Gatherers: Vegetarians and Herbivores. Part 4

Gatherers: Vegetarians and Herbivores. Part 4

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The human hunter-gatherer rapidly refined his techniques mastering his environment Then he learned that instead of going in such as the plants where they grew undergoing hardships like the elephants or the marine iguanas he could thought them himself right by his home the clearing in the forest a refuge in the garden this was the birth of Agriculture and with it

Sedimentary man this took place some 10,000 years ago and was called the Neolithic Revolution agriculture is such a rose independently in various different regions of the world and was the first of the great cultural advances which have transformed the planet permitting human populations to multiply Vanna’s happened here in the Trobriand islands near New Guinea the inhabitants managed to achieve increasingly large harvests making it possible to store the excess for consumption in terms of want the result was a guaranteed supply of food all year round this is the so-called yam house the most important

Building in the village where they proudly store the annual harvest whose size and quality brings prestige the clam the produce is displayed and blessed by the spiritual chief for the village the best yam farmer is honored with the name of taqwa Bakula which means good gardener agriculture boss human beings

The possibility of leisure of free time as released them from the interminable search for flow illusion refuge but just as in the case of the lemurs excessive dependence and a few vegetable species to feed large numbers of people can be dangerous today over 99% of the world’s food is

Plant species and of these wheat rice and maize represents 80% we have become specialists in just three species and if her virus attacked these crops it would be a world catastrophe even worse the population of the planet doubled in just 50 years at the end of the 20th century

While demand for meat quadrupled to produce one kilo of beef eight kilos of grain unnecessary that means that the cattle eat 40 percent of owner cereals harvested on the planet what began as an evolutionary success of the primates the diversification of our diet should not now be allowed to lead to an

Impoverishment in species due to mono cultivation and the global economy the balance was upset when we began to sell and ecology became economy perhaps once more triumph lies somewhere between the two extremes knowing how to take success on board without going too far here in the tropical forests of

Venezuela the mockery that I still live in self-sufficient communities whose contact with the outside world is limited to the acquisition of certain plastic utensils from nearby villages after gathering in the manioc from the fields then grate it turning it into tapioca wet pulp which must be then

Squeezed in long baskets to extract the hydro cyanide acid which is poisonous the result is a kind of paste from which the maca Desiree prepared their favourite food the fruiting question is the cassava or jungle bread a toasted flatbread which forms the basis of their diet at this

Point another step in the cultural evolution of the human gather occurs the harvested food is increasingly processed leading to cooking gastronomy the meeting of the family and the clan around the fire our stove and so eating becomes much more than simple ingestion of food it then becomes a social act

Strengthening bonds so much so that there is virtually no human culture in the world that does not celebrate important events with a corresponding banquet In the highlands of New Guinea these PAP ones are going to prepare one of the most complicated ingenious vegetable recipes in the world the llama it is a true ritual in which the entire village participates a tradition governed by ancestral rules sweet bananas squashes maize young potatoes and other local

Vegetables are placed in layers in a large pressure cooker in the form of a hole lined with stones and banana leaves that sense of taste which enabled our relative of the orangutan to distinguish the ripe fruits now brings us the immense pleasure of widely varied flavors after millions of years of

Biological evolution and just a few thousand of cultural progress no pure carnivore could enjoy food in this way only the descendants of an ancient lineage of gatherer simians are capable of appreciating subtleties aromas and Lance’s like these sometimes survival brings unexpected rewards [Applause]

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