Geek | NERD Extreme MAKEOVER *How To Become POPULAR* Beauty Transformation With Gadgets


Wanna go from nerdy to popular? Look how this girl does an extreme makeover with gadgets and viral TikTok hacks.0:00 Bad day at school 0:21 Just Can’t Beat That Minty Fresh Feeling! / Toothbrush 0:46 Boxers & Briefs Have Met Their Match / Push-Up Panties 1:16 Wait ‘Til You Get To The Other Ear / Ear Cleaner 1:46 Hearts, Stars & Horseshoes, Clovers & Blue Moons… / Pimple Patches 2:18 Don’t Use On Hair You Wanna Keep… / Wax Strips 3:05 Clown College, Here We Come! / Makeup Brush 3:36 Wet Your Whistle While You’re At It… / Lip Exersizer 4:43 Say It With Your Eyes… / Eyeliner Stickers 5:17 For Extra Sparkle, Add A Tiara! / Colored Strands 6:07 Sometimes, It Feels Good To Be Bad / Magnetic Piercings 6:37 Personally, I’m More Partial To E=MC^2 / Temp Tattoos 7:03 Don’t Skip Leg Day / Hair Removal Foam 7:35 Popsicles. Also Great On A Hot Day. Or Any Day. / Ice Mold 8:44 Final touch#makeover #beauty #gadgets

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