Getting Glitchy With Super Hero Kids! Ethan and Cole Virtual Reality Trouble.

Getting Glitchy With Super Hero Kids! Ethan and Cole Virtual Reality Trouble.

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All right I think it’s rush all right hey I’m inanimate whoa this is so weird this is so cool when we try and walk around eat them Harris oh did that scare you leave that yeah take this out what are you doing check this out I put these things on hit

The power button on the side and boom I got you are cold oh this is so weird right well what’s the point of it because it’s cool I mean it is pretty cool Noel you can do with it what you can say in your we ourselves to any

Address you want so I gotta go anywhere in the world right now as a VR person yeah how you type in the address on the computer this house right time we had her address you ready to go all right good ready okay see I told you it would work

Whoa you’re jealous why’d you look so weird it’s because you mean faster Internet I know my voice is in here it might freak someone out you know pretty much see what you’re doing I don’t oh oh hi Jenna oh here’s she’s screaming for some reason why yell another dog or son all

Right let me have Church tears please thank you all right where you are go so he doesn’t know it’s house or superhero kids alright alright here we go ah yeah hey coldly I think it’s working this is really strange I all right it takes some practice

No one I’m gonna go find Noah I think I have the hang of an opening of this Noah are you home it’s me Ethan why are you so hard to control hey Noah it’s me Ethan where are you Cole the chairs are in the way Cole fix it

I can’t move I’m good now is he no I’m coming to full game let’s play some video games are you up here can I walk up the stairs no I’m coming this is great Noah are you down here wait maybe he’s here cool pretty sure this you’re not

Gonna freak anyone out oh there is hey yeah I know it do you want to play again what are you doing can’t walk around in real life I can’t tell if it’s moving or not it’s so glitchy I can’t even see let me try it I’ll show all right let’s see hotshot I start to figure out what I’m gonna do the Sunstone Noah what are you doing here who’s here Did no one drink coffee again all right put them back as superhero kids house Noah is way to hyperactive bruised age Noah there’s nobody there are you blind why would you these nobody there was nobody here hey guys what’s up its me Cole they just ran off maybe they saw a bug thing going took slow highlight videos yeah you’re taking it forever you’re slowing down that ernet they’re making

Me all glitchy stop watching radios fine but hurry up wait something’s coming up the stairs I’m hungry for you guys [Applause] – I knew it and the same gun what if we basketball okay let’s go no sorry Tanya never leaving this closet if you need video

Make sure to check out her channel also like and subscribe I’ll see you all next time

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