Today on k-city we are back in gang beast after like a seven year layoff wow but there’s new levels out in the trolley oh god is this the game beast room i’m dressed for everything yeah i am you better guys subscribe or i’ll do this oh my goodness oh my goodness don’t

Yeah we know if you subscribe you’ll be in one of our videos okay but if you’re subscribed we do read kind comments you might get a shout out at the end of the video so make sure you subscribe we only read it from subscribers okay i’m sergeant lobster

What are you i’m a sexy imposter hey you can see the lighthouse in the background oh that is the sassy imposter when the impulse is Oh no how do i find him off you don’t fight i don’t know hon i don’t know it’s gonna hit him i don’t look good for you it doesn’t look good for you at all smash it with the thing okay let’s go this let’s explore the ship let’s explore ow

Oh can we go in these doors Open sesame excuse me too oh he’s got me i’m gonna try to i’m gonna try to wrestle him this way uh we’ve blocked our way with this he knocked me out with his face it blocked our way yeah what there we go okay hold on oh it hit me wizards tail oh no

Oh that didn’t that didn’t matter at all i’m gonna wrestle a shark save get out of here oh i threw him off oh my goodness there’s another one multiple sharks it’s because i’m i’m tilting him so heavy i’m being shocked boy i’m pulling it down good job gang beast makers i like this

This is enjoyable it sure is enjoyable oh no oh oh there’s a shark well he is he’s a high jumper look at that Yeah she’s it’s going down fast that’s what they did on titanic too it ain’t going to matter no oh no just hang on adam what are they going to do spider-man look at that spider-man there we go who’s higher Who’s higher i’m getting up in that cage somebody pull it down no you’re not no you’re not there we go you want to feed us to the sharks Let’s go fishing it’s killing eva i knocked myself out now it took her that long no how is she not dead because i’m struggling whoa there goes a big old one still holding on jonah take me with you on the island take me with you are you punching him no i’m holding

Someone put me in the cage okay guys let’s work together no no why are you going for me yeah there we go wait wait oh oh she knocked it over anybody know where the bathroom is is this the bathroom look guys look here it is i fixed it oh thank you no

No no no oh i wanted to be on there wait girl oh no no i i me and ava no you thought you got rid of me now oh you thought you got rid of me no wait go with my tentacles they got my tentacles jerk i’m just up here

I’m just chilling no i’m just chilling okay Oh no look what you’ve done i did nothing you tried killing me my goodness dominates the new level yeah she does now oh he’s got her though yeah he’s caught her taking her into the sea no one no one is safe three wins zero losses four wins to win in a random

Melee race buff granny has entered i’m still gonna win dad i hate this Get out who’s down oh dead look like y’all gonna dominate like you thought How do i punch him you’re just going to jump on him just like that oh Glitchy she’s tearing the place up man oh royal rumble stop royal rumble style oh double knockout triple actually Move i got something to do crash on me i gotta ow let go of my come here come here granny let’s go come i’ve gotta go get my groceries hey who are you making fun of sir no not you no we got a new victor y’all better get out of here for those

How do i get in the captains i suggest we stay up let me in i want to steer this ship goodbye mom oh my gosh oh my goodness over the top you too okay this is three wins if dad gets it all right that’s right here he goes Oh no is hanging on i’m good i’m good i’m just gonna oh oh she’s slithering off goodbye guys wait where’d the girls go are you hanging on ava mommy oh there we go oh no oh no i can’t get rid of me that easy what’s happening wow

Look at that core strength reach over here and get this pull oh i got to get up I’m getting over here i’m getting weak spider butter no i’m gonna except me i’ve got zero oh my goodness i was busy talking i didn’t even have my controller in my hand hold on back leave me alone i’m trying to do something no how about we both find a way to get

Oh what a knockout ava you better jump up hurry here comes the train got this you got this both hands jump hit the a button there you go jump oh she’s back in i celebrated way too all right hon just try to survive we’re

Going to try to get mom city win here oh don’t worry about it are we okay i made it my best dive what’s ava doing he’s hiding you can’t see me boy i wasn’t trying to eliminate you oh what happened i can do that now you could do that yes no you cannot

Throw people through that yes you can surely not you wanna you wanna try no well i eliminated myself do it mom just eliminate it ava ava with three okay wins this one y’all are the winners what i don’t remember this one does it like I’m trying to help you actually hon there we go just stay right here by the way these things can fall what that’s what i thought they’ve done this one before isn’t it i’m going up top again i’m going up top All right get off of me get out of here i don’t know if that’s the point of this dad please ah she just knocked me off immediately my daughter just told me that we were gonna cooperate and then she knocked me clean off i hope you hit that pole up there

Find a win all right guys let’s read the kind comment alrighty this is epic awesome epic awesome two days ago they say y’all are the best youtubers ever i don’t know how they don’t have more subs i love kid city for then now forever why thank you epic awesome i

Don’t know how we don’t have more subs either if you guys would all subscribe and make that subscribe button great we would have a lot more subs and everybody be more happy i’m gonna read one carlos ibarra abarra i love your videos i’m always watching them very good ava

You’re getting to be such a great reader colleen style i love it colleen colleen i i love kid city they’re one of the best gamers and always make my day better that’s awesome you want to do one hun jax panther i love your videos kid

City keep up the good work and god bless it’s que city gaming but all right all right thanks for watching right up here we will give you links to more family fun on k-city gaming we will see you next time

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