I guess you are please tell me you’re not rolling that twenty goblin dick I have since rescinded my birthday not twenty policy I seduced a succubus were happily married now and in a different system my player once killed a chaos

Dragon with one hit using his fist they found the Loch Ness monster and told it to deep throat a tree it worked after rolling two consecutive NAT ones and letting weapons slip away the ingenious rogue got a bone from a defeated skeleton to use as a weapon against another skeleton NAT twenty and

Confirmed critical he started to carry that bone around as a backup weapon and to pretend to be a necromancer if need ever arises Ranger and Bart are [ __ ] around in a tavern that gentleman is giving you the stinky eye ray nonsense later that night hey dude that

Guy wants to fight point me to said [ __ ] the bard points I throw my mug Adam alright net twenty you kill the civilian everybody is screaming and calling for the guards ah [ __ ] run not a DM but one game my clumsy half work rolled in at twenty on a grapple

Followed with an at twenty two kill a dark elf all falling down one hundred steps the DM just did the slow facepalm drag down the face move not all and twenty but a drinking slash eating competition that got remarkably high checks on managing to win both the character one a peyten that could

Generate a pie per day and title of the glutton king in the town a player here we were messing with the starter kit.you went to the town can I investigate sure rolls of twenty it’s a town can I roll for history sure rolls the 17 or so +5

It’s a [ __ ] town you idiots there’s nothing to wonder about you guys are being stupid we found a baby spark ton Dragon Knight tamed it party members are in tunnels leading down into ancient ruins of a civilization that had been corrupted when they tried to harness the

Energies of the far realm when they came to a natural cave formation they disturbed these bat-like creatures that had been mutated by the energies of the war into blind furless flesh bags with wings that can unhinge its jaw to swallow their prey the party was having a pretty hard time dealing with them

Because it was dark and their stealth hunters that kept to the ceilings and ambushed our party that’s when our gnome paladin an orc barbarian came up with this wonderful idea I would like to use my bonus action to ready a level 3 smite and then I will

Climb on to orcs arms I would then like to run an attack for when one of the bad things Cummins into my attack range I would like to throw the gnome paladin at one of those bad things sure real athletic stuck with a DC of nine considering the gnome is a paladin in

Full gear rolls gnat 20 and flings our Paladin at the bat paladin comes into range of the bat rolls for attack rolls an at 24 seized a swinger hammer and exploding the baton to a fine bloody mist and intimidating the swarm as they smelled the blood of one of their own

Fill the air making them flee in terror in submission and encounter I banned the usage of the word salsa in my D&D game as it was a Victorian themed game and all my players wanted was some salsa saying or talking about salsa resulted in an instant death one guy just plead

For a death save I grant him a [ __ ] 20 I made my players roll an attractiveness score as a sort of passive charisma at the start of my campaign you roll and then add your charisma score to it we ended up calling our Paladin big sexy due to his natural

Xx making his attractiveness 23 his cousin The Bard got a 20 for attractiveness with an at 19 but we decided he was still sexier due to be de was doing a casual one-off campaign with some friends in which you could do just about anything within reason if you roll

At winning one of my friends was playing a lawful good kobold paladin and got fed up with an encounter taking forever and so rolled to throw his massive two-handed Warhammer at the last skeleton who had been tanking blows with a shield he rolled a 20 best outcome I

Could think of was that the hammer spun in the air towards this poorer skeleton and took his head off this was insanely funny at the time seeming my friends had been going at this one skeleton and doing very little thanks to poor rolls but then this tiny

Kobold Chuck’s a hammer bigger than him at the skeleton and gets obliterated my party was entering a dwarven mining cave and they could hear them singing a catchy tune down the shafts two of them asked they could do a history check to know the words of the song tune at 20s so it

Turns out their families were commissioned to write the song for the dwarves thousands of years ago and have passed down the melody through the ages everyone got drunk and instant positive faction with the dwarf miners I got caught in a rug trap I NAT 20 a bluff

Check so the Rudd would think I was dead so it let me go my party kept hitting the rug with me rolled up I would have died the rug let me go I played dead too the rug was destroyed TL DR the bards bloody unconscious body passively

Inspires the monk to do awesome climbing during a combat sesh designed as a game of capture the flag the bard gets hit with a spell and goes down the monk goes next if the monk can get up on this high platform there one round away from

Winning I tell the monk to roll in athletics check to override climbing speed which wouldn’t be enough to reach the top the Bard chimes in oh I want to give the monk inspiration to which I say it’s not your turn and you’re unconscious you’re rolling death saves playful argument neither lent okay if

You can roll an at 20 right now I’ll let you have retro actively done it and yep she does this that oh my god okay so after getting blasted with this spell that slashed all across your body leaving you bleeding out and barely hanging on to life your theatrical

Reflexes kick in and ever the performer you fall in such a way that you’re splayed form is especially pathetic monk you look over at your fallen friend and are so moved by them laying there barely holding on that you feel a surge of energy welling up inside yourself you

Have to get this platform and win this game monk beats the DC you power up the Stoney side of this platform like a goddamn mountain goat on a mission

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