Doggy Do Board Game with the HobbyKids

Doggy Do Board Game with the HobbyKids

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Some fun with this we have a doggy we have another thingy we have fake dog food and instructions the object of the game feet and walk your doggy when you make some mess you clean it up be the first player to get three pieces of dog poo on your shovel

To win here is the teeny-tiny dog bowl they gave us and now we’re gonna open up some dog food with it first we need to feed him before he does do real dog food does not feel like this at all that might be too much so it says to just

Fill it just enough there we go that’s a little better your doggy dude I am a naughty Axl says you have to push it in with your finger so you gotta shove it in there real good shooting a dryer throat okay so then it says to

Give them a bone and we have to leave the bone in there while we’re playing make sure your leash is hooked up to the pump we roll the dice and if it lands on a number that’s how many times we pump the leash first I know if it lands on it

Acts that means that if that person leaves the turn they don’t get to go if it lands on shovel train that means you can trade shovels with somebody Bobby’s pig is the youngest player between he and I so he’s gonna go first yeah would

You get three three go for it man oh oh okay it’s my turn would I get three all right okay ready okay my turn ooh treat shovels I have nothing on my shovel you have nothing in your so yeah all right you got one piece now you get to feed the

Dog again there’s a little doggie Bowl so so far you have one piece on your shovel and Hobbie take you guys to get a total of three pieces to win come on unless I can beat them that’s what you’re supposed to do it says you have

To feed them with your hand so and then put the dog bone deep down okay so it’s my turn to roll would you get it Oh trade shovels you don’t want to trade I’m using the mommy third dinner okay my turn one one measly is it close can’t even

See in there all right you get it through your lucky okay let’s see if they do Oh I got a three you see that I got three one – hey got a nice dream poopsie I like how they have its shapes so funny alright it’s one to one who’s gonna win

Bobby pig or I’ll be mom we’re gonna go and tell if I’m gonna get Street shut up okay I can do this – show your feet so I’m going to take a little dog food I’m so glad we don’t have to really feed dogs like this yeah

Get the dog bone now your turn to roll what makes so angry it splits it out every time oh he was a good little doggie he flirts he does let’s what all dogs do in humans not fair how proper you are okay why turn to roll here we go if I

Get to okay my turn trebles oh well maybe I want to trade with you only have one come on three yes your leash it’s gonna go in your doodoo duty turn the eat your own poo and when you’re done it’s a little ziplock so you can just close up your

Dog food for another day if you think dogs are awesome and gross yeah thumbs up eat your uncle

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