Fitness – Sexy Beast Workout – High Intensity Interval Training

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Fitness - Sexy Beast Workout - High Intensity Interval Training

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Hi guys so today for you a new workout is going to be interval training again and you know need your timer I got an entire bag away this time and anything black color so I set my timer for six hours and two inch intervals one interval is Tensei infants with even

Have your last and the second interval is 30 seconds as women cannot be exercising for maximum intensity so there are four different exercises in this workout and the whole order is gonna take you only 16 minutes I’m going to have all of the information about the

Square cup that makes the slices of my blog but an angle TV so that you can try it alone and common and now I’m just giving it a warm up and start the workout show you what it looks like so the first exercises are going to be

Doing and dynamic squats I’m going to try to keep track of my legs [Applause] so this was just the first exercise now we’re gonna move on to the next one and the next one is going to be reversed push-ups so now I will deliver sous-chefs of my gymnastic rings but for

You guys who don’t know dog [ __ ] you can do something like this use two chairs and a guru stick and just make sure that everything is strong enough to hold your weight that the chosen one you know great so I’m going to show you how to do

This exercise so when your exercise mat and you cannot have the glue stick right above your chest and I set up the drumstick a bit higher so that when I reach from the ground with my arms like have my arms extended so I get the benefits of the full and motion so grab

The stake and grab it right beside the chairs because if I would grab it in the middle arm and really bring the drumstick so grab it here and then drink your hips up you can have your the weight and your heels and now you’re going to pull with your arms and bring

The chest towards the glow stick so you’re gonna be doing this perhaps basically from the ground so I’m going to set up my time and again for six rounds again two intervals and I’m going to be keeping track of my raps and I’m going to do really intense four minutes on this exercise

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so now you can use the checks in the room stay for the next exercise I’m going to be doing guide for – now so I know what the brooms take a little bit more down and so now you have to try to do the dive bombers underneath the broom

Straight and your goal is not to touch it when you’re doing the push-ups so set up your time and again when you’re gonna do in terms of four minutes six pounds [Applause] So now just about to do the last exercise and it’s going to be prison and get out so set it up again six rounds two intervals four minutes total [Applause] [Applause] so I never really enjoyed today’s workout it was only 16 minutes long but I get very intense four-minute sequences

Every single night each exercise took me only four minutes and hamstring to push as hard as as I could and I wrote down all of the reps and I did I’m gonna post it on my site so that we can compare it and I can make the compare with your

Score it’s always interesting to see how many people have faster and stronger than me so visit my blog for more information about this workout so that you can try it at home leave me a comment let me know how you did how did you like this workout thanks for

Watching and I will see you tomorrow

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