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Hello everybody today we are going to be looking over every single political ideology and yes i mean all of them and the way we are going to do that is with a little thing called the political compass i’m going to go ahead and explain how that political compass works

However if you’re already familiar with it just letting you know now that there’s timestamps to each quadrant of the compass in the description also do you all like that i have a new board and an actual like light source now we’re really moving up in the world the political compass is a

Road map that is used to determine how one ideology relates to another and it basically works like this the higher up on the compass the ideology is the more authoritarian or pro-government it is and the lower something is on the compass the more libertarian or anti-government it is so if whatever

Ideology you’re looking at is somewhere north of this axis it’s most likely in favor of large government whereas if what you’re looking at is south of the axis it’s probably more freedom or individual oriented and then your left to right or x-axis determines how that ideology handles money and social issues

For example if your ideology is on the left side of the compass it probably has ideas that are more socially centered or in other words more ideas that money should be redistributed to people and that people should overall be more accepting of others whereas if your

Ideology is on the right side of compass they probably value privacy more and the idea that someone maintains their own wealth now i’m being very general right now and as we start going through specific ideologies you’ll probably see it better in practice however as you can already see this is where ideas like

Right wing or left wing come from so just for an example say that whatever ideology we’re talking about is very anti-government and thinks that people should share their money they are going to be down in this quadrant somewhere now let’s say your ideology is very pro-government and thinks that someone should keep whatever

Money they make that ideology is going to be somewhere up here so while not perfect this is a good way of determining how certain ideas or philosophies compare to each other now as people who are familiar with it know the compass does have some downsides and it’s not a perfect way of determining

What someone believes for example one of the things that we’re going to see as we get into the compass is ideas around ethnicity like for example if someone believes that their ethnicity is the best and others shouldn’t interact with them that’s going to show up more on the

Right and that’s simply because ideas on the right are more about being exclusionary or maintaining your own privacy as you see it whereas the left is more about living together and community-centered ideas that doesn’t mean someone on the right is racist that doesn’t mean someone on the left isn’t

Racist that’s just the trend that you see but for example let’s say that we take someone and their only two ideas is that they’re very very racist and they think everyone should share their money well that is a very right-wing ideology combined with a very left-wing ideology so on the compass

They’re going to end up somewhere around here now let’s say alternatively you have someone else who thinks all races should get along and isn’t racist at all but thinks that everyone should keep their own money and give none of it away well that is again a very left-wing

Ideology combined with a very right-wing ideology so that idea is also going to end up here even though these two people disagree on literally everything they show up on the same spot on the compass and that’s why this isn’t a perfect way of determining what someone believes

That’s where jokes come in like if you have someone who doesn’t believe in anything they technically wind up on the center but if you also have someone who believes in everything very hard from all the corners at once they would also wind up on the center so just because

Two ideologies are laying next to each other whenever we go through them that doesn’t mean they’re close in belief that just means the rule of averages kind of ended up putting them next to each other and also i want to say this now we’re literally going to go over

Over a hundred ideologies from history these are a vast array of ideas and concepts that have been tried or theorized so don’t apply modern politics to what i’m going to talk about because it’s not going to work like to put it into perspective the entirety of modern us politics takes place

In about that circle now that doesn’t mean people who are parts of u.s politics or u.s government can’t be from other places on the compass but the actual policies and sort of practices in the u.s are just that little circle this is much much bigger than modern buzz

Words or media stories also i’m going to number these quadrants as one two three four because that’s just the way it works in math so as we go through this don’t try to apply modern buzzwords or politics to these ideas or places on the compass because it’s not really going to

Work for example if you come in saying that gun control is a left-wing thing well i’ve got news for you gun control is an entire top of the compass thing because historically and in practice the only people that have believed that guns should be taken away is people who think

That they should be in charge of what happens and then people further down on the compass who advocate for it normally do it as a sort of social policy however the only ones that maintain it throughout history are those who want power or take an issue like abortion and

You may say that’s a left-wing thing well again it’s an entire bottom of the compass thing the reason being people at the bottom of the compass who don’t like government control think that people should be entitled to their own actions and their own agency and therefore

Should be allowed to get an abortion and in the opposite direction is gun control if people further up on the compass are convinced to not do it it’s normally from an ethics standpoint so as we talk about politics and different forms of government and i use a lot of words like

Conservative and liberal you’ve got to separate that from preconceived notions in today’s media because i guarantee you those words do not mean what the modern news and formats say that they mean we are going to go through this image here which was sent in to me by a fan i have

Lost the email and cannot find who did it but if you’re watching this please leave a comment below because i appreciate the idea as you can see there’s some ideologies that are off of the compass and that’s because they’re so wacky or over the top that they don’t

Really fit on the compass and kind of work as a parody of the quadrant itself and because of the whole right-wing left-wing authoritarian libertarian thing the quadrants can be described as authoritarian right authoritarian left libertarian left and libertarian right we are going to go through these in the

Numbers i mentioned earlier again just because that’s how it works in math and hopefully you enjoy it as we go through the whole of human ideology and politics to talk about all ideas as they range from authoritarian to libertarian from socialist to capitalist and speaking of capitalist have you ever

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Really does mean a lot um i’m at like 550 000 subs now and uh it’s still wild that this little hobby of mine turned into what it is and all of you great people and i’m really blessed and just thankful for the opportunity so we’re going to go ahead and get into it

I hope you enjoy but above all else and i mean it thank you for watching so we are beginning with the top right corner also known as authoritarian right i also want to emphasize that i am not a technical historian or political expert although i

Pretend to be one on the internet so i guarantee you that you probably know more than i do i’m just doing this for fun so please be easy on me i promise i’m trying my best we’re gonna start as close to the center as possible with these ideologies and then get to the

Weirder and wacky ones as we move on so first up we have third way third way is pretty much as close to the dead center as you can get it’s the idea that we can have stuff like right-wing capitalism where people can keep their money and then left-wing social policies like

Social programs and things like that the true concept of third way was something that came around while bill clinton was in presidency and it’s pretty much just a central balance of all of it just to the right of that we have national liberalism now as i mentioned earlier

Right side of the compass and the closer you get to the right side is the more that you focus on either yourself or your own country national liberalism is pretty much third way only those health care policies and things apply to your own nation in other words

You’re not doing aid programs for other people just your own so while still moderate it’s slightly right of third way because it’s slightly more self-focused just above that is senatorialism this is pretty much the idea that a country should be run by a senate or a small group of elected

People as you move further down the compass there’s sort of this dissolving of power and as you move up there’s more of a focus of power so the very top is one person or one very small group of people should run everything and at the

Bottom is a very large or no one should run everything so the reason senatorialism is a little bit up is because it’s a relatively small group of people however it’s not crazy or anything because these people are either chosen or there’s enough of them that they can be trusted pretty similar to

The idea of how rome’s government worked and to the right of that is constitutional monarchism this is the idea that you can have something like a king or a queen but they’re bound to a very specific set of rules the easiest way to define it is that the king or

Queen does not rule over their people they simply reign over their people what that means is there is a very limited amount of things that they can do and it serves as more of a presidency or elected office however because it’s a monarch and kind of gives idea to the

Whole birthright idea of a leadership it’s still a relatively right-wing ideology because as we get more to the right we’re going to see more value given to worth at birth and just to the right of that we have liberalism this is where that thing i said earlier about

Don’t try to assign modern buzzwords to this compass apply because in most modern contexts liberalism is defined as like a leftist ideology when in actuality it’s comparatively right the core tenet of liberalism is essentially government protected individuality or in other words everyone has equality and the government’s purpose is to make sure

That people maintain their own agency or in other words police should protect you from people that do crimes everyone’s allowed to vote etc again that doesn’t mean other places on the compass or even in other quadrants don’t also feel that way that’s just the main ideas of

Liberalism and the reason it’s sort of a right policy is because it believes in hardcore individuality and you know the state’s supposed to protect it so that’s what puts it up here in the authoritarian right jumping back over here we have progressive conservatism the core idea of progressive

Conservatism was mostly put together as a response to slavery in the 1800s the idea is you still have a conservative government that holds on to pre-existing values however there is forceful progress in certain directions basically as it was done with slavery is the government comes in and forces people to

Quit doing that and because there is an element of government force that’s what pushes it further up on the compass however since it’s progressive it’s naturally more left than normal conservatism which we’ll get to in a second and just right of that we have eco-conservatism eco-conservatism also

Known as green conservatism is again a government that protects what is already there but directly applied to nature so this is where things like teddy roosevelt and the federal parks program comes into play and in practice it needs a semi-strong government as a means of protecting those ecological areas now

You may be confused thinking that eco stuff or stuff to do with nature is more of a left wing idea and as we’re going to see later it’s also a left-wing idea but because the upper right is so concerned with preserving what already exists and keeping things sacred

Preserving nature also applies to them as well and because you need again a semi-strong government to actually mandate this that’s what pushes it up and just above those is kyomentangism probably not pronouncing that right this is essentially a party within taiwan that believes taiwan should be combined

With china and while on an economic or social axis they’re pretty center the fact that they want to join to a very powerful centralized government makes the ideology pretty close to authoritarian but not quite and then just to the right of that we have confederalism you may be familiar with

The word confederate because of the confederate army during the american civil war however you may not know what the term actually means confederalism or a confederacy is basically the idea that the small states or sectioned off groups of people are much much stronger than the actual government that connects them

All contrast that with something like how the united states works where the state cannot overrule what the federal government says confederacy is basically the other way around now as we’re going to see in a bit this can go either way it can either mean you have a very

Strong state that enforces people what to do or as we’ll see later it can mean you have states that allow much more freedom than a federal government could but because it allows for more power to potentially take place and also in a lot of practice confederacy states have very

Strong borders or in other words a very militarized government that’s what pushes it near the top over here just to the right of that is elective monarchism this is a monarchy or in other words a king or queen however they are elected in most often cases by a small group of

People the reason this is higher and more to the right than a constitutional monarchy is because again normally a small group of people elect whoever the king or queen is and most often they have more power than in a constitutional monarchy an example of this that a lot

Of people don’t really think about is vatican city because technically the pope is elected by a small group of the cardinals and the reason it’s sort of dead center of the authoritarian right is because it can go either way depending on if the king or queen is

Good or bad or at least very overwhelming or very liberating of their people and then jumping back down here we have conservatism the basic tenet of conservatism is to conserve what already exists so things like religious rights and property ownership are important to an average conservative and therefore a

Government is needed to protect those certain rights this is something that we’re going to see a lot more of whenever we get to the libertarian right later in the video but the right side has a lot of focus on individuality and personal ownership whereas more left-leaning ideas even as you can see

Here in the difference between liberalism and conservatism revolve around the idea of sharing the wealth and providing for your own people this is also what i meant earlier whenever i circled this general area and said the majority of american politics occur here this is what i’m talking about liberal conservatism which is

Right above conservatism isn’t necessarily a combination between the two but more of its own thing liberal conservatism is those conservative tenets that i talked about earlier however there is more of a push towards law and order and forced good in other words the basic idea that people should

Not only be corrected in a physical law sense but also in a morality sense in other words things that go against core conservative tenets or practices should at least be frowned upon or in other words it’s liberally using your conservatism i hope that wasn’t too confusing i promise i’m trying my best

Basically the government can be used to sort of guide people down certain ideologies which is why it’s more north than basic liberalism or conservatism and then just above that we have national conservatism this is basically the idea of preserving one’s own value but specifically apply to your country

In other words a taught and felt sense of importance when it comes to world issues and an overall sense of national pride because that naturally involves the use of more government or at least a sense of betterment when it comes to government that’s what pushes it up even

Though economy can vary it’s normally along the lines of what we do is right because we’re right i also need to get this out of the way now if i make jokes about something as we go through this it’s not me showing favoritism or disdain for a certain ideology it’s just

Because i like to make jokes and i’m going to do it whenever i can and then right beneath that and next to liberal conservatism we have zionism zionism is specifically applied to the jewish people who believe that they are entitled to the nation of israel and while not really that authoritarian it

Is pretty right-wing because it falls back into that whole sense of national identity and born purpose at birth and then all the way with our first one on the right wall of the compass is fiscal conservatism fiscal conservatism is conservatism the idea that you should preserve what you have applied

Specifically to money and since the closer you get to the right the more the ideology likes to keep their money and the idea of fiscal conservatism being that the government exists to protect your own money you get the point while not overly authoritarian it’s the idea

That when it comes to money you should be able to keep whatever you make and the government should exist to protect that wealth and then right above that one we have neoconservatism this is a new idea neo new get it that really spawned in the united states around the time of

Vietnam and it’s essentially the idea that we should share these conservative principles of what matters to us with everyone else or in other words it’s the concept of interventionism the idea that we have these beliefs and policies that work for us therefore we should share or in some cases force that with other

People and again since the right also is the idea of our way of life is important the idea of rapidly enforcing your way of life on other people is very very right-wing and then right above that is traditional conservatism i promise i’m going to stop saying the word conservatism here in a

Second so like with all the other ones how they’re all different routes that conservatism can take this one’s specifically about morality or in other words the preserved or kept ideas of what is good and what is wrong should be enforced on other people that’s the reason that this one’s even further up

On the authoritarian axis because while a lot can keep in mind the idea of the state mandating stuff like money the idea of them mandating things like morality is a lot more on the pro-government side ideas like this are seen with a lot of religious organizations and the idea that because

We do things a certain way you should also do things that certain way even though the two are pretty close together paleo conservatism is almost the opposite of neoconservatism whereas neo believes we should share our doctrines with the rest of the world paleo conservatism is the idea that we should

Be kept to ourselves and not interact with the outside world as much as possible or at least in the sense of policy and military also core tenets with paleoconservatism is the idea or at least as it’s applied in the united states nowadays that we have gone too

Far or at least the military has gone too far and while you may think oh not putting your military into other nations that sounds like a very far removed policy from all these others but you have to realize that also applies to international aid so if another country

Needs help the paleoconservative idea is don’t give it to them because we don’t want to talk to them as much as possible and then to the right of that we have pinochetism this is named after the general pinochet of chile or chile whatever so it’s pretty much a doctrine

Based around his practices and for those that don’t know pinochet was famous for taking socialist within chile taking them up in the air in a helicopter and then throwing them out so it’s not only conservative ideas of we have to maintain what’s important to us it’s the idea of actively and very quickly

Removing those who do not agree with you so yeah you can’t get much more maintaining your values than immediately killing anyone that doesn’t maintain those values moving back over here more towards the left and a little bit up we have christian theocracy this is the idea that there should be a government

Of some sort that sole purpose is to maintain christian values so while like economically because christians believe in helping the poor and things like that it’s kind of diverse or at least center when it comes to money the reason it’s so authoritarian is because it’s a specific way of thinking that way of

Thinking being christianity and the idea that the government needs to mandate it in some way and to go ahead and speed this up a bit hindu theocracy buddhist theocracy and islamist theocracy are all the exact same thing only applied to those respective religions so pretty much with all of

These christian included it’s the idea of taking the values from that specific religion and having a state that sole purpose is to enforce those ideas so as you can imagine pretty authoritarian since it’s a government whose sole purpose is to force religion on others

And then to the right of all of those we have feudalism most easily explained feudalism is a land-based class structure this is something that was commonly seen in medieval europe and is basically the idea that you have a lord who owns the land you have the knights and sort of soldier

Class that work as his private guard and then the peasants that just live on the land this is a very clear hierarchy with a very clear power structure and basically holds the idea that the amount of worth that someone has within an economy or social structure is solely defined by the amount of

Property that they own and then just above feudalism you have colonialism now colonialism is often used as a sort of insult to groups of people who move to a new area and then begin to live there and that’s not what this is talking about true colonialism is the idea that

You can go to a new area simply farm all of its resources and collect the profit from it or in other words this is like a cartoon level of capitalism like dude from the lorax level capitalism basically the idea that if you find a resource that you can use to make a

Profit you are entitled to it and therefore in a government structure you either are the reigning government or the reigning government protects those rights and then just left of that we have aristocracy the main principle of an aristocracy is there are some people who are just better at ruling and making

Decisions than others so therefore a privileged few control what everyone else is allowed to do a lot of older governments ruled like this and the only thing that separates it from being at the very top is you technically have some dispersion of government because instead of just having one kinder queen who controls

What everyone does all the time it’s a few people who control what everyone does all the time so you know some level of balance but it’s essentially in line with the some people are just better than others argument and now we’re getting up there with the wacky one starting with neo-fascism

Neo-fascism or basically new fascism was created immediately after world war ii it’s basically the idea that core tenets of fascist governments should be preserved we’ll get into what those core tenets are here in a second but the main ideas behind neo-fascism is that people have a certain worth depending on their

Ethnicity national pride is very important and should be enforced and used and ideas like a very strong military and an emphasized importance on preserved tradition over here on the left we have something known as vichy fascism this is specifically in reference to certain french groups that allied themselves with italy and germany

During world war ii so in other words it’s basically fascism although instead of just national importance there is some level of other country importance or alliance at least so it’s not totally isolationist but it’s still fascism which makes it still very super authoritarian and then for our first one

At the roof of the political compass we have fascism fascism is essentially a form of extreme nationalism it’s the idea that people native to a certain country are the most important within that country and things like self-control and agency should be sacrificed for the greater good of one’s

Own people this is most often done through a very strong military that enforces either standards or moral practices and the reason it’s not super right-wing even though it has ideas like intense nationalism within it is because within fascism itself there is a lot of sort of social programs for of course

The people that fascism favors so while there are several sort of socialist elements to the privileged class within a country those don’t apply to the people that it doesn’t want it to apply to basically it’s the idea of standing up for your own people and helping yourself and

Doing that by stepping on everyone else and then just to the right of that we have esoteric fascism this is everything that i just said with more of a focus on the spiritual or supernatural and a lot of the ideas within it justify the whole ethnic pride thing through a sense of

Spiritual superiority or in other words we’re not just better because we were born better we’re better because we’ve always been destined to be better and then to the right of that we have the big spooky one nazism which is in itself pretty much a form of fascism the reason

Autism is to the right of fascism is because as it’s been historically proven nazism is much more active with its beliefs whereas fascism may be we shouldn’t encourage outsiders to come in or help people that aren’t us nazism is actively removing those outsiders which is not only super

Authoritarian but more of a direct action approach when it comes to these ideas the reason it’s not all the way on the right is because similar to fascism that i mentioned earlier there is a spreading of wealth within one’s own country nazism itself is short for national socialism so while economically

It’s not over there when it comes to things like social or order of importance it’s pretty much as far right as one can get and then just to the right of that is neo-nazism i’ll be honest and this doesn’t just apply to this one but applies to a lot on the compass

I’m not entirely sure why the idea was placed where it’s at and i’m not an expert so i’m not questioning it i’m sure that this was done by someone far more educated than myself but neo-nazism in practice is pretty much just an attempt to bring back the core tenets of

Nazism so if i had to guess the reason it’s more right is because it’s not only keeping up with the government that’s currently in place it’s trying to institute a new government that has those beliefs so you could kind of see that as more active but yeah in itself the ideology is

Pretty much just trying to bring back the good old super racist kill everyone ideas of nazism coming off of the super hardcore dystopian governments a little bit we have authoritarian capitalism this is essentially the idea that power or control within a country should be based

On who has the most money and the super powerful super government that would exist in this realm which is controlled by those capitalists enforce not only a protection of their own wealth but the clash structure of the beneficiary and the worker while this causes a huge

Disparity of wealth and power there is a large focus in the ideology that those at the top have to maintain a level of material comfort for those under them so essentially the idea that large corporations maintain money and they convince people it’s not a problem because they give them cool stuff and

Then just above that we have corporate autocracy this is essentially a full-blown totalitarian government only instead of one person or a small group of people running it it is only corporations so what could possibly go wrong and by ruling i mean that judges and militaries and police and everything are

Specifically owned by corporations it’s pretty much like a dystopian sci-fi level of control that certain businesses would have like something out of borderlands and again harkens back to the ideas in authoritarian capitalism that those that have the most money should be the ones in charge and then to

The right of those two we have imperialism the easiest way to describe this in contrast to colonialism is imperialism is like colonialism and the fact that you find a new area and you take the resources only in imperialism you stay there and make them do your way

Of life so this is interventionism to the next level it’s not just the idea of we should help or stick our feet in where we can it’s the idea of we should go there we should take their resources we should make them think the way that

We think and never leave the most common example people use is japan right before and during world war ii in their behavior when it came to countries like china and as you can imagine imperial countries have a very strong military as a means of carrying out these imperialistic ideas and then above

Imperialism you have conquestalism so again climbing up the chain from colonialism to imperialism conquestalism is you do the imperialism thing and then you keep going and you never stop and you go forever it’s essentially the idea that one’s country or worth is defined by the land and resources that they can

Conquer this is what a lot of really old empires would do where they would just keep grabbing land and didn’t really stop and pretty much follows the idea that everyone has a right to everything if they’ll take it and not in the super standalone capitalist idea which is

Something we’ll see later on in the compass but more so in the idea of a very powerful government being right and having the right to whatever they want and then finally in the top right corner we have absolute monarchism this is like the comedic level of a king or queen’s

Power it says that one person by divine right or in other words they were born into the role has the ability to do whatever they want with their people whenever they want it you cannot get more pro-ethnic worth or more pro-government than having one person who was born into the role decide what

Everyone does all the time with no limits and also because religion is most commonly a right-wing ideology the fact that absolute monarchs are normally justified as god-given worth or god-given right falls in line with this it’s the preservation of one person’s thoughts and ideas being able to act however they

Want which is as you can see the extremity of all right or authoritarian ideas that we’ve covered up into this point so now that we’ve covered the entire authoritarian right corner of the political compass let’s go over the joke or wacky ones that are off of the compass the first wacky ideology which

We can see off the right side of the compass is social darwinism so you know how so far we’ve kind of seen the reoccurring thing that certain people or certain groups around this part think that some people are just better than others well social darwinism is the idea

That the weakest in a species will die out over time so on the political compass it’s saying that that’s a good thing or in other words people that have this perspective think that a government or people should be accustomed to the idea that if someone can’t survive or

Can’t make it well they’re just supposed to die and that means the rest of us get stronger so sucks for them then up near the right top we have fordism which is named after henry ford and earlier whenever i made the joke about cartoon level capitalism fordism is an ironically cartoon

Capitalism it’s the idea that it’s best if there are mass assembly lines and a system of government in which consumers are urged to buy products that are put together by a small group of workers and it all goes into a big money machine that makes the corporation or corporate

People richer this is very similar to how coal mines were ran in the south around the 1950s basically you have workers that worked very hard all day and then they are paid with money that can only be spent at the company at the company store on goods so therefore you

Have these big bosses who made up fake money that they give to people who turn them over a prophet and they profit while other people suffer this is saying that that’s a good thing and then above that is genghis khan ism which is named after the conquester genghis khan if you

Don’t know he basically ran through the area that’s now mongol in china and pillaged and took whatever he wanted from everyone and it’s basically imperialism and conquestalism on steroids like to the point he never really did anything besides conquering and also it’s believed that up to two percent of the world’s population are

Direct descendants of genghis khan because uh when he took whatever he wanted that included women so genghis khan ism is you can take anything you want whenever you want and that means anything and then all the way off the top right corner of the compass there’s craytock crate crater

Craterocracy there we go craterocracy quite literally means the strong rule and by strong i mean like bulk like physically strong is the idea that those who are powerful enough to fight and kill their way to the top of the government deserve that spot in government and that if you have a small

Sort of oligarchy that is made out of super strong blood hunters then that will therefore make your nation stronger so quite literally kill or be killed to take the throne but not in a metaphorical sense in a very literal you have to kill the guy sitting in the

Chair in order to rule so it can most easily be described as a based oligarchy there’s also one over here that is at the top but because it also crosses its way over into authoritarian left i don’t want to talk about it yet however after the end of this next section we’ll go

Into detail about what that means but for now this is the entirety of the authoritarian right side of the compass so i’m going to change shirts and be right back i got like halfway through this quadrant then remember that i have to hold my microphone so

Here we go again we have now moved from authoritarian right over to the left and we are now in the authoritarian left while still very pro-government a lot of the ideas in here are more related to workers union than things similar as well as more distribution between a nation’s people and more communal

Efforts but we’ll get to that and since the center of the entire compass is now here we’re going to start here and work our way out laborism is basically more of an idea that it is a form of government and it essentially says that the working class should be prioritized

Within a form of government or in other words those responsible for production should be a heavy hand if not the entirety of a nation’s government this comes back to an idea we’re going to see more across this quadrant which is the idea that those who control the means of

Production are the ones who need to be prioritized when it comes to a nation’s either well-being or control then just to the left of that is distributism distributism is basically saying that there needs to be shared ownership of a nation’s assets this is different from socialism whereas socialism is the

Belief that wealth should be equally shared among a people distributism is the idea that sources of capital need to be shared between people an example of this would be co-ops where a group of people who are responsible for the production of the business also profit from the capital of it and essentially

The idea that more things need to be ran like that and then just above that we have social nationalism that thing i talked about earlier the whole rule of averages that if someone has an extreme left belief and an extreme right belief they’ll come out in the center this is a

Pretty good example of that basically it’s nationalism which we talked about in the last quadrant with a full socialist economy within that nation so most often this is racist as you could imagine and is very economically supportive of the group of people that it favors while not particularly

Authoritarian the fact that there’s a redistribution of wealth implies some level of a high government so because of all that stuff factored in at once it shows up here then just to the left of that is unionism this can have a lot of definitions basically as it’s put here

On the political compass it’s the idea that there needs to be a equality in power in other words things like lobbying within governments is frowned upon and in other words things like people or farmers markets or whatever have an equal say in either the government or what happens to them and

Then over here just above laborism we have christian democracy this is a pretty centrist ideology except when it comes to economics it can be kind of left which is why it shows up here the idea is you basically have a form of liberal democracy in which people have the ability to vote

It just basically has a christian foundation in other words principles of law and how government should be ran are taken from the bible which is the reason it’s often seen as a leftist idea because ideas of giving to the poor and helping the needy are practiced through

State funds and then this big block to the left of that is castro-ism castroism is the ideology of the cuban leader fidel castro the core tenants of castroism are things like a turning down of private property in favor for public interest or in other words you don’t own

A farm the state owns a farm so that they can help everyone else as well as a strong military and unity within a nation and while it’s not overly authoritarian against its own people and it’s not really progressive as a matter of fact several of castro’s ideas would be considered the opposite of

Progressive by today’s standards his economic and military policies would place him here on the compass and then above those we have kleptocracy kleptocracy is a weird one it quite literally translates to rule of thieves and it operates as exactly that a form of corrupt collectivism in which whatever members of government exist accumulate

Public funds and most often misuse them even though this phrase is kind of used as an insult of governments technically you have a small group of people collecting funds and then redistributing them as they see fit and there’s also a clear hierarchy of chain of command so i mean technically that’s a left-wing

Socialist policy and then just left of that is technocracy you could kind of think of technocracy as the opposite of a representative government basically it’s the idea that those who have the best technical standards to take over government should be the ones to do so or in other words the smartest or

Strongest of a people should be the ones leading the reason it’s considered a technocracy is because of most modern theory either a test or some algorithm would determine who was best suited to rule but essentially saying some are better than others and though some should be the ones in charge and then

Just left of that is social gospel social gospel is a political movement that began in the early 1900s it was basically one of the early foundations of the progressive movement basically ideas like racism and child slave workers within factories were challenged on a biblical principle in other words people began to ask if

The bible says love everyone is thy neighbor and we should take care of children why are we racist and why are children cleaning out ovens and factories the core tenet of the entire thing being on earth as it is in heaven or the idea we should try to be as

Christ-like as possible while on earth the reason i guess this is considered a more authoritarian idea because you can definitely see why it’s considered to the left or least progressive is because there was a lot of push from the state in order to enact these policies like you know child labor laws

And other super lame laws like that so sort of a semi-authoritarian progressive movement in order to stop making people mean and then just to the left of that is dingism this is a modern idea within southeast asia the easiest way to describe it is socialism with capitalist

Ideas so essentially you still have a redistribution of wealth and a state overlooked economy however there are some things like semi-free markets and private business and while compared to everything else over here it’s kind of culturally right the fact that it is technically a form of socialism puts it

Over here on the left and then above all of those we have futurist this is an overarching idea that the primary goal of a society should be to progress their technological stance or in other words advancements in things like healthcare science and robotics supersede everything else because of this and the

Funding and sort of think tank mentality it would take to achieve a futurist world it’s naturally kind of authoritarian and left because you need everyone to be in on it and you also need some sort of fun collection and then to the left of that we have state capitalism state capitalism is quite

Literally a for-profit government in other words the state itself can be shareholders and produce products that it uses to make money off of whereas there’s a lot of accusations of modern governments that people do it behind the scenes this is quite literally like the state is trading stock on the public

Marketplace now in other ideas for this the state is just sort of a contender or in other words the state would have to trade money or resources with other pre-existing companies however you know if there’s like five different companies competing with each other and one of them’s the government

Things get a little lopsided and then just left of that is tito-ism tito-ism was specifically seen during the cold war in yugoslavia so you know kind of a niche idea and as far as principles go it’s kind of like a diet communism or diet version of whatever the ussr was

Doing because it was basic ideas of like unity between workers or protecting yourself through community members and yada yada you could think of this as a lot of communist theory without the you know gulags and other genocides that communism is commonly associated with or

At least the ones we’ll get to in a bit jumping back down here we have left populism left populism is exactly that it’s taking a leftist economic approach to whatever the public capabilities are it’s basically very anti-elitist and has a focus on the workers or common people

Of a group and is the idea of focusing on the little guy while condemning the actions of those up top then just above that we have ho chi minh thought this is the idea of vietnam during the american war with vietnam hence the name ho chi minh thought and it follows basic ideas

Like having a group of workers that in the case during ho chi minh’s time are used to defend one’s nation as well as the idea that the working class are the most important and therefore should be prioritized in decision making down into the left we have collectivism this is

Just the overall idea that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and that in several cases it’s best for one’s own personal agency to suffer for the benefit of the group which is your basic ideas of share the wealth and other common leftist economic beliefs

Just above that we have agrarianism agrarianism is the basic idea of equality among different peoples and most often is seen in a lot of sort of farming or rural communities and basically holds the idea that the little guy has just as much as say as anyone

Else and puts a focus on the more often forgotten about people within a society like the farmers being the main focal point for how decisions are made and then right above that in the complete opposite direction we have social transhumanism so transhumanism itself we’ll talk about later but as a short

Version now it is the idea that priority in a government should be to exceed the capabilities of what humans are capable of or in other things like biotech or robotics are the future of humanity so social transhumanism is the idea that the best way to achieve that is through

A socialist or shared wealth economy so redistribute the money as much as possible so that we can make robot people and that whole thing i talked about earlier how if two things are near each other it doesn’t mean they’re similar social transhumanism being right above the farmer’s co-op should be pretty good

Proof of that and then above those two we have conservative socialism which this one’s pretty much what sounds like it’s a socialist economy with conservative or traditional values the commonality between those two ideologies is for one you need a state to redistribute the wealth and on the other

Side you need a state to instill or maintain family values so conservative socialism is having the state to make people continue life the way you want them to and make sure they share their money right above that we have chavism which is the ideology of venezuelan leader hugo chavez the basic ideas he

Put forward were of a very controlling or least militaristic state and the large amount of socialism or redistribution was primarily done as a means of increasing the military power so chavism is basically the idea of shared wealth as a means of maintaining one’s own military capabilities and then

Jumping down here for our first one on the left wall we have orthodox marxism orthodox marxism is kind of meta because it’s the original idea of marx however orthodox marxism was established after marx died so it’s people trying to get back to the original way marx used to be

So yeah but it’s basically the idea that the only way forward for a nation is to have a completely classless society or in other words everyone is completely equal when it comes to decision making and wealth this also puts the control of state affairs directly into the people’s

Hands and works as a sort of insisted equality and then right above that we have trotskyism which suitably is the ideology of leon trotsky the best way to describe trotskyism or at least in my completely uneducated opinion is it’s orthodox marxism with government action put into it and i use the term

Government loosely basically a small group of people who have the capability to cause a revolution that will eventually lead to orthodox marxism we’re going to talk about more in a second but it’s basically the idea that a small group of people can act like the

State for a while in order to get the people to a place in which they can live in a more socialist perspective to which they can then step back and achieve orthodox marxism it’s sort of an inch justify the means approach to government and then right above that we have

Leninism leninism essentially operated as the prelude to communism and whereas orthodox marxism is the idea everyone should be equal trotskyism is the idea that you can push a little bit in order to get to a place where everyone can be equal leninism is an active step-by-step guide of how to achieve that basically

It focuses on something known as the vanguard party which is the idea that a small group of leaders will step forward and be leaders for a while in order to throw out the old capitalist or bourgeoisie which is a fancy way of saying the high up in charge or upper

Class or whatever you get the point and then hand control back over to the people as mentioned leninism is a much more active or direct action form than the two that i mentioned previously and in practice is very anti-capitalist and by that i mean if there are businesses

Or people that are maintaining a wealth or class status above other people then leninism gets rid of them either by throwing them out of the country or throwing them out of existence also a core idea with leninism and this also kind of applies to trotskyism is the revolution has to be maintained in

People’s eyes forever so essentially you build up a bunch of energy in order to get them to a place in which they can achieve a socialist society and then you keep the momentum going by saying that they’re still fighting the fight and that’s why a lot of sort of leftist

Literature you read or leftist posters that you see encourage things like we’re all together fighting the good fight because it keeps up the idea that the fight’s never over so short version maintaining a small group of the state for a while in order to get rid of the

Bad people and then create a new system in which people are more equal and there’s a socialist society to which the state can then dissolve itself and then coming back over here we have monarcho communism which is another perfect example of that whole rule of average

Thing so it’s the idea of having a monarchy and a communist society at the same time so it’s the right wing idea of divine right to rule and kings and queens and all that mixed with the far left idea of a communist state so in practice you would have a

Born ruler who had the privilege to rule at birth or whatever ruling or reigning over a group of people who are trying to maintain a classless society between themselves but they have a king so yeah also and not a lot of people know this one of the core tenets of

Communism is that the state eventually goes away basically you have a very powerful state for a while to redistribute the funds and get the workers groups together and then the state disappears however if you have that along with a monarchy and like a born lineage is like the king leave

Eventually or just like does it just like kind of disappear into the air obviously this is a high up ideology because it’s ideas of communism and monarchism but it comes out in the middle of the two basically because it’s very far left and very far right and i’m

Pretty sure this is impossible but if not please explain to me how it’s any different because i legitimately would like to know and then right above that we have baptism so bathism is a form of arabian nationalism so while it’s very very right-wing when it comes to their

Beliefs and practices it also advocates for public ownership and a sort of unity between arabs and it also emphasizes a vanguard party or small group of elites who can flip over a government like leninism only in baptism they don’t really go away so it sort of comes out

As a middle road again because of averages because it’s very left when it comes to like economy and people’s and very right when it comes to you know traditions and beliefs and overall very pro-government and then just to the left of that we have left-wing nationalism left-wing

Nationalism is pretty much the idea of having a socialist or communal society that you shut off and violently defend it from anyone who says otherwise this would be the mindset of people like shay guevara or the ira essentially it’s a very pro-leftist government and maybe even progressive with some of their

Beliefs although shay was not progressive at all in his beliefs but holds the stringent idea of leaving us alone within our social estate or will literally kill you and then to the left of that we have mugabe-ism this is named after robert mugabe who was the leader

Of zimbabwe and while when it comes to the economy within the state it’s a very marxist-leninist ideology what keeps it from being all the way left is mugabe was sort of a black nationalist and very violent against outsiders to the region and is most known for the authoritarian

Military regime which is the reason due to social politics is over to the left and due to the overwhelming government policies way up north right above that we have zeism this is in reference to the modern leader of china so that should say enough holds ideas of a

Social estate as well as the government always being correct so full censorship full putting away of personal agency and the government’s always right just don’t question it if you question it you get shot just trust me nothing happened at tiananmen square why are you asking left of both of those we have

Anti-revisionism this is an idea that cropped up after stalin lost power and khrushchev came to power or i should say stalin died but he still lost power so i’m still right and it’s basically the idea that russia was ran the correct way under stalin and new people who want to

Back off of his principles need to stop or essentially it’s people who had the communist ideal and then didn’t like the way that the country was going because of it so they pretty much said actually let’s let the state stick around and never dissolve it and then for our first

Leftist ideology that touches the roof we have eco-fascism now this is still fascism that i talked about on the right quadrant which is the ideas of nationalism and the people preserving what they have but it’s specifically applied to nature so since that’s sort of a leftist ideology this one pretty

Much comes out on the center and it’s pretty much the idea of having a totalitarian state whose overall purpose is to do what’s best for nature and make sure other people don’t do something against it to the left of that we have juche which is the form of government in north korea

And that explains why it’s on the top pretty much 100 control of the normal people’s lives is controlled by the government and while there’s a sense in equality in the fact that everyone’s poor there’s a very clear ruling class that distributes money to the quote unquote working class so i mean

Technically it’s left kinda sorta it’s more pro-government than anything though to the left of that is something known as tracerism stracerism was developed by the stracer brothers right before nazi germany and world war ii and it’s pretty much nazism and then add in the fact that no one can

Own anything and there’s no private businesses so it’s a full form of socialism controlled by the state within what would have been nazi germany so keep all the racist principles and the genocides and all that and also no one can own anything and it’s fully public markets basically and then to the left

Of that there is maoism named after chairman mao of china so in theory maoism is leninism only those vanguard people i talked about have to be commoners or basically rather than getting a few people to lead everyone everyone leads themselves however in practice there is a ton of authority

Worship like people saw chairman mao as essentially some form of god that couldn’t be touched so because of that whenever he enacted something they weren’t one to question the will of god which is the reason why his things like the great leap forward ended up killing about 55 million people through a famine

But ideas that we see other places up here of the government always being right mao was kind of the forerunner of and then to the left of that is national bolshevism also known as red fascism it’s pretty much fascism only full communist when it comes to economy and

Workers markets so keep all the racism keep all the nationalism and all that stuff and then they want a full communist government only the state never dissolves so imagine like a really really racist china i am simplifying a bit but it’s extreme ideas of nationalism combined with a permanent communist regime and then

Finally in the top left corner we have stalinism which is of course the ideas of joseph stalin during and after world war ii so remember how like when it comes to leninism and communism the idea is the state exists for a while or the vanguard party or whatever exists for a

While in order to get to a classless society and then they leave so imagine all of the drive and power needed to achieve that and then they never intended to leave at all not one bit colin came to power and had anyone who disagreed with him executed or thrown in

Prison in one of history’s most extreme cases of totalitarianism he ended up killing about 48 million people through his decisions when it came to famines and who was to be executed and etc and it is probably one of the most extreme examples in history of someone getting

All the power and then doing everything wrong with it but at least like when mao had the great leap forward it was to convert the country from a rural industry into like a tech and you know like city urban industry it didn’t work and was a horrible idea and killed

Potentially more people than stalin but at least he had a point stalin just didn’t like people and had him killed i remember in one story about stalin according and i’m not sure the validity of this it could have been disproven but it kind of fits whenever he was on his

Deathbed he was asleep for a few days and then i believe it was his daughter watched him as he woke up looked at the ceiling shook his fist at the sky and died and fighting god is the appropriate way to describe everything that man ever

Did and now we are on to the bonus wacky off the compass ideologies starting down here on the left with communalism communalism is most easily described as remember the confederacy thing i talked about earlier and how it’s a loosely strung together group of independent nations or independent states well

Imagine that only a set of states it’s like farms and private groups of people so in other words you have these small communities that share everything with each other and they share with other communities and it’s a big kumbaya sharing circle all right so this is one

Of my favorite wacky ideologies on the whole thing posadism so you know how like with like linen and theoretically with mao and stuff the whole idea is you need a powerful state in order to get to communist or socialist ideas well posadism also wants to get to

Socialist ideas but it says the only way to do that is through a nuke and i’m not kidding the idea with post sadism is that the only way we can achieve a truly leftist world is to nuke the pre-existing one because it’s too tainted and then from the ashes of that

In a very fallout-esque fashion we can rebuild a truly classless leftist society there’s like at least three people out there that unironically subscribe to that this next one is too long to spell out on the board however it stands for fully automated luxury space gay communism which is a parody of

All the leftist ideas of people being taken care of and being classless and progressive and whatever it’s we all go to space and we’re all gay and we’re communist so yeah and then off the top left corner of the compass we have hive mind collectivism which if you’ve ever

Heard the critique against socialism or communism that everyone has to think together at the same time and we all follow the same ideas this is saying that that is a good thing and not only is it a good thing we should all hook our brains into one collective technology sphere where we’re all

Controlled by one thought and we all share thoughts and we’re all just like part of a giant hive so like the stereotypical joke about leftist ideas it wants that like how on the right there was like the comedic cartoon level capitalist this is the comedic cartoon level communist and then remember how on

The right side there was an idea up here on the left that i couldn’t get to because it was dead center in the middle that is in socialism i think that’s how it’s pronounced the reason it’s dead center is because it doesn’t care about morality or economy or anything else you

Know the book 1984 okay well this is the government from 1984. and it’s saying the whole thing the big brother is watching you give your entire agency to the state and the state controls everything this is saying that’s a good thing and it’s not technically left or right because it’s just all about

Control so right in the middle above everything else you have a super powerful big brother government that wants nothing but the best for you and if you question it they’ll kill you so we are now done with both authoritarian quadrants of the compass i’m going to

Change shirts and when we come back we are going to talk about the libertarian left ideologies we are now on to the libertarian left quadrant which is on the bottom left this is the first quadrant that we are going to see a progression away from government rather than a progression towards government

While this will maintain some beliefs that we saw in the previous quadrant about community and people working together this one will have more of a focus on social issues as well as people’s individual worth as well as the aforementioned push from less government eventually to being actively anti-government so let’s get started so

Since the new center is up here at the top right we’re going to start here and work our way out with our first one progressivism progressivism isn’t as much of a political ideology as it is a sort of policy it’s basically the idea that in tech social and economic places

Progress can be made towards a better collective goal or basically aspects of the human condition can be improved through learned behavior and essentially works as a means of social reform directly beneath that is welfarism now this isn’t the policy of welfare which is something else although you could say

The two are kind of related instead this is a form of thought that asks about the consequences of an action or in other words say there’s some policy change or someone new coming to power or what have you welfarism is the idea of acting what could possibly happen or who could

Possibly be hurt by this action so say a government wants to outsource jobs to another country a welfare chief concern would be what happens to the pre-existing workers it’s essentially a humanitarian way of looking at cause and effect to the left of that we have eco-transhumanism now this is one of

Those wacky ones that’s here because it’s technically like kind of caught in the middle so bear with me it is the idea that the ecosystem in nature are paramount and therefore we need to increase technology in order to help it now while more moderates within this ideology think that that is done by

Creating green energy or renewable energy sources that won’t harm the planet the full extent of this is that we need to rapidly get to the point to where space travel is possible so that part of the population can leave the earth and therefore protect it so

Space race in order to save the trees yeah just beneath that we have liberal democracy this is the ideas of liberalism that we talked about earlier applied directly to a democratic government or essentially the ideas of the individual being protected in a system in which the individual decides

What happens or group of individuals you get the point this is where you see things like separation of powers and different branches of government and the system itself is built all around as a means of protecting human and individual rights and then down to the right of that we have nordic liberalism nordic

Liberalism is a practice that’s seen in europe and it’s basically the idea of capitalism but with a social safety net as with the majority of current world governments there’s things like public sector jobs and private economy and yada yada but the main focus of a nordic

Democracy is that for the poor and needy there are social systems in place to help them and then past that their main concern is whatever makes the populists happy when a lot of people talk about wanting capitalism with social programs it’s normally something like this they’re referring to and then beneath that

Somehow it’s technological primitivism okay so bear with me here this is the idea that technology and modern industry is good but the society that has been created because of it is not good so therefore we need to create technology in a means that it can continue to progress

But without social regression in other words iphone good iphone rot your brain make iphone that do good but no raw brain again that whole thing i mentioned earlier about just because two things are next to each other doesn’t mean they’re similar yeah and then to double down on that point we have acceleration

Accelerationism so accelerationism is like a sort of more tamed version of the wacky postedism i mentioned earlier it’s basically the idea that in order to get to the way society is supposed to be we have to destroy this society by the means of its current reputation the reason this is considered a leftist

Ideology even though it could technically be anywhere on the compass is because it’s most often targeted against capitalism and towards socialism so basically it works like this say i absolutely hate capitalism and want a full socialist government well i don’t see a way to defeat capitalism as it

Currently stands so therefore i become a capitalist and practice as many evil business ventures as humanly possible so i can destroy the system so that we can get to socialism quicker again like post sadism but instead of like literal nukes it’s like metaphorical money nukes basically those were three

Real weird ones back to back so anyway getting back on track beneath that one we have social democracy this is basically the idea that social or socialist policies are best played out through a democratic lens however rather than enforcing them people should be convinced through voting to vote in new

Policies rather than having them imposed on them it’s basically an actively applied form of progressivism with more sense of agency when it comes to the individual voter to the left of that we have greenism this is exactly what it sounds like the idea that nature has to come first when it comes to

Decision making and that ecology is the number one issue whenever it comes to how money is to be spent or what have you and most practical applications of this have some way of having a government to enforce pro-green policies but more importantly than that there’s the idea that the

Government should leave the planet alone which is why it’s more of a libertarian thing than something like eco-fascism is back down here we have syndicalism so remember earlier when i’ve talked about confederacies and basically the idea of having these powerful states that are sort of loosely connected so syndicalism

Is that but instead of states it’s things like farmers co-ops or workers unions basically small groups or syndicates are placed together however best fits depending on if they’re all the same production like farmers or industry or just people based on their area to which trade is then performed

Between them and they’re sort of a loose connection keeping it all together imagine it as an interconnected group of free unions to the left of that is democratic socialism and this is exactly what it sounds like it’s a socialist state in which the money is shared and the means of production are controlled

By a collective rather than private businesses however the leaders of that socialist country are voted by the workers and members of that country themselves so exactly as it says it’s a democratic social estate and just beneath that is democratic confederalism so a decentralized group of people like i’ve talked earlier with confederacies

And then those groups have the ability to pick who runs the connective government between them the reason obviously that you can see the confederalism is considered more libertarian or more liberty oriented than socialism is because in socialism no matter how you phrase it it’s one state that sort of mandates what the

Others does and in confederalism the centralized state is much weaker we’re getting to the point where things are going to start drifting away from less government to being actively anti-government just to the right of that we have environmentalism and environmentalism is more so the idea that the environment should be the

Limiting factor in a lot of decisions in other words this is a policy for government to follow and this is rules that the government cannot break but in theory greenism would be when someone says hey maybe the government should do more recycling programs and environmentalism is more of

If you destroy this rain forest in south america bad things are going to happen it doesn’t have to be that violent but it certainly can be then just to the right of that we have market socialism and as it says it’s a social estate with free markets so basically you have these

Collectively owned groups like co-ops that can operate in an open market where they can earn wealth and then disperse them or divvy it among themselves however they please in other words basically a capital influence socialism which is what drags it more to the right but overall very non-controlling in a

Governmental sense of how people keep and manage their money but overall very non-controlling in the authoritative sense because it not only says that people can divvy up money how they want it also says they can make it how they want over here against the left wall we have left communism left communism is

Essentially communism with a sort of praxis attached to it so you know how communism’s whole thing is that it’s a classless society but there’s the little caveat that in order to get there you have to have a very powerful government as a means of instituting that classless society well left communism is skipping

The whole powerful government part it’s essentially the idea of maintaining true equality without establishing essentially a faux bourgeoisie state and in practice is essentially jumping to the worker communitive group that shares wealth without going through the whole dictator evil stalin part directly underneath that is luxembourgism this is

Inspired by rosa luxemburg who pretty much was a left communist with sort of progressive beliefs as rather than favoring politically left parties she more so favored workers unions and other things that she considered to be where those politicians were claiming they were at as well as instituting modern

Social programs or at least social ideas of equality so it you wouldn’t be far off to say luxembourgism is a practically applied idea of left communism so you won’t be far off to say luxembourgism is a practically applied version of left communism and directly beneath that is council communism this

Is one that in research i’m not a hundred percent sure on so forgive me if i’m a little off but for my understanding council communism essentially came to the same idea that these two came to in that establishing a party in order to achieve communism and

Then hoping that they give up that power later doesn’t always work out so instead it’s the idea that a small council is put together whose main purpose is solely to make sure someone else doesn’t try to take over as well as pretty much just providing propaganda in order to

Get people riled up and working towards one cause so they’re more social or figurehead leaders than anything else so that way once the quote-unquote revolution is over they don’t have any power to maintain because they never took power to begin with again another practically applied version of left communism jumping back

Over to the right we have georgism or i’m pretty sure it’s the orgasm but i like georgia’s and better the reason it’s over here pretty much in the center of the entire compass is because it finds a weird way to balance capitalist ideas with socialist ideas as well

Pretty much it works like this the majority of leftist ideas released far leftist ideas are against private ownership of property the idea being that people can buy up property and then landlords come into play and the left doesn’t like landlords and the right doesn’t like taxes because the right

Feels that they earn their money and the government has no right to touch it so georgism is the idea that there is only one tax a land tax now this does two things it leads to a lot less money for the government to randomly spend so therefore it creates a smaller

Government and while cutting back on taxes that the right would be paying it de-incentivizes the idea of hoarding land because if someone’s going to buy a ton of land and that’s the only thing that they have to pay taxes on they’re not just going to want to own a ton that

They’re not using so less people pay taxes the government gets smaller everyone’s at least periodically happy and it causes an overall abundance of land for others so sort of kind of anti-land ownership sort of kind of anti-tax and definitely anti-government which is why it gets kind of in the

Center near the bottom to the left of that is liberal socialism so liberal tendencies like i talked about earlier are the ideas of the individual and one’s own privacy which is the idea of free markets and being able to interact with markets as you wish and socialism

Is not that socialism is a form of collective wealth that then redistributes it so liberal socialism itself is a sort of mixed economy in which people can participate in free markets hence the liberal aspect and the money is gathered in them redistributed hence the social aspect at least sort of

Gathered in and redistributed there’s a lot of equality in it on social values and liberty and one of the only functions within a liberal socialism of the government is to redistribute whatever wealth is put into it as well as breaking up monopolies that have a means of overwhelming the individual

State of free markets to the left of that is mandalayism or mandelism and ellison yeah that’s it this is based off the ideas of south african president mandel and it’s pretty much liberal socialism with a particular focus on helping the poor and needy which was part of mandela’s whole

Reinitiative program that was meant to get south africa back to a comfortable sustainable place so pretty much this with more of a poverty and helping the needy focus and then to the left of that is gandism which is named after gandhi so this is a lot of the ideas

That i’ve talked about up until this point of having a sort of sustainable system in which the most lower class quote-unquote in a country are cared for however gandism had some particularly interesting anti-government sentiments now this wasn’t in a riotous sort of way as a matter of fact gandhi himself was a

Very big pacifist but was instead the idea of peaceful resistance now this is because gandhi himself was very big on teaching self-reliance and the idea that someone must be spiritually and physically capable of taking care of themselves and it shouldn’t be the government’s place to do so and whenever

The government tries to do that it’s tyrannous so essentially help each other help those who need it which is leftist over here ideology and don’t let the government tell you what to do which makes it down here and then to the left of that we have classical marxism

Classical marxism is as the title suggests the idea of marx’s original teachings and is essentially the idea that the idols of capitalism are so dangerous and there needs to be an act of resistance against it or in other words modern markets and consumerism is bad and we have to actively oppose trade

In that regard there’s a big push away from things like monetary gain and a big focus on trading with things like co-ops and unions replacing pre-existing corporations and businesses and the idea of trading product rather than consuming and hoarding the wealth of products and the purpose of the government as little

As there would be in a worker-led country is to prevent corporations from exploiting the common people and leading them back down the route of capitalism and then back over here we have geo-libertarianism i’ll be totally honest with you guys i can really not find the difference between these two which i guess makes

Sense and is okay since they’re right next to each other on the compass but like whenever you look up stuff about geolibertarianism it talks about how it’s big thing is the one land tax which as i mentioned earlier is like the georgism thing if i had to guess there’s

Even less focus on the state because they’re still the one land techs but i guess since it’s more libertarianism there’s more of a focus on like free markets but again georgism didn’t really mention markets but whatever you can imagine this as georgism only there’s more individuality or self-agency involved

And then to the left of that we have anti-authoritarianism this in my opinion could really fit anywhere on the south half of the compass i guess the reason it’s considered left is because it could also be used against things like corporations which are more of a right idea but in practice it’s

Just the idea of libertarian unity that everyone down here and everyone over here to the right down here should band together if it means actively opposing tyranny in any regard perhaps that’s the reason it’s considered left because there’s a lot of unity involved in that concept but it’s pretty much the idea

That everything stands second to resisting tyranny or authoritarianism whenever it comes into play and then to the left of that we have libertarian socialism so this one’s kind of weird to explain the essence of it is it’s essentially anti-wage slave basically there’s the idea that corporations and businesses

Are just as bad when it comes to enslaving people as governments can be so therefore in order to maintain true freedom or libertarianism it must be done through a non-money-centered society so there therefore more social trading is to be done rather than markets and capitalism and like syndicalism and confederalism that i

Mentioned earlier there’s a very weak connective state because the whole point of the ideology is to be as free as possible so you know government is pretty frowned upon and then to the left of that is libertarian market socialism so this is again sort of a praxis for this

One libertarian socialism it’s pretty much the idea that there is a sort of universally shared market that kind of makes money pointless in other words sure under some cases money could still exist however the primary driving point is that one market trades what it needs with another market so therefore there’s

No wealth to be hoarded or greed or capitalism to get involved and again as mentioned with this one it’s another philosophy towards approaching true freedom but it’s a bit more hardcore on the money bad thing than libertarian socialism is directly beneath that is situationism situationism from the best that i can determine

Is essentially anti-market or anti-materialism basically hoarding goods or wealth outside of your particular situation is bad so therefore taking more than what you need is a form of greed this is most often seen as a sort of live by your means lifestyle and a form or strategy to do away with the

Human idea of abundance of wealth and is essentially an antithesis to the idea of living in abundance and then just to the right of that we have menarco socialism so this is socialism you know shared workers parties and all that but the government is small and i mean like

Like barely even there there’s this thing i’m going to talk about more in a bit called the nap it’s a shared belief within a lot of minarchist or anarchist groups and it means the non-aggression principle it’s pretty much the idea that within an anarchist or stateless society

As long as you don’t harm someone else no harm should befall you so in a monarchical socialism group money wealth economy and all of that is dealt with by private parties or wait no not private hold on by public parties that are not the state that’s better and the only existence of the

Minute state that does exist or the segregated states between certain groups of people is to enforce the nap or essentially just stop or punish violent crime and that’s really it like i am talking the fragment of government the rest of these from here on to the end of this

Quadrant are all different anarchist ideologies so with everything that i’m going to say there’s literally zero government beginning with religious anarchism this is most often seen within sort of homogeneous groups or groups of people that all believe the same thing because for it to be a religious based

Society it kind of has to be but it’s basically the idea that the state itself is a form of idolatry so therefore in order to be appropriately religious or spiritual you have to do away with it and therefore this homogeneous group would live by the principles of whatever

Religion they are practicing and exist as a sort of shared help thy neighbor sort of group but without any government involvement and then just to the right of that is anarcho-pacifism so anarcho-pacifism is sort of a very hardcore interpretation of the idea of having no rulers because it’s pretty much saying

That violence itself can be used as a form of rule over someone else so therefore using a form of rule in order to stop another rule is contradictory and because a state can’t really exist without either taking money from their own people or enforcing laws on their

Own people it itself is a form of tyranny and pretty much an embodiment of the entire idea of just wanting to be left alone and then for our first one on the bottom of the compass we have anarcho-mutualism now again there’s no government here and as with the last two

I discussed and the ones moving forward there’s not really a way to enforce this practically it’s pretty much an idea of how it should be set up but within anarcho mutualism the idea is remember how over here i mentioned like money bad okay well here money no exist and the

Market which is a totally free and open market because remember again there’s no government is therefore conducted by giving mutual worth for whatever product is being traded or essentially a trade-based society while in some interpretations of it there’s a sort of credit bank that you know mutual worth

Of an item can be turned in for like labor tokens or whatever but that’s pretty much just like another form of money the chief idea is to have an anarchist society with a totally free market but not money because money bad and then to the left of that is anarcho collectivism so

Again there’s no government to really enforce this but the idea behind it is that you would have these different groups of workers or different means of production within a group so basically you have your farmers or your tradesmen or your smelters or whatever and then each of those individual groups are controlled

By the workers who work within them and then like the lead theory in it is that like say for example the farmer group they all farm and then whatever they produce and sell off they trade for like farmer bucks or whatever and then the same applies to every other group

And then they can use those bucks to purchase things at the farmer’s store which this all sounds like a really roundabout way of reinventing money but whatever what do i know and also the whole coal mine thing that i talked about earlier where you just had to buy

Stuff at the company store but again i’m not an expert i’m probably wrong but essentially these groups operate their own economy independent within themselves rather than having a state to overwatch them and then left of that we have queer anarchism queer anarchism essentially falls with the idea that modern society is so inherently

Homophobic and transphobic and the other phobics that the only way to get proper equality is to destroy the whole state and to just have a completely stateless society and that is the means by which the quote-unquote queer can maintain a sense of equality so essentially destroying the state as a means of

Achieving equal rights anarcho-feminism is the exact same thing with the goal of achieving feminism and eco-anarchism is the means of achieving plant or more specifically that the only way to get a true ecological or natural society is by destroying a state that keeps enroaching on it so it’s pretty

Much the ultimate hardcore version of everything that has kind of been hinted about protecting nature it’s saying that nature cannot exist in safety as long as the government exists so therefore get rid of the government and then finally in the bottom left corner we have anarcho communism and arco communism is

Essentially a state that exists post-money and post-ownership it’s the idea that no one owns anything everything is to be traded and people are to trade with each other in a completely classless stateless and ownerless society this is a very giving and sort of gift oriented ideology with

The idea that if someone needs help you should give it to them and you can pretty much picture the whole world there’s just one big farm we’re all living in it and now on to the wacky off the compass ones starting up here with book chin communism which is

The form of communism put forward by murray bookchin the easiest way to describe this is sort of the big farm idea of communism only instead there’s like several farms and the government that does exist is just like connecting the farms together and when i say farms i cannot stress enough how

Much i literally mean big farms essentially there’s no ownership and a created federalism between these free living groups of people and then down here we have anarcho-posadism so remember how one of the wacky ones and the authoritarian left quadrant was the post sadism or the idea that we have to nuke

Everything in order to get to a communist society anarcho-post-sadism is that only it’s not to get to a communist society is to just blow everything up it’s the idea that the appropriate way of living is a true stateless and government-less society and the only way to get there is nuking everything we

Already got i made the joke earlier that it was like the fallout idea but this is literally the fallout idea like trading bottle caps in a post-apocalyptic world raiders everywhere and that’s the anarcho-posada stream also in research for this i have to mention everything that’s unironically post

Sadism talks about aliens and how they exist in an anarchist society and the only way that we can achieve their higher level of existence is by blowing up what we got i don’t know what to do with that information i just had to share it and

Then down here off of the bottom of the compass we have anarcho-primitivism so you know how some of these ideas are kind of like anti-technology or we should at least slow the role when it comes to how fast we’re developing well anarcho-privatism is the idea that we have gone too far

And need to immediately go backwards all at once this is the idea of actively rejecting modern technology in favor of sort of older world living and is most famously been popularized by ted kaczynski who wanted to blow up post offices because he said the industrial revolution and its consequences have

Been disastrous for humanity um so in short return to monkey and then finally off the bottom left corner of the compass is soulism soulism is the idea that the only motivating factor that should ever hit you is your own desires so absolutely zero government absolutely zero privacy absolutely zero ownership

Anyone should be allowed to do whatever they want at any moment and then whatever consequences they suffer are just part of the flow with hardcore tenets of the soulist ideology there’s beliefs that if we completely put away our own sort of apprehension when it comes to doing

Whatever we want whenever we want that we’ll be able to do crazy things like transcend gravity it’s also part of their belief that gravity is one of those things that we should just simply refuse so pretty much if it feels right then you should do it and not only

Should you do it you have to do it or you are putting away the only thing in the universe that matters which is whatever you want it to be so that is it for the libertarian left quadrant next we are going to move over to the right

With the libertarian right which will be the final quadrant of the video so i will change shirts and be right back we are now on to the final quadrant libertarian right much like what we saw in the last year these ideas get increasingly anti-government however unlike the last tier instead of ideas of

Community and social wealth this quadrant is much more focused on ideas of individual privacy and wealth security so since the center is now up here we will start up here and move our way down beginning with neoliberalism neoliberalism which is an adaptation of liberalism which on the compass is like

Right up here we talked about it in the beginning is essentially that just liberal ideas with a more heavy focus on freeing up businesses so essentially liberalism but you cut back on business regulations just right of that you have general capitalism and that is exactly what it says just capitalism basically

You have private ownership of things as well as control of certain assets in other words people can start businesses they can make money with those businesses and then keep the money that they earned and the market essentially runs for the profit of the owners or shareholders beneath those we have social libertarianism social

Libertarianism is pretty much you have free markets and other ideas that are common with libertarianism only there is a welfare state as well so social programs mixed in with a libertarian market which is why it’s pretty much on the center of the compass and then beneath that we have

Libertarianism the chief ideas of libertarianism is that of being autonomous and voluntary essentially if you’re consistently being forced to do things by the state that you don’t want to do and you’re not really bringing harm to anyone else that is seen as a form of tyranny and should be resisted

It holds to the idea that people come first and not the government’s interest and above everything else comes the rights of the individual and then sort of on that individuality route to the right we have transhumanism this is the thing i mentioned earlier that showed up in the authoritarian left quadrant and

It’s the idea that humanity should strive to reach a point past humanity in which biomechanics and robotics are used to enhance the human condition or essentially humanity plus the reason it’s considered a lib right ideology is because there’s a huge focus on making the individual all that they can be and

Supremacy of the individual is the chief tenant for a lot of stuff down here so this one’s really funny to me it’s kleptocracy again remember how up in the authoritarian left there was klyptocracy which is essentially the rule of thieves well up there it was saying that having

A few people who redistribute the wealth while they may not be the best people is a good thing here it’s implying that you are the one who is the thief and rule and therefore that’s a good thing so it’s really funny that it shows up both

Places up here as well even if they’re thieves there are a few people running the government and here well even if i’m a thief i’m still running the government i suppose the reason it’s here jokes aside is because it is a very capitalist view of government that a few people can

Essentially treat it like a business and use the funds as they wish but yeah kleptocracy rule of thieves and then beneath that we have right georgism so again georgism is the whole single land tax thing and right georgism is that only there’s more so of a sort of focus

On the freedom of markets and the individual so pretty much all the ideas of georgism that i mentioned earlier plus people and their wealth get left alone even more so there’s still the land tax thing but it’s even more pro-capitalist which georgism itself wasn’t necessarily anti-capitalist but whatever to the

Right of that we have green libertarianism so we’re gonna see a bunch of libertarianisms pop up here in a second that are all this the thing i talked about the individual reim supreme and shouldn’t be bothered with a specific goal or direction in mind so for example green libertarianism is that

Plus the one thing that the state should really do is take care of the environment and leave everyone else alone we’re gonna see several sort of directional libertarianisms pop up in a second up here we have capitalist transhumanism so remember how whenever transhumanism was brought up in the authoritarian left it was under

Socialist transhumanism or basically the idea the easiest way to get to a transhumanism world is through socialism well this is a different philosophy saying the quickest way to get there is through private markets in the private sector or basically one business or a few businesses can build profit as a

Means of actually achieving the transhuman idea then right of that on our first one in this quadrant on the right wall we have conservative libertarianism so remember the whole like directional libertarianism things this is that but with conservative values so not only is it the ideas of

The individual and free economy but it’s also the ideas of preserving one’s own culture which is what pushes it all the way over to the right wall it’s also slightly while still in you know the liberite category slightly more authoritarian because while here you’re saying well the government’s purpose is

To take care of nature up here you’re saying well the government’s purpose is to enforce my way of life my sense of duty my sense of law blah blah blah it’s kind of like a my way or the highway application of libertarianism and falls back on a legal application of one’s own

Morality beneath that we have classical liberalism this is as the name suggests liberalism as it was originally defined basically the idea that everyone is born and entitled with their own rights as well as the rights to their own privacy and business and the purpose of the government is to protect those said

Rights or in other words protect your business protect you from being attacked by others and protect your freedoms a lot of people make the point that this is what a lot of the american founding fathers were the idea that the sole purpose of government is to protect the

Rights of the individual beneath that we have liberal corporatism so this is basically liberalism applied to corporations and the idea that the corporations can do things like conduct business with the state directly and while a lot of the theory around it says that the corporations are encouraged to take care of their workers

We know how that goes and it’s essentially applying the individual rights that people get within liberal ideologies to corporations and then right of that we have democratic liberalism so again the ideas of liberalism that people have individual rights apply to democracy so essentially the idea that people should not be ruled

Unless they consent with the ruling or in other words the government operates by the consent of the governed again if you’re familiar with american history you can see how a lot of this language sounds very similar to a lot of the framework of the government itself beneath that we have paleo

Libertarianism paleo libertarianism is those libertarian ideas but with a specific direction towards the way things used to be in practice rather than having an overwhelming government in order to force morality it’s more the idea that one has the freedom to do right or in other words culture and

Tradition should be formed to discourage people from doing wrong rather than an oppressive state that just punishes them whenever they do it in practice paleo libertarians really value their sense of privacy and hate interventionism so the idea of going into another country and enforcing your ideas is not at all what

They’re about they much rather stay within their own country and try to educate others to why their way of living is the most beneficial and then to the right of that we have national libertarianism so very similar to paleo libertarianism this is the idea that i

Want to be left alone and my entire country should be left alone as well there’s also as the name suggests a sense of national pride but it’s not in an enforced way as it is with more authoritarian ideologies it’s more of a tradition or belief sense and it works

Towards cultivating a sort of homogeneous group of people not in a race way at least not usually but more so in a belief and way of life kind of sense they also hate globalism this is pretty much the opposite of everyone living together interlinked and very

Much so wants to be left alone jumping back down here we have techno liberalism which sounds like an edm band but essentially says that the best way to achieve a liberal idea or the idea of individuals being responsible for their own agency is through developing technology that can best benefit them so

For example if one was to believe freedom wasn’t legitimate because there’s too many people that have to rely on the state for things like health care a techno liberal would say that if we can upgrade health care or specifically cure certain diseases as a means of helping people they’ll be able

To grow more autonomy so it’s essentially taking a transhumanism application to the idea of individual freedoms and then to the right of that we have neoclassical liberalism this is core tenets of liberalism with a specific push towards social equality basically the idea that people not only have inherent equal value when it comes

To their capabilities in a voting system but also in a social system as well in most common applications it sees the state as a means of maintaining this sort of semi-class structure and seeks to get to a point of true equality through emphasizing the individual rights of every citizen so neo-libertarianism

Is like on the ground floor with paleo libertarianism where you know like one’s own individual freedoms matter but then immediately after that they become exact opposites neo-libertarianism is the idea that we are individually free and therefore everyone else should be too this is where ideas like liberating the rest of

The world come into play which means they’re pro-interventionism now because it’s down here in the libertarian section this isn’t the idea that we need to send our government’s military and stuff like that to do it it’s more so an individual thing or the idea that we as

Individuals should just go and fight for freedom in other places so basically the idea that we think freedom is great so therefore you’re all going to think it’s great too and i’m going to shoot people to prove it and then right of that is objectivism so objectivism is more of a thought

Concept than an ideology it’s pretty much the idea that the way reality works and the way that we perceive it are not the same and there is an objective reality that we’re all working to get closer to so what this essentially boils down to is the individual needs to do whatever

They feel is best or achieve whatever point they think is best for them as a means of getting to a place of happiness or basically the pursuit of happiness is the most important thing a person can do as it’s used in application here this is an idea towards material wealth or

Riches and the idea that earning wealth isn’t only okay but morally justified so minarcism is that thing i mentioned earlier the smallest possible state that can exist and its only point is pretty much to enforce the non-aggressive principle or the nap so a very very small government who are only there to

Punish those that hurt others the idea of government in these kind of states is referred to as the night watchmen state or basically unless something goes wrong you would never even know the government was there hence the term minarcism because it’s not technically anarchy but it’s really close and then beneath that we

Have christian libertarianism so libertarianism with the idea that the only state or only higher power that should be looked up to is that of god or in other words whatever state exists is only there to uphold biblical principles so be good to others don’t do evil and

At the end of the day the only one that you really have to answer to is god so as with other religious ideologies that we’ve seen before it sort of works as a sort of homogeneous group of people who all follow the same belief pattern and therefore are less likely to break it

And then in a totally different ideology but still close to it on the compass to the left we have pink capitalism this is a very strong application of consumerism and basically is the principle that you can market to a group of people who feel underrepresented within a society the ultimate like application of

This would be things like gay pride parades where there are businesses who do not care at all for gay rights but will sell hats with a rainbow flag on them for 20 markup and is essentially saying that it’s totally okay to market products towards underrepresented people

Within society if you can make a profit off of them we are approaching evil bad guy capitalism very rapidly and then to the left of that we have consequentialism consequentialism is pretty much a roundabout way of saying that the ends justify the means also in practice it’s pretty much the opposite

Of welfarism which i mentioned in the libertarian left category whereas that was the idea of what about what happens to xyz group of people this is saying yeah but if i do that think about the xyz thing that could happen again back to the whole we’re in the evil

Capitalist section now it’s the whole thing of yeah i may have to destroy a rainforest to do it but if there’s profit and then jumping over to the left side we have eco-capitalism so this is the idea that nature as it functions is the base root of a market economy or in other

Words the natural resources on earth are finite and therefore the perfect thing to base economy off of for inherent worth therefore harvesting too much essentially inflates the market and destroys whatever hope you have for a future investment because of this things like the government or intervention from the government are very very frowned

Upon and government is seen as an overall bad which is why it’s so far down here or easiest way to describe it it’s looking at nature and ecology around us as a sort of business or market and not in a bad super corporate evil way in a if we can properly monitor funds

Maybe we should properly monitor the trees while we’re at it and is essentially a market view approach of ecology also if i haven’t mentioned it plainly enough the reason things like pink capitalism and consequentialism are so far down here is because it completely puts away government intervention or essentially a lot of the

Times governments will have policies to keep businesses from doing shady practices and these are shady practices that they don’t want the government to intervene with and then before we get into the final layer we have anarcho monarchism so this is a joke i’m pretty sure i think it’s even a joke that j.r.r

Tolkien made at one point so it’s an anarchy right which means there’s no government but it’s also a monarchy which means there is one of the highest forms of government that you’re naturally born into so the whole joke around it is that if it’s an anarchy that means technically everyone’s their

Own government which means you can be as powerful as you want and since you are one person deciding everything that you do that’s the definition of an absolute monarchy so everyone gets to be their own absolute monarchs so head up king and queens we made it and then starting

On the bottom floor of the political compass we have agarism so agarism is one of those that isn’t really an ideology and more of a practice or lifestyle as a means to get to a different ideology the chief idea of algorithm is that it functions as a sort

Of counter economy basically if you don’t like the state and you don’t like the government runs things then you should subvert the state in any way possible the most common application of this is through things like gray markets and black markets for those that don’t know gray markets are legal goods that

Are traded outside of the government’s eye or essentially as a means of either evading taxes or not appearing on the public record and the black market is illegal items once again traded behind the government’s back however an interesting thing of note agorism specifically puts away the idea of red

Markets which red markets if you don’t know is explicitly violent items or actions sold again away from the government’s eyes and by red i mean like human trafficking or murder videos and you you get the point like they’re called red markets for a reason and the reason for that is because it

Again violates that nap that i talked about earlier or the idea that you shouldn’t be violent to others for no reason so agarism essentially says that in whatever means you should subvert the state at all cost either until it goes away or you can learn to live without it

And then just to the right of that we have individualist anarchism this is like we talked about earlier one of those forms of anarchism that is saying we need anarchy to get to this specific result and this is kind of the chief thing a lot of people think about when

They think of anarchy it says that the only way that we can really have a true sense of freedom or individuality is without the government at all so use anarchy or a lack of government as a means of truly maintaining freedom and a sense of personal agency to the right of

That is voluntarism this is similar to agarism more of a philosophy than an ideology it’s the idea that no one should have to do anything that they don’t want to do again with the understanding that like violence against other people and stuff like that doesn’t count pretty much if you don’t want to

Pay taxes you shouldn’t pay taxes if you don’t want to be drafted in the military you should never be drafted into the military it’s the idea that if anyone forces you to do something that you don’t want to do under reasonable means that’s a form of tyranny and should be

Opposed which is naturally why it’s considered an anarchist ideology not only because it’s a core tenant for anarchy but like if you say you don’t want to pay taxes and don’t want to do what a state tells you to do that by definition doesn’t go with any

State so as such an individualist and self-privacy and self-ownership idea it fits in at the bottom right of the compass hoppianism is a form of anarchy in which capital and markets are focused on and essentially advocates for a hundred percent full free markets with zero government intervention with the

Idea being that the government messes up everything it touches so it shouldn’t touch the markets ideas behind this are also very seclusionary saying that the individual like volunteerism shouldn’t be forced to do things they don’t want to do and an interesting philosophy within hopianism is a specific disdain

For democracy the reason for this being the ideology says that in governments where there is inherent authoritarian control people can easily tell who is controlled and who’s doing the controlling however in a democracy people can be convinced that the tyranny they’re facing is their own decision and

According to the idea it’s worse to have a government where people think they’re doing the right thing than a government where people know something bad is happening so it is a very extremist form of individual freedom and market liberties and then finally in the bottom right corner of the compass we have

Anarcho capitalism this is an idea that was put forward by murray rothbard which is like i i can’t stress how private and how free these markets are like there is capitalism and then there is every form of security or judgment or everything is ran by businesses and private sectors it

Falls back on the whole ideology of the freer the markets the freer the people so therefore the way to obtain a hundred percent freedom is a hundred percent non-controlled markets and again it’s an anarchist ideology so there’s no state to enforce anything there is unless of course mcdonald’s becomes a super empire

And then creates a mixed police force in order to enforce their ruling onto the iphone countries but i digress but when it comes to levels of personal freedom individuality hating government and full-blown capitalism you can’t get much more than a super military monarchy taco bell

So now that we are done with the compass let’s go over our final wacky off the compass ideologies our first being over here to the right with dark enlightenment okay so the enlightenment period is often referred to at least in the term of governments as the point in human history

When people went from having one or two kings or conkers that ruled them to the idea that they should be allowed to rule themselves well dark enlightenment is saying that was a bad move for freedom’s sake basically it’s the idea that over time people want to be more and more

Taken care of and secure rather than free so over time people are voting their freedoms away and unlike with normal tyranny or monarchy or whatever people may get mad and eventually revolt whereas according to dark enlightenment if they vote in the tyranny then they’re never going to do anything about it so

Dark enlightenment is saying we need monarchs and super powerful leaders to 100 percent enforce freedom or essentially history’s been moving in the wrong direction if we can get some totalitarian rulers to make sure we don’t get any totalitarian rulers we will be okay jumping down here off the

Bottom of the compass we have egoism this is the idea that self-interest and whatever you want supersede everything else as the ultimate form of individuality i also like that it’s down here where it’s located because if you remember all the way at the top off the

Top of the compass was the 1984 super scary government which it is true the exact opposite of that would be the idea that you can just do whatever you want and you should do whatever you want where this differentiates from soulism which was off the bottom left corner is

Soulism was more so about exciting yourself as a person and if it feels right do it egoism is more so i’m just doing it because i want to and if it feels good do it and then just to the right of that still off the compass we have anarcho anarcho-frontierism this is

The idea that true freedom should be sought after however because of the way society’s structured and because of the fact that people will always want protected true freedom and anarchy can only exist on the frontiers of human development or in other words the only

Way to truly be free is to be a cowboy on the fringes of society out on your own however you may be thinking that maybe finding dandy back in the 1800s but it’s the 2000s and we’ve pretty much developed the whole world but the anarcho frontiersmen are one step ahead

Of you see the real frontiersmen believe that they can combine with transhumanism as a means of getting off earth and being the first people to colonize another planet therefore being on the fringes of society and achieving true anarchy and freedom so in other words anarchist space cowboy which anarchospace cowboy

Is the best term on this entire thing and officially what i’m putting on the senses from now on and then finally off the bottom right corner of the compass is avaricionism so you know how like the common complaint or criticism people have with anarchy societies or like

Anarchy in general is that people can do whatever they want and they’ll just be violent all the time and people just start killing each other well aberrationism is saying yes that’s a good thing it’s the idea that people should be essentially in a mad max blood state sort of world because

That will cultivate stronger people and the way that anarcho-capitalism is businesses and markets can do whatever they want whenever they want aboriginalism is you the individual can kill whoever you want and you probably should because if they couldn’t stop you from doing it they didn’t deserve to live anyway you could

Also view this as the maximum form of competitive markets if markets were people and the competition was staying alive it’s like the downside of everything on the bottom of the compass and it just loves it the best way to describe aberrationism is how to speed run darwinism so yeah that

Is it that is the entirety of the political compass my word i’m going to change and we are going to wrap this baby up well that was fun for me at least hopefully you enjoyed it i hope you didn’t hate it that’d be sad there are some things

That i noticed while researching and while recording the video that i picked up on that i want to mention now so on similar sides of the compass itself it’s easy to draw parallels between the two like for example authoritarian right and libertarian right both were very big on

Ideas of individuality and things that make you as yourself special or things that should be maintained special like your own freedoms whereas on the left ideas of community on the top and bottom were very strong down here more voluntary and up here more insisted upon

And of course the top two both felt the need to rule while the bottom two felt the need to not be ruled but there’s a couple other weird things that i kind of noticed while talking about it like for example libertarian right and authoritarian left both really cared

About power and money now they cared about it in a hundred percent opposite directions libertarian rights thinking that you alone should have power and keep money an authoritarian left thinking that everyone should either share the money or at least the state disperse it and only a few people who are better than

You should have power but they both cared about it where things like nationalism or preserving nature weren’t as focused upon between the two and to add on to that things like the authoritarian right really cared about social policies and national policies and things like the libertarian left also cared about social

And national policies now again they cared about him in opposite directions but they were still the prime driving factor whereas things like economy weren’t as important between the two at least whenever it comes to on the compass deciding where ideologies go and i know the compass isn’t perfect and it

Has a lot of problems but it is a decent system for laying out a basic road map or at least a starting point and like i mentioned earlier it’s easy to draw comparisons between points on the compass that share similarities like i mentioned with the rulerships with the authoritarian and libertarians or things

Like community and individuality however it’s a common belief that there is no way to connect the corners to each other just because they believe completely opposite on everything and there’s no common ground that they can find but what about this do you know what the libertarian left

And the authoritarian right both had the exact same opinions on nature while it wasn’t the same across the entire board with every single idea the general trend is that lib left wanted to preserve nature and authoritarian right also wanted to preserve nature while they disagree on nearly everything else

There was the commonality that the planet should be protected similarly do you know what the authoritarian left and libertarian right both agreed on technology even though you probably can’t read that while holding completely different ideas on everything else the authoritarian left thought that technology was important and should be upgraded to be

Better in society and the libertarian right thought technology is important and should be upgraded in order to achieve a better self all four of these despite having their exact opposites that they could theoretically never get along with in the real world have common ground i’m not qualified to say what that means

Or the implications of it i’m just gonna leave this here because i honestly have no idea what to do with this information now that i have it maybe horseshoe theory is real maybe politics are fake maybe this is all stupid who knows there’s one ideology i forgot to mention

I don’t know how i forgot it it’s literally my ideology i have no idea how i forgot to mention this one second and that is the idea of goonism also known as wendygoonism it’s pretty much the idea that anyone who has a following that they definitely don’t

Deserve and they are more than grateful for should periodically thank the people of that following for the support that they’ve been shown because again it’s very special to them their support that they’re getting because it’s something that they don’t really deserve at least not in an economic or time given sense

And people within goonism are very grateful for the opportunity that they’ve been given and very thankful to those who have given them that opportunity so i am going to practice good practice by being a member of this ideology myself and say thank you for watching this is again something that i

Haven’t tried before but you guys are so cool that i can just do what i want a lot of the time and you’re just there to show support and be kind and i know this is kind of like in theory a hot button issue because it’s you know politics but i think it’s

Really separated from modern politics and it’s more so like historical politics and like with all my other videos it’s just something i enjoy that i think is cool and i have no idea how this video is gonna do uh i don’t even know if there’s anyone watching right

Now there could be like zero people here and i’m just talking into the aether um which is fine that that’s fine you know nothing new but i’m so thankful for you all um getting me to this point like 550 000 subscribers um it’s overwhelming a lot of the time

This has gone from like oh i’ll do a little hobby with the camera and see how far we get to like a life-changing experience and it’s thanks to the fact that i can just turn on a camera and be dumb for as long as i want and i’ve got great people out

There to support me and i can’t really tell you what that means so from the bottom of my heart thank you for watching thank you so much for being here um things are going great and it’s thanks to you guys um i’m really honored and blessed so thank

You all for that i thank you to all my patrons that you can see here um it’s doubly amazing that people like monetarily support me and it just blows my mind if i ever sound like a stuttering idiot with this stuff it’s because i i am

And i have no idea what to say uh but really thank you all so much for watching and thank you to my patrons for supporting me i can’t do it without you guys um so the reason i’m so sentimental is probably because i’ve been recording for five or s five hours now

Um it’s four in the morning i have no idea what this video is going to cut down to if i had to guess it’s going to be like an hour and a half hour 40 i don’t know it could be way off but i am tired

I’m going to go to bed then edit tomorrow and this will be up well i mean it’s already up if you’re watching this right now um yeah i should go to bed so thank you all so much for watching i hope that you enjoyed i hope that you

Um like this let me know if you want to see more of this kind of thing um it’s again it’s just something i’m trying now because i enjoy it uh and you all are fantastic so thank you all so much for watching i hope that you

Enjoyed hope that you had a good time um what what videos i don’t even know what videos next oh serial killer iceberg will be soon as well as some one-offs i want to do but i hope to see you then but if not thank you all so much for watching i

Hope you enjoyed and i will see you in the next one bye

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