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Hi everybody welcome back to Karen puzzles today I’m going to be doing a puzzle that I am so excited for I’ve been wanting it forever and my parents got it for me for Christmas this past year and I’ve just been hanging on to it

Until I can do it on camera for all of you so this is the color sphere puzzle it is 3d it you know is a rainbow but it makes an actual 3d sphere I don’t really know what to expect going into this I don’t know how big it’s gonna be

I don’t know how curved the pieces are gonna be I don’t know how they’re gonna lock together this is made by lamington drive which is the same company that makes the original thousand colors puzzle and all these other gradient puzzles color-changing one I just did on camera recently and I’ve actually done

Videos about all four of these puzzles so they are definitely one of my favorite puzzle companies so usually I script my videos I’ll do the puzzle and then write out my thoughts and film that afterwards for this one since this is such a new and different experience I

Figured I would just talk while in doing it bring you along on the process it’s only 540 pieces which is half as many as the thousand-piece puzzle so I don’t think it’s gonna take me that long but we’ll see let’s go ahead and get this opened up All right here it is let’s open it up I’m so excited the size of the box is a little smaller than their other boxes and it’s super simple just like all of their other boxes but really nicely designed okay if we open it up the pieces they actually don’t look that

Curved so let’s take a closer look oh they’re weird though oh my god I mean are they plastic I think these pieces are made of plastic do you hear that sound that they hit the table that is not to normal a puzzle piece sound oh my

Gosh this is so weird these pieces are literally made of plastic I guess that’s how they stay together into a sphere I had no idea like just listen to that sound this to hear that so here is a close-up of one of the puzzle pieces you

Can see it’s really shiny and the back is white plastic look at that I’ve never seen a puzzle like this before this is really cool they actually don’t seem that curved like there’s a slight curve to it but not as much as I was expecting and the pieces are all kinds of

Different shapes I’m seeing a bunch of these like triangle type of shapes so we’ll see how it goes so once I start actually putting it together oh my gosh I didn’t even notice in the box they have a little plastic stand which I guess the sphere will sit on when you’re

Done so I’m gonna just put that aside for now and then I’m gonna I feel like you can’t even touch the pieces because the sounds it’s gonna pick up on the mic but I’m gonna flip them all over sort them into a rainbow just like usual and then we’ll get started on actually

Putting the sphere together So the more I look at these pieces the more impressed I am by them they’re so saturated everyone is a slightly different color just sorting them out like this it’s so beautiful it’s like a feast for the eyes Alright I’m finished with the sorting it’s not the most neat sorting job I’ve ever done the pieces are a little bit of a mess but honestly with three cameras going and no camera person that this whole video is gonna be a little bit of a mess so let’s start actually putting

The puzzle together this is what we’re here for ooh where do I want to start that’s the question I think I’m gonna start with the pinks and the purples maybe or no I think I’ll do you like the Reds the red into orange that’s where I’m gonna start

Oh okay I think I did it I think I got two pieces together check that out they fit together pretty nicely it they feel really smooth on the back this is definitely like the thousand colors puzzle where each piece is a slightly different color so it’s not a gradient

Where they blend into each other each piece is a solid separate color I think that once I get going and I can see more of like where the gradient is going hopefully it’ll get easier right now I’m just kind of going with like whatever colors look similar and hoping that it

Works also it being 3d is already you know like I have to hold the whole thing it’s not down on the table so this is really interesting I’m also noticing how important it is that you like do the entire thing in order to see if you have

A single missing piece it’s gonna be hard to get that put in later so I really do have to find this piece before I can move too far on to the rest of it oh I think I found it I think I found it yes there we go so if a piece doesn’t

Quite fit it looks like they’re unique enough that it’s not going to slide in which is good I say that as I have a piece that fit but definitely does not go there look at those colors that’s not right this is so fun though like it’s so

Much more physical than in normal jigsaw puzzle I’m definitely gonna be doing this one again off-camera someday when I don’t have to worry about like angles and lighting Oh No okay so I did actually end up with one full piece that’s missing I think I see it though is this it ooh

Oh that is extra satisfying when you can put in like a full piece into here okay so after a few minutes this is where I’m at take a look at that the pieces are holding together really nicely you know I can hold it by one piece and the rest

Feels really solid so good job there I’m definitely seeing a little bit of how the gradient is coming together you guys this is so fun I’m having so much fun with this I wish this was bigger I could literally do this all day also I remember in the original thousand colors

Puzzle the darker parts were definitely the hardest so I think the bottom of the sphere is gonna be the hardest cuz it’s harder to see the differences in the color [Applause] I was just thinking now that I have a pretty good section put together once it’s done you could even divide it up into sections and like use it as a bowl you could put things in here it stays together really really well alright now that I’ve got quite a bit done it’s

Actually getting a little harder to hold and press in the pieces as I go I think that beginning a little bit was like the sweet spot of it being easy also how am I gonna get the last piece in I didn’t really think about that I guess I’ll

Find out in a little bit okay this pressure on the top it’s also gonna be a little tricky as I’m getting into these really light colors because again it just becomes a little harder to differentiate what color is which and what goes where yeah here at the top I

Think it literally comes up to a pure perfect white luckily with this puzzle if you get slightly stuck in one area you can always just turn it around and work on a different area I guess that’s the case with most puzzles but as you can tell I’m not just like working my

Way in one shot all the way around I keep turning it and working on different sections but look at how good I’m doing because it’s almost like awareness a hat now oh my god it almost fell off can you imagine if after all that it just fell

And like shattered Oh No once again I’m missing a single piece that’s the worst oh I think I found it false alarm I found it So this is not a cheap puzzle and I’ll talk about that a little bit more at the end but I will say it it’s definitely worth it I am like halfway through now and look at how cool this is I’m obsessed with literally everything about this although I will say hey my fingers

Are getting a little tired from like having to really press every piece into place but it’s fine I lived Oh my gosh I just keep dropping pieces I think my hands are officially very tired my wrist is also starting to get a little tired just from like holding it up and trying to cheat it towards the camera oh my god I need to like actually

Roll this out I’m very stiff I wonder if I can now that I have like the more than half of it done yeah I could put it down on that thing and then I could just work my way up that’s a thought I don’t know though I don’t think I don’t like it’s

Nice on camera so I’m just gonna suffer through the pain and keep going puzzling is pain right so it’s definitely getting pretty heavy you can see that you know trying to hold this up is why my wrist is kind of getting tired but look at how good I’m doing oh my god

I hadn’t stopped to like really look at it I kind of have just been going straight through look at how cool that is oh I can’t wait to finish oh this is gonna look so cool and it’s done I’m so excited oh my gosh check that out I’ve officially finished the top white

Section so now I have to finish the bottom darker section and all of the blues and then I’ll be finished oh this is so cool I love it so much All right I’m definitely in the homestretch now you can see that all I have left is the darker sections I have officially finished all of these medium colors and it’s actually pretty solid you know it feels pretty sturdy all right everyone I’m down to the homestretch

I’ve got just a little bit left to go this is so exciting of course I’m doing the dark pieces last because that is definitely the hardest part it’s so hard how to tell like what color anything is I definitely feel like I have gotten in

A bit of an arm workout just from like having my arms up and holding things and like really pressing in every single one of these pieces oh no they dropped a piece inside wait though how am I gonna put in the last piece this is already getting tricky and

They still have like ten pieces to go for these last few pieces you really do have to go in order so that there’s room to get your hand in there to press them into place all right three pieces left how how do I do this this whole thing might have been a

Mistake how do I get these in all right the very very last piece oh my gosh I guess I just kind of press it down sure that works I did it oh wow this is beautiful this is amazing it’s really solid oh my God look at that

This is so cool now I can get out me a little stand all right so here it is so I think it took me about an hour and a half or so in total which is about what I expected you know this is not a hard puzzle

Because as long as you have reasonably okay color vision you can usually see what the next piece is that you need to put in and the pieces are unique enough that you can use the shape of the piece to figure out what piece goes next but I

Just think this was so fun to do it’s something different I haven’t done a 3d puzzle in a really long time I’ve never done one like this I’ve only done the like post 3ds that are buildings so for the price you know it’s not the most puzzling time that you’ll ever get but

You end up with a really a beautiful object that you can display in your home it looks super impressive as I said it’s really sturdy you know I can throw this around and nothing’s happening to it I don’t even know how I would take this apart I think you would really have to

Like hit it to get it to start breaking apart So it is a few days later and I realized I never actually showed you guys if this thing could be taken apart and I don’t know myself so I’m gonna test it out because I am actually curious like this is so smooth that you literally can’t

Pull out a single piece so I’m just gonna hammer on to it let’s let’s hope it doesn’t all like shatter oh it’s moving oh okay I got a piece out let’s see I think I’m gonna have to hammer out a second piece maybe a few more okay there we go

So it looks like from here you can like reach your hand in and if you really wanted to you could take it apart this would not be a quick process cuz they’re very much like together they’re very much on there but it is possible to take

It apart and do it again just be gentle you know this is just plastic I’m sure it would be pretty easy for some for these little end bits to snap off so don’t like whack the whole thing in one go cuz then it might shatter alright and now that I’ve got it

Back together one more time let’s get back to the real video so it is pretty expensive I don’t remember the price offhand but I’ll throw it on screen and you can get it from either website which I will link right down below so I would definitely recommend this if you’re

Looking for something different and you like gradient rainbow puzzles and don’t forget about all of the other puzzles that this company makes I have videos for every single one so I’ll put together a playlist or right down below the color-changing puzzle what was an adventure took Oh a hill so you can

Check out that video so I would love to know if you have ever done this puzzle or if you think it’s something you would do or if you would prefer to stick to like flat puzzles and of course we need a code word for the end of the video so

That I know that you watch the whole thing I think the code word is going to be a sphere alright thank you so much for watching and keep on puzzling I’ll see you all next time You

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