DON’T GET SPRAYED!! board game day with Dad (who is the game master)

DON'T GET SPRAYED!! board game day with Dad (who is the game master)

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– I want you to spin me right here. – Do I spin you or do you spin me? – You spin me. – I spin you? Okay. And then whichever one you point to. Whoa! – What one is it? – This one! – [Marcus] This one? – Yeah. – [Marcus] Hey, we’re coming. – [Emily] We’re coming. – [Marcus] And we got lots of games. – We got lots of games. – And we’re gonna play all of the games. A fish! What games do you get?

– I got this one and this one. – Peppa the pig and what’s that one? – Card game. – Card game. And I got, purple sand game and a fish game and a water game and it’s– – [Emily] Dad, I want. For the video, I’m gonna spin this. – Spin that?

Okay, actually that’s a good idea. Emily, What if we put them all over and then I spin you and whatever one you touch is the first this game we play. – Okay. – Okay, spread them out. – I put that one right there.

– Put that one right there, this is a good idea, Emily. Okay. – I’m gonna spin right here! You go in the middle and then I’ll spin you. Ready? I’m gonna spin you. What game are we going to play? Whoa! – The fish game? – Yeah. Okay. We’ll play this one first. – This one broke, I can fix it. – You’re a fish doctor? – Yeah, This is so hard. – Oh here, I’ll help you, I’m a fish doctor. – I’m not a fish doctor. – I’m a fish doctor, I’m a fish dad.

Okay, how do we play this? – Put the fish in. A fishy ran away from the swimming pool. – Hey, you can’t run away. Fishing pole, red or yellow? – This one. – That one? I’ll be in red. Cheers. – Cheers. – Hey, let go! – Marcus, let go.

– [Marcus] I got one! – I got one. – I need to get a green one. – Ah. – I got a green one! – I got a orange one! – I need to get a blue one. There’s only one blue, where is it? There it is, I want a blue one. – Come here blue one. – Hey – I got the blue one! Hey, let go of my fishing pole! – [Marcus] Hey, I got red. Come here. Hey. – I got a yellow. – I got a yellow. – I got a yellow. Open up, open up. I got it! – Hey, I wanted that one! – I wanted that. – One more. Come here fish. Hey, no, he’s up side down! Hey!

– I got it! – You grabbed it with your hand? – Nah. – Let’s see how many fishes we got. – One, two, three, four, five, six. I got six! – You won! Good job, scram shake, oh! Okay, should we play another game? – Yep. – Hey, bye fishies. Should I spin you again? – I want you to spin me right here. – Do I spin you or do you spin me? – You spin me. – I spin you? Okay. And then whichever one you point too. Whoa!

– [Marcus] Well, what is it? – This one! – [Marcus This one? – Yeah. – What do we do? – I’ll go get the colors. – The colors? – [Emily] I got the colors! – You got colors? What do we do? – We got colors. Let’s open this up and (mumbles) – Dump them out. – Yeah – Okay, I got lots of colors. This is such a crazy. – Woo. We need to put it together, then color it. – Oh, we got to put it together first? – Yeah

– Okay, let’s put it together. – I’ll flip these over. – Okay. Let’s see. Peppa? – That’s not Peppa, that’s Mummy Pig. – Oh, Mummy Pig. – This is Peppa, with the purple face. – We got to get all the pieces. – And here’s Daddy Pig! – [Marcus] Put it on. Yeah.

Oh, Mummy Pig’s by Daddy Pig, like this. – Okay, great. – [Marcus] Mummy Pig’s body, ooh, I got Mommy Pig’s bum. Pop! – Wait, she’s just dripping in muddy puddles. – [Marcus] Oh, is that, what that is, pink muddy paddles? – Yeah, I forgot to draw the water. – Oh, (laughs) yeah, there’s a basket. – Oh, I know what that is, it’s the sand. – Oh, it’s sand?

– But, this is sand and that’s sand. – [Marcus] I found Mummy Pig’s ears. – It goes right here. – [Marcus] Yep, oh, and there’s the sunshine, okay. – Her belly button. You could put it together and I color. – [Marcus] Okay, deal. Hmm. – [Marcus] Wait, I think this goes over here. – Ooh. – [Marcus] There you go, keep coloring. There’s Peppa. George, where are you? – Look what I’m gonna color. – [Marcus] What are you gonna color? – This spider. – [Marcus] Ew, a spider? – That’s a big spider.

This is a baby spider and that’s a big spider. – [Marcus] I’m almost done. Hey. Where’s George? – I think it’s in the bag. – I found George! You get the last piece. Good job. – Now, we can color it. – Okay, let’s color, I gonna draw a crab right here. – There’s a spider by the crab. – [Marcus] Hi spider, wanna be my friend? Oh, he has to have big crab claws. – Don’t do it right here. That’s where his… That’s where the spiders hand– – [Marcus] Big crab claws. – Do you like my big spider? – [Marcus] Ooh, a spider and a crab. – You’re drawing birds? – Yeah in the sky. – Can I see? – Yeah those are birds, they’re flying.

– A baby bird. – The baby bird. OKay, should we play another game? – Hold on, I’m gonna draw something. – [Marcus] You draw one more thing and I’ll clean up. Markers in. All aboard. – Let’s clean up. – Do you wanna push it over there. – Let’s keep the puzzle together.

– [Marcus] Deal, deal. – [Emily] Let’s keep the puzzle together. – Good idea, fix it. – Yes, so we can play– – We have three more games. Which one do you want to do? – This one. – That one? I gotta spin you. Okay, what game are we gonna play? Woo, whoa!

– That game. – This game? – Yeah. – The water game. We need? – Water. – Water. – Let’s go. – Let’s go. – [Emily] Let’s go get water, wait! Dad, watch this. – What? You almost flipped it on me. – Now, I’m showing you. I’ll show you. – [Marcus] Wow. Are you gonna be red or orange? – I’m gonna be orange. – Okay, pour it in. Careful. – That’s not enough. – Do you need more? – Yeah I need more, lots of it.

It’s all full now. – Okay, here’s your lid. – Ah. – Ah. – [Emily] I’m ready now. – [Marcus] I spilled. – It’s okay, there. – Okay let’s play, are you ready? – Yeah. – Okay. Tell ’em how I’m gonna play. – We try to hit the balls and get wet.

– Okay, you gotta pump it up. Is it pumped? – Yeah, pumped. – Okay. – I’m gonna do mine fast. – Oh, well, I’ll do mine fast. Fast. – One, two, three, go. – Two, three, go. You squirted me! – Now you gotta film! – (laughs) What?! – You gotta film. – I gotta film? – Yeah. – Who’s goin’ to play with you? – Nick. – What?! Alright Nick, you’re up! Good luck! – Go fast! – Okay, ready? – Set, go. – Go! – Come on, now. Oh, close. – Ah, you got me! (Marcus laughing) – [Marcus] You got him! – [Nick] You won! – [Marcus] Good job! Okay, my turn! – I gotta film. – I’m gonna win. On your mark, get set, go! – Ah! Ah! I squirted you. – No, you did not! – Aha, I’m gonna play with Nick, you have to film. – I did get squirted. – [Marcus] Oh you did get squirted? Okay, you have to film. – [Nick] What color should I be? – [Emily] You can be orange. – Okay.

– [Marcus] Scoot back, so you can see us. – [Emily] Okay guys, are ready. – You’re ready? – [Emily] Yeah. – Okay, on your mark, get set, go! – Oh, come on! – Best of three, ah! On your mark, get set, go! I’m scared. – Come on. – Actually, scared right now. – Ah! Oh! Does it look good? – [Emily] Yep. – Okay. – Okay. – Ready, set, go! – Pump, pump, pump, okay. Ready, set, go! Ah! – [Emily] The ball fall. – Ah, that was really fun. Did you have fun? – Yep (speaking gibberish) – [Marcus] What did you say? – I said, “Thanks for watching!”. Bye! – [Marcus] Okay, bye.

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