Ep9. How to Start Reading Comic Books! A Guide for Nooblers!

Ep9. How to Start Reading Comic Books! A Guide for Nooblers!

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Welcome to the kind of a girl 19 show welcome and today we’re gonna talk about comics for new words that’s right have you ever wanted to get into conflicts but didn’t know where to start this is going to be here how to guys so with the Avengers movie coming out and

Making like a kajillion dollars the interest in comic books is higher than ever five years ago like one out of a hundred people would know the Avengers are everybody knows who the Avengers are even my grandma knows what shield is that’s crazy it’s nuts well let me let me tell you

Something comic book girl I am starting to get interested in comic books for inputs from our robot memory circuits but how do these comic books compare to the movies that I like I mean aren’t comic books really just made for kids and unintelligent robots well when comic books first started out

They kind of were written for kids they were very very simple but now I feel like comic books have really grown up with our generation I mean a lot of our viewers were teenagers in the 90s and comic books were kind of like teenagers in the 90s a lot of ridiculous

Impossible guns crazy muscles TNA everywhere well mostly T anyways today comics are out of college just like we are they’re more introspective they’re self-realized so what you’re saying is that comic books today is one of the greatest times in their history and it’s certainly the most involved time in comic books

History it’s certainly the most evolved time in comics history okay well let me tell you something I love the Avengers Navy and this is made me want to know more about comic books no no more about Iron Man but I don’t know where to start I hate being a comic

Book noob alert so lame you make fun of me all the time I do where did you start how did you first get into comic books well I got into coming the Saturday morning cartoon show of x-men I was obsessed with that [ __ ] and there was no turning back after that so

I sought out my local comic book store so to start out with robot I would definitely say seek out your robot friendly local comic book shop yeah you know what I want to get into this lemak badass [ __ ] I want to start reading something that’s really cool but you

Know I did go to a comic book store and like I looked at the shelf and there are they all these comic books there’s like hundreds of titles and I don’t even know which ones Iron Man are in I mean looks like issue 134 here issues 300 Here I am

Intimidated it’s too much input too much calm down all right take it easy that’s why I’m here that’s why we’re doing this I’m gonna help you learn how to calmly navigate the sea of comic books okay getting into comics a how-to guide by comic book girl 19 number one pick a

Character slash team or find a writer you are interested in and build from there so say you want to get into the x-men like I did or Ironman like the robot does well it can look like a daunting task there are decades of history well I know this sounds obvious

But Wikipedia is the perfect way to get caught up on a team or characters history without having to read like 50 years worth of [ __ ] I mean look on Iron Man’s Wikipedia they talk about his conception what he was up to in the 80s and 90s the 2000s and then it breaks it

Down even further with his role in recent Marvel events that you need to know about such as Civil War and the fear itself storylines I mean if you want to read the [ __ ] from the 60s or Civil War that’s great go for it definitely pick up the

Essential books for the older stuff and the trades for the newer stuff but if you don’t have time and you just want to jump into what’s going on right now wiki is the way to go you can learn everything you need to know in like 30 minutes

Finding a writer you like is an awesome way to generally guarantee a pleasurable reading experience and it may also introduce you to characters and teams that you never even expected to read take Grant Morrison for example I love that guy his book all-star Superman finally made me like Superman I never

Liked that dick before Morrison also he made me fall in love with Cyclops with his run on new x-men I have a crazed lust for Scott Summers now when I was at the comic shop the manager suggested I pick up flex mandala because he knew that I Doug

Morrison and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t the best comic I’ve ever read okay so check out my list of badass comic writers I posted on my Facebook page to find your new favorite writer today number 2 decide what type of a reader you want to be a monthly issue reader or

A trade paperback reader there are ups and downs to each one I am a monthly issue reader I pick up my monthly titles every Wednesday the day when comics come out right now is a great time to get into reading monthlies especially with DC’s new 52 you can pick up a trade of

The first six issues buy a few back issues and bam you’ll be all caught up reading monthlies every month also if you want to go all monthly you have to find a local comic book shop that you like one that gives you the good vibes because there is a lot of crappy ones

Out there where people are weird and snooty okay I consider my comic shop earth-2 as a safe house I go there not only to buy my [ __ ] but also to [ __ ] and banter and have a great time with my friends talk about x-men whatever plus I get good

Suggestions from the people that work there ok they let me know about cool new titles that are coming out and they also tell me about toys and posters and have all this other crazy stuff there that I would have never known about otherwise it’s just a great experience or you can

Choose to be a trade paperback person someone who waits for issues to be collected into a book format trades usually contain about 6 issues or more and omnibuses contain all the issues from a series trades are great because you don’t have to deal with these willy-nilly comics or fads and boards

But you do after the issues have already been put out mainstream publishers like Marvel and DC are pretty good about putting their trades out in a timely manner but indie publishers sometimes take longer than you might want to wait and sometimes they don’t ever publish a trade and you’ll have to wait forever

Also you don’t have to go to a comic shop to buy your trades you can go on Amazon and sometimes you’re gonna have to go on Amazon you’re not gonna have a choice because they’re not going to have what you need but you’ll definitely miss out on a whole comic book nerd

Experience if you go that lonely route and that’s such a bummer quick tip if you decide to get out of your little new blur shell and go to the comic book store try not to go to the giant mega comic book store in town okay because that [ __ ] can be really overwhelming

Even for me you might want to try to find a smaller venue where you can get the attention of one of the three guys that work there so if you have any questions or you need help you can get it quick tip pick up a Marvel or DC character encyclopedia because that [ __ ]

Is awesome when you get bored of watching another shitty singing show you can pick up this coffee table book and discover obscure characters like matter eater lad and find out everything you wanted to know and more about a well-known character like Cyclops or Wolverine they’re all in there I know

I’d much rather read a Marvel encyclopedia then watch all the crap TV they have on now it’s all this American Idol all these [ __ ] reality shows an appeal to the least common denominator all this mainstream stuff I wish comic books we come out of the shadows and be

More mainstream I wish they would kick Kim Kardashian’s fat ass to the moon [ __ ] yeah I’d rather watch keeping up with the Captain Britain core well you’re not really but still you know what I’m saying right well point being I wish comic books were more mainstream well you might wish they were more

Mainstream but I’d never want them to do that I don’t ever want to be over popularized in my opinion it’s a good thing that comics aren’t bigger than they are I don’t mind the movies and cartoons hell that’s how I got into comics but I like being a part of the

Culture that actually reads comics you have to earn your knowledge and craft your opinions I was awarded cool points at the comic book store the other day for knowing and loving bills and cabbages artwork and that made me feel extra rad becoming a part of this culture definitely takes an effort

I’m not gonna lie but it’s worth that I enjoy doing I like the comics don’t come to you that you have to go to them seek them out dig for cool [ __ ] find the gems that’s why I do this whole show because I [ __ ] love comics also do you really

Want Marvel and DC you start worrying about the mom demographic or the bro demographic oh not me okay I want to keep those [ __ ] solely worried about the comic book nerd demographic otherwise this shit’s gonna get watered down and ruin an important part of my life I mean comics have gotten you

Through some of the roughest times growing up and still today alright so imagine your mom calling you wasting your Boost Mobile minutes okay asking you what the difference between shield and sword is okay that [ __ ] would get so annoying you want to hear your mom say I

Don’t like that Emma Frost that Cyclops is dating she’s such a [ __ ] and she wears those [ __ ] clothes I liked it much better when he was with Jean she was a nice girl I don’t want comics to end up like Facebook okay it started out all right

It was you and your friends showing pictures of you and everybody high-fiving now your [ __ ] mom your dad and some weird grey uncle you never even heard of her on there it’s awful there’s advertisements everywhere I don’t want any of that like itll is people posting pictures of food and

Babies it’s like baby book I don’t want it comics to turn into that it’s a weird paradox on the one hand it sucks the comics aren’t bigger the big tuch take more chances on weirder books pay artists and writers more but on the other hand because comics don’t pay the

Big bucks like movies and TV that leads me to believe that the people who work in the industry do it because they love it take Joe Hill and Joss Whedon those guys don’t need to write comics they make a great living but they write comics because they love comics and

That’s great for the medium and that’s great for me and you geez I never thought about it like that you know what you’ve helped me out a lot today combo girl 19 my robot circuits feel much better you’re welcome robot I’m glad to be of service and hey everybody don’t forget

To check out my mad guest co-hosting skills on mask and cape on Stanley’s a world of heroes okay also don’t forget to subscribe and check out my Facebook page and like that [ __ ] next I’m going to talk about my ex crush kit Omega next up I’m going to spotlight the

Awesomeness of flex mint a low and the brilliance of the Grant Morrison Frank Whitley team-up cast your mind think about your mom calling you up wasting here anytime missus like assuming you have a shitty self oh you wasting your Boost Mobile minute yeah all right jar jar is the key to all you

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