It’s a constant battle this real book versus eBook a lot of you have requested this discussion over the years and I’ve always put it off mainly because initially I didn’t actually have an e-reader and I was kind of like no I probably won’t ever get an e-reader but obviously things have

Changed because I now own a Kindle 3G keyboard so now that I have had the opportunity to experience reading on an e-reader I thought I would finally tackle this discussion and let’s see let’s see what I prefer price now talking about standard retail price physical books are usually more

Expensive than ebooks so talking about retail price this one probably wins however there are the exceptions I have about 400 books on here that were free completely free real books you can also get for free from the library and for both you can often get them for a couple

Of dollars depending on where you buy them from like secondhand bookstores if they’re ridiculously on sale things like that so as the price I don’t usually take that into account when I’m looking at a book the thing is I have trouble with letting myself by ebooks if they’re

About ten dollars I just I can’t I can’t make myself spend that much money on a digital copy of a book especially after going on such a rampage and obtaining hundreds of books for free someone that comes to buying ebooks I only get them if they’re like up to like three four

Dollars so if there is a book that I’ve been kind of wanting to buy and it goes on sale it’s part of the daily deals I will buy it instantly as getting an e-book for like $1.99 is awesome so if an e-book isn’t on sale I usually

Just buy the physical book because if I get it from the Book Depository in paperback form I can usually get it for like two dollars more so I’m just like yeah yeah so that’s my deal on price but now let’s get into they’re really competitive things multitasking eating

And drinking doing things all reading a physical book it’s quite tricky it is quite tricky so I can hold both of these with one hand pretty easily however when it does come to eating with a physical book things get really messy you can’t really eat foods that are greasy or

Crumbly or melty because you’re going to get messy fingers and it’s kind of tricky to flip the page with just one hand that’s I got I flipped two pages instead see is really difficult so you’ve got your sticky fingers then you’re just gonna get it all over the

Book it’s not very pretty and also talking about the crumbly bits if you’re eating and bits get in here they wedge themselves deep into there you know you know what I’m talking about yeah the crumbs they fall into here and if you try and push your finger into it

To get it out you’d like just kind of wedge it in even more so you know what I could probably feast on all the crumbs that have wedged themselves into the pages of my books eating on the other hand with this one is super easy because

I can hold this with one hand I can flip the page with one hand by just pressing the button and then this hand can be super sticky it can be grubby or whatever it doesn’t have to go anywhere near this so for eating the kindle wins when it

Comes to drinking and being around water both of these aren’t fabulous but I think the EU readers probably got it a little worse because technology and water do not mix well whilst you can kind of ruin the beautiful uniformity of all those pages with spill drinks you

Know how it goes all wavy and just like warped and stuff like that it’s not going to ruin the book you can still read it just fine so I’m saying if you drop both of these in a puddle you can probably still go with this one you know what I’m saying

You know what I’m saying so for the water the book winds moving lunch I convenience how easy is it to read and also carry around both of these here is a 450 page book here I have 450 books and look at that my 450 books are smaller and a lot thinner tearing around

All of these books is super easy it doesn’t affect the weight of the kindle at all if I try to carry 450 physical books that’s probably close to my entire book collection it’s it’s not going to happen I’d need a truck and so for that the e-book win

How about whilst we are reading reading this reading this it’s pretty simple pretty simple but after a while you probably notice that your arms start to get sore so you have to kind of reposition yourself I often like lie down with my books so I have my book

Kind of propped up like this so I can read this page fine but reading this bit is a little awkward I have to kind of just like leave it and kind of struggle through it I have to move my head or I have to hold the book up like this and

Again one of my arms are going to get sawed last for the most part I can hold it with one hand sometimes you do need to especially when it comes to the flipping of the pages the Kindle on the other hand is pretty lightweight I can

Read it sideways with no problems at all I can literally prop it up against something and I can have both hands-free so I’m gonna have to say again the e-book much more convenient than the real book but what about accessibility on one hand we have the e-book all it

Takes is a click of a button and it instantly is sent to my Kindle and I can read it right then and there this on the other hand is a little more tricky if I’m already at a book shop then that’s perfectly fine but if I’m sitting at

Home I’m wanting a book it’s either I have to go out to the book shop and find that book see if it’s even available in a local book shop and if not I’ll probably have to search around at a few different bookstores or my other option

Is to go and order it online now depending on where I order it from it can take between two days and two weeks to get to me so if I’m in a rush that’s not going to work the e-book wins again however the actual shopping experience and with this I’m

Referring to bookstores and when I don’t necessarily have a particular book in mind so you go into the bookstore just the atmosphere as well bonus point in itself but the ability to browse is much much easier you have shelves and shelves of books at your fingertips right then

And there you can look at all of these books at once usually with ebooks it’s a little more tricky unless you have a page full of books but even still you’d have to go to the next page then the next page then the next page you can’t see all there is

To offer on one single page so if I am looking for something new and exciting it’s super easy to just pull this book off the shelf take a look synopsis the cover I’m able to flip through the pages and read right then and there whilst you

Can do this on an e-book you don’t have the full book to kind of flip through if you’re not I mean you more options here and so when it comes to the shopping experience itself definitely the real book another handy dandy thing about this is the inbuilt ability to write notes and highlight

Things when it comes to this you have to physically deface the book or stick poster notes and things like that but if I don’t have poster notes and a pen at handy then I just don’t even bother with this one it’s right there it I think also has a dictionary option which is

Super super useful as well so with earring is there are a lot of extra funky features which are often very useful for the reading experience so you can take a point for that one moving on to something that probably influences me the most when it comes to choosing

Between ebooks and physical books is the physicality of that book the actual appearance the feel of it the smell of it every single book looks feels smells are saved because it comes down to the actual device there’s not much to differentiate between two different books at a quick glance I think the

Appeal comes from the fact that I have an epic cover but then you have this this this velvety feeling the embossed title a stunning cover in color some of the books on my kindle don’t even show the book’s cover and it’s solely in black and white so

Not quite as appealing things are a little different when it comes to tablets and with those tablets as well they do have backlights my Kindle and real book obviously do not so I can’t read either of these in the dark so just that discussion irrelevant for this

Continuing back to this the smell of books Oh shall feel of those pages they’re just so much softer and absolutely beautiful seeing a shelf full of books brings me so much joy I love it I love it I love it the looks the real book definitely wins by far so if I had

Tallied all of the points I think the Kindle would have won but even still I probably enjoy reading physical books more the actual experience are reading it of feeling it is a lot better than the Kindle which is why I lean more towards physical books even comparing

All the pros and cons of both I personally prefer this for most situations when it comes to traveling this by far I can’t pack an endless amount of books into my suitcase and carry-on bags when I’m going on a trip on this I can have any book every book

Right here right here and it literally it’s just the weight difference my goodness my goodness that’s actually pretty much the main reason why I initially bought an e-reader for travel because I do like to travel every time I do go traveling I read a lot and carrying all those books around is not

Fun and I don’t want to have to buy a book and then leave it somewhere because I literally can’t carry it with me so yeah traveling every day that’s kind of how it works I also thought I’d include a bonus round and this is talking about audiobooks now because there’s a really different

Format it’s hard to kind of compare them but recently I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks and I kind of want to share that love a little bit with you so audio books et drinking and multitasking the possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to audio books because you

Have both hands-free you can eat drink whatever you want you don’t really have the risk of ruining a book or anything unless you’ve got an iPod or something like if you spill anything on that and that’s an issue but I tend to listen to my audio books in the car commuting to

And from uni because it takes like 45 minutes to an hour to get there so I’m able to listen to about three to four chapters of an audio book whilst driving I also like to listen to audiobooks when I’m cleaning with all your books I can

Kind of just listen to it get into a rhythm and get my down now with audiobooks as well this can be separated into physical audiobooks or digital audiobooks kind of like the physical and ebook you know so this can affect the convenience of it because you can obviously store a lot of digital

Copies of ebooks on your computer on your phone things like that whereas carrying around actual audiobooks is a little more tricky now what about the price audiobooks can be quite expensive now because of this I actually borrow all of my audiobooks from my library I’m able

To download the files and listen to it on my iTunes and thus on my phone and my library also recently got overdrive and I know that that’s a big thing as well so there’s that option you can get them for free one of the other ways that I’ve

Been able to listen to an audiobook was through audible last year for the booktubeathon one of the challenges was to listen to an audiobook so I signed up for a trial of audible and they give you one free audiobook to listen to and I chose Aristotle and Dante discover the

Secrets of the universe and I enjoyed it so much it was like the best audiobook to pick is fantastic and the full version of audible is a subscription service and if you do buy and listen to a lot of audiobooks it’s probably going to be cheaper to use that quick plug

Time if you were interested in trying out audible you can use my affiliate link down below to register for a free trial you’ll get a free audiobook to listen to so if you haven’t listened to many audiobooks and you kind of want to then I suggest maybe to giving that a

Try and seeing if you like it so I think that about wraps it up for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it and I’d love to hear your thoughts about ebooks physical books and audiobooks which do you prefer all of them what’s your preference

What do you like the most I will never stop loving the physical book no matter what no matter what because the funny thing is if I get a book on my Kindle for really cheap I read it and I enjoy it I will most likely go and pick up a

Physical copy of that book so I think that says something you know I do prefer having the physical book in my hands so yeah that’s it I will talk to you guys down the comment section below and I’ll see you tomorrow bye

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