Elite World of Private Nannies & Childcare Super-experts (Rich Families Documentary) | Real Stories

Elite World of Private Nannies & Childcare Super-experts (Rich Families Documentary) | Real Stories

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You’re going to get told off now. Can I go to Harrods? He drives us anywhere. He tells them to go. If I cut my finger, she usually says, Is it OK? And then she makes it better. With just one in ten months staying at home to raise their kids.

More of us than ever hire professionals to help with our families. If for something that you want done, you can get somebody else to do it. I’ve never changed an app in my life. But who does? Two bags. They’re our nanny. Now there’s a new generation of childcare experts.

They call me the potty lady. Is that trendy. When we’ve got female operatives looking after the children? He refers them as ninja nannies. To. But if you want the best, be prepared to pay for it. I would expect to be charging two and a half thousand pounds.

Family will be spending a million per child. If money’s no object, you expect your staff to be perfect. A client can be very demanding. The nanny and the maid as to be so ugly. Actually, they’re all demanding. We all have an opinion on it. Absolutely.

We need to raise our children. I’m not sure. That I would want to give so much of that precious. Thing to somebody else. I don’t argue with this. Sorry. This is how the posh parent. I’m not ashamed to say I’m two plus parent. No. And East

London shows that a bodyguard, Mo is about to start his day. I’m at the door about 65 to be at work. 8:00, 815 the latest. I’m working class. I work for upper class. Driver Mo Works. The 34 year old fashion designer Nina, now still

Who lives in a £7 million townhouse in London’s Chelsea. If you had a mom and a dad, they can’t do everything for you. Didn’t have to stop Mommy’s life heavy. So difficult. I don’t think it’s a big taboo about using staff today. With three children. Nina spends £200,000 a year on parental outsourcing.

Work can have three nannies for one child, so two tutors a day just to make sure that they’re up to date with their homework. Chefs and butlers Three, four drivers. One of my things in my job is to look out for Nina’s kids. I’m their take home school.

If they’re going to go anywhere at Sort Square hours, of course I’ll take them. You don’t know who’s out there watching. You know, you use stories without today. You know, if it’s something that you want done you can get somebody else to do it. I wonder if you could help me.

I’m calling on behalf of Nina Nestel. Your name is Bang. I pass my sister’s name is Fay, and she arranges play dates. If anybody’s coming to our house, there’s birthdays. Noah has a piano on Wednesday, Science Club on a Thursday. Like a therapy on a Friday. Karate on. Friday.

And Arabic with the girls on Saturday. She’s definitely part of the morning routine every day. Is it possible to make an appointment for a full body groom, please? We have seven Chihuahuas, Simba, Princess Sharky, Diamond, Snow White, Goldie, and Cinderella. For most parents, getting

Ready for the school run is the most stressful part of the day. Nina has help. Mow as a driver, and he takes us to school and all the places where we got to go. How is my day? Goldie and Cinderella have come along for the ride. What blah. Blah, blah.

We’re going to go to school now. Yes, go now. South Australian little. Yes, school now. Is East London, and the East London people speak not very similar to English. English people speak more. Posh to. Be the. Dogs. It’s the hill of the late the dog.

Now we know last time I’m not going far. Having that help gives me time to be me. And it gives me time to do the things that I want to do. Bring you. Bring your hand more into that side. Go if you choose to have hired help in the home.

There are agencies that claim they’ll find you the perfect candidate at a price. Good afternoon, Butler. David speaking how can I help? Nanny Butler is an international agency that specializes in placing staff in the homes of the rich from super nannies with PhDs to bodyguards. This is some of our clients,

Obviously like skiers, like swimmers, like they talk me through about, you know, some of the things that you’d really like to be able to do. But Paola, Diana has an appointment with a client in need of help. Did you redefine the maternity nurse? Absolutely. And actually, now I need your help

To find the best nannies. Well, A client can be very demanding. I’m moving back to New York at the end of this month. Usually I spend 70% of my time in the States between New York Dallas, Miami, Palm Beach, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Actually, they’re all demanding because they have to be creative.

And with a good background. And just love your daughter. I would say many mothers, they prefer not to. Beautiful nannies will say the nanny and the maid as to be so ugly that my love doesn’t even have to get distracted once, you know. Quite fat palace job is to try and find Francesca.

Perfect nanny. Never use too much makeup, but never wear glamorous things not to. Even if you’re going on a yacht, you don’t highlight, you know, your beauty because you you were risk to lose a job. When I’m not getting in. And I actually am usually in running gear like leggings. Leggings. Never. Please.

They’re too sexy. Oh, forbidden. Really? Yeah. Leggings. Yes. Sports leggings. No, no. I think Francesca would prefer someone maybe in her forties or fifties. Maybe she wants to be the princess in the house. What’s. What’s wrong with that for this position they’re offering? Do we talk about salaries? Yeah. Yeah.

Thousand 500 per week. A top nanny tennis pact. An exciting and beautiful lifestyle. They would pay for you to use the spa or the gym, or you’d be free to use all the facilities and the hotels they fly with, the private jets, they ski with the family,

And they meet celebrities they meet head of states, they meet royals, so they can really live a good life. Sandbanks indoors. It is one of Britain’s most expensive places to live. Amanda Jenna bought her house with a profit from her new business. Family use me for potty training. Their children are more.

The wealthy families we meet doesn’t go in the trials. This does it. Where does the way we go. So in the potty go. Boy, people’s reactions. I just think it’s a crazy thing to have a potty training expert and they call me the potty lady, which I actually quite like.

I think it’s quite good that I’m the only potty lady in the UK. They’re really good looking to do a wee. That’s Holly’s potty. It would take most children three days. I normally charge about £2,000 for that. She has an appointment at one of Sandbank, most exclusive salons in Ukraine.

Well, Amanda is getting ready for tonight’s launch of her potty training academy. Potty training academy. I know babies come and learn how it is that I go out and parents use my services to go out potty train. I you do OK? Yeah, they call me the potty, so. Yes.

Can you make me look like egg? I OK, like going to sleep. So I’m intrigued. Why would somebody hire you. To. Potty train their child? Yeah. I get it because they can and they’ve got the money to do it. They call in me or they call in a sleep.

Nanny, chef, a nutritionist, OGA teaches us that if you were super rich, would you and you had a child now, would you pay for services? I think it’s the most precious thing in my life, and I’m not sure that I would want to give so much of that precious thing to somebody else.

So, no, I think. They’re missing. Out on an awful lot of special. With a waiting list of up to a year. Amanda is expanding her potty training empire. Would you use my services? I want all you potty trained. But I’ve got four children, and it’s never changed my life. Never

I just got an extra I got an extra nanny. When I go off to do again, I’ll be. Each to the right. I don’t judge anybody. You know, somebody’s out. Somebody might need four nannies because they call pay, you know, just because they’re living in sand bags and they’re affluent doesn’t mean that.

They’re not fighting the same stresses that there’s no real outside Good evening, everyone. Thank you for joining me on the launch of my potty training academy has a big problem worldwide with potty training and especially in the UK. But no more because my potty training academy is here.

In her Chelsea home, Nina is hard at work. The former mogul runs a luxury fashion label and the showcase collections in London, Monaco, Vietnam and Bulgaria. Not sure I choose it for a cover just because it doesn’t suit the audience. Oh yeah. Know, I would say it’s a lifestyle brand. I just

Oh, that’s the thing that’s. I think that’s most likely to be picked because. It’s everything from because you’re ready to wear saturates front leather bridal and then you end up in the kids swimwear. For me, obviously that’s reflecting back to me being a mom.

Also using them as my main models in my my father’s shoes. These ones are catalogs from my perspective and which obviously my children will do for me every season, I think in the way of their manners and behavior and their looks that they got from me. Of course,

I I think you could say that catalog gets away. With a holiday to Monaco booked, Nina needs to sort of couture wardrobe. The children are having a fitting with their personal cobbler come on. We’re going to try some special shoes. Handmade children’s shoes cost £175. You know, try this one.

It’s nice enough maybe for Monaco. Make something colorful. Now we can be as crazy as we want to be. For most parents, kids, clothes shopping is a chore. But Nina employs a children’s personal shopper. So is Noah, who is Layer. Who’s the eldest? Is that you? The gorgeous my ruby coat.

And you must be lovely, Alexa. These are people that are short on time but have a lot of money to spend. I think their sport with lots of love and attention, these children. But they’re they’re amazing. Reality is a wonderful, cocooned world of opulence. It’s about being spoiled with really gorgeous things.

So what should we have on the meet? I pink dress. Are you want a pink dress on the knee? I want the children to have. A five time pick out some really beautiful pieces. Is that your style? Is that trendy? Yeah. Let’s I like to have.

Probably the most extravagant thing I feel for a child is a £5,000 for a coat which they were delighted with a lovely mink coat. At home. There’s one duty Nina doesn’t delegate choosing the Chihuahuas couture for their afternoon walk faces. The dogs wardrobe. I have a mixture of goodbye to Cavalli.

You had a point of. Simon is wearing one of the Gucci faux jackets there’s going to be a bit smaller. No, it’s not dressing up. It’s a big part of the household. The kids. Yeah. They love to go out go to the park. OK, let’s go. This is Cinderella and Simba.

They’re a little bit naughty. So just two bags there. And our nanny. I think it’s easier if you have someone to do it. Right, Leah? Yep, yep. Golly. Did Whoopi even with the team to help out? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Things can get out of control. British families

Now spend more on child care than an average mortgage. Lucy Challenger runs Polo and Tweed, a luxury domestic staff agency that charges thousands to find the perfect candidate. I don’t breed. We get clients that come to us from around the world, and they’re looking

For all types of staff from childcare, maternity, nurses, nannies, through to butlers, housekeepers, chauffeurs, chefs. And the caliber of staff that we have in our books is of the highest. Heidi is flying in today from Austria. She is coming over for her work, but also to meet with me

And my firm to interview prospective nannies She’s very spiritual. She leads a very sort of yogic Zen life, but she also wants things done the correct way. So a bit more difficult than most families because we have very specific dietary requirements. I’m vegan. My husband and my children are vegetarian.

And we have a vegetarian house. So there’s no meat, no fish, kind of even allowed through the door. We’re quite fanatical in that way. A bit like a religion, I guess. You basically say to the nanny, there’s no sweets, no chocolate, no cakes.

My worst nightmare would be a nanny that comes in and wants to cook, kind of ready made nuggets and chips fast food or takes them to McDonald’s. I would be devastated. A lot of our clients want their homes run like five star boutique hotels. So the staff have to make it perfect.

Hi. Hello. How are you? Very good. Nice to see you. Lucy has been given 24 hours notice to find a nanny that can cook vegan food ski and has a spiritual outlook. She’s had a few. Temporary positions. In the last year or so. I think it’s just whether it’s a personality match.

Hi, Pamela. Hi. Come in and say nice. Lovely to see you. I don’t want someone that does housework and doesn’t look after the kids. I really want someone that’s there for the children. That’s what’s important to me. Childcare. I don’t mind.

The only problem about me is I as you see on my CV, I do not have any childcare experience Hello. Hi, Maria. Hi. Hello. How are you? How are you? And you’re seeing me? Yes. I can see you’ve got a lot of experience. Oh. Housekeeper.

Then I look away and it’s good if it’s a good one. OK, you’re kidding me. I’ve never interviewed someone who has brought a bottle of wine to the interview, but that’s the first for me. Hi. Lovely to see you coming through. This is Heidi. Hi, there. Hi. How are you?

I’m Come and take a seat, Murray. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I lived in California for two years. I was up there, and now I live and work here in London. It mentions here that you love to cook. Yeah, I like to cook everything.

Would you have an issue cooking vegetarian food? Not at all. If you showed me the recipe, we’d have no problem with that. Do you ski or. Yeah, I do ski. I love skiing. Do you have any questions for Heidi? Yes. I would love to hear more about a. Girls.

Obviously, two girls, very different personalities. They go out those a lot. They have a lot of energy. Of course. I think all children that age do. Either me or one of the girls from. Sweden will get in touch with you or give you feedback.

And then we’ll let you know what the next step is for them. Honestly, I and seems to be a pleasure to meet you. And you. Parenting services for the posh is booming. Amanda Jenner is visiting a prospective client in need of her unique skill set. Going to meet around and her nanny.

She’s got five children and she’s about to start thinking about potty training her fifth child. So this is really an initial conversation with her and hopefully she’ll use my services Stunning house, absolutely stunning. Hello. Hi. Hi. Please come in. Oh, wow. You took it on. Oh, thank you. Beautiful. Millionaires, Erin.

Highest off to help her raise her five children. And have two butlers. I have somebody who turned down all my bags. We have a driver. We have a cheetah. We have a nanny. It’s always good to. Have a staff when you’re super busy. Like me. What a beautiful, beautiful room. Like it?

Oh, I love. I have the best school I have the best help speak the best way as much as possible. Why would you be ashamed to be posh? I mean, if I can buy it like I’m doing why not? That’s actually one of the queen’s favorite. I have them in white.

Listen, I’m just living a dream. It’s easy to be the queen, actually. We are building an empire we’re building a life, you know? So in a way, I’ve realized the more help we get, my husband is free to do other things. I can’t look after my house on my own.

47 Petram. I mean, who does it? This is really. I kind of need. Like, the best friends and everything. She’s the second nanny. He’s been with us for eight years. She’s seen me, you know, giving birth to four of my children when I give. But I say congratulations. Congratulations to us.

You know, I can travel, I can go to places. I know they’re well looked after. And she’s been with them from day one. My children they were born with money around. So there’s this tension to mummy. She’s like an assistant and all of that. I’m not ashamed to say I’m too perspiring now.

I think as a parent, people need as many as much help as they can. How long do you think you expect? It depends on the child, how old they are with this response. If they’re walking and communicating. So who will potty train? Well, mostly I have to put my hands up.

Connie’s the nappy changer. Throw this is. How do you feel about getting someone like myself? And trust me, I’m a better wife. I’m there for my husband. I can go and party cocktail parties everywhere in London. I can do it because I’ve got the help at home.

I’m not stuck at home. I’m now. I don’t have to do a school run. Somebody else can do it for me. Why not So she’s nearly ready to let go. Oh, she’s so beautiful. And I go Chase. And I go to school and Monday is here to help with your potty training.

That you don’t know yet, but we’re talking about it already. Monday, OK, but it’s one of these skills you probably carry for a lifetime. So whatever comprises their lives. International businesswoman Heidi has flown successful nanny candidate Marie to the Austrian out for a 48 hour trial.

And excited to meet Heidi and her family. I’m excited about the girls. I hope they like me. And I think to work out. How are you giggling. How was your flight? It was good to see you. Good to see you. I could not work without having a nanny.

I do travel quite a lot. I’ll give you the week. I’m traveling to London or Barcelona or Amsterdam. So I need that childcare support and I need to be able to know I can leave my kids with someone I trust. And let’s go.

Nanny Marie is meeting Heidi’s children, Emilia and Tilly, for the first time. Hi, girls. Hi. Nice to meet you. Can I get her? Hi, hi. Hi. I’m a sister. Can I get. What’s your favorite cake? Oh, how big it is. I’m quite a strict vegetarian, so I need someone that can respect that.

The first test for Marie is to take the children to the slopes. Emily’s super nice, and the kids are very great. This is like living in a dream. So these bonded with her immediately. So, so sweet. Actually, she just took her hand and went with us. This is why you have a nanny.

This is a weekend, so it’s nice you can spend a bit of time with Marie. She’s getting to know the kids. Get the other. Kids. Anything. I’m coming. We said, can you take care of the kids for five, 10 minutes and get them an apple juice. And you check.

If they have apertures, they might not have anything. And she bought them a Fanta. They went mental for 2 hours. They’ve never had a fizzy drinks. I think Heidi was a bit upset. I’m like, they had a fun time. I hope it’s around. She’s like, Of course not. We never give them fog.

That helps In Kent, southeast England, Erin has employed nanny Connie for over eight years to help raise her five children. Connie’s connection to the kids It’s just that my sister all day. She treats them like her own children. And that’s the beauty of it. We didn’t have to do a fake.

It is just a fact. I think she loves the family. If she’s not with us for the money. I know. I love them. When I go to my two days off, I miss them so much. Because they’re like my kids do. Connie, my nanny is really, really nice. She usually gives us hugs.

Yeah, I usually miss her when she goes out for the day. I would call her a second mum. Yes. They work for you? Yes. You pay them? Yes. The money’s in between you, but obviously you have to look after their own family.

You know, Connie’s a mom of two, so they do have, you know, a life that they sacrifice and they look after my kids I leave my eldest daughter, six years old and a five year old, and then my youngest one is three because I leave them to my parents.

They look after my kids because I went to work outside the country. Sometimes I feel because I my, my, my, my, my own kids back home. But I think they do understand why I leave them. And how often do you see them? Sometimes every two years. Mary Jane, and June?

Yeah, she’s 24 and 22. I must work and earn money to support them. So you must be strong to leave my back, my family. It’s different when you leave your kids like one year. And then when you come back, they are three years old.

And it’s sad because the, the, the child can read, can recognize you. That’s your mum, you know, they can even oh, it’s your mum came, but they’re just embarrassed and ashamed to come to you. You can’t even hug. People think it’s easy to lay the leave to leave your own family.

It’s very difficult. But for now, it’s long time. 20 years. Most Filipino womans, we do that. We, you know, think about the future. I get my dream comes true because my, my, my two child is already finished. The university. I have a friend as well to just give birth two weeks.

And then she went to work because she’s a single mom and she live her baby to her mom. Even she arrived. I’m still in her, you know, rest so and then she cry when in the window, in the bay window,

When the milk come out, she just cry because she remember a baby behind. She just left them. In the Alps. Nanny Marie is on her second day of her trial for her dream job. They are not just vegetarians. They are vegans, which is not so easy. This is going to be interesting.

I don’t even know if I’m going to try to take it to like it or not. The family strict diet is still playing on Marie’s mind. I was asking the girls if they want approaches and they said no. If you want a front, I’m like, OK, good. Can we have something to eat?

Yeah, I have a friend for all the time, like, fine. But they don’t. Take it off and. Like, it’s it’s pretty double the size of a portion that they normally have. If there was a middle portion. Yeah, that’s huge. Yeah, I know that. Put salad and stuff at the side OK.

You should give them some fresh peppers and carrots and tomatoes, that sort of thing. So yeah. We don’t give them cakes and chocolate sweets generally. And no fizzy drinks. My bad. Didn’t even know the word Fanta. It’s not something we haven’t heard. Having a full time staff to help run

Your home may make life easier, but can put your security at risk. Nanny and Butler is a successful family staffing agency that also offers protection advice. Talk to me a little bit about, I mean, safety for the child and

Do you have any security measures in place that we kind of want to look after and buffer? We have many different kind of clients ranging from royals. Captain of industry, celebrities, professionals. They don’t want their nannies to say anything. It is really a very secret word.

No one wants to let other people know how wealthy they are. Many times are celebrities, public figures. So we have to be careful. Wealthy Russian Victoria has come to see Paola regarding an issue with her family staff. I need some help from time to time with children.

And also when I’m traveling and I hire some people, I know myself, but I think I had the wrong person. It happens and she was on Facebook and she was by moment in my Chanel clothes, Chanel glasses, Chanel and she was showing off

And all her friends were giving her, you know, a hand like, wow, wow. Let’s go out clubbing in this glass. And then that I was going through my stuff through my life. But you hire her as the nanny, as skipper, which was her. Role at all was help.

And after three months everything suddenly disappeared. My jewelry, my money book, my cards, my documents, children documents. And they kept all documents in my bedroom. In my underwears with various other documents. And she knew she took it all, you know, and then the blackmailing horrible person

Because she asked for 50,000 and 40,030 thousand. But you find her through word of mouth, right? Not through an agency. Many people, they think I work with stuff in houses, is it. It’s not easy at all. It’s not easy at all. And it’s so risky. My God, you can really lose your money.

You can lose your children. And it’s so dangerous. So you better pay serious recruitment agents here. Who does this job every day? Oh, this was madness. I was so shocked. In Chelsea, family driver Mo is also dealing with a protection issue. I’ll show you first Oh, no, no, no. This one in front.

This one on your chin now? Yeah. Don’t touch it. Just like nature. Yes. You know, teaches us boxing, but not to kill people. To like how to fight people. From punch straight. No, no, not at least when we are all that, we’re not that great. Yeah, but in the

I went to a boxing club in East London. I started when I was five. Then with that is the kung fu at the time, so I got confused. Well, this side to keep, to fight. Well, that’s what we have with football, probably whatever. But I. I enjoyed the boxing. So disciplined for kids.

It’s my job. Well, judo is a touchy man. Don’t just happen somewhere else. I think that what’s that out of the harder. So she’s not. She doesn’t want to hit me. Look. So agency nanny and butler offer a wide variety of family protection options for their clientele.

I had recently a position where there was a chauffeur slash security stay with a mother. Felt that she really needed someone to sort will protect her in the family as well. She was particularly looking for someone with the ex-military background. There is a risk. Maybe they can have

The fear to have kids kidnaped. And I understand that. My ex husband, they are not in good terms. Yeah. We haven’t talked for ten years. He was head of organized crime and from my experience, I am very scared to hire anyone at all

Now because when you leave person behind and and you trust your house keys. Having now the big picture, I would suggest you to talk to our security guy. Mason Haynes is a high risk security operative who specializes in protections for families. When you have nine zeros in your bank account the potential

For abduction of your children is always going to be higher than that. If you have no zeros or a minus next to the number in your bank account, you can easily drop a couple of hundred grand a year on a good security team that’s basically dedicated to taking care of your children.

When we’ve got female operatives looking after the children, of the great and the good, then we refer to them as ninja nannies. Just basically means that they’ve got qualifications over and above what a normal nanny would have relate to security. Fearful of a family safety,

Victoria has come to Vauxhall to meet two prospective ninja nannies. Two things that you have to bear in mind first of all, is the weapon itself. The second thing is obviously the threat you’ve got to commit fully. You’ve got to throw all of your weight behind every shot

And it’s got to land accurately on its head. OK, when you’re ready, don’t just concentrate on the obvious threat. Look, everywhere OK? You don’t mean you’re at school. Don’t scare the other mums get the car. OK, stop. Hold your punches. Good just taking the guys

Through a scenario at the moment based on a child leaving school. And the and the bodyguard who actually walk in towards a vehicle that’s bumped up down here. And the threat is that there’s a potential abduction. So you want all your body weight to come through that hip, through that shoulder.

And go into the target. What we want to do is we want to concussed the guy as opposed to kind of, you know, rough him up a bit obviously we want to be nice and low key in school. We don’t want the child to have like, you know, be bullied

Because they’ve got a bodyguard with them. So we keep it as low profile as possible. So when they come out, some small talk, some conversation like any other mom or nanny picking up the child. However, while she’s doing that, she’s also very aware of her surroundings. You look like ballerina

So what’s your criteria when you select. Catherine’s ex police? She did some security roles and she now works more of like a a pay. So she’s with a family and she provides sort of not just security advice, but also help for the bookings. Everything else.

For me, I like the jobs where there’s children involved. I do feel a bit a sort of a maternal thing that kicks in. And it’s really important to have a good bond with the mother and the child

So that you feel like you’ve got 100% trust in me when I’m out with your child. So how would the girls look like in action and how they look in life now? I question second time we’ve all those nannies in my neighborhood. I really nannies. It makes me much more comfortable.

Back in Chelsea, Nina has invited her personal portrait painter into the family home. A crazy creative person does that is. Yeah, he’s a very talented painter and artist. He did a portrait of me and I absolutely loved it today. We’re doing a portrait of me and the children. Is this an average household?

I don’t think you can call this an average household. One day she’s in Bulgaria. The next day she’s having dinner at Sexy Face. The next day they’re all going off to South Korea for a fashion show. So getting any kind of time together to organize a painting is it’s very time.

Before artist met and starts the family portrait, there is an unveiling of his last masterpiece. When he unveiled it for the first time in front of a 60 of my closest friends, everybody in the room were just stunned. It’s beautiful. But you know what?

It says that my studio is a lesser place because that’s that’s not hanging there anymore. It’s a catch. The boss. Yeah. Says it all done it often saw my face. And I remember when when I unveiled it, there was a bit of a deafening silence.

In the room for about well, to me, seems an hour. I was just stunned. I didn’t know what to say. You kind of reminded me of the Grace Kelly’s of that era and the romanticism of of what it is to be a woman and mother.

Please, can you close the. Door down there to me? Have these when you walked into your room wearing that dress? I’m so blessed to be next to you. I remember when you posed any sort of throw your hair back, and I had this a moment. Stop. Stop. Still. What are you doing?

That was perfect. Well, growing up, he used to call me Christmas Tree. Because I always just of a dress that’s always been a part of my my personality. I think this captures me in an amazing way for the next one, because we’re doing it with my kids.

It would be nice to see the emotions between me and the children. There we go. There we go. Look at me. What are you doing now? OK, you look at me. Mean his children are helping out with the family fashion brand by modeling the latest season. One, two, three. Smile.

That guy just to be in between each other. Who’s going to open up? I’m not playing outside when they do their travel go. I look this way look. It’s one thing. It’s one thing. OK, do we need permission? OK, thanks. Are you going to tidy up? Because of the thing doing that?

Show me the. Number on the door so I would. Apologize. OK, you can see if you don’t ask behind it. OK, I didn’t notice. You didn’t realize you made no time to investigate. Is this a business? This isn’t that I don’t argue

With just so I’m going to get clear often that be good want. To clean it up and. Anything else? I’ll do it. But I’m not doing that. I suppose I should say there’s a hierarchy in the house. We work for Nina, so? So it’s her home. So Nina decides what we do.

So she’s in the house to do a horrible jobs that nobody wants to do, like cleaning or washing, picking up the dog thing. But you can see now. One in four UK children now use private tutors worth a staggering £6 billion a year.

The industry has grown by a third in the last decade. Most of the feedback from candidates are struggling a little bit with the fact that you’re in Highgate. Paula, Diana runs a luxury staffing agency that places super tutors with wealthy families. So, Alia, which are your ambitions?

I want you to go to Cambridge or Oxford, and I would like him to be a scientist. So you will love him to become a Nobel Prize winner on top of my dreams. That’s why we also have not only good nannies and governesses, but also good experts.

Among some of the most well-respected super tutors is Mark McClain, who has helped some of the world’s most affluent families. The term super tutor is given to someone who can do a little bit more. Very often you end up being sort of the overlap of a coach, a mentor

And a teacher, and they can charge anywhere from 500 to £1,000 an hour. A few of the clients that I’ve had to parents are world leaders. They’d be a king of a country. It’s probably not ridiculous to say that a family would be spending a million per child.

In one, two, three, four, 530. Five. I’ve tutored children in some incredible places. Imagine taking them to the Pyramids of Giza. You’re actually making it come alive. As a tutor. You become almost their own personal. David Attenborough. 100 and.

I recently had a client where the child had 12 tutors, and he was eight years old. And each of them in their individual right was a fantastic individual. You know, one of them was editor of a major newspaper. Another one was a, you know, a well known to gardening expert and things.

So that was the last number you said. Two to. Good. As you get more and more families moving to the UK who have almost unlimited funds, you know, a lot of them want the best. They want people with experience, they want people with good track records,

You know, and they’ll and they’ll pay for it. Living in their £45 million family home in London’s Kensington, Russian investment banker Igor lives with wife Natasha. And daughter Katia. Katia has been playing the violin since she was just five years old. The reason she plays violin.

Is that we just established she’s good at that. For an upcoming concert. Martha, Natasha has enlisted the help of internationally renowned violinist Dimitri. Sick of it, ski. This is very important for any piece of music your own, because Pulse is the it’s like a pulse of.

Like, am I allowed to ask the value or. What is it? Seven. That’s a good talent. Yeah. Yeah. Let’s say £7,000,000.01 would do just to get to give the very clear character one to pop. She trains with good teachers, mostly because we want them to learn to work hard.

That’s a Russian way of trying to make sure they don’t turn up into lazy brats. Along with several super tutors, mentors and experts, the family has employed Nanny Emma for the past 13 years. Well, she’s crucially important for us. Crucially, in terms of keeping them long enough. I thought about the carefully

After couple of years to ensure that our relationship the long term. So I agreed to buy a house for the first house in her family and she was absolutely a happy person. It was the best investment I made in my life. Emma is the big influence for my seven year old daughter.

I think my daughter I wouldn’t talk about oil prices or investment banking. She probably will come to me to talk about that but there are things one I know that she would discuss with Emma. I was like a second mum to me because my mum was

She will not as much now, but she’s a child of late for work so she was like a second parent because she’s very easy to talk to you. So when I’m at school, I just like bring her up. She’s the first person I’d call about things. It’s very. Clear I’m the mother

And so responsibility starts with me and finish and kind of stops with me. She’s my partner. What’s more important than that in the book about 90%. After one month of waiting, it’s time for Artist Met and to reveal the family portrait. What have we here what have we here done. How are you.

How are. You. I’m very good. Very, very good. Very good. And very nervous. Well, I need you to come in and have a look at the painting and just sort out when you have staff for all time, then become like a part of the family.

Most of the time I don’t really see him as my boss. They’ve taught me in, like, their own from day one. You think that’s what. You’re doing. Stuff has been with me for so many years, and I spend every single day

With them from I get up in the morning till I go to sleep. Are you ready? One, two, three, three. I know. And like, oh, my God, how nice now? Wow. Oh, my God. Hey, Steve. I would say my kids are my everything. What do you think, guys? Do you like yourself? Yeah.

Kind of forms a home, which obviously is a center of the family. So for the children, I I would probably say the nannies. Probably the most important advice after me. Of course. If when you die, you can be. No, then you’ll grow up. With to go. No. When the posh have the staff

Like nannies, all of it, it’s because they have the money to do it. It makes life a lot easier for them, I suppose. Our nanny is very, very important because she took care of us when no one’s in the house.

Every woman deserves to to kind of also have a little bit time for herself. And it helps with having staff and having health stuff, and everybody should have it.

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