Full UPPER BODY Workout (Tone & Sculpt) – 15 min At Home

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Full UPPER BODY Workout (Tone & Sculpt) - 15 min At Home

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Hey guys welcome back today we’re doing a 15 minute upper body dumbbell workout so for today’s workout you will need some weights you can use whatever you have access to whether you’re at home or in the gym today i’m using two sets of dumbbells i’m going to be using a set of

Tens and a set of 15’s but please use dumbbells that suit your strength levels the way that this workout is structured is we have five different exercises and we are going to be doing each exercise for one minute taking a 30 second rest in between and we’re going to do two

Rounds and that will bring us to 15 minutes so just make sure that you can see your screen so you can follow along with me and without further ado let’s get to it all right guys the first exercise we’re going to start off with is an arnold

Press so your palms are going to face forward like so you’re going to press up one arm at a time so just a regular shoulder press squeezing focusing on good form And we’re here for a minute Be careful not to lock the elbow totally at the top you want to keep a slight bend in the elbow All right we take a 30 second rest but our next exercise that we’re going to go into is a two-way bicep curl so you’re going to take a regular bicep curl straight up keeping those elbows tucked then we’re going to go into a wide curl so almost like a hammer curl just a

Little bit more out to the side back down to center and back to a regular bicep curl all right here we go one minute Slow control make sure you keep those elbows tucked My all right 30 second rest next up we’re going to just another basic movement doing just some underhand back rows so palms facing forward we come over squeeze bringing those dumbbells up and squeezing the back and back down Here we go Try to squeeze and hold at the top just for a hot Sometimes think of your hands as hooks and you’re really just squeezing those back muscles to bring your dumbbells up you’re not pulling with your hands to avoid using or biceps All right 30 second rest next step we’re going to come down into a glute bridge position you’re going to press your hips up and we’re going to take a chest press from this position so coming up bringing the dumbbells down right beside you and back up like so Press up and squeeze Try not to rest at the bottom too long All right last exercise that we’re going to do is a tricep extension so bring the dumbbell up dropping below keeping those elbows locked and pressing and squeezing up squeezing so you really feel that in your triceps Here we go Uh when i get you back oh yeah when i get you back oh yeah when i get you back oh yeah i promise all right guys that was our first round so now we’re gonna repeat that all again starting off with our shoulder presses if you need to move down in weight

You are more than welcome to do that we are doing this for one minute intervals so it is more of a burnout rather than doing just a few reps with heavier weight so just do what you can and embrace the burn here we go round two I want you to focus on practicing really solid form just keeping everything nice and strong don’t just push through the movements focus on where your arms need to be where you should be feeling it I hope you feel that way all right 30 second rest going into our two-way bicep curl so regular curl into a wide curl Here we go control on the way down with these movements everything nice and strong So Few more seconds All right Quick rest going to our underhand rows Here we Get go on the way down and squeeze and hold at the top 30 more seconds um all right coming down into our glute bridge position being in this glute bridge position acts as almost like you’re on decline bench so that way you can focus more of the tension on your chest while you’re doing the chest press movement and again make sure that your

Hands are a little bit forward in front of you rather than directly side so you want them just below like just in the middle of your ribs Press those shoulder blades together really use that chest to bring the dumbbells up squeeze at the top don’t spend too long at the bottom or at the top Better i try to connect All right last exercise is our tricep extensions I don’t wanna lead you astray You say Love your yeah All right guys and that is it good job i hope you enjoyed this 15 minute upper body dumbbell workout you’re more than welcome to repeat one or two more rounds if you like to increase the intensity a little bit you can take a little bit extra longer breaks in between each

Round um but if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to give this video a thumbs up let me know if you’d like to see more of these style of videos in the comments down below and if you’re new here make sure you hit that subscribe button and you turn on your post

Notifications so you don’t miss another workout from me and i’ll see you guys very soon bye You

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