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Cookies world cupcakes and rainbows poppy poppy come quick DJ Sookie what is it there’s something there’s something going on come look look what is it looks like a bunch of food is falling apart we have to put it together looks like all of this food is like totally falling apart today it’s

Gonna be a put it together day huh especially with the price line bag okay just like all the food which are all taken apart are all fun fun fun little food eraser puzzles we are gonna be putting together okay what do we have surprise surprise surprise who is it in

Here oh sandy and Patrick together hmm and Sandy Cheeks what do we have in here Despicable Me all the pieces are getting mixed up I hope I will be able to put them together okay this is a lot of little pieces here okay let’s see if I

Can put them together let’s see we’ve got C and E she’s got her little boots just put those on oh that looks like her eyes yeah I don’t know if that’s right looks like she’s lost in her little under the sea suit big deal her mouth

Now her head there we go and her little squirrel tail what’s we got sandy I’ll build can I build a minion good did you two do there’s so many small pieces tiny leg ding maybe this piece goes in here yep like that look at how small this

Little tiny hand is Oh stretch this right on there we go okay we’ve got Stuart all made and put together what about Patrick got to put on his pants it kind of looks like his little legs huh in a little tiny starfish leg there we go there’s Patrick put those right

Back in there one more minion to create you do oh this one’s got a piece on his head there we go it’s a little minion haha there we go there’s another one from Sponge Bob who else are we gonna find look at all a bit different Sponge Bob faces sponge bob is

So so so happy oh he doesn’t look too happy here and there’s an eyeball in here and Sponge Bob so you can easily put Gary together so we’ve got his snail shell and his little snail trail hmm get in there there we go oh wait I’m missing a piece put this

Here for Gary now attach one I forget there we go oh and his other eye whoo and the inside of his snail show we can easily just attach there’s Gary now we just need spongebob little legs okay those are not really his legs but he looks so so silly

All right let’s give Sponge Bob his pants come on spongebob time to put on your pants fum He’s got his little shoes they almost don’t even stay on cuz they’re so small and now some teeny little arms and he’s missing one thing hi-yah there spongebob but he does not look too amused at all hi I’m poppy now I’m spongebob well maybe we can find a

Happier spongebob in this surprise blind bag is there a happy spongebob there is another Gary wait a minute this one has a different color show well we can easily put Patrick together there’s two Patrick’s now we’re gonna build another snail did you just press all the pieces together

Come on little research there we go little snail shell there we go okay what else do we have how about my little pony surprise my bag rich pony is it going to be okay that looks like there’s two puzzle erasers inside of these array.c packs and we have we’ve

Got Trixie and here’s Trixie look at that horn on her unicorn horn it is massively big alright Trixie so here is your mane and your little tail and Twilight with one wing okay I guess we’ll just have to look at her from this side only give her her mane and her tail

There we go okay so perfect so it totally looks like princess Twilight Sparkle from this angle but of course from this angle delaying hi I’m poppy hi there nice to meet you are there any more ponies here uh yeah there’s lots more let’s see let’s see that

See okay who are we gonna find in here Yours adorable Pinkie Pie look at all this hair that she has she is the most fun hair do you in her tail there we go there’s pinkie pie d2 Jared it to do DJ pom here’s your tooth and her mane oh yeah we got two DJs in the house oh here we go

Okay this is a very very simple puzzle eraser you ready just take the stand off and there we go that’s it I could probably get that little centerpiece out that looks a little bit like it’s really really in there so easy puzzle eraser oh there’s another minion hiding in here to beat

You dude you do to do oh cool what’s gonna have an apple on his head so what do we have got a little body and a mouth I’ve got a sorry wait a minute is this looking right did you I guess so give him this any tiny little arms little

Hands I can’t believe how tiny tiny small these little puzzle eraser pieces are do you little goggles tiny little mustache little mustache and then he’s gonna wear a hat okay this one’s gonna have a little apple on his head just a little bit right here oh no wait a

Minute looks like it came like that dude and there’s an apple just by you and your goggle there we go snap these on tiny legs and middle hands all right there we go right there’s my little pony blind bags okay here we have all the pony pieces look at

Lunas head actually completely separate head peas can compared to the other ponies oh that’s so interesting did she wait a minute do we have double wings yes wings and wings okay aha you have Princess Luna hair okay let’s go ahead and give derpy muffinz her hair and her tail

There we go oh this is just so-so oh this has a little array C and now Luna wait a minute where’s the other part of her head oh wait a minute or is it part of her hair never mind okay false alarm false alarm she doesn’t have the other

Side of her head because it’s covered by so much of her mane who scared me there we go there we go there are her wings now now she’s got her wings put on and now we just need her feet so her hopes each little hoof it’s a beautiful

Beautiful shoe there we go there’s oh This is so cool these are the coolest erasies ever ever ever ever ever okay one more surprise blind bag let’s see if we can find a happy happy spongebob in this one and-and-and-and off nope we got another Gary and Sandy you wiggle on your boot and your little happy face there we go Put everything together there we go no eyeball a racy blind bag over here we’ve got apple jack rarity is just so so fancy Rarity’s hair rarity well let’s just see what she looks like with Apple Jacks main and is like no place for her horn to go through and her tail there we

Go so fun it’s rarity Jack and Apple rarity change them to their proper Mane’s and Tails there we go that’s looking right put that right in here there you go Applejack just say hi to Sandy since they’re both country girls howdy I’m Sadie and I love being from Texas howdy

Nice to meet you and rarity put her hair on make sure her ear goes through her mane and her tail there we go there we go okay all the erasies have been built almost all of them oh oh we get to build Olaf Olaf the eraser

Well how do I get him out oh no his body’s been separated well I guess we can take his little carrot nose look here we can take his little stick arms off and his little stick hairpiece wait yeah it does I just pulled too hard oh

And your body and your little stick arms but you don’t have any hair because it was too hard to pull out and the hair came out anyways sorry well all we have to do is put this food together and then we can start celebrating oh it’s an

Abrasion branch I’m so happy you’re here we’re about ready to celebrate well after we put this food together cuz all of the erasies have been put together migrate yeah nice actually not all the erases have been put together really there’s more yep right over there

Okay who do we have we’ve got rose look like cheeky chocolate Oh apple blossom oh wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute apple blossom we have her a little apple stem can put that right in there Oh her little worm and her little blossom there we go apple blossoms ready

Cheeky chocolate this looks like a bunch of chocolate right there oh wait a minute we forgot about the wrapper we need the chocolate wrapper to go on there we go cheesy cheesy are these cheesie’s feet no those don’t fit what about Oh what about these these look like cheesy feet

Woop there we go okay cheesy looks good to go who else to have delish doughnut oh we’ve got frosting and this is a the cakey piece of the donut in legs no that one doesn’t fit that one does there we go delish donut now it’s all put together lippy lips the little

Lipstick put this right on big big big tube of pink lipstick goes right in here perfect and now we’ve got cutie cookie look at all the little chocolaty chippy holes look at all this chocolate and the chocolate chip sticking out and we’ll just attach those on like that and

Attach kooky cookie just like that and the little feet and what is this piece it looks like string cheese that must belong to cheesy cheesy the arms go right on in there we go great everyone’s been put together now it’s time to put the food together then

We can eat I’m not gonna eat a shopkins oK we’ve got a whole bunch of food let’s see what we can put together so looks like we can make a lettuce sandwich unless there’s some meat in here somewhere I’m not seeing it yum yum we’ve got a big juicy peach YUM Oh ice

Cream I see some ice cream we’ve got two ice cream cones one’s gonna be a chocolate soft serve the other one’s gonna be vanilla YUM mmm french fries two golden crisp hot french fries oh we’ve got a doughnut we’ve got some pink frosting pink frosted doughnut can hang out with Jewish donut looks

Like we have an orange let’s go with the orange no baby this oh there we go that’s the orange stem root there we go and what Oh a cupcake you need the cake now the frosting and are we gonna put a little cherry on top oh we have a

Pineapple this one’s for spongebob here you go spongebob a pineapple for you thank you and it looks like the last thing that we’re gonna be building is a little cake oh it’s like a little layered cake Oh yum yum strawberry layered cake totally totally delicious

Looks like it is time to get the party started I’m gonna keep piecing together a whole bunch of fun videos so you do not want to miss it make sure you are subscribed I hope you have the most amazing amazing day collect all the pieces of happiness and put them

Together into your life because life is should not be a puzzle if you have a question about something else if something makes you unhappy remove it from your life and fill your life with happiness I will see you in my next video bye cookies hey cookie fans how

Old were you paying attention to the video do you remember which pony was in the same blind bag with Trixie was it Applejack princess Twilight Sparkle Princess Luna or rarity bye cookie fans cupcake

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