Gaming on a 25 YEAR OLD Laptop!!

Gaming on a 25 YEAR OLD Laptop!!

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Yes sorry bob my friends in today’s video the young whippersnappers in our audience are gonna have a look at how the previous generation lived because believe it or not we did have your mobile computers it’s just that to say that they weren’t quite as sleek and sexy as a modern ultrabook

Would be a gross understatement So step one i guess is to get this puppy booted up now this might not stand out to some of you but one of the first things i noticed about this thing is the power cord fascinating isn’t it it’s just a normal power cord there’s no external power brick this

Thing has an internal power supply are you kidding me all right i’m gonna get this plugged in now brian the electrician who i borrowed this thing from he’s got like a tech museum in his basement that guy uh he actually told me the battery on this thing does work but lithium batteries

Don’t age very well so i’d be surprised if it stays on longer than a couple minutes so we’re gonna run off wall power here this is like so exciting he also told me that he pre-loaded my favorite game on it which i don’t remember talking to him about

Retro games at any point so let’s see what he put on here wow is that 80 megs of ram that’s actually pretty respectable for a computer of this era i mean it’s not amazing but it’s okay you know windows 95 so that makes this thing significantly older than jake

Like we literally have people working here who are younger than this laptop I haven’t heard that sound in so long uh alright so this is it this is the desktop experience does it go any brighter no it does not wow that is not a fantastic display so i just wanted to check that ram amount and i realized i don’t actually remember how

To access task manager in windows 95 you can’t just right click the taskbar monitors the system resources your programs are using like any program the resource meter uses system resources when it’s running this may cause your computer to run more slowly um great back when we had like 100 megahertz cpus

Your computer would warn you about opening up resource monitor because it could affect your resource consumption wow that is a fairly rudimentary resource meter well your system resources they’re they’re 86 percent free as for your user resources same thing why don’t we try one of the other similar looking things here

How about system monitor okay that’s more like it so we are using about 40 megs of ram on what we don’t know i tried to two finger swipe to scroll and all i did was move my icons around just like yeah yeah sure you know what it gives you an appreciation for you

Know modern grid arrangements and everything snapping into place right how big is our drive wow four gigs fat32 storage not beautiful i mean to put that in context this ultrabook has four times that in system memory all right so we’re fired up let’s get into uh what brian thinks is my favorite game

And actual okay there’s no way he would have guessed this but i actually played so many hours of 1602 a.d back when the only gaming computer i had was a pentium 90 desktop that i inherited from my uncle is sound on if you don’t happen to have something playing while you’re making adjustments

You can press down For a test tone i’m gonna need a mouse though in order to play this game usb didn’t come around until windows 98 se if i recall correctly this laptop doesn’t have usb actually no hold on okay ow so that’s labeled mouse keyboard that is a ps2 port and

I happen to have in my bag of wonders a ps2 to usb adapter uh i’m gonna have to go digging deeper into the bag of wonders and see if i have a ps2 mouse okay well we didn’t find a ps2 mouse but i did find a ball mouse with usb so

I’m hoping that this will hey not bad yes my friends these were great for all sorts of things picking up all the dust off your desk and putting it in one convenient place to be picked off and disposed of later uh throwing these nice heavy rubber

Balls that people you didn’t like oh man got like hair and gunk wrapped around this gross before i settle in for my nostalgic gaming session though actually why don’t we like take a closer look at this thing it’s got some real problems compared to modern computers these bezels take up like

As much of the top of the unit as the freaking screen does they’re so big this touchpad is abominable though with that said i do appreciate the inclusion of dedicated left and right clicks here speakers suck and this thing is freaking heavy like it is it is chunky like you were carrying a

Briefcase if you had one of these but it has some advantages compared to modern devices so even though we weren’t really able to plug in our you know modern mouse to it very easily the i o on this thing is substantial so check this out you’ve got your floppy disk reader

You’ve got not one but two pcmcia expansion slots so these could actually be used back in the day to add new ports to laptops go figure right we’ve got our rj11 modem port we’ve got the ps2 port we ended up using check this out that my friends yes that

Is infrared so i believe though instead of being used as just like a remote control or to like control your tv this was actually for wireless data transmission um yeah i know right uh we’ve got our printer port we’ve got a dock port vga out uh serial and then oh moving around

Finally my arm is like actually falling asleep holding this thing up like this oh we’ve got our cd-rom drive and finally headphone microphone jacks yes my friend a headphone jack and check this out here’s a feature you haven’t seen in a while a removable battery now i mean 2.7 amp hours

That is not a lot and it obviously isn’t going to work very well anymore but hey it had it oh wow seriously when there’s an auto run you can’t click anything behind it multitasking there’s so many things i completely take for granted these days all right let’s fire up some corel word

Perfect so back to the things that are good about it this keyboard is amazing compared to modern keyboards you might as well have a mechanical keyboard in your laptop like this is flipping awesome the layout’s great it’s got dedicated keys for home end page up page down it’s got look at this travel

Listen to that like that that is a laptop keyboard and check this out it’s even got remappable shortcut buttons like come on 1996 wasn’t such a bad time i mean yeah there’s no windows key you know what though 1602 actually can be run on relatively modern machines and

There is a game that i legitimately have not played since like 2002 when the classroom computers actually ran windows 95 windows 98 and it’s called lierro um unfortunately getting it seems like it might be a little tricky so a lot of you might not realize this but check this out windows

95 is actually pre like the blue internet explorer icon this is when like internet explorer was the name because it was internet mail internet news and internet explorer what does internet news even look like what do you please select a folder where internet mail should keep your message what are you

Even talking about internet news configuration holy crap i think we’re fine um so we’re gonna have to download the game separately and then just copy it over to here except one small problem even though the game is small enough to fit on a single floppy disk

I don’t have any floppy disks does this pop out is this floppy drive removable holy crap it is there must be like a catch somewhere for it definitely anyway um also rj45 was considered a fancy pants feature back then none of that and of course even if windows 95 did support usb storage

It doesn’t have any usb ports and wi-fi oh forget about it that was still a twinkle in the eye of an engineer somewhere like that that’s not a thing i’ll be right back fortunately what is a thing is this old external cd burner that i have and

This spindle of cdrs that i happen to have kicking around like i still remember when if you had a cd burner you were the coolest kid in class like yeah they were slow and the software was atrocious also the blank discs were expensive so when a burn failed it was like

Actually a big deal like okay there goes a few more dollars great thanks for that but you could move a whopping 650 megabytes of data in between machines or store it safely and that is exactly what we’re gonna do now i don’t actually have burning software installed on this laptop because

Why would i but i seem to recall microsoft building it in at some point okay how do you want to use this disk with a cd dvd player riero manage finish burning okay i’m burning a cd It’s been a while now when i say these things were slow like i really mean it i’m going at a speed that is about eight times what we would have had back then in the early days of cd burning i’m only writing like a mega files and it’s still taking this long because

There was the preamble and the um like the finishing process that had to be done on the disk regardless of how much you wrote to it so let’s see if this works fortunately if it didn’t i’ve got this whole spindle that definitely is not earmarked for any other purpose so brian must have

Actually burned this for me it’s awesome thanks dude hey there we go holy crap i think it worked lierro windows 98. give her a second here gotta ramp up that disc okay is this gonna work oh irq 5 extended memory successfully initialized press any key oh yeah lierro v 1.33 baby

Hey jake you want to play some lierro lierro so it’s local multiplayer only oh so am i like wozzed and you’re um well you’re rfdg and then you need fire change weapons and jump if it helps at all mine’s really not much better so there’s a mini map down here

Wait i think i played this before no there’s a way to dig fast ah there it is you hold the direction you want to go and then you press back so you like you spam back i think this keyboard has ghosting issues oh i see

So only one of us can like dig at a time let’s get some explosives going on up in this this is stuck oh no oh crap that was not what i meant to do oh oh crap slaughtered that slower load is killing me here no i can’t even aim

Oh no oh right the hook shot i can’t change my weapons because you’re holding down keys yes i can’t change my weapon nah you’re done we have 14 lives with me here all day uh yeah when you’re better at the game and the controls are working it actually

Goes pretty quick well the grasshopper is really powerful what the hell okay next point wins i guess yeah shoot i shouldn’t have said that and i’m done thanks bud now one of the other things i used my laptop for when i was a teenager was looking at pictures um so the problem though

Is that when you did that just use internet explorer to open a picture it did it is downloading it from the cd-rom drive give her a minute um oh yeah there it goes she’s loading she’s loading in skin tones we’re really not handled very well on

The default setting so uh you can hardly tell because the display is so bad but if you zoom in on this can you tell how little color depth there is to this thing yeah that’s pretty bad oh man look at it like loading in on the edges of the

Frame as you you see that yeah oh it’s spectacular now fortunately many older computers if you went into the properties much like you would today allowed you to here we go change the color palette from the default 256 to high color or even true color now with that said

That didn’t actually seem to do much for me and it might have been windows 98 where they had a built-in picture viewer can i open this with something else like is this something that’s been altered yeah this is clearly no better the the bottleneck here may actually be the

Display you guys will just have to take my word for it 16 or better yet 24 bit color was was definitely a much better experience when looking at pictures on your laptop better representation of skin tones for sure that is assuming that your dial up internet connection could even download anything high-res hi

Color i think that’s enough of me fooling around with this thing let’s get down to business and play some 1602 a.d is the sound not working did that turn it off or something i remember this uh it’s not a form of drm or anything it’s just that the sound assets were too

Big to actually copy over to the hard drive in-game music wouldn’t work without the discount so let’s go ahead and close down the program try that one more time isn’t that great that’s pretty funny single player oh lame the yellow and blue player got big ships to start so settling a

Southern island is good late game because you’ve got like cotton and all that kind of stuff but actually northern islands were better for food production we have to uh explore the island one moment please this island’s resources have been determined ooh cocoa and cotton hundred percent yield

And there’s ore there we go build a warehouse the controls are like so unintuitive man i might go home tonight and like legit play this game let’s get a foresters hut going on over here i won’t subject you guys to any more of that though so that’s pretty much it that’s

A look at not the laptop that i owned as a kid but one that is pretty darn close it was a hand-me-down actually from my half-sister’s dad so it was already worthless then and it’s even more worthless now thanks for watching you guys thanks to brian for uh giving

Me this old clunker of a laptop to play with here and uh if you guys enjoyed the video you can hit that like button if you really enjoyed it you can hit subscribe if you disliked it well you can also hit that button but uh we’re

Gonna have wow i did my entire outro out of order whatever go buy merch and um um join our forum yes

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