Dungeons & Dragons – 01 – The Night Of No Tomorrow

Dungeons & Dragons - 01 - The Night Of No Tomorrow

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[Applause] Give me a break you go the alert Ranger [Applause] our billion magician complete Cavalier and Acrobat [Applause] That was venture the force of evil I am dungeon master you’ll guide in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons keep going from up here we may be able to see which way to go to get home what an echo let me try hello Sheila can’t you do something about your little brother he’s

Not bothering anyone he’s bothering me I’m trying to think of a way to get us out of this freaky place and back home if there is a way home don’t worry there is and we’ll find it I hope come on uni you try Bobby not if he isn’t there Quick Sheila I know it’s Now Bobby Bob you can’t just go charging off like that AUSA’s I could have handled her sheesh I don’t blame venture for being scared of that dragon nice maneuver pupil Dungeon Master where did you come from Oh someplace between there and here listen I’ve had it with your riddles now

Give us a straight answer for once how do we get out of this world patience Cavalier all things have a purpose including your presence here tonight is the celebration in the village of healings you will journey to the north for it there you may find something that will help you get back home

Helix was once at the mercy of flying dragons who attacked it right but would magic rove them away now on your way you must fear only the many faces of evil all known as danger you shall know his newest place by his white beware young adventurers wait dungeon

Master you can’t just leave us he’s gone Wow I hate it when he does that I think it’s me I’m worried Sheila you’re always worried it’s simple the man said go north we should go north Diana’s right it’s the only clue we have to a way home we have to try All this walking has been a waste of time I trade anything for dads limousine right now peanut butter and banana sandwich right now I’m hungry too Bobby leave it to me I’ll produce some magic burgers the last time you tried this we wound up with live turkeys can I help it

If my hat thought it was Thanksgiving abra come here magic burgers up here gee presto I kind of like my burgers a little more well-done than that mmm very fun let’s keep walking there’s got to be something out here nice according to this we’re somewhere near Merlin’s Castle oh I’m a magician

He’s supposed to be able to work Morocco according to legend Merlin can do anything even get us home if Merlin can’t no one can Merlin’s Castle that way but that’s the way we just came we couldn’t have missed it not all castle according to these signs it should be right here I don’t

Get it I do we forgot to look up Wow where’d you expect well before Merlin can help us get home someone’s gonna have to help us get to Merlin hey everyone follow me finally we’re gonna meet a real wizard basically as a wizard I’m no whiz [Applause] Wait down there Unni I’ll come back for you I promise Wow my folks have a place just like this in the mountains wish I was there sometimes we wish you were there too Eric remember what the Dungeon Master said about venture we should recognize him by his white hair drop ridges not hello

Can’t you just swim across the moat maybe you’d like to try oh oh no no thanks I’ve never cared but for skydiving this looks like my department well she made it Hello is anyone here I am here turn me Ranger what brings you here you know me his Merlin he knows everyone well we’re headed for the town of helix look he has white hair would that I did young lady I am a great magician but the

One thing I cannot do is grow hair sorry Merlin we were warned that an enemy of ours just asked him about getting us home no need I already know you seek a way back to your birth world come many great spells have been cast in this form

Wow I cannot grant you the way back you can’t oh great but I can tell you where you are headed many years ago the land of healings fought back against one who would conquer them the defeated Conqueror found vengeance dungeon master told us this already

Bobby Shh yes but he did not tell you that one year Merlin appeared cast a spell and his good magic drove out evil the dragons were gone forever oh brother and every year helix celebrates the defeat of the winged terrors hey great story there you know but I didn’t come

To listen to fairy tales now if you’re not gonna help us get home I’m leaving I’m second thought Bobby gave me busy Everyone We’re trapped there’s no way out what about down there the dungeon no escape everyone help me okay presto see if you can conjure up a carpet a car pick whatever you say I did let’s get out of here Oh Merlin here’s your rabbit thank you my child but it’s not a rabbit

It’s a hare a white hair you saved an old magician’s life saved your life I thought you were supposed to live forever no no I’m 70 years young my lad the age where I begin searching for one to teach my secrets to one like this one that one

Me indeed I saw your wizardry and was quite impressed I can teach you all my magic but only if you stay here for the rest of your life Listen if Merlin’s not gonna help us get home I say we shove off to that Hilux place huh Eric we have to wait for presto you don’t think presto would stay with Merlin do you no way presto would never leave us farewell your friend has decided to stay and

Become my apprentice he’s going to stay forever presto are you sure uh I’m sure I can’t believe it it’s our fault you know always making fun of him when his magic tricks backfire assistant I need you later we shall have to deal with the dragon you locked in my dungeon you with

A dragon now the answers to all questions are contained in this book stir the coltan until I return yeah sure answer questions it’s gotta be in here someplace I spell to get us all home this is it let’s see boiled bats claws powdered insect wings petrified spider eyeballs yeah [Applause] Merlin I didn’t mean to do it I’m really sorry so you were trying to create a spell that would get you and your friends back home correct yes yes and I’m sorry but the Dragons ah yes the Dragons I switched the spells only good magic could undo Merlin spell and

Release the Dragons so I had to trick you into undoing Merlin’s spell but your Merlin hasn’t lived for a thousand years no I will use the magic of your hat to add to my power as my winged terrors destroy the town of helix the anniversary of the last time the dragons

Attacked is now our greatest holiday we were sent here to find a clue to help us get home in the meantime Oh your friends seem to be enjoying our celebration I can see great wealth in your future Oh No I still don’t know why we were sent here mayor but at least we got to meet Merlyn on the way how good jus Merlyn died a thousand years ago soon after casting a spell that vanquished vengers flying dragons Berlin died but

We met him and he said he was always 70 South your Lord take shelter I don’t think that guy we met was Berlin but he looked like Merlin standing there stroking his White Rabbit not his rabbit his hair his white hair dungeon master said we don’t find you by his white hair we thought he meant hair like on his

Neck restos along with her we’ve got to save him and find out how to stop these dragons let’s find Bobby and Eric there I think I know how to stop the Dragons but we’ll need horses in the stables that way This is not the worst of it the song customer-first berlin spell right and we’ve got to put that smell back okay boy I really blew it some wizard breasts Oh Hank am I glad to see you Merlin’s not Merlin he’s fencer he stole my hat and all my powers worse

He tricked me into undoing Merlin’s spell the town of helix is being destroyed right now you’ve got a cast Merlin’s spell again me I’m no Merlin and you will not cast another spell tonight I have the Wizards hat hand over the rest of your objects of power We can’t do that venture you have no choice Bobby use your club Hey that won’t hold him long let’s go what do we do try to keep away from bender while presto works on Merlin’s spell I put out these torches let me give it a try Wait I know where Marissa is presto and I’ll make a run for it while you four try and keep him busy keep him busy what are we supposed to do tell him jokes Eric Diana I’ve got an idea this had better be one terrific idea

I don’t know if I could do this Hank I mess up every magic trick I try you can do it presto we’ve got to stop the Dragons before they destroy helix this game is ended it is time I eliminated you once Damn f fifidragon Tiamat the dragon you’re gonna let the dragon loose don’t we have enough problems I don’t believe this I will add your magic to mine and then destroy you and your friends Fresco hurry there’s still time to save helix not much okay here goes nothing in the name of Merlin in the time of sorrow banished swing it demons let there be tomorrow I knew it wouldn’t work but the dragons are disappearing you did it presto I did yeah I did I only stayed

With me because I thought I could find a way to get his home we understand pests oh look the ladders disappearing that’s not all marilla’s whole castle is floating away now I’ll never get my magic hat back I wouldn’t say that lose this with it my

Hat hey everybody I’m back in the magic business oh great listen Dungeon Master while you’re returning things how about returning us to Pete did it again well never be that good a magician well I know a place where they think you’re as good as Merlin himself yeah he looks

That’s right Fresno in Hilux you’re a hero I am and let’s go climb aboard Eric are you kidding I don’t ride with anyone else I want a steed of my own presto would you produce something for Eric to ride on sure [Applause] what I’m not riding on any cow no what a I don’t write anything that gives milk hey come back here who asked you

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