Hey welcome to super earth official on the internet my name is Adam living my name is ciale green and together so we got this really cool idea from Tyler Oakley and Marcus about this video fanfiction in real life we have a lot of fans that write fanfictions and so we

Picked one at random and we’re just gonna read it and act it out for you guys it’s called caramel apples that’s got to have to stick violently into the Apple sighing and relief when it finally sucked into the fruit and stayed secure I thought you familias bowl of melted

Caramel towards him rolling the Apple in it until it was thickly coated with this sweet substance okay explicit already he plopped it down onto the tray he fought with exasperation as he began to poke another stick into the next Apple he had always wanted to make these things but

He hadn’t realized how hard they were to create Beyonce plate from his iPod Radio loudly yes it did as he rolled the Apple and did the caramel so he didn’t hear Mitch open the door but he felt the cold instead Mitch come help me with these he called to his boyfriend

What are you doing Mitch laughed as he wrapped his arms around Scott so he keeps resting as far as against his back I’m making caramel apples that I need you to help me Scott raised the third Apple from the melted caramel a long string of the sweets dripping back I can take a

Container because they’re sort of hard to make Mitch leaned over the counter and ran his finger through the caramel Scott slapped his hand gently I asked you to help not to contaminate the food he scolded playfully Mitch braces I brother him and suck the caramel out of his finger with a smile

Oh what if he nodded approvingly and it’s surprisingly good Oh Scott rolled his eyes over chips but work of stabbing an apple Mitch kissed Scott on the cheek causing a dribble of caramel to land on the counter oh no he laughed my thing to mess up with his finger

You’re distracting me go away he joked Miz raised one eyebrow with a suggestive smirk ooh and leaving close to Scott to hear his voice suddenly very quiet oh you want to distract it he likes to hear and the blond pleasure he shook it off quickly but no whew chuckles grabbing

Another apple from the bowl I’m making food not for long running his hands along Scott’s waist Scott tried desperately to ignore Mitch and continued to make the Apple that mr. old feather-light kisses along the back of Scott’s neck effectively making him shiver oh stop it’s got wine he was

Unable to resist any longer he set down his ingredients and turned around quickly startling Mitch its got pulled Mitch and get slamming his lips against his boyfriend’s I am so uncommon eat a small sounded pleasure and I wrapped his arms around Scott’s neck standing with tips of his toes

So God from this terribly endearing and opened his mouth oh it’s done banter oh My god this is real life based on a true story they pulled away from each other slowly but only enough to catch the breath have you given up on the apples yes Mitch murmur taken Scotty Levicy grinning Scott smiled and whispered he then took midges hand and pull them

Gently to their shared bedroom eager for something very popular that is so essential I was very uncomfortable it’s weird reading erotic about yourself and saying your own name so that was that I don’t want to tell any further yeah I don’t think I’m gonna read any

More of it yeah but hashtag scold me – thanks kill me all right well now it’s time for our weekly obsession my weekly obsession is Iggy Azalea I was gonna be like really yeah I got rid of the same weekly obsession she is just this bug alien yeah yeah

Rapper and she slays and she was song called fancy and we have not turned it off and that is also gonna be our song of the week here so now for two birds out with one dizzy and that’s all we have time for on super fruit this week

So be sure to come back from next week also thanks to everyone sharing the Beyonce video and supporting it so much literally we’ve had the best week love you guys so we got this really good idea when watching Tyler Oakley and mark lists what’s liked it and we have a but

There’s Marcus blΓ€ttler okay here we go

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