Escape The Evil Butcher Shop ! Roblox Obby Online Video Game

Escape The Evil Butcher Shop ! Roblox Obby Online Video Game

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All right you guys it is time what time is it it’s roblox time so we are gonna see if maybe we can escape the butcher shop today see this hamburger looks so tasty and delicious maybe it won’t look that way after we escape i’m gonna take my cookie fans along with

Me see if maybe they want to escape the butcher shop too you guys come join me i’m gonna record an aubie come on with me girl i love how we’re all on the burger we’re all totally on the burger okay they’re saying yay they’re gonna come i have a screenshot with you

Of course you can of course all right we’re gonna be playing escape the butcher shop i’ll see you there new escape at the butcher shop obby oh this looks like it’s gonna be creepy so you are stuck in the butcher shop this guy is crazy he’s making mutant

Meat and you know of his plan so now he’s locked you in the butcher shop can you escape oh so creepy oh here we are oh look at all this meat oh it does not smell too good in here at all not at all oh look at his face he’s

About ready to like slice down and slice the meat it’s got a bunch of fish in here oh it looks so gross all right i got my cookie fans in here ew look at the meat up here that looks rotten to me that is not freezer burn

That looks rotten this supposed to be a butcher shop with like the freshest meat and that looks totally rotten it’s like a poster of meat here too hey i’m so happy you joined me all right we are all here we are ready to go ugh

Ugh just does not smell good in here why am i that close to him all right we’re going in okay go through the back door wait a minute it even says right here no admittance authorized personnel only they don’t even want us back here this is where

They pack up the meat don’t step on the boxes do not stop oh no careful careful i like to step over on her body oh no what happened i didn’t touch anything this is just the first level hopefully we can do this hopefully we can do this carefully careful

She touched it just barely yes almost yes i did i did it i did it i did it okay they got the meat all packed up here got more meat packed here yeah what is this is this the this must be the freezer it doesn’t feel that cold oh

Maybe that’s why the meat is gone rotten okay we’ll go through here okay we’ve got these little prickly bone parts it kind of looks like teeth wait is it teeth look they’re even coming from the ceiling i don’t even know we’re going through though we got more meat packaged here oh

Jump this is a big ice cube what is that no no no my body she’s so sweet she’s waiting for me we did it yes we did it but her name is cookie her name is janelle cookie what is this okay don’t touch the meat don’t touch the meat it’s gross

Ew no look what happened i touched it and i fell apart okay careful careful you have to like plan it you have to like coordinate it no you gotta like go around that meat chop go around the meat go this way no no i keep running into it

Is there a way to jump past it he says cookie jump it slows you down so don’t jump it oh the jumping does slow you down oh i see what she means wait i somehow made it i somehow without even trying i somehow made it

Yay oh no look at this and now it’s just like their body just coming to us no there’s so many bodies no no hopefully they can come it’s getting cold in here though let’s go through oh i see some more coming come on we can do it go on down here

Oh you know it didn’t seem so cold at first but now it’s actually feeling really cold in here oh whoa i like jumped on top of her all right jump jump these are like big jumps that you have to do one more yes did it yes we did it we did

It we did it okay another employee only oh this is the sausage maker oh there’s where they’re putting the meat in look it he’s parted the meat and then it’s grinding into all of these little sausage links right here wait is he just hiding or is there is

There actually actually a person in oh you can kind of look in the meat okay i’m leaving leaving the sausage right now come on down careful careful careful walk across walk across she fell apart okay let’s just jump that area right here some of these links you may have to actually

Jump see watch oh no she just fell right into it she’s doing good she’s doing it she’s doing it okay come on through jump i’m doing it i did it yes yes what is it oh no the chopping block no this is where they actually slice the meat now

Now they’re slicing us they’re slicing us now but we have to be so careful going through oh look at how close we are to the blade oh no she got chopped okay I just barely made it okay careful she did it carefully go through we gotta like go right up to it and then plant it perfectly and then go plant it perfectly oh way i did it okay now go through did it no i was so close i was only two knives away

Go okay the minute goes up go through ooh that one’s kind of fast is this the this is it this is the last knife oh no she fell it’s like they’re getting faster and faster this is definitely the fastest chopping knife look at how fast that is okay we just

Have to plan it just have to plan it just you just kind of maybe you just have to just do it one two three go no laura is so good at this she’s already at the end oh wait i didn’t even touch it i totally didn’t touch it okay

Walk right up to it walk up really close and then it’s up go down okay good in it’s up okay this last one how is anybody supposed to make it it’s so fast okay one two three go yes no plan it perfectly again oh i did it

Yes i did it i did it i did it i did it working out it’s working out we’re doing it we’re doing it we’re doing it we’re going to escape we are going to escape but i just i want everybody else to make it too they keep getting chopped come on

They can do it they can totally do it come on everybody oh no they keep getting chopped they’re almost here they’re almost here come on they’re one knife away come on you can do it no she got sliced no we’re just jumping we’re just jumping she says i can’t make

It yes you can just wait for it to start going up you said okay she’s gonna try it she’s gonna try she can totally do it this is a tricky one especially since we’re only on level eight right now they’re gonna totally make it they’re gonna totally make it okay it might be

Too much pressure with us all watching okay we’ll be in the next round the meat do not touch oh i touched it her name is cookie fan okay jump no there goes ballora look at how good she is a pro what i did not touch the meat i did not

Touch it my head is on the meat is it because my hand just barely touched it that looked like my hand like a pinky a tiny little pinky we did it okay i jumped and go this way you just gotta jump just gotta jump

We did it come on cookie fan you can do it you can do it you can do it dust mover says cookie there is toxic toxic someone said please feed me yes acid wait is there acid in the next one i don’t see it i don’t see any acid come

On janelle she’s almost here oh no oh no i touched it no i totally touched it he’s saying ah acid he’s in the acid do a double jump and then i want to see what acid that dust mover is talking about okay i love green oh she does love green

Her hair was good she did it she did the double jump she did it she made it to us okay let’s go check out the acid i’m worried about the acid in here oh no oh no there is acid they’ve been putting the bacon in acid oh no dust movers totally right the

Acid is here oh oh do not touch the acid i’m surprised we can even touch this crispy bacon don’t touch it jump we did it we did it we did it we did it oh no are they gonna do it come on i love green it looks like she’s kind of standing in

The green acid she’s got to make it okay now we can go up okay right here oh no what’s going on oh no it’s warning you right now do not touch it or you will zap what can we turn it off can i like pull the thing

No we can’t oh no okay don’t touch it we’re gonna get zapped we’re gonna get zapped oh i got zapped oh my head threw my body down the stairs why did it do that oh no this is so tricky again look at i love how i like fall

Like this it’s like a jenga puzzle one more one more i did it oh no what’s going on here ew they’re making the cow eat the acid and we’ve got like this grinder right here oh no this is warning this machine starts automatically okay great nobody’s even controlling this machine oh no

Oh look at the cow i’m telling you those eyeballs are following us look at it it’s like watching it’s watching ballora look at that watch it’s going to totally watch her all right here we go we’re going in jump no i went to the grinder no

Okay try it again jump very careful oh no oh no you guys it’s even worse than i thought not only is there a meat grinder with spikes but look it i didn’t even see those blades there’s two double twin blades that come out of the wall oh

Ready to shred us it’s just so dangerous oh jump oh i keep over jumping okay there’s one jump okay don’t over jump oh there we go i did it okay now this is the scary part we have to plan it so this sharp blade coming out of the wall

Doesn’t slice us okay so it’s going in and jump oh okay don’t over jump oh over jumped now the slice jump oh the slice i did it we did it we did it guys i always get so close so close small jump now the blade jump oh okay there’s one more blade after

This we’re all on it now last blade she jumped she did it yeah so i just barely did it yes just barely did it wait a minute we’re like are we next to the cow yeah there’s the cow we’re looking out the window this is where the

Manager stands and watches oh he’s doing it he’s doing it perfect he did it perfectly oh i fell now we got to go on this toxic acid i’m sure the cow is watching us let’s see yeah oh the cow’s watching cow’s watching dust move there he goes look at

Those eyes oh look at now it’s looking at her look at her it’s watching us it’s watching us oh no the cows are in the pin over here no we have to like free them wait a minute janelle says lol i’m riding a cow wait do we actually go we actually are

Going to like ride the cow oh yeah she here she is right here she is riding the cow she’s totally riding the couch we’re on the cow perfect time for a selfie he’s healthy okay do we have to hop on the cow to hop over oh this girl oh no all right we’re

Doing it we’re going through we’re doing this hopping over hop over look at this cow it’s like it’s going crazy doesn’t look very happy jump on top of the cow to jump over and one more oh no oh my head went into the acid which fell through the floor there we go

Did it now we just have to wait for galaxy star she can do it she can do it she did it yes okay now we can go up and poor cow okay where do we go from here oh no no we have to walk the pipes okay

This is not gonna be very fun one misstep and boom into the acid you go just so careful oh you turned carefully oh no there’s some acid on the pipe that got dripped off i just barely did it oh no i didn’t touch it no i didn’t do it

Try it again don’t worry about the cow eating the acid oh oh no now i have to jump down oh so close running start oh okay did it now i have to jump down again there we go i did it i did it i did it

I did it now we’re right here where the cow is the cow is watching us it’s watching us jump up and down okay we’re going in we’re going into the cow’s mouth we’re jumping oh dogs even dogs don’t like it here we go jump in oh

Wait is this cow i don’t know it is the cow tongue these are its teeth this is its tongue this is its uvula hanging down at the back of its throat what’s down here oh no i fell i fell i fell i fell oh i fell into the stomach acid oh no

Okay the cow’s been eating oh great toxic waste green apples red apples okay that’s okay for it okay that’s okay for it carrot but this toxic waste so not good guys and then this is like going into its body and like into its muscles aka it’s meat

Oh not good at all we did it we did it oh no she fell into the stomach acid now we’re going into the intestines oh wait there’s bones did we take a wrong turn in the cow oh no we have to stick on to the side

It’s a little bit easier to jump on the side of the bone no we did it there it is there’s their stomachs you guys because cows have four stomachs so here they are all four of the cow’s stomach’s going through there’s one of them there’s another

One um should we go through the middle no this one and then this one oh no more acid more acid on the cow okay we’re going up we’re going up oh you can’t just go up oh it tricked me it totally tricked me oh it tricked her too okay we have to like

Climb the bones climb no and don’t over jump okay jump here jump here overdue okay the bones are getting flatter okay that’s that’s a better sign okay this one’s like the thickest one okay this isn’t too bad they’re getting a little thin here yes did it she’s doing it oh no no i

Fell into it why did i do that ew do you know where we are now oh oh no oh no now we have to jump oh no um we are not in a very good place with a cow no jump go through go through

Oh oh oh we made it out we made it oh we made it out oh and it’s like behind the fence oh like they’re monitoring what’s coming out of the cow wait a minute the obby is still continuing we’re still inside of the butcher shop

Oh now we have to jump on the grates oh okay big jump big jump you have to do like really big jumps because i mean like the grates are up and they’re far apart jump yes okay did it they’re all coming out rooms coming out of the couch i think we’ve

Got like three more levels left we’re going up and what is this how do we get over we have to jump on these little light posts that’s so strange um okay no oh you have to climb he’s climbing it so hop on oh you have to like jump and

Like catch on to it okay here we go one two three okay jump you gotta just kind of just swing and jump and it kind of catches you as you kind of do it oh there we go it looks like you’re gonna totally fall okay climb climb climb climb

And i did it she’s doing it she’s doing it she’s climbing on there these poor cows we gotta get them out of here you can actually see it like broke through it became like like completely like mutant because of the toxic food that they’re feeding it became just absolutely massive they’re doing it

Everybody’s coming everyone’s doing it all right we’re going in what do we have in here what do we have to do now what is this oh i don’t even know what is this i have to like jump this slanted wall oh no but it makes you fall

How are you supposed to do this she’s doing it she’s totally doing it okay oh but she’s falling she’s falling she’s falling you can easily easily fall no no i’m falling it’s like super slippery is this like a bunch of like grease and fat that they pulled out of the cow oh

We’re doing it that was tricky it was slippery and just greasy but we did it we got one more girl miss power she’s almost here she’s almost here come on oh look at that she’s just like just barely oh wait there’s another girl oh is that laura oh no i thought she made

It they’re coming this one is really tricky all right what do we have next now oh no now we have to make it past the literally the blood bath oh okay this this seems easy this seems good enough but look at the pipes no almost

Did it oh do we need to press a button do we need to press a button because now what now what did we all make it we all made it hey this is it this should be like taking us to the last level oh i’m falling oh

Oh we’re in the pigpen okay now we just have to jump on the little piggies we need to get them out of here too oh they’re not just in mud it’s toxic mud oh i feel so bad for them because they’re so cute those poor pigs we did it here’s the end

Right over here we did it you guys we made it all the way to the end now we can grab the badge is that a badge i think it’s a badge yep there it is there’s the badge we finally escaped it we got out of the

Butcher shop now we just have to save the animals right i think that’s what we need to do next mega shout out to all of my cookie fans check out everybody’s name here on the sidebar for joining this game with me it was a lot of fun you guys i can’t even

Honestly like i i don’t even have words anymore to describe how sweet everybody is oh she’s floating she’s floating like an angel in the sky oh you can get all these different paths shadow path oh this is so cool now we can go

Like up up up up up up up up up up up up really want to get go and save like the cow okay anyways you guys thank you so much for hanging out i hope this video made you laugh let’s add smiles and happiness into the world be nice to

Animals be nice to each other keep being amazing there’s only one person like you in this whole entire world out of billions of people you are super duper special because you are unique and you are you don’t ever change that biggest hugs ever and i’ll

See you guys in my next video bye you guys cookie swirl see

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