From Nerd to Princess! *Mermaid Beauty Makeover Hacks and Gadgets

From Nerd to Princess! *Mermaid Beauty Makeover Hacks and Gadgets

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Wow for a little mermaid she’s a big catch be careful she might try one of her siren songs you know i’m just surprised there are optometrists under the Oh sea has a gift for her might come in handy with her tuna breath Oh good a toothbrush even mermaids need healthy teeth ooh must be cinnamon flavored and it matches her hair [Applause] wow it even comes with a light show just don’t forget to rinse and floss little mouthwash doesn’t hurt either oh i think you’re breaking out in scallops and not just that either wouldn’t squeeze that if i were you maybe the magic box can help acne patches there’s quite a few

Good we’ll need it if it doesn’t work at least it covers it up wow look at all that pus nice and clear and if those blemishes come back we’re prepared let’s see what’s next push-up panties good idea not sure mermaids even have never mind of course it still needs a little customization Even just to get it on her tail but aren’t panties supposed to be under clothes good thing we’ve got plenty of scales to spare Oh much better now shake that tail fin probably not used to chopped lips when you live in water Think these rubber bands can help If nothing else her ducklift is strong now they’re nice and plump let’s add some color next just add a little lipstick to this bottle Now it’s time for a big wet smooch All that skin peeling i guess even mermaids shouldn’t forget sunscreen Ew time to call in some specialists with this one snails great for dermatology not so much for gardens and you can practically find them in your backyard to think normally you’d pay for this kind of spa care when your face needs gel always go right to the source

Oh hey you’ve got a little something on your cheek This can help us draw up a solution Draw some shapes with a dry erase marker and add to water just watch them practically pop off now just soak your hand and they fall into place But why stop at just your hands the unspoken downside to being a mermaid the constant swimmer’s ear Let’s hope this box has something for ear cleaning And it does time to take on all that earwax huh then again is this wax or ambergris Never mind ambergris isn’t supposed to smell like that wonder if it works on more than just ears Those glasses are chic all that kelp not so much guests living in water doesn’t make you any cleaner good this brush should help clear up things don’t forget soap always important you know this could be worse at least it’s not barnacles Make sure to get in between your scales On second thought i’d rather barnacles than whatever’s going on here still it’s easier to clean than clogged pores man she’s way too excited for something with fishnet in the name kinda need legs you know i’ve got the sea witch on speed dial then again who says it’s just for legs

It can help add a new pattern to your makeup game your smile’s your best accessory although a little grooming doesn’t hurt granted some find a mustache distinguished these strips might just help you get more than one eyebrow just apply to unwanted hair and let it sit

Guess she didn’t sell her voice just yet well on the bright side she doesn’t have to worry about leg day now let’s find something to fix up her remaining eyebrows Is she adding lipstick oh so it matches the rest of her hair Okay we need a manny stat hold the pedi A toothbrush why not should help get into every nook and cranny and this is just the start we’ll need an outline This tail can be a source of inspiration let’s keep it flat so we can draw out a shape No it’s not a fish well just half of one really bring the shape to life with a 3d pen Add the tail to your nail should be a perfect fit Look there’s even a portable salon put it together Good thing we’ve got this spare hand to try it out on just add the polish and it will help it dry off looks like there’s decorations too No one said your hands can’t be individuals uh-oh and i think she needs those glasses wait didn’t she take them off before never mind either way these contact lenses should help And look now she can say she’s part catfish Oh the pains of being half mammal armpit hair let’s try something other than wax strips shame about all that mermaid glitter though probably should prepare for that mono brow while we’re at it when it’s ready just scrape or wipe it off for a clean finish wait how many armpits does a mermaid have It’s time to let your hair loose And this will help us add a little extra sparkle and shine each strand can have its own color Guess she’s not stopping at her hair either And that forehead could use a little accessory Honestly there’s nothing like posing after a great makeover now let’s see if we can make a little catch of our own look who came crawling back thanks for the box though i’d say there’s plenty of fish in the sea but fish might be closer than they first appear

Flipperific stuff catch ya next time

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