It’s almost Halloween and you know what that means yep we’re playing a board game in four nights are about but oh wait it’s not just a simple board game no at the end of the board game we got a fight throughout the board game we can actually pick up weapons to fight with

All I gotta is is this dice now if this dice lens on the number three you will have to leave okay rolling it’s rolling it’s rolling oh wait are you kidding me it landed on number three I mean you gotta click the like button I’ll sit make sure you subscribe down below and

Use code jelly in the items store yep I still play for tonight don’t worry let’s see if I can win this point guys this is the new PS board game you’ve ever seen oh just a little robot what happened I guess we get started with the

Board game then right we fight at the end is that a good rule yes this ball game for guns then we fall right here wait highest number goes first three two one go hey over here jelly sorry sorry guys sorry definitely not cheating alright my first number is three

Oh two three alright so let’s stop jelly not really how about the same number yeah alright you know what you can go first I’m being nice are you sure you guys are doing really nice to each other [Laughter] Wow I think he’s actually gonna land somewhere good as well five six seven

Guys I got the first gun are you kidding me what is that this is a tactical submachine gun I’m so that’s really good as well yeah I’m just right back here don’t worry waiter don’t worry Craner I’m out of here to number nine one two three four oh my

Goodness where am I gonna go five six seven eight nope that sad on a black bucket and there’s a spider oh I don’t want to hear anything about you guys being unlucky okay I’m still hit the start your turn ha I kept going your turn Craner three one can we all

Just clap for Craner in the world clapping very slowly okay I’m very proud of you for rolling a tree yeah okay I got a no all right dr. e going for Oh what’s this six oh my oh I got a bucket of candy right here did you see that he

Almost got the chest Oh luckily he didn’t maybe you’ll get it this time nice dude it’s like three away from the chest all right I’m gonna get the chest watch seven what Taron three the lock yes five six skipping the unlucky one okay lucky one

What is this go back to my place Oh bichri good bye guys crater you got to tell us what you roll man are you guys ready for me to roll yeah go in seven not better seven Reuben three or where’s he gonna go oh no way he’s got a hunting rifle

Oh you’re crazy man sorry sorry I got angry okay alright well my tent to roll her ass see what you get big numbers I’m gonna get that golden scar baby weight gone scar whoa yeah I want that one too huh tip number two wait wait wait is that what I think

It is to to another player Oh give it to me Josh come on give it to me good night Josh well who do I give it to crater hice number gets one okay baby gun right wait I choose I you don’t get to do high snow boy thing he’s the one choosing

Whoever grabs it first gets it Bobby no I got two of them now not yeah yeah yeah it’s a negative man you are a cheater it’s a to give a gun okay it’s fine crater it’s fine just let him all right all right my turn boys let’s go number

Three wait me one two revolver back I don’t need it fine you kidding me you guys are the luckiest people on earth right the crater all the way in the back wait I go I actually landed on unlucky and I think you can well watch me this time okay I’m sure

Julie sure go that’s not too bad you three oh five six no you landed on the unlucky one as well if you got oh let me just give it to me so I can let’s go to gun while the hunting rifle okay where is the highest gets it he has the skull Creina

Yeah I don’t care I’m right right three two one over again three two one I got it it was me back thought I might roll your roll I could still get the scar by the way so you could realize what its role five three

Two one I got a 500 the house hang on the houses confuse any to recount that okay and then are you kidding me right now alright boys my turn really she was at the house one to closing the door for you hey let me in the house jelly we’re turning hey hey no

That’s no you’re gonna catch up three or five goodbye jelly six wait maybe I’m proof because I got 900 dice I’m still downstairs Wow okay jelly it’s your turn oh wait no it’s my turn it’s your turn Josh Josh three two one one oh well that was great job making

Some big moves in this house guys it’s my turn now right jellies all the way downstairs don’t worry guys I’m gonna pass you now I’ve got this jelly I believe in you Ted two three four later guys five six seven eight nine which is a shortcut to some chests ten not

Anything I think anything balls a head now that I’m just very far ahead with the golden scar basically I’ll let you know what I get jelly all right I got a 3-1 – is that good 3 the sniper though all right my turn hey I can you go hey

No this is fine hey not a nice try Josh always tries to cheat miscalculated sorry guys look what we’re about to enter is that a graveyard I don’t know what that is but it’s scary graveyard building thingy that’s don’t want it go in there just even boys I’m

Gonna spend 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 but stop wait Oh guys stop there I have to stop here and way to turn and roll three or more to get inside ok this place for all of us yes yeah yeah so hopefully roll in

Seven not too bad greater – 3 o6e hey Josh hey Wow guys caught up well I doesn’t smell here Josh I’m sorry I didn’t know anyone’s gonna be sharing this disgusting 3 – 1 9 this is well I think for me a high number that you cannot use Josh yeah and

Now I just need to roll higher than a three to get inside the house easy six one good luck in now always scary in here 84 where am I going five just going up guys did you get I’ve gotten the lucky kings wait chest come on guys lucky kings

Chess um it’s right I’m gonna have to open this chest and see what’s inside that’s all you know oh my goodness another golden scar for me I’ll take I’ll take it there we go can I have that other golden scale please no maybe hey no long no it’s it’s for the end

Battle guys it’ll be done you know it’ll be fine come inside my house Craner come inside bad way he called come in yet he has to get to the red three four okay roll I got it no oh no you’re gonna go bring these two three four five six seven

All the way which stands for me know in German which beat basically we’ve got nothing alright boys my turn eight oh I’m doing great what is that two three balls going five six seven which is something special eight I think what is this there’s some secret chest oh oh you land down there

You’re not allowed to see it’s so nice okay so I’m gonna go all the way back and roll now to the house basically I need to go really far okay so three are buff in three two one go I gotta Ted what are you sure about that

I got it said did you see that Josh I didn’t I didn’t get any visual I’m you guys can watch the video okay 6:9 pumpkin full of candy congratulations Hey look the only weapon I have is this weapon great old I’ve got to land on is the lucky thing I don’t think there’s

Anything else so I need to get four all right I once another seven two three four five what’s up loser hey just called I’m not sure who’s the real loser in healing me – oh no no no it’s my mom’s blaster ball dude alright boys are you ready for this

Yeah ready number eight again with all these high numbers I don’t know what you see anything really for nothing for me five six seven secret passage not for me eight oh that was a boring role I think rapacity I think that’ll put you very far ahead all right I’m rolling boys your turn

Nine not good don’t forget you at the secret passage but it’s gonna be close five six seven eight Oh what does this mean it’s this bad thing that means anything it’s just a pretty picture on the floor oh yeah in a cemetery don’t worry okay three two one now

Oh what’s with these high numbers man three four five six bye Josh 700 nothing wait this is the secret passage you see it gets it here right boys it’s my turn again whoa let’s see what you get number seven all right another big number right two

Three yeah get it five six seven give a gun to the spider no I don’t like that slider all right so I’ve got three guns in total he’s gonna give a rubbish one I’ve got it revolver a legendary scar or a legendary scar I feel like you should give it a legendary

Scar right yeah I feel like you should okay zero I’ll give him a scar okay right here you go have this one was a bad idea why did I could have just given the revolver without anything happening why did I do that it’s your tank Rayna oh I got a – wait

That’s not good oh wait yes wait one two you can save your passage wait take it take a greater see where you go – we have a stair we’re not allowed to follow him now he gets out Craner so I see arrows all the way oh wait why are you

Doing where’s it leaving me is it leading we’re like we thought I got a chest I got a chest out here do you have to go back to the secret passage building and now I’m going up a staircase he’s not gonna come through here I don’t know what he’s doing he’s

Crazy making so much progress he’s making progress so what did you get out the chest screener I got a John rift I got this what legendary sniper I thought you were giving it to me no no it’s not Josh that’s Josh oh that’s great thank you

Game you just like jumped ahead in this okay that’s crazy all right my turn three two one no I nine nine nine Marky Wow another big number for Josh 700 – nothing hmm and we have another stop sign next guys say roll to that and then yup so this is a

Bad spot for you to land boys it’s my turn number nine yes I think that brings me to the stop sign that’s to your turn come on all right I’m hoping for big number nine another big number wait no I need a knight so that means

You come to me right oh did I have a nine after again I don’t know I think you had five six seven hey why did you keep landing on my block believe out of all the men you dodged okay that were like so close to each other

I’m room Craner this is getting a bit too close I’m gonna stand right down here okay you all know a lot still roll your dice okay yeah yes it’s my turn I don’t know what I’m talking about I mean I’m good all right over fat

Number nine I dog this is it all these nights literally swimming ahead of us Serena the stop sign was roll higher than five which I did and then this is one wait Jenny just call me yeah we just gonna presa hold up boys four five six seven eight nine he’s just gone okay

Guys I’ve got some bad news for me but good news for you wait what is it buddy that really maybe come up and have a look switch places with any person oh very good for me or me right so I need to switch with either one of you Josh is

Technically one tile ahead or maybe two Yvonne ahead of me yeah Julian because of the role Rina has good guns to think about that yeah you know what I don’t care because you guys are so close to each other who’s it gonna be the person that grows the highest number

Goes okay to 1/3 greater congratulations you’ve just cut up I mean I don’t really want to give the spot up but I just have to you know roll in oh I got a five Wow he is out of here judge I can’t even see I’m going up another level

Why do you owe you one no guys you got to come up here no again down here there’s no way can i smoke wait wait wait I can’t see hey Craner how about you you know you know you switch it back Jenny do you remember Cory you were in a really bad

Spot though so I don’t you ain’t spot I helped you out Craner you know I’m gonna do what you did cuz you didn’t do it you know no come on be good to me drop the legendary scar because of Ukraine er whoever rolls the highest gets my spot

All right eight oh you know I know the price we didn’t do browndown we didn’t do job just roll it Kelly I mean but at least tell me it’s something another switch person I’m gonna be so happy – okay okay no yeah you gotta stay here

Okay alright I’m in front of the stop sign I mean to hit you know I won and then I got to stop so let’s give this a try eight great okay well hi why all right your turn trainer alright I’m hoping for high number this time you hurry up already

He’s got an eight he’s got an init so no over here one two three seven eight unlucky move back false basis ah that’s amazing no no I’m here all right hey Tosh your turn whatever whatever you wore I’m gonna roll here so you guys could see

Okay okay oh wait what is it I can’t see zero I’ve don’t mind you know what I’m mom all right we’re gonna catch up crime I gotta go hide under five number ten wait oh no wait wait is that that brings me past that switch places thing one I

Insist places okay I’m sorry imagine youths weights to take it Oh funny I would want that actually you already ahead of me jelly there’s nothing here there’s nothing here all right go in Oh number eight okay okay numbers are happening right now except for Josh with a zero five five

Six seven eight oh okay not too bad I’m very bad with that you’re gonna land on switch places Josh it’s your turn all right let’s see what I get a three Wow good job Wow three or at least I’ve actually got outside of the map now hey we’ll catch

Up judge swine we definitely will jelly we just gotta keep believing I mean the answer is near the end okay and see what you get jelly I’m gonna do it number nine all taken high one two three we gotta go up he’s gonna get sore head on again Josh

You are why am I always the one behind that buy crater wait you know how sweet five six oh wait a minute wait wait seven eight nine oh this is minecraft let me punch you all right I’m rolling attend no you get any I think that might actually make him

Further ahead than us – wait a minute I think he’s gonna land on the chest Josh I actually think he’s gonna lie yeah I think you might three four okay no no you did not oh you just went ahead of us okay okay what is in the chat screener another sniper type is

Coming out of everywhere right now they traded it with my gun that was the only non sniper pod I had you guys won’t be able to get past me cheering yeah you both you won’t be able to get all right my turn quickly come on lucky block Oh No okay

Go one two thankful 3:04 I wanted to get that five wait a minute wait six I mean again sure go one way one though right good I keep the small potion oh yeah I feel like this is better I mean my splashes Opie yeah there Opie gonna be

The best I’m just gonna leave in here these little ones all right here we go and six oh six not too bad greener guan you trying to drop these off oh oh it’s just one ahead of jelly so I get this you’ve got a gun there that’s really the

First gun that Josh’s oh yeah I forgot it Oh got it Oh careful ready to use it okay time to beat at all please give me some big numbers ten okay I mean we we don’t know yeah there is a lawyer I’m gonna have us one two three four

That’s lucky is it the lucky one ten what is he oh is it chest wait yeah drop man I mean Skaar not sniper okay officially Josh as in the best loadout at this point yeah big joy just the most lucky right now I mean I did the chug

Splashes is that my turn Jason bites aren’t on just yet it’s my turn okay 10 after 10:00 let’s go one two three where’s he born then five oh he’s okay wait what so this is this is six right yes seven what does it say jelly I have another lucky one put

It all the way it says lucky oh just as lucky okay all right open okay jellies got too much stuff I don’t I think you’re in trouble I think all right I’m going crazy should I pick up shooting bubbles guys stuff I don’t care Julie five six seven eight

You took my lucky wait this creative the leftovers then yes I guess so I can have the leftovers if you want yeah I’ve made three two one four and two three four he’s got a test as well pick one Josh one on which one should I pick

You wanted to laugh all right middle oh not too bad although I got a minigun guys there’s nothing better than a minigun in this battle let’s be honest yeah because we have infinite ammo alright listen there’s a stop sign here I just need to hit a one are you kidding

Me right now do was rolling one and I got a zero alright well hopefully I can get something else than a zero oh yeah I mean anything he’s made it to the stop sign three one two I just barely made okay alright we’re all here a so now

Just say we got to roll this dice and if it hits number 10 this door will open and the battle will be able to begin whoever rolls the ten wins basic yes no but we gotta use a board game but not the fight okay okay alright credit you first

Okay I’m hitting it wait oh you gotta walk it oh it’s rolling it’s rolling the best not the best you got up you got to touch it with your BOTS hand it’s rolling five might take a while come on come on come on thanks all nice 2000 years later of

Course Josh have to get the board game win what this is your chest that’s a separate trap that’s actually not bad I already have that gun so you can take it better it’s all about the end battle alright when we click this the battle will begin what gear of you guys gone

Well listen this him not the best we got it we got to make sure to use the jump pads okay we can’t just start shooting each other here yeah if we do it yeah you want to show the gear yeah that’s what I this is what I’ve got a look at Tasha’s

– legendary is the best but a thermal scope letter no I don’t have a sniper though I don’t have a sniper either but I got that minigun it’s literally dark well we’ll see will censor your thing all right I’m gonna click this okay here we go

I think I got it go boys go guys one mark thank you flying far away from you maniacs City over here I’m Lucy flying away as well okay I’ve landed the battle named thanks um so I know exactly what Craner is already well oh he’s got that shield bubbles I forgot about that

Craner yeah you should start throwing more shield bubbles may want jelly pop that head up it’s me versus logo man at this point this is me guys oh yes God what is that a sniper Joshua what is that just you to spectate guys oh oh oh

Oh Josh it’s time to spam – easy – easy boys thanks for watching this video make sure you use my support a creator code the jelly and the fortnight items store thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it click on that subscribe button and also make sure to

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