Elsa’s BIRTHDAY – Special guests ! Elsa & Anna toddlers – party – pinata – Barbie – cake – gifts

Elsa's BIRTHDAY - Special guests ! Elsa & Anna toddlers - party - pinata - Barbie - cake - gifts

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Anya everything’s ready you can bring elsia now yes yes yes anya stop covering my eyes i can do it myself okay don’t look don’t look okay i won’t look okay walk this way girls look don’t look don’t look can i look now no no no okay jack go get

The lights on it then the lights will turn on okay open your eyes surprise whoa it says happy birthday what for me yes and we decorated the whole place for you elsia because it’s your birthday thank you so much happy birthday sweetie yay thank you daddy no problem happy birthday elsia

Thank you antoinette and elsia we still have one more surprise for you a special birthday outfit wow cool yup it’s this cool toy story rainbow shirt and you also have this pink poofy skirt to match and guess what to put in your hair is this rainbow boat that matches with your birthday outfit

With this fun ribbon so much thank you so much i’m really glad you like it elsia how do i look everybody wow you look cool elsia thank you and wait i just noticed that all of you have toy story outfits why well we know you like toy story and just wait and see

There’s gonna be a surprise about it okay did you hear that i think somebody’s here yay happy birthday elsita el sita you can put the presents right in that corner okay howdy aurora huh howdy see because my shirt says that and woody says that too cool your food looks so delicious i

Can’t wait until everyone comes so we can finally eat eat and the donuts on the table look so real yeah i know just want to take a bite out of them is that a tree with a party hat on it yup it sure is my mommy had the idea what’s that puppy sound

I do it when i’m excited i heard the doorbell next people next people happy birthday i’ll see yeah yay well thank you girls presents go right there all right push push push i’m so glad to be at your birthday elsia it’s gonna be so fun we’re gonna have a

Pinata are these all the girls that are supposed to be here or are there any missing let’s see how many one two three yeah three i think that’s all and including us five what are we waiting for let’s have fun yay the bestest chair goes to me yeah and it

Matches with my outfit what’s bestest it’s best chair the best chair okay pinata is ready this is this is just pinata pinata wow this big unicorn pinata is so cool thank you so much what are we waiting for let’s start yay birthday girl first everybody huh the doorbell rang just wait girls

I’m gonna go see who it is hi ariella wait you were coming to the party too yeah why am i late did i miss something don’t worry i knew someone was missing yeah ariella we’re so glad you’re here but did i miss anything you haven’t missed the funnest

Part which we’re about to do right now whoo the unicorn pinata oh yay i’m so glad okay presents go over there and then let’s start the pinata all right well we’re glad you’re here now ariela i’m glad to hit the pinata all right watch out everyone

Come on you could do harder than that okay the birthday girl has to open it i thought i had birthday girl power okay i think somebody else needs to try no no because i have to open it come on pinata open open open open it won’t open elsie i think so now

Somebody else should try no but the birthday girl supposed to open it now you’re the birthday girl but you still have to be nice there are other guests here ariella you are next just watch this three two one hit hit come on open unicorn hit hit hit candy candy candy

Okay next person i want to go bam bam bam boom boom hit hit hit spinning spinning pin whoa it’s so funny it’s a floaty unicorn Well i guess we have to keep trying it has to break that one yeah hey girls look whoa this unicorn won’t break it won’t break look i think it’s broken right here look it’s open yay candy quick quick yes yes rolling let’s get them get them get them come on

Get all of them yeah they’re all rainbow yeah yeah me too yummy i want to get some yes drop them in okay the last candy quick um i think i touched it first ariella huh i did it though um i don’t think that’s right okay okay i

Got it i got it put in mine yup see but but elsia see i want a one a one i won i have the most candies wait whose is this that’s mine you got more than the most special birthday girl no elsia this is not how you do it

So how do i do it who else yeah we don’t do anything i meant that this is not nice just because you’re the birthday girl doesn’t mean you have to have the most i guess you’re right here i’ll give you some of my candy no no no huh

Actually since since i i have a lot i will give you some candy oh thanks ariella i’m getting kind of hungry see i think that was my stomach we heard your stomach growl too anya it sounded like a bear i’m a bear well don’t worry anya because it’s time

To eat yay okay i’m gonna take this out of the way i have the best couch here all the seats are taken wait elsia what i’m sitting on my special pink couch your special couch i got that couch for my birthday yeah but since it’s my

Birthday i think i did deserve to have it all to myself birthday girls are nice and you’re not being the best birthday girl right now cause you’re being me birthday girls have to be nice fine yay thanks elsia the pizza man came and look how much pizza we have

I’m gonna get some plates so you can start eating so i’ll just eat two two pizzas no i mean two slices i am really hungry and there’s the last one pizza pizza pizza pizza this pizza is delicious bathroom time something caught my eye lcs presents well they’re not mine so maybe it’s okay

If i peek i’m just eager to see what she got let’s do the top one just one peak what’s that whoa let me open it up some cool hair clips with butterflies what are you doing um um um i don’t know what i’m doing i’m just checking a present and i actually don’t

Know why i’m doing that actually okay okay i’ll just put it back okay okay bye that was actually going through that range yeah i’m just going to the bathroom yummy pink popsicle okay here we have some donut and cupcakes yay sweet enjoy oh i came back just in time

Yummy what should i eat this purple one sparkly cupcake oh elsa that’s the doorbell i think it’s them i better go okay who’s them did we forget about some other guests i hope not okay guys so you’re gonna be right in here but when i wave at you then you come inside

Who are you talking to you’ll see girls it’s time for a surprise and the cake come here guys happy happy birthday to you happy birthday dear elsia happy birthday to you are you one are you two are you three are you four are you five are you six are you seven yes

Happy birthday i wish to have great days yay whoa is that really blood and woody for real that’s a surprise elsia how do you like it like it i love love love love love it so much i invited them to come to your party so that’s why we are all dressed

In toy story clothes yep now you figured it out thank you so much howdy girls oh nice to meet you woody and buzz hello hi buzz and well i hope you have a very happy happy birthday elsia thank you woody can you stay for presents of course

That’s why we’re here to celebrate your birthday partner we can’t believe you you are here yeah and look we have toy story outfits on mine says howdy partner and it has you woody and mine says you’ve got a friend in me wow that’s cool and i must say i

Really love your shirt anya really hey woody likes my shirt it has pictures of me of course buzz buzz can you use your lasers to light up the candles light up the candles of course i can do that watch me everybody thanks so much now i’m going to blow them again Thank you so much buzz no problem mission accomplished buzz woody feel free to have a slice of cake oh thank you so yummy thanks girls we’re so happy you’re here all right elsia all right everyone gift time oh elsia you’re just going to love your new squishy hmm what do you mean

Um i mean nothing okay let’s keep walking wait what did you just say nothing elsia come on let’s just go no anya do you know about my presence um no it’s just a guess what i thought it would be anya i know you too well you saw them right

What did you see no nothing i just saw a squishy some clips and some pink stuff anya oops i just said your presents but that’s not all of them right no it’s just a bit really anya and you told me i just wanted to peek a bit because i was so curious and

It just spilled out of my mouth i guess i spilled the beans oh anya i’m really sorry elsia you know what it’s okay don’t worry the party’s not ruined huh whoa it’s barbie from toy story elsia yep i’m here at your birthday too wow wow i love your outfit it’s so colorful

Thanks girls yeah well i came here because i have a special surprise for the birthday girl oh really cool come right here whoa elsa look what you got surprise wow wow wow wait this is a big lol luggage i can’t even believe this wow best birthday indeed yes thank you so much

No problem happy birthday elsa thank you so much barbies oh and woody this is for you oh thanks i always forget my hat silly me open it open it open it peel it off Look it’s a passport the lol’s name is boss queen here is her plane ticket bb airways see and it says where her seat is and if i lift this handle up i’ll be able to roll it all right time to open it up whoa what’s this oh looks like we have some

Stickers to stick on the luggage unbox me the yellow well doll open up this clear glass what’s in here hmm it must be like some accessories for the dolls and here’s a surprise for her i wonder what it is open up this bag looks like we got some outfits

Pretty cool oh they’re so beautiful yeah i know you could take them off you stick them in whoa isn’t that cool put her sparkly pink shirt on wow she’s looking so fashionable fancy sparkly golden glosses stick them in the holes there we go pretty cool this is so satisfying

Now let’s get the pink ones and put them on on our logo there we go so stylish wow that’s so nice elsia now close it up thank you barbie i’m glad you liked it open mind first elsia no my my mind mine close my eyes and pick three two one this one

Let’s see what what this one has wow cool some red glitter to put in my hair oh a nice nail polish love it and a rainbow band cool cool that present was actually mine and you picked it thank you got the present what’s inside whoa

Take it out it’s a star bath bomb so cool maybe i can play with a bit now oh it feels so cool that was mine i love pink thanks two more one of them is mine any minnie miney mo any mini money about this one open it up

Oh so these were the clips that anya was talking about and the squishy wow so cool anya was right i do love the squishy last one last one last one yup it is the last one oh it’s a cute bunny oh it’s so cute it’s a birthday bunny and

What a nice hair tie thank you to everybody this has been a great birthday actually elsia that’s not your last gift this one is happy birthday elsia wow wow wow i can’t say wow enough i said wow a million times but wait this cup is full of gigantic candy yup

And we put all your favorite candy in there yes let me see open it up this candy is taller than me i’m going to share all these candies with you here you go one coin for you and for you anya oh here’s some gold ones they have unicorns on it

And for you moana a pink one thank you elsia all of our coins have unicorns on them look girls i have an astronaut helmet whoa i can fly to space now [Laughter] way to go elsia nice party yep i enjoyed being here happy happy birthday i’ll see y’all happy

Birthday happy birthday happy birthday for more videos go to our channel and subscribe You

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