Gaming With My Son

Gaming With My Son

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This is my son asha he’s two years old and i think he might be insane and this is me i’ve been playing video games ever since i was young and gaming is a huge part of my life who i am as a person and my career and i want to try

Sharing that passion with my son ash’s favorite things right now consist of cars diggers food and animals so let’s start there i tried to pick three games to show him that would relate to those interests the first was a game where you look after and play with a dog

The second’s was peppa pig she’s an animal i guess my personal favorite minecraft because it’s peaceful it’s creative and it also has a lot of animals in right i’m missing a child so uh let’s go and get him How should you want to see tato yeah you want to see tato are you sure yeah okay this is tato he’s our virtual chihuahua puppy who we look after on the switch we have two dogs of our own who asha adores but they’re still getting used to a

Heavy-handed toddler so tato is the next best thing now we tried to film this in our living room and it was okay yeah but i literally have a room dedicated to gaming so i got to work making an asha friendly gaming space who’s that yeah did you play some games

Within two minutes his face was two inches away from the screen but he loved it should we make him sit yeah there we go look it’s sitting and then we can get the brush yeah and we can brush tato potato was a frisbee catching champion

In the making so he needed a good diet so we needed to feed him what should we feed tate we can do chicken cow or fish cow cow right here goes the cow food ready and it goes and feed feed cow he’s eating cow tato has consumed an entire cow which

Gives him enough energy for frisbee practice should we throw a frisbee do you want to help throw it ready oh well done you did it look he’s going to try and catch it oh he just missed asha threw the perfect throw and tato missed i don’t believe it anyway i’d say his

First gaming experience was a positive one so a few days later we decided to try something new I’m not gonna lie to you i was actually going to play this game for a video myself but then i took a step back and asked myself yo what are you doing what are you doing also we don’t watch peppa pig i’ve seen what this pig gets

Up to and some of it is um is questionable now it’s my turn i win again like why is she so aggressive let’s not even begin on the fat shaming of the dad you’ve got a big tummy daddy is there a baby in there anyway pepper is a pig asha likes pigs so

Let’s see what he thinks right you ready to play yeah look who’s this puppy pig yeah and who’s this one do you remember is it me no no well then we’re gonna make our own friend right let’s choose a color do you want blue purple pink green

Brown you want brown yeah okay what face would you like okay and what color would you like the rabbit to be this one gray yeah okay do you want glasses on the rabbit yeah we have daddy’s glasses yeah yeah what about a hat yeah do you want to point to which one

You want which one this one yeah or this one this one this one this one this one this one this one this one police hat yeah police rabbit was ready to go and the first task opening a gate what’s that a butterfly butterfly bye bye butterfly should we

Follow it yeah let’s go there’s a fence in the way should we open the gate yeah okay can you press this button for me well i know you opened the gate And once i taught him how to press the space bar i just simply wasn’t allowed to anymore oh you’re pressing the wrong button oh no that’s the wrong mouse no don’t press it oh no oh no this is bad this is bad actually i saved the recording which was good

Because now it’s time to focus for the running race and there is no way no way i am letting peppa pig beat me in a good old-fashioned foot race yeah we’re going to do some running go why are you blowing it again yeah are we going to win yeah

We’re at the front we’re in first place we won high five yeah take that pepper yes first place i think i need to calm down let’s do some relaxing drawing what is he drawing asha it’s a rainbow he’s added some grass too it will look great on peppa’s wall oh

Look can you see our rainbow what can you see that’s our rainbow can you see any other drawings what’s this one fluff yeah what about this one outside yep this one yeah what about this one well done what noise is an elephant mate After about 15 minutes ash was bored are you finished playing can daddy play this some more i don’t really want to and as soon as i stopped recording the first thing asha wanted to do was go and see tato which went really well how are you tato are you good yep that

That’s my laptop now since ashley loves animals i thought minecraft would be perfect we got pigs we got chickens we got cows you get the idea but it got even better when i thought about bedrock edition normally i don’t like minecraft bedrock edition because i’m a java guy but for

Younger players bed recognition is actually really good we go to the farm as a family all the time it’s one of ash’s favorite things to do so i searched farm up on the minecraft marketplace and i found this crazy good free map What kind of animals would you like to see at the farm pigs well luckily yeah there’s a car over here what else can you see yeah that is a doggy look we can make him stand up he’s got a tail he’s walking it’s a cockle that is a cockroach what do cockroaches say Oh look there’s a person here yeah oh no what did i pick up what do i pick what’s that asha a cow that’s not a cow this is though look hello cow hello Oh look at that it’s a little chick all right let’s go see some pigs yeah look there’s a pig oh look at it It’s falling over what’s it doing i did not know pigs could do that in this game that was cool we’re gonna need a pig noise yeah that’s funny isn’t it right would you like to drive a tractor look it’s david he’s driving we’re driving the tractor that’s cool isn’t it ah ready oh

Got steering wheel there we go you guys driving your car’s your favorite bit yeah then i had a very rare brainwave i searched cars up on the minecraft marketplace and asha made his choice of what to play next this was you want this one yeah good choice are you having fun

Yeah yeah this is cool isn’t it school plants cool farms oh look because which car should we drive first we’ve got purple red or white white let’s do it whoa we’re driving it oh it’s fast it’s really fast blue one blue one this one there we We’re go it this one’s really fast honestly he could have just watched us drive around for well ages but i did need to know the answer to something would you like better cars or farms cars cars okay wasn’t the answer i was expecting to be honest but there was one

More thing that i wanted to show asha and it’s one of his newest interests dinosaurs all right let’s go over here and there’s dinosaurs this one i don’t actually know what this is i’m gonna say spinosaurus oh that is insane you see i i got it

Right should we see we can find a t-rex oh they’re eating each other oh they’re fighting they’re fighting look let me put another t-rex here look big t-rex there’s a pterodactyl i found one yeah what dinosaur is this one carnotaurus that’s a big word that’s actually kind of cool a dodo oh

Oh no oh no dinosaurs are um kind of aggressive yeah what’s what’s happening to the duck oh no and that’s when his toddler attention span faded away and he decided to beat up my microphone overall i think this was actually pretty successful being able to show him how to explore

His interests in a brand new way was really fun and in short bursts he enjoyed it too and it’s another way that i can share one of my passions with him i think it’s safe to say that tato was definitely his favorite he still asks about him every day

But don’t you worry i haven’t been building mansions mansions in minecraft in no time thank you so much for watching this video i massively appreciate it if you can leave a like if you enjoyed that be awesome subscribe if you’re brand new as well and i’ll see

You in the next one alright bye

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