GANG BEASTS! Funny Punching Game! (FGTEEV Family Multiplayer)

GANG BEASTS! Funny Punching Game! (FGTEEV Family Multiplayer)

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Yo guys this is crazy we got the whole family shot back here Mike’s back there mommy now today we’re playing gang beasts y’all recommend it is for years I just read the comment so we’re gonna do it we’re doing mainly three wins wins let’s see did that lose did I miss

Something you know and we’re gonna do random stages you guys ready lime is Lexie gentes Mike it’s alliteration yeah color coordination ow he’s biting my Alba my shoulder he’s biting my elbow chases blue and on and on three two one oh you’re right and I’m gonna throw that person no no Last Man

Standing wins I’m gonna cry oh no the fat I just want to say we’re all yelling and it’s driving me a little nuts can you imagine that but you’re not so I just grabbed Mike and I have to throw it no [Applause] there’s the colors let me okay I want a

Great choice Mike did you just shut out of the race I got chased I don’t know I’m trying to figure it out still but I’m had funny teeth head but stop Lex I’m trying to fight chase No I think roll them out while they’re down

Hey you know I’m gonna stay here oh wow Yes come on look it’s a real I like this one okay what are you guys doing over there Oh I’m sorry Yeah yeah yeah okay distracting me so if I guy doesn’t count [Applause] to show you know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna take this hair once I soccer two minutes Ali okay you ready for lunch soccer Ali so no or just playing soccer the location is the alley yeah I know yeah we’re not playing soccer Ali why

Are you looking at my teeth it is something in them they like it took one of them are chill I know remember the vlog okay wait I got this I got this wait okay wait wait wait oh it’s attached wait no I just got it ready you

Just gave us a boy Oh chase are you my old character you’re Karen okay so meets switched characters I have to M go for it I’m going for it I’m going for it give me that I got it I got it I got the guy you ain’t going nowhere oh very I’m down no no getting any onion I’m gonna get I got him no no no no go go go quick get it’s white Oh let go of me say there’s only 18 seconds what’s that for you wanna fight me chase we are not good sportsmanship teammates just eating

Cheese no all right stop there’s cool but I don’t really like it oh is that like a bunny whoa are you gonna be that I’m gonna be gangsta Claus and Michael you’re the doctor thing okay so chase the poopy in me Santa Claus versus Lex the poopy and Mike doctor that’s confusing red versus blue get down there no way I’m all by myself yes right there get down no no destroy you guys

Ah yes get get no you get down Santa Claus None of y’all are getting Christmas presents now because Santa’s gone we have to win chase are you fighting me this is the tiebreaker right here gondola here we go out I’ll take care of this guy’s sake [Applause] red team won all right guys well thanks for watching you don’t want to see more

Of this let us know down below let’s just do a rapid change of character ready everyone switch your character ready no wait wait what creating potty because something got for you Oh brick wall did you see that shot I mean yeah I don’t think it’s Lenina if fry just looks like her Wow

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