FAMILY PACK | Karikku | Comedy

FAMILY PACK | Karikku | Comedy

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Who threw this in the woods? Huh? I gave this for you to play, who threw it in the woods? Chill! The moment I say chill, she chills right then! Smarty! – Shoo.. Shoo.. – Huh? Did you make that ‘Shoo’? Come here! Will it bite?

– You came here to ask that? – No! Isn’t this Savithri chechi’s house? Yeah! It won’t bite, right? Shall I come in? She’s harmless. She won’t bite. Can’t you remove this board then? Scaring people for no reason! – Who’s it? – Brother… Savithri chechi had asked me something…

So I wanted to come here and discuss about it. Oh, no… She’s gone out with our younger son. That’s ok, come sit. She’ll be back soon. Yeah, ok! So what’s it about? I met her at the wedding of Raghavan’s son, last week. I don’t go to weddings usually. It’s her who goes.

I was the one who arranged that marriage! – Oh, so you’re a broker? – Yeah! When I met her that day, she had mentioned about your son’s marriage. Oh, is it? She didn’t tell me anything. Maybe she wanted to surprise me! She just hinted about it, to me.

But when I got a good profile last day, I thought about your son. A good girl, as she wanted. Well- educated, And she’s got a job, too! Here! Yeah, show me! She’s from a good family! She looks quite aged! Oh, no! That’s my wife! Oh, no! Sorry! You’ll like her. Have a look!

What’s the point in me liking her? He should like her! Hey, son! Mowgli, go outside! Yes, dad! What’s it? Oh, so he’s the groom? – I thought… – What did you think? A simple guy… An animal lover. Nice! Yeah, he’s more like me!

Well, since I was free, I just spent some time with the dog… What’s it? He’s brought you an alliance, as mom asked. A marriage proposal? Well, it didn’t have to be too soon… Is it? He’s not interested, it seems! Show him the photo once… You wanna see?

Yeah, why not? What’s wrong with seeing a photo? No, I’m not forcing you. Only if you’re interested! Well, I’ll have a look. You wanna see? Huh? Huh? Look at the way he’s blushing! Yeah! You liked her? Huh? Well, in first glance she seems okay. You can have one more glance!

What’s her name? He wasn’t interested a moment ago. Now he wants to know the name! You! – Son, her name is Babitha. – Babitha? – And your name? – Bibeesh. – Bibeesh P.S. – Yeah. Bibeesh, Babitha… Even the names match, isn’t it? Yeah, they match well! Right!

My mind tells me this’ll work out. This is the correct one! Perfect! The tee was too sweet! Are you chopping onions? Is this how you chop them? Here, let me show you how. Hold the knife like this. Tightly. Then, like this… Look at the onion! See? Like this… Mom! Tea! Sister-in-law, tea?

It’s on the dining table. Sugar… Come on, let’s chop onions! Hello! Where are you? – Where are you going? – Nothing! Give me the phone! He dreamed and reached another world! Not really! Dad’s just… – So you liked her? – Well… She seems okay, right? There’s no reason why he wouldn’t like her.

We look for the girl’s character, education, etc right? – Yeah! – And she’s got a job, too! I liked her! Oh, Vijayan is here? Oh, she’s back! You took bath? – You reached a while ago? – Just a little bit ago. You didn’t give him anything to drink? He just reached. Right?

Come on, let’s go inside. Come! Come, brother… How many more years for you to retire? Around 1 – 1.5 years. Is it? Which department you were in, brother? Shall we get into the matter? Yeah, let’s! I had an initial discussion with him already. He says the alliance would suit our family.

I liked the girl. A good girl, educated, well-mannered and employed! – Isn’t that all? – Yeah! Where does she work? She has joined an IT firm now. – Oh, is it? – She’s into IT? IT, it seems! The groom saw the bride’s photo and liked her! The groom saw the photo?

Did you see the photo? – No, mom! Well.. Isn’t he the groom? Oh, no! He’s the groom. I told you about his alliance. But he said… So you’re seeking an alliance for him? Yeah, it’s for him… Huh? Savithri! It’s okay that you sought an alliance without asking me.

I’m not saying anything because he’s here. But when the elder is here, getting the younger married, how’s it right? – So what’s wrong with it? – Huh? What’s wrong with it? – Doesn’t he have a good job? – Yeah! – And he’s capable of running a family. – Yeah!

And the age difference.. It’s only a matter of 2 years. 2 years, is that a big difference? And I asked you to seek an alliance for him… because he followed me and insisted on this! Well, I didn’t follow… I was just… following! Enough! I’ll tell you the decision.

You know, right? He’s the elder. – Dad… – Shut it! Let me speak! He ain’t got a job! And he’s not capable of running a family. He’s only got the desire. I accept it. So? Let’s do this. Let him get married! Yeah, let it be that way. Let him get married.

You get married! So he’s the one you mentioned about, the one with a job? Yeah, I’m the one with a job. That’s why we thought of getting him married first. For me, anything is fine! – Can I see the photo? – Yeah! Yeah.. Photo… She’s a nice girl. She’s fine, right?

I liked her. What’s her name? Babitha. – And yours? – Bibin. Bibin, Babitha… – It’s a great match! – Is it? This is the correct one! – Right? – Perfect! See if you liked her? Good. Nice girl. Good. If mom liked her, I am okay with her.

Not just mom. Dad too liked her. No need to ask him. He’s the one who liked her first. Right? So we can proceed this further, right? For sure! Alright, then. Shall I leave? – Sure! – Okay! The marriage, it should happen at the right time! – Else, it won’t happen! – That’s right!

Oh, well.. I need your photo. For showing to the girl’s family. Bibeesh is behind. Brother, please move! Hey, move aside! Smile! How’s it? Not this. I’ll send you another pic. Okay, you send it to me. I’ll share it with them. And, mention to them that…

I liked the girl at the first glance itself! Sure! I’ll mention that… at the first glance itself, the whole family liked the girl! – Let’s plan for a meeting soon. Okay? – Sure! Brother, come here! Give me 500 bucks! Savithri! Let it be! I’ll pay him! I’ll pay him! Here’s a 1000.

– May you be blessed. – No, I took the 10 rupees… It’s okay! Your hands are still blessed! Sister.. Consider this marriage to be done! – Okay, brother! See you! – Okay, Vijayan! What are you chopping? – Naughty! – What’s this? Mom said my coffee is here… It’s at the fridge-top, brother…

Let me munch some mixture, too! Such a nuisance he is! Munching at this age! Yeah! You naughty! Smiling? – I’ll make you laugh to death! – Not to death! Hey! Hey! Stop babbling! I’m not even getting a fish because of you!

When you guys are around, the fishes don’t even come to this area! Such bad omens! Shall we kick him down? No, let’s wait. Once he catches fish, let’s snatch the fish and kick him down. Let’s break his tackle, too! That’s good! You play the video! Oh, the major bad omen is here!

I won’t even get a tadpole now! To hell with your tadpole! Go search in the water now! Bug off, you idiot! I’ll make sure you pay for this! He’s been so irritating… Kudos to you! We were planning to kick him down! I’ve already hit rock bottom, and there he goes…

Ugh! You seem so angry! At home, they’re seeking marriage alliances for my brother… That too, in front of me! I hit rock bottom, seeing this! So I came here! For whom? Bibin? Hey, how’d that work out? You’re elder, right? How can that be? No use in saying that. He’s got a job…

And they say he’s capable of running a family… Ugh… Is getting a job the ultimate target in life? This is the problem with the system! In your good age, you gotta study! Once your studies are done, gotta get a job immediately!

Once you get a job, the responsibility of the family is on you! Got it? Only broiler chicken like him can handle this! Would he have enjoyed his life like we, Suresh, Bibeesh, and Sabu did? – No way! – Never! Is he even in touch with the people around him?

He’s not even living in this earth. You don’t know his character… He’s been giving me troubles since childhood! Great troubles! You know how many times I got beaten up because of him? The girlfriend I had when I was in 10th, she left me because of him! He told about it to my parents!

He pretends like the good guy in the family! But I know his true colors! We sleep in the same room. Oh! You guys sleep in the same room? Once he gets married, you’re out! What’s the bride’s name? – Her name.. Babitha. – Where’s she from? The alliance came through a broker.

His name is Vijayan or something. – Broker Vijayan? With grey beard? – Yeah! – He is his neighbor! – Is it? If Vijayan brought this up, we can cancel it, too. Just let me know! No, let it be. Let him get married. What else to do now?

Yeah, let him. It’s better in a sense. It’s a huge responsibility. Just keep this in mind, you’re the elder brother of the family! Let him live there quietly, without creating troubles. Got it? And if he can’t, he can leave the house! I got another doubt.

If Bibin gets married before him, won’t people say that he’s got some issues? Huh? Bug off! It’s the people around here! They can say anything! That’s true! You think well, and come to a decision. Call us in case you need anything. Okay? – Shall we go then? – Yeah!

– Where are you going? – To the police station. Haven’t signed for this week. – Alright then. Think about it. – See you. Why is everybody here? Where’s my bed? Your bed? The bed in which we used to sleep… The bed which you two peed on! Our bed!

We got it as a gift for our marriage. Know that? Right, dear? Well, where’s that bed? We moved that bed. This is a new bed that I bought online. – Well planned! – Weplanned? This is ‘Sleepyhead’. Is this the bed? Is this for Mowgli to sleep?

– Or is this a blanket? – Yeah! I too asked the same doubt. We’re waiting for him to clear it. He says he’s gonna show us some magic. Come on, join us. Come on, let me show you a trick! I don’t wanna see magic. I have to go to the toilet.

Ok, carry on then! Once he lays the bed down, the room becomes his! Once the room becomes his, the house too becomes his! Magic! The one that was tightly folded like a napkin, how big it has turned out! See! No dents or folds! That’s right! It’s NASA approved technology! Which Nasar?

– You understood it, mom? – Yes, dear! The phone’s ringing. Go! Come on, dad! Sit! When you buy a bed, you could’ve asked me! I’m your dad, at least! From my friend Thankachan’s shop, you would’ve got a discount! It won’t be as fluffy as this, though! This’d be quite pricey, right?

Dad, it costs 60% lesser than the price at Thankachan’s store! Because we’re directly dealing with the company! There are no brokers between us! And if we don’t like the bed, we can return it within 100 days. – Really? – Yeah! If you ask for the same at Thankachan’s store,

– He’ll grab your collar! – That’s for sure! My bed has got 3 layers, including the memory foam! – Means? – Means it’s quite comfortable! You don’t have to shout! My ears are alright! Savithri! Black tea! I don’t want it now. I’ll have it later. Ok, I’ll make one for me then.

What do you want for breakfast tomorrow? Idly. Hey, what do you want for breakfast? Puttu. Ok, it’s Appam for tomorrow then. I’m to be blamed for making these! – Brother, bed… – Yes, I saw it! – Where’s my old bed? – Under the cot.

Don’t you too want a new bed? I shall buy you a single bed like this! Why single? Can’t I get a double bed? Yeah, even that’s fine. Then you can sleep relaxed, in the hall! In the hall? You too would need some privacy, right? What’s this? A train? [Singing a romantic song]

– Listen, I need to tell you something. – Go ahead! I don’t have any problem with him getting married. I’m not so desperate to get married, too. But please tell your dear son, that if he irritates me again, I’ll beat him up like I used to! I won’t show any mercy!

What are you saying? I haven’t told you anything till now. That’s why! The people around don’t have anything bad left, to describe me! Scoundrel, rascal, jobless, One who doesn’t study, who doesn’t look after his family, One who doesn’t take bath… People have said that, too! I’ve heard it! Yeah, right!

If this marriage too happens, then my life will be… That’s what you two want, right? And I’m not interested in arranged marriages. If I ever get married, it’ll be a love marriage. – What’s it, mom? – Nothing! Dad, he didn’t eat anything for lunch. Give him something.

The beds are ready. Finish your dinner, and we shall sleep then. Dad, good night. Mom, muah! Ugh! You were blaming him, right? – He’s not what he seems like! – Bibeesh, stop it! Since childhood, you have the habit of blaming him unnecessarily. What wrong did he do?

Did I raise you both in the same way? He studied well, got a job and is standing on his own feet now. And you? You’ve been fooling us for years, by saying that you’ve applied for jobs, whenever we ask; and by playing cricket with loafers,

And fishing at the canal, you’ve been spoiling your life! How’s he to blame for that? Just because you’re spoiling your life, we can’t spoil his, too! Right… Don’t say anything! You’re the one who supports him! Savithri! Hey! Why are you humiliating me like this? You too don’t have a job, right?

You’re also living on mom’s salary, right? If you’re shameless, so am I. Hello! Come here, my dear! Let me ask you! Come! – What’s it? – Listen! When we were getting married, I was the one with a job. Okay? Then she studied hard and got a better job.

And when you came to our lives, I gave up my job to look after you! Since then, I’ve been living in this kitchen, taking care of you guys! And, household chores are not meant for just women. It’s okay for a man too, to do them! It’s not an easy job, too!

And I’ve never been ashamed of doing this! Yes, I’ve been ashamed. You know why? I feel ashamed when I think that I gave up my job, to look after someone who doesn’t do any kind of job! Stop it! Don’t bite my ears! No! Stop it! You got annoyed? Come on! Don’t get annoyed!

Let’s go to the Rajasthan deserts and build a nest. Where did you go, you naughty! ‘I am leaving. Good bye.’ I’m… going somewhere. Be a good girl, okay? Don’t tear the newspaper! Okay? See you! See you then! Oh, no! My son is gone! Wonder where he is! God! See this? Hey, Sudheesh…

Did my brother come there? You’ll fall ill. Stop crying. He’s enquiring, right? He’s missing since this morning. Not kissing! Missing! He’s enquiring! Stop crying! It’s been quite long since he started enquiring! – What’s it? – Dad, he isn’t there. Oh, no! Stop weeping, dad! You can say so!

Call and ask Chakrapani uncle and Gopi uncle! I called them in the morning. He isn’t there either. He’s not a small kid. He’d have gone somewhere nearby! After writing a letter? Stop it! Dad, give me that letter. Wonder where he is! Wonder if he has eaten anything or not!

Yesterday too, he asked for Puttu… but I made him Appam… Oh, no… After reading this letter, I feel like… he has gone to Bombay. – To Bombay? – Yes. To become a don. Why do you say so? I saw him crying, while watching KGF the other day!

It’s the first time I’m seeing someone who cries watching KGF! Oh, no! There’s nobody whom we know, at Bombay! Hello… Yes, brother! Where were you? Oh, you’re on the way? Okay, then. Hurry up. Okay. I’m at home. Okay. Alright. Is that him? No, dad! I had ordered a woolen blanket online!

It’s cold these days, right? The delivery is already delayed! He’s the sole reason for all these! – Me? – Yes! My son ran away just because he’s getting married! Nobody’s getting married here anymore! Let me go check. We’ve paid already, so… You continue weeping. My son… Mom! – What’s it? – Come here!

Huh? What happened? Let’s place him somewhere first. I’ll tell you then. Careful! Oh, no! What happened to my child? What happened? Mommy, don’t ask him anything now. The doctor said he can’t move his lips for 2 days. We’ll tell you what happened. Tell them.

Yesterday he was about to leave to Bombay for some emergency, Bombay? Don’t stop! Continue! He reached railway station a bit late, so he couldn’t buy a ticket! Oh, so you were about to take a fraud-voyage to become a don? Hey! Don’t call it a fraud-voyage!

We too have traveled a lot without tickets, right? All of them were legit voyages! But what happened here is, he rushed into an AC compartment! The ticket checker (TTR) caught him on the spot! Oh, no! Then? The TTR was too stubborn! Says things like he’ll charge him with a fine,

And on top of that, he scolded him in Hindi! Would our boy leave him then? He scolded his dad, mom, grandmom, great grandmom, all in fluent Malayalam! Oh, my son! Then? Then the TTR changed his word. He said the fine isn’t enough, a case will be filed,

And he’ll be arrested in next station, it seems! So it’s the policemen who did this to him? That’s where you need to understand your son! The police couldn’t even touch him! While the train was about to stop in the next station, he jumped out and tried running away,

But he couldn’t, he slipped and fell straight down! Luckily, mom.. luckily… One of our friends were traveling to Goa without a ticket on the same train. – Biju. – ‘Kokku’ Biju. He’s the one who took him to the hospital and called us up. We reached there at night itself.

The moment we reached there, the hospital issued us a long bill. So we fled from there in the morning, without anyone noticing Awesome friends! There’d be a small police case. Not from the hospital. From the railways. It’s good for men to have a few charges.

He’s got an active charge on him, for peeing in KSRTC bus. I asked them to stop the bus for peeing, and they tell me it’s a super-fast bus and they can’t stop, it seems! And about that TTR, we’ll make sure that he’s taken care of! Got it?

Why did you have to write a letter and run away? Just because we said something in anger? Huh? Letter? What letter? He tried running away, after writing a letter. What did you think? He went on a tour? We met him yesterday, too. But he didn’t tell us.

I have the letter. I can show it to you. What’s it? Oh, no! Look at his foot! – Uh, Uh! – What’ Koo Koo’? – You’re his close friends, right? – Yeah! Let them see it then! Dear dad and mom. I’m going. Where to, I am not telling you.

Don’t be sad about me. I’ll return only when I’m able to stand on my own feet. Perhaps, I may not return. If I return, this whole world will be in my hands. Okay! Dad and mom, I love you a lot. There are no greater fighters than you, in this universe.

But if I continue here, I’ll get further spoiled due to my friends. ‘Vaali’ Suresh and ‘Vettuli’ Sabu, they are the ones who spoiled me this much. Please take good care of My Mowgli. Brother, Bibin.. Happy married life. Your Bibeesh. Signed. Who are these ‘Vaali’ and ‘Vettuli’?

Whoever it be, we’ll make sure they are taken care of! – Yeah, we will. – Got it? Shall we leave then? Leaving already? Have some tea… Savithri.. Let it be. I’ll make it! No, we are in a hurry. But.. Where are you from? You didn’t say your names. You can call me ‘son’.

You don’t have to call me even that. A ‘hey’ or ‘Shh’ or a whistling will do. You take some rest, okay? Oh, no! Look at him! Son, was this even needed? Give me a chair! Son, does it hurt? Of course, it’d hurt! He fell flat on his face!

You saw what he had written? We spoiled him, it seems! We should make him pay for this! Yeah, we will! Come on! When you said you’ll stand on your feet, we didn’t think it’d be this way! Bibin, stop it! He did it by mistake!

Don’t talk about it again and hurt him! Forget it! Oh, it’d be my blanket. To hell with his blanket! You could’ve taken some money from mom’s purse while leaving, at least! Would any of this happen then? Doing stupid things! It was the postman. First time ever, brother has got a letter!

– That too, from Bombay! – From Bombay? Maybe that railway’s case! Don’t cry! We’ll do something! What’s it? Well… This is an appointment letter, from a company in Bombay! Saying that he’s got a job! Huh? A job? Hey, give me the letter! He’s got the job! As a fire and safety officer!

Wow! My son got a job! Muah! It’s okay! See! My son got a job! Didn’t I tell you? As a fire and safety officer! You sloppy head, had you waited for 1 more day, you could’ve traveled to Bombay for this! And he wanted to travel without ticket!

Now he’s gonna have a car, get married, get whatever he wishes! – About the marriage, what was that broker’s name? – Vijayan. Ask him to seek an alliance for him as well. Let’s do both marriages together! Look at the way he’s blushing! We should click a pic of his and hang it here!

Read the rest. Let’s know how much the salary is. It’s a private company. Need to join within 2 months. Oh, we got 2 months? He’ll be fine and ready by then! I’ll get him ready otherwise! Oh, sorry.. Let it be! Mom, the broker is calling.

May he live for a hundred years! I just mentioned his name! Maybe to fix the meeting date. When you talk to him, mention his thing as well! Talk to him about my marriage first… – You talk! – You talk! Somebody speak! I’m putting him on speaker! – Hello, Vijayan! – Hi, Savithri chechi…

Did you talk to them? What’s the progress? That won’t work out. Consider it canceled. Huh? Somebody called them and said that, as the younger brother is getting married first, the elder one attempted suicide! Huh? When? To hell with him! – Is that for real? – Hey, Vijayan!

My son got a job in Bombay. When he was about to travel, he slipped and fell on the platform. That’s it! – Oh, he got the job? – Yeah! Brother, somebody called them, and made them believe all this! We don’t want an alliance from a family who’d believe anything the people say!

This marriage is cancelled! Yeah! That’s it! They aren’t interested in this alliance! We too are not interested! That’s it! People say whatever they wish! Nobody’s got a control over their words! Shall I tell you something? Let’s get him married immediately. Then, these rumours will be cleared!

Let me tell you. He’s got a job anyway, Let’s get him married first. And him, only after that. He’s still a child learning about life. Let’s do it that way! Yeah! Don’t get sad hearing all these! People speak as they wish! I’ll get you a nice alliance. Got it?

Shall I get you some oats now? Since you can’t chew… Hey! Take him to the new bed. He’s injured. Let him sleep alone. You can use the old bed for now. Okay? Yeah… I’ll get you some oats in a moment! Let him get some fresh air! Let’s go!

Brother, looks like I went to the wrong location! Shall I bring your woolen blanket tomorrow? Get the hell out with that woolen blanket!

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