Fun Adventure for Kids with Jason Officer

Fun Adventure for Kids with Jason Officer

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I am driving a police car we are police please let’s wait here yeah let’s wait officers Hi officer hello do you want to eat something i want to eat donuts okay i’ll get the dojo okay go get the donuts The best donuts in town i got the donuts officer these look good let’s see right there okay Nice donuts yeah cheers Let’s get something to eat yeah let’s do it come on Hey police car let’s check it out yeah let’s go Hey two police officers let’s get to donuts good idea I got chocolate I like chocolate so much let’s go down here okay You go there all right We got the diamonds good job yeah hey a police car somebody’s taking it police is coming what come on We did it good job bro we need to find them we need to get them help okay you know what let’s just go and search for them let’s go this way okay come on Come on we have to hurry we’ll get them from this way come on come on come on we’ll get down this way this [Applause] yeah no police here i got the donuts Where are they Come on come stop stop stop yes that is a police car yes let’s go get it be silent okay come on Are you ready yes come on get into it Oh no they got us no no oh no well officer great job let’s now bring him to jail come on We did it oh yeah you’re going to jail lady i don’t want to go to jail well you have to i’m not a criminal yes you are wait a second donuts okay we’re almost at the jail officer would you like some donuts what donuts yes okay then you have to stop the car

Okay i’ll stop the car there Okay we can eat here okay let’s get those donuts Finish it up give me the donuts here you go officer thank you so much you stay here don’t go away stay [Applause] Ah do that okay this one i like donuts Let’s escape ah the last piece okay let’s go back to jail hey prisoner listener what it’s empty no the prisoner is gone i need to fight the prisoner Attention attention we got a prisoner escape raise their escape let’s go bye bye now i can do whatever i want i’m selling goals i’m telling those who want some nice big goals i got a global for twenty dollars and got a boy doll for 100 what should i do now i’m free

I want some nice nice big big big Wow What’s up [Laughter] immediately hey a police guy he can help me hey officer officer officer hey what’s going on so it took my dolls oh that must be the prisoner get in the car let’s find him together hurry hurry we need to catch the prisoner

Okay let’s go seat belts on i’m a police officer Yes let’s go yeah we will find that prisoner we will that’s a donut donut oh that’s a good idea oh thank you let’s take one yeah let’s take some all right enjoy the donut being a police officer is fun i know right Yummy wait a second i see the prisoner go i got you i got you you’re going to jail you’re going in come on Nobody can escape from the police and this belongs to the gentleman okay gentlemen there you go sir yes thank you so much but can i be the police off the rest of the day well of course you did a great job let’s go

Oh no he got me he got me your plan did not work I don’t want to go to jail well you have to

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