[Eng Sub] เพราะเราคู่กัน 2gether The Series | EP.1 [1/4]


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Have you ever wondered why many things are in pairs? Like friends or… lovers. Especially when you find the right one to pair with, you will do whatever it takes to be with that person Of all my chic life, I have paired up with many girls

Of all my chic life, I have paired up with many girls Ging, let’s go see a movie when you’re done. I have an extra Math class after this. Tomorrow then? Tomorrow then? I have Biology tomorrow Day after tomorrow? Physics, Chemistry, Social Studies, Science, English, and then Math again. Say lychee!

I look fat. Let’s do it again Cherry! Cherry. Are you done? Let’s eat. Wait! Let’s take another selfie. Selfie? Strawberry! Should we call for a check? I lost appetite! What do you want to eat, babe? What do you want, Noomnim? Anything. Ice-cream? It makes you fat. A honey toast? Too sweet.

A pudding? Bingsoo? Choux cream? Yuck! Too boring. What do you want then, Noomnim? Anything. Are you mad at me, Namwan? NO! That was a big fat no. Whatever I did wrong, I am sorry. Why are you apologizing? I am not mad! I AM NOT MAD! Then why…

No one has ever been the right one for me, so I came to find the one in this University. I never thought that this time, the right one would be so different

[Tine: The cheerleader audition has passed but the right one for me hasn’t passed by.]

[Two weeks earlier] We intended to make it fit you perfectly. It does, P’Fang That’s great. I just knew that we share the same student code Right. Why do you want to be a cheerleader? I want to have a new experience… and make new friends That’s so great. By the way,

Someone left this for you. We haven’t performed yet and you’re hot already. Hey! I don’t care about this thing I only focus on studying and University activities That’s perfect. We’re going to have a meal with other share-coded students next week See you then I’m going to open now

[Tine, I’ve been looking at you since The Freshmen Orientation. I have something to tell you. Meet me at the football field.] You can say what you want I don’t have much time. Are you talking to me? Of course. Aren’t you the one who wrote this to me?

Are you insane? Do you think you’re Nadech? Pervert! I wrote that. My name is Green I’m a freshman from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Thanks. Tine Teepakorn, a freshman from Faculty of Law, I like you! What? You finally found the right one. You want to die young, Fong?

Do you hate tootsies? Of course not! I had lots of tootsie and gay friends back in high school But it doesn’t mean I can date them. Then tell him. I already did. I told him many times that I like girls. But look, he said he would make me change my mind eventually

Damn! He’s no joke. Who’s with me on Team Green? Me. You asshole Phuak, your friend is worried over here Don’t worry Pay no attention to him he will back off one day. Trust me. Really? Tine!! I’m here to pick you up. Get on. Quickly. I am ready

Tine!! Tine, wait for me! Guess who I just met this morning? Who? Green? Exactly! He came to pick me up at my dorm. Lucky me I was able to sneak away Wait! How did you know? Because I see a guy coming towards you right there. It’s Blue Hawaii, your favorite.

Take it. Drink up. I am not pretty but I am yummy Thank you. Love you, Tine. Do you need anything else? You can have my heart too if you want. Shit! I guess he will poop for me if he can I told you that he is no joke.

You told me that if I didn’t give him my attention, he would give up. And look! You guys have to help me find a way to get rid of Green. I know it! If you play it soft and he doesn’t go away, you need to… Play hardball. Hardball? Hardball… Is it like football?

My favorite. Can you guys be serious here? It’s like baseball. I love it very much Tine, I’m so glad that you asked me out on a walk But here? Why? It’s pretty out here. This is a perfect time. So beautiful. I don’t think it’s pretty at all

Let’s go somewhere else. Let’s go. Hold on! Look Green, it’s beautiful. So beautiful. Do you guys hear people talking over here? You guys are annoying! What are you doing in my territory this late? I really hate it when people are in love If you don’t want to end up in a hospital

Break up now and never get back together again Green, let’s do what they say so we don’t get hurt It’s just a breakup. That’s right. Quickly! Tine, you wait for me here. Let me deal with them. He thinks he’s so good. Shit! Are you Green or John Wick?

I have taken a few boxing classes. Not just a few. Are you okay, Tine? Are you hurt? Damn these mosquitoes! I’ll walk you to your dorm in case those guys come back. It’s dangerous. I will protect you You’re not hurt, aren’t you? You are so fragile. Let me take care of you.

We’re here. Are you sure you don’t want me to stay with you tonight? I am. I’m fine. You can go. Please. Go. Fine. But if you need anything, I stand by to take your call 24/7. I will check in a hotel around here just in case Call me. Take care. Bye bye

Tine, my beloved friend, how are you? Not good, my beloved friend Phuak. All of my friends just left me alone with him. How could we stay on? He almost broke my arms to pieces. I think we’re screwed. We need help Help? Do we need a boxer or a bodybuilder?

It’s not what we meant We need someone to be your fake girlfriend. My girlfriend? Green is shadowing you because you still don’t have anyone. Find someone to be your fake date. Green will be out of your hair soon. Good idea. Who can it be? Hot girls from our Faculty are not available.

What about that girl from your dorm, the one who asked for your Line ID? She is single but not hot. I don’t want to ruin a chic guy’s reputation You take a fake girlfriend too seriously. Just find a hot girl who is willing to help you. That’s it.

I know a pretty girl who might be single but… But you dumped me. We’re not back together for real. Just pretend to be my girlfriend to fool someone Please. We are in the same University. Can you help? What will I get if I do? What do you want? A… Anything? Armani, Gucci, Prada.

A bag from any brand I just said. I see. It’s not ‘anything’ anymore Fine. I’ll rent one for you. Buy one. Buy? Deal! I will help you then but don’t let my boyfriend know. That’s easy. See you at The Freshy Night on Friday. Someone is going to be heartbroken. Tine.

Did you wait for long? Did you feel lonely over here? Not that long and I wasn’t lonely because I wasn’t here alone. What do you mean? This is Noomnim, my girlfriend. Now you know why we can’t be together. Please give up on me Sure.

Tine, don’t you think it was too harsh? I am sorry I did that. I just don’t want you to waste any more time on me. So you pretend to date someone else’s girlfriend just to fool me? Right. Hey!! How did you know that? Noomnim is my friend’s girlfriend.

I see them at my Faculty every day. What a small world! If you already knew, why did you cry then? I was sad because you fooled me to make me give up. But then you came to comfort me. I get it now. Get what?

You just wanted to test if I really like you or not, am I right? You’re not. You’re so not right. Of course I am. Don’t be shy Yes! I like you even more now. Let’s go inside Let’s go. Bye bye Noomnim. See you in class. Tine come on.

There’s lots of food. Throw the ball. You suck. That was close! This one will kill. I’m sure. Oops! What if this plan fails? I have plan B. Here. Right here! This will put him to sleep Find the right time to put it in his drink and get out of there

We will take care of the rest. Seriously? Yes. Can I get three more balls and play on? I don’t want to start over. Green, are you thirsty? I will go get you some drink. Thirsty? Is he alright?

Energetic Pandan. I don’t think so. The Muse of Roselle. Super Power Chrysanthemum. Elephant Power Black Tea. Two cups, please. How much? 20 Baht The right cup. Right cup. What are you doing? What takes you so long?

I’m getting you a drink. What drink? It’s called Elephant Power Black Tea. It’s strong. It’s so good Left or right? It’s all the same. Come on. The next band will be up soon. I shouldn’t have stayed up watching a series last night. Wait a minute.

You yawned because you stayed up late watching a series? Yes. It took me until this morning to finish it. So this cup… Tine! Tine! Are you sick? Do you want me to take you back to your dorm? It’s okay Please welcome Sssss..! on stage. Hi guys. We are Sssss..!

Although I’m half-awake I realize at once that this is my favorite song. It called… “Together” No one fits for this duty more than this guy. What do you want?

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