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I can’t understand where Munna has gone. I’m tired of searching for him. He hasn’t been seen since morning and nobody cares where he is. You all are stupid and useless. Munna has gone from the palace. . . .and all of you have no knowledge of this.

And master, since six months you have. . What progress has he made in his studies? I try my best, but nothing seems to get into his head. So, is my son mad? Sir, I haven’t said that. Get out! From today onwards, don’t show your face here.

You scoundrels! Why are you standing at ease and lowering your faces? Go and search for Munna. Raju, quickly catch me! Catch me! Raju, catch me soon. – Munna, cycle faster. Stop the cycle. Use the brakes! – Raju, catch me! – Munna. Jamuna, catch me! Jamuna, stop me! – Aaah !

Elder sister Jamuna ! Are you hurt? Elder sister Jamuna, are you hurt? I have fallen from the cycle and you ask if she is hurt! Which donkey taught you how to ride the cycle? Jata Shankar Dubey taught me. This chef Dubey will do you no good. Why are you not getting up?

Give me your hand ! No! No! – Why! ? Father has told me not to give anything to anybody. Then, take my hand ! Yes! I’ll take it! Raju, please help me. Munna sir! Munna sir! You are here and over there, sir is getting angry with us all. Arjun sir has called you.

Please, come fast to the bungalow. They are calling me for studies, so I am not coming. Why don’t you study, Munna sir? Nothing goes into my brain. Why not? It is so small. . . .there is only place for you and Raju. That is why nothing goes inside. Why don’t you think?

Without studying, how can one handle such a big property? To take care of the property, father is there. . . .Arjun Singh is there and many servants are there. And you are only there, to put a finger in your nose! When I have a cold, where else to put my finger?

Come on, brother Raju ! Father why have you called me, early in the morning? It’s no more morning, its 9 o’clock! Every day it’s 9 clock. Don’t harass me. Sit down, quietly. Father, why do you scold me every day? Take your finger out. Take your finger out! Always doing something dirty.

Is applying medicine in the nose, dirty? Father, you have a cold. Hey, take your finger out. Go and sit there. Apply some medicine. – Go and sit there. I told you to go to the factory and look after everything. I will not go to the factory because I can’t play there.

Go to the factory! Go to the factory! Why! Why! Why should I go? I won’t go! If your attitude stays like this. . . .who will handle this property after me? Father, are you going on a pilgrimage? No! I am going to die. Don’t say that. . . .or I will cry.

Enough ! Enough ! Enough ! There is no other way. Wear good clothes in the evening. Why father, are we going for a movie? No! We will go to the city to see Sunderdas’ daughter, Shobha. Is she sick? To fix the marriage. Father, are you getting married? Not me, your are.

Father I have chosen a girl. You have chosen a girl ! ? Who is that girl? Who is that girl? Jamuna ! Jamuna ! That Munshi’s niece. Yes! Father! She is very good looking ! Isn’t it! – You have gone mad. A multi-millionaire’s son will marry a poor girl.

Don’t you think about my self-respect or not? Do you think about my choice? Let your choice go to hell Only what I want, will happen. At evening you should get ready. Father, listen ! – I don’t want to listen ! Go away from here! Whatever I wish will happen.

Why are you scolding me, it’s a strange forcefulness? I will marry, he will choose the bride. As if I had chosen his bride. What are you grumbling? I am not grumbling, I am singing a song. Today I am very happy. You have to marry that girl. Jata Shankar, where are you? Here!

I am lamenting over my destiny. You don’t cry. please help me to cry. Why are you crying, Munna? In the evening, father is going to take me to get a bride. If they will choose me, he will marry me. Such an unlucky time had not come yet. Why will it come now?

Go straight making your chest up. If they select me. Then you will suffer! What suffer! What suffer! Give me some idea. Than remove it! What will I remove! ? Donation ! Yes! I have ten rupees. Careful ! It will fall down. No, it won’t. Now whatever I say, you do.

Move your head. bring your ears in front of my mouth. Here you are! Come! Come! Singh sir! Greetings! He is Sunderdas. Give him your greetings. Sunderdas, my to-be father-in-law! Father-in-law! Father-in-law! Father-in-law! – What is this? I am touching your feet. Get up, son. My son behaves very religiously.

In this generation, this type of thought! Nobody had taught me. I am like this right from my childhood. Wow! Come inside, my son. – Father, come inside. Our childhood friendship is going to turn into a new relationship. My only son. And your only daughter. After marriage our estate will also be one.

Idea is not bad. Bhola ! Bring sweets for the guest. Sit down Singh sir! Sit down ! Aaah ! What happened, uncle? What are you saying? You didn’t like our coming here? No! Son ! Not like that. This needle poked me here. Where did it poke? Nothing ! Nothing !

Blood is not coming out. Brought it! Give! Take this, Singh sir. Take, son. Yes. Take. Samosa ! What are you doing, father? Let me eat. Uncle, from where have you purchased the sweets? Made at home. Are you a sweet maker? Sweet maker! You shouldn’t talk like this. – Sorry!

Uncle, can I ask you a question? Can I ask? – Ask! From where did you purchase. . . .such big moustaches? Ajay son, don’t talk like this. This is original. So big? It can’t be original. It’s duplicate. Duplicate? Do you mean I am enacting a drama? Aaah ! Hey! Let go! Let go!

What are you doing? Let go! Leave. – Let go! It’s original, father. Don’t joke like this with elders. Sunderdas, beg pardon, he is my only son. That’s why he is full of mischief. He is too mischievous. Call your daughter quickly. Here she is! She is coming. Hello! – What should I take! ?

What? ! – My daughter, Shobha. You don’t look nice wearing such a dress. You look naked. Shut up! Idiot! Father, see she is giving me bad words in English. I also know bad words in English. Bloody fool ! Bloody nonsense! This is too much, there should be some limit, Vikram Singh.

You go from here. I will not marry my daughter to this crazy. Idiot! You call me crazy! Your mother is crazy! Your lizard is crazy! You crazy! Your father is crazy! Your brother is crazy! – Son ! After this, what is there, father? – Mr. Sunderdas.

Come on father! We don’t want to stay here. I am very ashamed, Mr. Sunderdas. Let your shamelessness get lost! You may go from here, please. Come on, father! Come! When I said that girl was naked. Her moustached father got angry. Then he removed me and father out of the house.

On the way father kept getting very angry with me. And I was singing a song. Jamuna, I put on a nice show. You have done very badly. You have to think about your father’s status. If I would had thought of father’s status. . . .I would have to marry her.

Then what is wrong in getting married? They are also rich people like you. To get you, I am doing so many things. Do you know how much money I had give to Jata Shankar? You are also talking like this. See Munna sir, up to here its ok. We both are friends from childhood.

After that, you’re thinking is very wrong. What are you doing? Run away from here. Jata Shankar! Tell ! Munna ! If you will give me the idea to get Jamuna. . The idea of getting Jamuna is only ten rupees. In Jata Shankar’s bag, there are not only one. .

. . but there are thousands of ideas. You want the ring? – Remove it! Remove it! Wait! Wait! If sir will ask what happened to the ring what will you answer? I will tell him while eating, it slipped into my stomach. Yes! No! No! No! Sir will start the treatment for dysentery.

With dysentery, we get lots of pain. Yes! Think of something else. I will say that while bathing in the river, it fell in the water. Wow! Wow! Munna ! Great! Munna ! Great! Remove the ring. Remove the ring ! Tell me now! – What? – Idea ! Yes! Yes! Idea !

Tomorrow you keep on watching Jamuna. Wherever she goes, you also go there. When she is alone, jump on her like a tiger. Then? ! Then you hug her. Then ! Then you hug her tightly to your chest. Then ! – And then ! All I have to tell you? Won’t you do anything?

Yes! Yes! I will do it. Tomorrow I will see her alone and hug her. I will do just what you told me to do. ”O wind ! Tell this! O wind ! Tell this! O nature! Tell this! Do you know! ? This year the rain which will fall. .

. . how will that rain be? However the rainy season is. How will my lover be? However the rainy season is. How will my lover be? O wind ! Tell this! O nature! Tell this! Do you know! ? This year the rain which will fall. . . . how will that rain be?

However the rainy season is. How will my lover be? However the rainy season is. How will my lover be? When will I love someone? When will I love someone? When will I do make up and get ready? I will see the face in the mirror. How will that mirror be?

However the mirror is? How will my lover be? However the rainy season is. How will my lover be? By playing hide and seek with me. By playing hide and seek with me. By playing hide and seek with me. He will take away my palanquin.

The lover of my heart, how will that enemy is? However the enemy is? How will my lover be? However the rainy season is. How will my lover be? O wind ! Tell this! O nature! Tell this! Do you know! ? This year the rain which will fall. .

. . how will that rainy season be? However the rainy season is. How will my lover be? However the rainy season is. How will my lover be? However the rainy season is. ”How will my lover be?” Come on girls, do the work fast. It’s the time to eat.

Jamuna, why are you roaming here and there. Just see if the girls are working or not. Shut up! Who are you to interfere in my affairs? I am the supervisor of the girls, not you. You go and flatter your manager Greetings, sir! Your name is Jamuna. Yes, Sir!

From today, you will not talk to Munna sir. I am not talking to him. He himself! – But, you will not answer him. If you will try to trap him. . . .then I will remove you along with your uncle from this estate. Greetings, sir! Understood, my darling ! Jamuna ! Jamuna !

What happened, uncle? You are ruining your uncle. Why! What have I done? Master insulted me in front of all. Accountant, if your niece will try to trap my son. . . .then I will kick you and your niece out of this estate. Tell me! I have no bad relations with Munna sir.

We are friends from childhood, that’s all. I know you don’t like him. But how can I shut sir’s mouth? You do one thing, everything will be alright. You marry Bhairo Singh. Bhairo Singh, that stupid person. . . .who teases every passing girl. I will not even spit on such a dog.

I have given him my promise. Who are you to promise on my behalf? Stupid ! You are eating my food and showing me airs. See uncle, you have taken my father and mother’s property. I am not alive due to your meal. After their death, I work hard to earn my living.

Today also you are in my father and mother’s house. I am not in your house. Understood ! Enough ! Enough ! Don’t talk nonsense. I am your own uncle, not an enemy. Whatever I will do, will be for your good. – Yes. How good he is to think about my well-being !

Raju ! What happened, elder sister? Come and rub my back. I am washing the clothes. Should I rub it, Jamuna ! ? No! No! You stand there only. You go away from here. Why? Your father has told me not to talk to you.

Father has become a villain. he told you not to talk with me. There he has arranged my marriage. . . .with that contractor’s daughter. Really! This is very good news. What good news is it? I will only marry you. I have told you thousands of times. .

. . in this life our marriage cannot happen. Next time, if you will talk about marriage. . . .I will never talk to you again. Yes! She is also always scolding me. Jamuna, if I will marry, I will marry only you. If you will not marry me. .

. .I will fall down from the mountain and die. Today we have to send the goods. Yes, we have brought two trucks. Good ! You load the drugs on the truck and take it to the factory. Than pack it in the tea boxes. I am coming, just now.

Come on, take the goods. – Do this fast! 2 o’clock at night, trucks are going towards my factory. What’s the matter? Greetings, Sir! Who are they all? Sir, they. . – Who has brought these trucks here? Why are you not answering me? Are all of you dumb? Ok! I will see for myself.

What is going on? Drugs! Disloyal employees, you are deceiving me! Using my tea factory to package drugs. Sir! From drugs there is much more profit than from tea. You idiot, talking about profit! Who has given you the permission to perform this criminal act? For this type of work, we don’t require permission. .

. .we need courage, sir. And I have the courage of challenging the law. That’s why I am doing this. I will send all of you into the hands of the law. In jail you will have to work on the grindstone. Watchman ! – Yes, sir. – Watchman ! – Yes, sir.

Tie Arjun Singh and all of them with rope. Take the jeep and go to the city to bring the police here. Didn’t you hear what I said? Why are you looking at my face, catch them? Sir, they listen only to my voice. . . .or else, they can’t listen.

Because you earn money and fill your locker. I am earning money and filling these poor people’s pockets. Why? Then Dhanraj, if I tell you to cut Sir’s body and. . . . make it into small pieces. To feed to the hawks and crows.

Then, what will you do? – Whatever you tell me to. And you. . – Absolutely! Shut up! Why not! Idiot! It’s not good to be so disobedient. Understood ! Sir, you are a heart patient, you don’t worry too much. . . . Go and sleep. Come.

I will not sleep well. I will put all of you in jail. Scoundrel, eating my meal and showing me eyes, I am going to call the police. I will see how you all can escape? Attention ! Salute! Are you making a joke of me! ?

Ok! I will show all of you just now. Greetings! Sir! He is gone. Scoundrel. Is the brake of sir’s jeep new? It’s very beautiful, just like new. Yes, Lovely! Lovely! Doctor! How is sir, now? Now we can’t say anything. He has major head injuries. And his right leg’s bone has been fractured.

We’ll take him to the city hospital. Not at all. Taking him in this condition, will be very dangerous. He can barely breathe properly. When he regains consciousness. . we will think about it. Doctor! My father will be fine, isn’t it? Definitely, he will be alright, Munna sir.

All of you go outside, don’t crowd here. Please! Please! Go! Please! Father! – Thank you. – Father! Quiet! Listen nurse, when father regains his consciousness. . . .and asks where Munna is? Tell him that I am playing kabadi with Raju under the bridge. Ok! Ok! I will tell him.

Ok! Doctor, thank you very much. This old man is very strong. After such a big accident, he has not died. If he stays alive, then what will happen? And if he gives the statement to the police. . . .all of us will die, nobody will be alive. Jata, cut the telephone connection.

From here, not a single word should go outside. And listen, when the old man will get conscious. . . . inform me immediately. Ok? – Yes. Father, you are looking nice. Doctor said that you will be alright very soon. Nurse, I want to talk alone with my son, you may go outside.

Don’t send anybody inside, just bring the phone here. Ok! The phone is not working. That’s alright. You may go outside. Yes, Ok. Son, just come near. Yes! Father! See son, before death becomes a wall between us. . . .I want to explain something to you. What are you saying, father?

You will be alright. nothing will happen, doctor has told us. I know it. You don’t know anything. Come on, how many rupees will you bet with me? I am frightened of your innocence. After me, this world will not leave you alive. Again you are saying these words.

If you talk about dying, I will never talk to you. You won. I lost. Now I will not say anything. Ok! Tell me whose photo is this? This is my mother’s photo. No son, this is not your mother. Is the fever too much and that’s why you are talking nonsense?

No! Son ! I am talking with full consciousness. This is your step mother. Your own mother is in Bombay. Her name is Laxmi. She is alive. She is staying with your twin brother, Vijay. Twin brother, mother in Bombay? ! I can’t understand anything. Why are you talking like this? Try to understand, son.

Before coming here I was in Bombay. Both of you were born there. At that time I had a relation with your step mother. Your mother didn’t know this. Both of us met together in secret. Just like I and Jamuna meet each other. . . .and you don’t know anything. Yes! Yes!

Then, one day. . Laxmi, I take promise of both my children. . . .today also I love you. Today also, in my heart, I have love and respect for you. Whatever has happened forget it? And accept Shakuntala as your sister. The one who has bitten me!

I will accept that snake as my sister! I am a gentleman father’s daughter. For my self respect, I can leave you also. Just now take the decision. Either you have to stay with me. . . .or you will live your life with her. You are a rich father’s only daughter.

But beside me. Shakuntala has no one else in this world. If I will leave her, she will roam about like an orphan. Laxmi, in this world there are so many people in this world. . . .who have two wives. Maybe! But, I can’t keep other women in my life.

Ok! If this is your stubbornness. . . .then let that be. But Shakuntala is also my wife, not a mistress. From today on, I will stay with her. Before leaving, I will take one child. No! No! This can’t happen. I will not give my child. You have not brought them in dowry.

I am the father of these two children. In respect of that, give one child to me. . . .otherwise I will divorce you in the court. And take away both the children. No. If you value your family’s respect. . . .then do whatever I say. No! No! No! No!

Than I came here with you and Shakuntala. . . . 1000 miles away from Bombay. I earned money in business and purchased this estate. From that day on, I didn’t meet your mother and brother. But I know they are staying in Bombay. Just come here, Ajay son ! Yes! Father! Yes, tell me!

See Ajay, if anything happens to me. No! No! Father! Then you have to go to Bombay and bring your mother. . . .and brother here. Your mother is literate and very intelligent. She would have given a good education to Vijay. They both will come and handle my business after me.

Yes father, then it will be so nice. See son, we are trapped between many foxes. Yes. – Foxes! Here no one is ours. Do not have faith on anybody. Don’t tell anybody about your mother and brother. Yes! – No! No! Go to the library and bring a pen and pad. – Ok.

And whatever I write, give it quietly to the doctor. I will give it to the doctor. Go! Sit here! Sit here! Do not go inside. Still our talk is going on. Take father, I hid it and brought it, nobody has seen. Write down fast, I will give it to the doctor.

Why are you are looking in such a way. . . .as if you had not seen me before? Ok! Now I understood. . . .you are playing the game of watching me. I am very good at this game. Raju and Jamuna had lost before to me.

With you also I will bet rupees for rupees. Let me see, who winks first. Father, you have won I have lost. Now you blink your eyes. Otherwise I will tickle you. I will tickle you ! I will tickle you ! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father, what happened to my father? What happened?

What happened to my father! Father! What happened ! ? I had told a lie that I won’t talk to you. You left me and went away. That doctor was telling lies that you will be cured fast. Father! Why have you left me and gone away? Why have you left me and gone away?

No! No! Father! Sir! Wake up! It’s morning. Have a tea. Wake up! Sir the day has begun ! Take your tea. Sir. – Jamuna, don’t leave me and go away. You ! Sir! Drink the tea. Why are you calling me Sir? I am not your Sir, I am Munna.

Father was the Sir, he is dead, poor man. Have you forgotten it? – No! No! Sir, how can one forget the owner? But Sir, when one king goes away. . . .then the second king sits on the throne. Big Sir has gone away. Now you are our Sir.

I can understand the whole matter, Jata Shankar. Once again, say Sir. Sir! Sir! Drink the tea. I am feeling too good. Now will everyone call me Sir? Yes Sir! – Can I come inside, Sir? This fox is also calling me Sir. Now everyone will call you Sir. Come! Sir! How is Sir’s health?

Why, what happened to my health? Father’s health was not well. . . .I only have a little cold, isn’t that so Jata Shankar? Sir! It remains little-little. Today’s date is the 2 9th, Sir. Then tomorrow it will be 30th. – Yes Sir! And day after tomorrow it will be the 1st.

Then what should I do? Sir, mill, factory. . . .the workers working in the tea gardens. We have to pay their salary. That is why you need to sign on this cheque. Father did not say anything about it. I will not do it. Take it back!

Sir! If you will not sign on it. . . .then the workers’ wives and children will die of hunger. If you say so, then I will sign, Jata Shankar But only on one condition. What Sir! ? Will you give me one Rs. 100 note? I will give you, Sir.

And Rs. 10 for Raju also. I will give that also. Will give, Sir! Will give Sir! What! ? First give! – Take this. Rs. 10 for Raju. . . .and this Rs. 100 for you. Take, now you sign on this cheque. First let me keep this money. Yes, do it!

1, 2, 3, 4. . Yes do it! – What do it! ? What do it! ? With one, he has put so many zeroes. Sir, during big Sir’s time also. . . .there use to be so many zeroes. Yes, small Sir. Thank you, Sir! Sir, you wash your mouth and hands. .

. .I will bring breakfast for you. With one so many zeroes? Ones, tens, hundreds, thousands. . . .after this, I don’t know anything. Then what should I do? I have to go to the city and bring brother and mother. . . .so they will do the accounts right.

See Munna sir, don’t be sad. This is the way of life, whoever comes here. . . . has to go away one day. And whoever comes here, he has to get married. My father was not agreeable to my marriage with you. Now that he is dead, now at least marry me.

Stop it! Only marriage! Marriage! Marriage! Your father has not been dead for 10 days. . . .and you want to get married. If people will hear this they will spit on you. It’s a strange talk, yesterday father was alive. . . .I couldn’t get married.

Now father is dead, then also my marriage cannot be done. Tomorrow your uncle will die. . . .then our marriage cannot be performed. Day after tomorrow Arjun Singh will die, then this person will die. . . .then that person will die. And one day I will die, enough, the story will be over.

What type of wrong things are you saying, Munna sir? You are the owner of this estate. You should be intelligent and show your attitude. Just as your father was then. . . .just like him, you should rule over everyone. Jamuna ! Now everyone calls me Sir. Now everyone is under my control.

Manager! Manager! Manager! I am standing here since half an hour, Sir. Ok! Ok! I want to go to Bombay immediately. But why Bombay, Sir? What do you have to do with it? Make arrangements for my tickets. By which flight you want to go, Sir? Flight! What is that! ? Aeroplane, Sir!

One goes in the morning and one goes in the evening. By which one would you like to go? Aeroplane! I will not go by aeroplane. I am afraid of an aeroplane. But Sir by train, it will take four days. Let it take four or fourteen, I will go by train. As Sir wishes!

Which day’s ticket should I book? Dam Fool ! I told you I will go immediately. Sometimes use your own brain also. Yes Sir! How does a crane walk? After all why are you so worried by this matter? Let him go to Bombay or hell. . . .what difference does we have?

Why shouldn’t we feel the difference? If that son of an owl brings any cousin here. . . .then what will happen? You are right, Jata Shankar. It is very important to know why he is going to Bombay. How do you know that I am going to Bombay? I knew it from first.

Instead of Bombay. . . .I could have said Meerut, Lucknow, Kanpur. Big Sir had not hidden anything from me. No! – He trusted me very much. I was his only obedient servant, me. Jata Shankar. – We. And this manager, the way he looks so straight. . . . he is really very crooked.

Yes! Father was also telling that they are all foxes. Then also you told him that you are going to Bombay. Lot of trouble has been done, Jata Shankar. . . . before asking such an intelligent person like you. . . .I shouldn’t have told him.

But I did not tell him why I am going to Bombay? Don’t tell otherwise everything will be spoilt. This matter should be between two of us. Do you know? Yes! I know everything ! Jata Shankar! Now will the voice go outside? No! It will absolutely not go out!

Listen ! This secret should not go out. Until mother and brother comes here. Mother and brother! ? Why didn’t you know about mother and brother? Why won’t I know! ? But big Sir had said not to tell anyone. That is why I was shocked. So that no one else hears it.

Do you know the address of mother and brother? Sir had not told me but you should know it. No! I also don’t know! But I will surely find the address of mother and brother. I will go to Bombay. No! No! Don’t do such a thing.

Till the time you find and bring them here. . . .the manager will take away your whole property. He is only Arjun in name. . . . but all his work is of Duryadhan. Then what should I do, Jata Shankar. I cannot understand anything. You keep a watch on them every time.

I am going and searching for them and bringing them. Will you go, Jata Shankar? Yes! Jata Shankar, your intelligence is too much. Surely bring my brother and mother. I will bring ! I will bring ! – Otherwise these foxes will eat me. Very good, Jata Shankar! Very Good !

You have found out very well. Now Jata Shankar arrange a mother and brother. . . .for that mad boy. I will search for such a mother and brother. . . .who will be absolutely fit. Jata Shankar! – Yes! Don’t tell anything about here to them. – I will not tell.

When they will come here, then I myself will tell them. Ok! And listen ! – Yes! When you meet mother, touch her feet. . . .on my behalf and give my greetings to her. I will ! I will tell ! You will go away then I will be alone.

Why, where has Jamuna gone? Jamuna is here, but. . Then what happened? Jump and catch her sari. Just as in the movie, the hero catches the heroine’s sari. And sings a song. . But I don’t know any movie’s song. Sir! I know many love poems. .

. . if you say so I will tell you. . – But I forget it very fast, Jata Shankar If I forget in front of her then? For that also I have an idea. I am writing it in bold letters, when ever you forget. .

. . immediately see it and than start again. ”My love, my lover! My beloved, know this! My love, my lover! My beloved, know this! Arre! I am mad after you. I am mad after you. Just recognise my face. My love, my lover! My beloved, know this! My love, my lover!

My beloved, know this! I have become ruined and destroyed in love. Come let’s change our names also. I have become ruined and destroyed in love. Come let’s change our names also. O ! My Shiri, make you my Farhad. My love, my lover! My beloved, know this! Go far away and see.

Come near and see. Arre! ! I forgot! ! Coming ! Going ! Drinking ! Taking ! Coming ! Going ! Drinking ! Taking ! Coming ! Going ! Drinking ! Taking ! Go far away and see. Come near and see. Whatever way you want. . You can try with me.

Go far away and see. Come near and see. Whatever way you want. You can try with me. Everyone takes away the heart, you take away my life. My love, my lover! My beloved, know this! Arre! I am mad after you. I am mad after you. Just recognise my face. My love, my lover!

My beloved, know this! ” Everyone alert! King Akbar is coming ! Is there any one? Come. Bring the criminal, Salim in front of me. Salim, now you are under arrest. – Then, I will free her. . 1, 2, 3, 4. . – Don’t let him go!

Now also I am telling you to forget Anarkali. I will never forget! I will never blow the fire of love. Claps! Shut up! Son of a fool ! Rascal ! Being the son of a king. . . .you are loving a two penny maid. Two penny!

Don’t you know her mother was a maid in our house? She was! And I also know that hiding from mother. . . .you use to go to her room. Stupid ! You are misbehaving with the king. Cut his neck! No! You are going to cut my son’s neck. Mother! – Son !

It is the neck of a lover and not carrot or radish. If you will cut my neck in this way. . . .the whole world will spit on you. You will turn into ashes. Clap! Fan ! This stupid has accused me. . . .that I used to go to Anarkali’s room.

You ask this to my heart. . . .I have kept a stone on my heart. At night 9 o’clock, when I was hearing the Binaca Geetmala. . . .from the kitchen you wrapped the chef’s blanket. . . .and went to meet that baseless woman. Shut up! You are also blaming me.

Don’t forget that all this luxury and status. . . . is because of my kingly uncles. If they will take away the support. . . .you will not be able to eat even bread and bhajiya. Salim, hold your tongue. He is your father and my husband. He can go to Anarkali’s mother’s room.

He may even go to Anarkali’s room. I cannot state my grief. Mother! Don’t talk like this. . . .Anarkali is your daughter-in-law. We had a civil marriage at Agra High Court. What! Get out of my house! O king ! Do not laugh ! Salim is not an illegitimate child. .

. .so long as his uncle is alive. Get up uncle! Get up! – Get up. So long as this uncle is alive. . . .dear Salim. – Uncle. Take my Ghatkopar flat’s key. You and Anarkali go and stay there. Mother! – Son ! – Mother! Arre! My Songbird ! How was my part?

Very good ! Now take off these clothes and quickly become my bride. Today it is the first night of our marriage. Don’t feel shy. Come near me. Have you got a cough? How did you come here? From here! – Why did you come here? I have come to do business with you.

We don’t want to do any such thing. Business! Business! – What business! ? Business! – O sir! Come sit! – Sit! Sit! Which drama do you want as to do? Laila-Majnu ! – Shiri-Farhad ! – Shashi-Punnu ! Salim-Anarkali ! – Dhola-Maru ! – Mirza-Sahiba !

Just tell us. Which one do you want to do? While the drama is going on. . . .you have to give the expense of eating and drinking. And beetle leaf, bidi cigarettes. . For one night’s play I take Rs. 100. And other expenses is Rs. 150.

Total number of persons in our group is only seven. I don’t want all the persons. I only want you and your mother. She will be your mother, she is my wife. Today itself we got married. Your wife is so old. See here. Do I liook old to you?

You look wonderful ! I thought the wig was real hair. And you are absolutely young. See in my drama, you have to play the role of mother and son. That is why you have to wear this wig. . . .and do the make up as an old lady.

Why! ? – So that both of you look like mother and son. What will you given us? – Both of you will get Rs. 100 every day. Yes, And when the work gets over. . . .you will get Rs. 1000 as a gift. Today itself, you have to come with me.

Jamuna ! Jamuna ! Jamuna ! Just see what have I brought for you? This! What have you bought in these dishes, Munna sir? Father had made some clothes for my would be wife. . . .they are there in this. If you like it, it’s ok. Otherwise I will make others.

Again you have started this! Raju, tell her! Jata Shankar had called up today morning. He said that he is bringing Munna sir’s. . . . mother and brother from Bombay. Really! Is there a mother and brother of yours? Yes! Is your brother like you?

He won’t be beautiful like me but he is very educated. That is why he will come here and take care of this property. Munna brother only has to marry. Shut your mouth. Only one thing comes into your mind. For the first time in your life. .

. .you will meet your mother and brother. Don’t you feel happy about this? You think only about yourself. Go and make the arrangements to welcome them. Go and do the arrangements to welcome them! She will laugh, play and talk. But as soon as I talk about marriage, she neighs like a horse.

Raju, now what will happen? What will be done? Let mother and brother come. . . .then we will talk. At that time, she won’t be able to say no. Yes! How will she say no to mother and brother? Take it away! Go back! Whatever I had explained, do you remember? – Yes.

Sir! Sir! Just see who has come? Jata Shankar, you have come. Yes, Sir! I have not come alone. I brought your mother and brother also. Just see! Just see! Mother! My son ! Mother! – Munna ! Mother! Mother! Why had you left me and gone away?

Mother! Why had you left me and gone away? Why had you left me and gone away, mother? Don’t cry, son ! Don’t cry! Don’t leave me and go, mother. Don’t leave me and go. My son ! You were very small when I saw you. I couldn’t even see him.

My husband has died, if I had known. . . .I would have come for the last time. . . .and said sorry to him. You don’t cry mother. . – Don’t cry, son. . .otherwise I also feel like crying. Why are you standing here sadly? He is pressing her again and again.

They are mother and son. Call him brother. Brother! Come and embrace me. You met mother. Come. Brother! No brother! No! Mother! – Come back here! We meet after many days, brother. Everything is set. If father wouldn’t have told me, I never would have known. Without knowing that I am having a brother. .

. .and a mother is there, I also would had died one day. Brother, don’t feel sad, brother! Now both the brothers will remain together, isn’t it! ? Yes, brother. Yes. Isn’t it! – Yes! Sir! Sir. From where have they come! ? – She is my mother.

He is sir’s brother and she is his mother. What nonsense are you speaking, Jata Shankar! ? Do you know sir’s mother had died 10 years ago? We had carried her dead body on our shoulder. I remember it very clearly. And he is the only son of our big sir. You keep quiet!

Father had told me and Jata Shankar. Yes! Sir, I cannot understand. There is no need to understand. You only know that she is my own mother. . . .and he is my brother. – Brother! Ok! Sir! Brother! Who is this pigeon ! ?

He is not a pigeon. He is the manager, Arjun Singh. And that black man is Bhairo Singh, he is the supervisor. And he is the Accountant. Come on, everyone offer greetings. Yes! Yes! Greetings! Greetings! – Greetings! Touching your feet! God bless you ! You may be tired, you go and take rest.

And you all go to work and come tomorrow at 10 o’clock. Yes, sir! Accountant! How is Jamuna ! ? She is absolutely fine. Come, mother! Come but, come! Brother this button is shining so nicely. Beware! Don’t forget to ask about accounts. I will not forget. I will finish them off. Greetings!

I can’t understand anything. I’ll remove you from the job, then you will roam the streets. But what is my fault, small sir! ? Don’t call me small sir! Call him sir! From today onwards you are having three sirs. One, two, three! Right! Very good ! Brother, start!

You had taken a cheque in which it was written. . . . 1 followed by 5 zeroes, I mean Rs. 1,00,000. . . . have you taken one hundred thousand rupees. . . .from my beloved brother? Yes, sir! – But, if you have taken, then why have you taken?

I mean why have you taken? Sir, to pay the salaries. You gave salary to whom and how much? Gave the staff, the workers and I, myself also. Ok! Ok! Ok! After paying what was the total? The total was nearly 55 to 56. Near or far! No near! No far!

Tell the correct amount, I want that. You know English. I mean I want the exact amount. Talk to me! Me! Sir, Rs. 557 12.40p. Where is the balance money? Where is the balance money kept? The balance went in the locker. In the locker! From the locker you wanted to take away the money.

You wanted to take away my brother’s money. Gone with the wind and it will go in such a way. . . .that it will never come back. I would have found my brother’s money. Brother when I saw 5 zeroes together. . . .I thought of some conspiracy. Now I will fix him.

Arjun, why did you put 5 zeroes? To make it a round figure, sir! Manager, if you will cheat an innocent. . . .you will go to hell. It was good that son, Vijay asked you. . He would have taken it, mother. – Yes! Sir, I will die, but will never cheat.

Why have you become silent? Why don’t you question him further? You ! ? Mother, why do you give respect to brother? Son, if we will not respect our son before others. . . .than how will others respect him? Yes, mother! – My mother is so efficient. Stop misbehaving, show some decency.

Now you have grown up, my son, but you’re still childish. Where have I grown up? Stop showing your teeth. No smilrrring ! Stop laughing ! This is our family matter. Yes sir! – Not now! From today, all accountability looking forwards. . . . looking backwards, I will do it. Yes, sir!

Yes, sir! No! Manager! Attention ! No wrong connection ! All accounts clear. All official station ! All preparation ! All constipation. All jack pot! All counter! On my table! Yes, sir! And first I see the file. Yes sir! Then you see the file. Yes sir! – Right! This is fixation ! Fixation !

Brother you are so intelligent. From where have you studied so much? Chichpokli, Dadar, Lower Parel university. Brother is so big. Yes son, you were not there. . . .that is why I gave him so much education. And made him so intelligent. Mother! Stop this attitude and become a human being.

He is become so big but yet his childishness remains. Mother! Should I go to play with Jamuna? Go, son ! Play! Play! Go! Go! Go! Who is this Jamuna ! ? O ! Fixation ! Whatever is your happiness is my happiness. Accountant! Will you marry your niece. . . .to my brother, Ajay.

Your wish is my command. I will do whatever you like. Are you happy now, son? Yes! Now I don’t want anything mother. What happened ! ? It got stuck. Brother! These are the keys of our room and locker. You take care of it. I! No! No! Take it!

What, take it! ? No. . Take it! Don’t break your brother’s heart, son. Take it! – No mother! Ok! Sir! – Yes! Munna sir will take some rest. You have not seen the estate, come I will show it to you. I will see it any other time.

You should immediately go and see it. Mother, you also come. Why Munna sir! ? Yes! Jata Shankar is right, brother. Today go and see the estate. Fixation ! O ! I am fixing estate. United State of Africa. All the money! My money! All the money! My money! All the money! – Hey, buddy!

It is not funny! Brother Munna has given me the keys. Return the keys. Do you want the keys? Yes! – Bhairo, fixation ! What are you doing? Why are you biting? What is this, stupid person? Kaveri ! Let’s go from here. Hit him! Kaveri ! Kaveri ! Brother, at least you save us.

Please save us from him, I don’t want the keys. Save me from him. Don’t you want the keys? – No! No! Bhairo, no fixation. – No fixation ! He has recognised his real owner. I have recognised him. Than go and tell Munna sir. . . .that his marriage with Jamuna can’t be done.

Brother, the marriage has already been fixed. Now how can the relationship be broken? If the relationship will not break, I will break your neck. Leave him! It will break! I will go and break it. Let her marriage be with a black thief. What do we have to do with it? Good !

You are more intelligent then this donkey. Thank you ! Thank you very much ! I will hunt two men with one arrow. Jata Shankar, now you make Munna sir. . . .write a letter to his mother. Sir! – Yes! Are you sleeping? No! I am appealing to God.

Appealing ! Why! ? What happened ! ? Jata Shankar! In front of you brother. . . . had fixed my marriage with Jamuna Yes! He had done that! Now! He is refusing it! What! ? – Yes! Before some time, mother and brother came here. They kept on saying that I cannot marry Jamuna.

Hey! – Because Jamuna’s family is not good. Mother said that if I will be stubborn to marry her. . . .she will drink poison and die. Hey! Now what should I do? Sir, when Jata Shankar is with you. . . .you don’t have to worry.

You write a letter to your mother and brother. What should I write in the letter? Write that you have refused to marry me to Jamuna. . . .and I can’t stay alive without Jamuna. That is why I am going to commit suicide. Then what will happen ! ? What will not happen?

After reading the letter they will cry bitterly. They will come running. . . .and after coming they will take you in their arms. And out of fright perform your marriage with Jamuna. Jata Shankar, you are a donkey. Why! ? When father was alive. . . .why didn’t you give me this idea?

I would have married Jamuna long ago. That time it did not take place, now it will happen. Just write the letter. I am bringing the paper and pen. Take this, the way you had said. . . .I made him write that type of letter. My dear mother and brother. .

. .Yours, Ajay or Munna sir! Very good ! Very good ! Let me also see it. My dear mother and brother. Both of you have refused to let. . . . me marry Jamuna. But I cannot stay alive without Jamuna. That is why I am going to commit suicide.

Yours, Ajay or Munna sir. Brother, what will you do with this letter? I will arrange Munna’s funeral with this letter. Funeral ! ? Whatever little we had that also went away. Rs. 100 every day. Rs. 1000 as gift! Now we are dead.

Tell us, Arjun Singh ! Now what do we have to do? Today before evening, we will throw Ajay sir. . . .from the peak of the mountain and kill him. After that we will inform the police that Ajay sir is missing. And then we will give this letter to the police.

After that, police will get the dead body. And then all of us will cry on the dead body like a loyal servant. The son will also die with our plan, the way we killed his father. It is a sin to take someone’s life in this way. This frog also started talking. Shut up!

If he will not die, than how will we capture the estate? How will we get wealth with millions in our hands? And what will you do if Munna sir’s. . . . real mother and brother comes? He is very unlucky. The ones who had not come before, how will they come now?

Yes! And in the eyes of the world. . . .you two are the mother and brother. Both of you are fit. And after that the whole property will be in your name. And then we will sell the whole property. . . .and share it among us. All of you are dogs.

Munna sir! – All of you are wolves! You are pigs! – You ! All of you want to kill me. From where did he come? Is this my mother? Is this my brother? And this Jata Shankar! ? I used to think of you as my friend.

I used to tell you everything, whatever was in my mind. You also cheated me. All of you killed my father. But you all will not be able to kill me. All of you can never kill me. Bhairo! Catch him! Now where are you running and going? You cannot go any where.

I have closed all the doors. And now I will report about everyone to the police. . . .and put everyone inside the jail. We are dead ! The punishment will not be less then 6-7 years. We are innocent! – Kaveri ! We will become government witness. No! Don’t press his neck.

If he will shout loudly, I will break his neck. Don’t press his neck. Bhairo! See he must not run away. Break the door. What wrong have I done to you? Why do all of you want to kill me? Until yesterday all of you use to call me. . . . Munna sir.

Just because my father is not there, all of you want to kill me. Arjun Singh ! Accountant! You took away my whole property. Take away my whole wealth but let me go. Leave me! I will not live here. I will go away to my brother and mother.

Forgive me! I had done a mistake. I promise I will not go to the police station. Scoundrel ! Arjun Singh ! I am feeling very hurt. Save me! I am touching your feet, forgive me. Should we forgive you? Munna sir! Only Bhairo will forgive you. Bhairo! Forgive Munna sir!

How many fingers are there? One! – One! Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me! We will not hit you, Munna sir. We will not hit you. Forgive me! Should we forgive you? Now you will not go to the police. Tell how many fingers are there? Tell me. Tell me. Two!

Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me! Don’t hit the poor man. How many fingers are there? Tell ! ? Tell ! ? I can’t see! I can’t see anything ! If you cannot see anything, what will you do by staying alive? Jamuna ! Jamuna ! Dog ! Dog !

You ! I will. . – You killed my brother! . . . .I won’t spare you ! Dog ! You will fight with me! – Dog ! Wait! If we will kill him, there will be a problem. Jamuna ! What happened to you ! ?

You don’t worry about her, she will not tell anything to anybody. I will take care of her, but we have to send this stupid. . . .there where we have sent that stupid. Otherwise, this scoundrel will tell all the secrets. Don’t keep this scoundrel in such a state. .

. .that he will be able to say anything to anyone. You cannot go away now Mr. Vijay. Why can’t I go, Mr. Uncle! ? Until you are knocked out. Until the bones of your hands and legs are broken. The competition will not stop. You interfere in our men’s work. You understand !

Your gang’s men loot decent people. They bully everyone. That is why I have to teach them a lesson. You have taught many lessons, now you will get such a lesson. . . .that you will remember your whole life. Your whole life! I will mince everyone! You were telling me. .

. .that you are going to introduce me to your cousin. All of them are my cousin. To meet all of them I had to act the drama of loving you for 15 days. The matter of girls is very bad. Uncle! Forgive me! – No! Is there someone else? Yes! There is!

Who is he! ? Just now you will get to know! Uncle! Save me! – Really! Catch him! – Catch him. Leave me and catch that stupid. What have you done! Idiot. Stupid. Ran away, the stupid ! Come on ! Let’s go back. Brother! Who is it! ? Stop brother! Who is it! ?

It is me, brother! – Who! ? Mother! Mother! Open the door! Coming ! Coming ! – Open the door quickly, mother! Why are you shouting? You were going to a friend’s house for a party. How did you come so fast? The party was just an excuse, mother.

They had called me to hit me. You fight for the whole world. Have you get hurt anywhere? It is not the matter of hurt, mother. Today in the street, a strange thing happened. What! – I was coming alone. From behind someone called me, brother. I turned back and saw there was no one.

And suddenly, he came near my ears and said. . . . brother, listen brother. It must be your suspicion, son. How can it be suspicion, he was calling me brother, brother. Maybe some poor man was lying sick. . . .and on seeing you was calling you for help.

And you got afraid and you ran away. Coward ! Not coward ! – Eat your food and go to sleep. Eat the food. No, mother, today you eat the food. Mother! Good night, mother! Good night! Mother, you eat the food ! – Crazy! Brother! Who is it! ? Who is it! ?

Who is it! ? Why don’t you respond ! ? – Are you reading a book, brother? You cannot talk, from where is the voice coming? Don’t be afraid, brother. Who are you ! ? Don’t be afraid, brother! I am your brother! Brother! Am I watching a dream?

It is not a dream! It’s reality! I am your brother. Those cruel people have killed me. To appeal in front of you, my soul has come. Soul ! Brother soul, there are three house after this house. . . .one more Vijay stays there. Maybe you have come in search of him.

I am the only son of my mother. Brother I also used to think myself as the only son. But at the time of death, father told me. . . .that I have a mother and a brother who are staying in Bombay. Don’t get afraid, brother. A brother can’t hurt a brother.

How can’t it be? Until today a brother only hurts a brother. From Mahabharat till Aurangzeb. And today you have become a brother and you are after me. I am not that type of brother. When I was alive I did not lie, then how can I lie now?

Don’t get afraid, brother. If you don’t believe me. . . .then ask mother and satisfy yourself. Then I will tell you why I came here. Yes I am asking mother. – Listen ! Don’t tell mother that I have come. . . .and don’t tell her about father’s death. Otherwise, she will feel sad.

I will not tell. Can I go? Yes go! But come fast! I am coming just now. Mother! Mother! – What happened? – He has come! He has come? ! – Who has come! ? Mother actually! Actually! I am very much worried. In the road, a man meet me.

He said that I am not your only son, I am having a twin brother. Who was he! ? Is this true, mother? What are you saying? What happened to you today? Mother! Mother! You have my promise. Answer me, mother! Mother! Why are you not speaking? Mother, I have given you my promise.

Yes, son ! This is true! Among the twin sons, one is you. Your father married for the second time. That is why I separated from him. He took with him, your twin brother. Mother, why did you hide this from me? I had lost one. I was frightened that after hearing everything. .

. .you would go away to your brother and father. I didn’t want to loose you. If you would have gone. . . .than what would have been left in my life? – Mother! Mother! Mother! There is heaven at the foot of a mother. How could I leave this heaven and go away?

And only a lucky person can get the love of a mother. I have got lots of love from my mother. Mother, I have given you lots of grief. Mother! See mother! You have my promise, smile please! Smile mother! Mother! Mother. . Mother, go and sleep! Mother! Go and sleep! Go and sleep!

Brother! Soul Brother! Brother! – What did mother say? Exactly what you said. We both are twin brothers. But the sad matter is that being a brother also, I can’t see you. But I can see you. You are my exact picture. But I also want to see my picture.

Sure you can see me, from today you can see me. . . .and only you can hear my voice and nobody else. See brother, close your eyes and call me from your heart. Say. . Munna, my brother Ajay, come in front of me. Then you see, I will come. Yes! Yes!

Munna Ajay, my brother come in front of me. Come in front of me! My God ! Exactly my face! But only? ! – Except for my disgraceful teeth ! No! No! It’s alright. And in this world also I was disgraced. Do you know what people have done with us?

Those cruel people they threw me down from the mountain. And I died. If man’s last wish is not fulfilled. . . .then his soul roams here and there. I am also roaming. They wanted to kill me and take away my property. And my wish was to give this property to you and mother.

You have to take revenge for your brother and father’s death. If you will not take revenge. . . .than my soul will roam here and there. I want revenge! Tell me, brother. Will you take revenge for your father and brother? Tell me you will take revenge. Yes! Munna !

I will surely take revenge. Who has killed you and father? I will not leave them. Until I see you hang dead, I will not take rest. Brothers should be like this! When will we go there, brother? Tomorrow we will go, Munna. Tomorrow I am going to Delhi for a boxing competition.

I will make the excuse of Delhi and will go with you. Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Have you kept all my clothes ready? Yes! But son you were going for four days. Why did you tell me to pack one month’s clothes? Mother, you don’t trust your son? !

See when I will win in Delhi, then I have to go to Hong Kong. If I win in Hong Kong, I will have to go to Japan. From Japan I don’t know where I have to go. Mother give me blessings. I will win in my work. God will bless you son !

My blessing is with you. And may you win, also! Thank you ! Mother! Thank you ! Very much ! Mother, if I get delayed by three, four days. . . .I will write you a letter. Ok! ”See from the front, see from back. See from up, see-see from down.

We both are just the same. we both are just the same. See from the front, see from back. See from up, see-see from down. We both are just the same. we both are just the same. See from the front, see from back. See from up, see-see from down.

We both are just the same. we both are just the same. We both are just the same. we both are just the same. We were separated for years, brother. We meet after many years. I feel like in one branch, I feel like in one branch. .

. .same type of two flowers have bloomed. People, who are coming, people who are going. People, who are coming, people who are going. Wait all the people. See from the front, see from back. See from up, see-see from down. We both are just the same. we both are just the same.

Whatever was mine that was yours also? In everything you also have the rights. Whatever was mine that was yours also? In everything you also have the rights. In this a young girl is also included in it. Arre! That girl will love, that girl will love me but how?

See from the front, see from back. See from up, see-see from down. We both are just the same. we both are just the same. See from the front, see from back. See from up, see-see from down. We both are just the same. we both are just the same.

We both are just the same. we both are just the same. Our factory’s siren is calling. . . .when it closes its call like this. Brother Vijay, you will have to handle. . . .all this property and factories. Jamuna. What happened to Jamuna? Why is she like this?

I think this girl is mad. Mad ! Before she was not mad. Why has she become like this? How do I know? Brother Vijay, try to find out. By seeing her like this, I feel like crying. You look good when you laugh. I will find out. Jamuna ! Jamuna !

Jamuna will not get well. I will never feel good. Everything will be alright. you only have faith in me. Come, take me to the estate. Estate! Come on ! Raju, my friend ! Raju is my friend ! Raju ! Raju ! – Munna why are you jumping like a football?

Raju is my life! My friend ! Raju ! Raju ! Raju, my friend ! My brother! Raju ! Raju ! Raju, don’t you recognise me? I! I! Munna. Why don’t you talk to me? What happened? Are you angry with me? Vijay brother, he is not talking to me.

Munna, why do you forget. . . .that only I can hear your voice, no one else can ! Then how will Raju hear it? After seeing Raju I forgot what I am? Vijay brother, you talk to Raju. I am restless to hear his voice. What are you looking at, Raju?

Raju, I am your Munna’s brother. The way Munna used to love you, I will also love you. Will you be my friend? Come! Come to me! Raju ! Don’t cry. Raju ! Raju ! No! No! No! No! Raju ! No! Vijay brother ask him why he is not talking.

Raju, what is the matter? Why don’t you talk? What happened to you, Raju? What do you want to say? What! ? They have cut your tongue. Oh ! God ! Don’t cry now. Those cruel people have killed me. And have cut innocent Raju’s tongue. Raju, your tears will not go to waste.

These tears will rise like a storm. . . .and will destroy those cruel people. From today you will laugh. And they will cry. They will cry, Raju. Raju ! Raju ! Father and son they went up and you have got everything. . Now why don’t you leave us? You are a donkey!

That I am! If I was not a donkey, how would I get trapped in your net? You criminal, how long will you force husband and. . . .wife to act like mother and brother? This will be your greatest sin ! Until all the property is transferred in your name.

And the bank’s ten crore rupees is transferred in your name. Till then. Till then ! If the rupees will not get transferred, then? Shut up! Unlucky! Stupid ! In a few days the matter will be solved. . . .and then you can take your money and go.

And during this time, if the real mother and son arrives, then ! ? You idiot! Hold your black tongue. Let him talk, Gurbachan. In this also, one point is there. If they both come than the situation turns. You don’t understand. You will become Munna sir. .

. .and she will be your step mother, Shakuntala. Very simple. – Very simple! After so many charades, she will remain my mother only. Very simple! Yes! Won’t Laxmi recognise me? Laxmi had never seen Shakuntala. . . .and nor after childhood did she see Munna. All the four killers are sitting together.

Brother, now you go inside and tell them who you are. But, brother take care of yourself, these are all foxes. I understand. Go! Knock on the door! Great. Who has come so late at night? Why are you afraid I am looking? Wait! I am coming ! Coming here at midnight. .

. .as if you are the owner of this house. Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! – What happened? What happened? – He has come. – Who? He only! Who are you? My name is Vijay. I am Vikram Singh’s son. I got to know that he is dead.

While he was alive I couldn’t meet him. I thought of seeing the place where my father used to stay. Sir never told us about you. He has not done it. Here my step mother lives, Shakuntaladevi. And my brother, Ajay. Call them, they know about me. Son ! I am your step mother, Shakuntala.

Be happy! Greetings! Although I am his step mother. . . .I have brought up your brother as my own son. See he is your brother, Ajay? Brother! – Him! No! No! No! What are you looking at, brother? How is this hopeless case born in our family? Brother is joking !

How I took care of a motherless child. . . .only my heart knows. So many times I told your father. . . .to call you and your mother. But he didn’t listen to me. Mother! The talks can be done later on. Vijay sir you must be tired, go upstairs and take rest.

Afterwards I will tell you everything about big Sir. Go away! What will you tell, I told him everything. He will kick you out. Sir, you change your clothes. I will bring coffee for you. No! No! No! Brother! No! Don’t drink coffee from his hand, he is very stupid. I can understand everything !

Yes! What do you understand ! ? Put a little sugar in the coffee. How crooked they are! He will not spare all of you. Fatty, black fox, spreading your leg in such a way. . . .as if it’s your father’s house! I requested you not to hit me, but you have killed me.

My brother has come he will kick you out. Just you see! Brother, listen to one thing ! Tell me, Munna ! I am very sure that you will succeed. But when I think about Jamuna, I get worried. There is no need to get worried. .

. .I will make her well today, or by tomorrow. Only by making her well, what will happen? I have not understood anything. If I say something you will not get angry. Tell me Munna, did I get angry with you? I want that Jamuna and you. . What is this giggling? You marry Jamuna.

Are you gone mad or what? Brother, just listen to me. Tell me what the matter is. I always liked Jamuna. . . . but she never told me that she loves me, or she will marry me. Whenever I talked about marriage. . . .she told me that this can’t happen in this life.

Take out this thought from your mind. . . .and marry who your father wants. She only thought of me as a friend. Beyond this, she thought nothing. If I would be alive, the matter would had been different. Now it’s impossible. That means the matter was from one side.

Yes! It was from one side only! Brother Vijay, I want that you, mother. . . .Jamuna and Raju always be happy. And my killer should get punished. This was my last wishes and it is there. Brother Vijay, if any of these matters will not be fulfilled. .

. .then I won’t get peace at any time. I will be roaming here and there. Ok! Munna ! Ok! If Jamuna likes me. . . .I promise you I will marry her. She will like you ! Why won’t she like you? My brother is handsome, tall and smart. .

. .and then his teeth is also inside his mouth. Immediately, talk about your marriage. First, let her become well. Yes! But how she will get well? By repeating the old memories. Ok! Munna ! Where you use to meet her? And what were you talks about? We met in many places, brother.

We talked too much. We were always playing games together. And ! And to win her heart, I use to sing a song. Tell me that song ! I want to sing that song to bring back her memories. ”My love, my lover! My beloved, know this! My love, my lover! My beloved, know this!

Arre! I have mad after you. I am mad after you. Just recognise my face. My love, my lover! My beloved, know this! My love, my lover! My beloved, know this! O my heavenly friend smiles and looks at your sick friend. We will meet by breaking all the walls of this world.

O my heavenly friend smiles and looks at your sick friend. We will meet by breaking all the walls of this world. O my angry lover listens to me. My love, my lover! My beloved, know this! Remember! Remember! Remember! Remember! How your heart had broken. Remember! Remember!

One day I had looted everything of yours. Remember! Remember! Today you take away all your wishes. My love, my lover! My beloved, know this! My love, my lover! My beloved, know this! ” I wish I remained mad. I would not be aware of Munna sir’s unjust death. . . .and Raju’s torture.

You take revenge for your innocent brother. You too, kill those wicked people cruelly. I am taking the promise of your tears, Jamuna. I will harras them. They will try to run from their death. But the death will stand in front of them.

Listen, Jamuna ! Until I say so, you act like you are mad. Otherwise that rogue will be your lifelong enemy. Don’t cry, Jamuna ! What? I think you have drunk. I am not drunk, I am talking in my senses. I have seen it with my own eyes.

Believe me, Jamuna is not mad. . . .she was talking to him very nicely. If this is true! Then Jamuna’s remaining outside is dangerous. Bhairo. – Yes! You go just now and bring Jamuna here. Don’t go in front. Let’s go home, he must be waiting for us. Who is waiting for you, darling?

Yamraj ! Yamraj ! Has come! Yamraj ! Now, too much acting you have done, darling. Leave me! You scoundrel ! Is your madness gone away? Leave me. Raju ! Leave me. – How can I leave you? Leave! Leave! Kill him! Leave me. Help! – Now who will help you ! ?

You won’t listen like this. Raju ! Stupid idiot raising your hand on a child. Raju ! Raju ! You ! Raju ! Hurrah ! Come! Come! Vijay brother! Vijay brother, he had hit me here. Yes! – Yes! He had also kicked me. Brother this stupid was asking me. .

. . how many fingers are there? How many fingers are there? Brother he had beaten me so much that I couldn’t see. He will also not see. How many fingers are there, tell? ! Tell how many fingers are there? You want specks! Brother put lashes in his eyes. How many fingers are there?

Tell ! Tell ! Tell ! I can’t see anything ! I can’t see anything ! How can you see? Have you seen my brother’s hand? Vijay brother he has thrown me down from the mountain. Why did you leave him? You also throw him down the depth of the mountain.

If I throw him he will die. Let him die. I also died. I will not punish him, the law will punish him. Very good ! What a great matter! ”Rama-ho-Rama-ho! Rama-ho-Rama-ho-Rama ! I had left the house alone. One day in the evening. I had left the house alone. One day in the evening.

Don’t know for which work. Forgot about the work. I meet him in the street, eyes meet and my heart went away. I meet him in the street, eyes meet and my heart went away. One day in the evening. Don’t know for which work. Forgot about the work.

I meet him in the street, eyes meet and my heart went away. I meet him in the street, eyes meet and my heart went away. You made me mad about you. You made me mad about you. You made a very good excuse. You made a very good excuse.

Now with this excuse, don’t come near me. Now with this excuse, don’t come near me. By your touching, hear me my beloved. . . . my face and colour and every part of my body. Your promise it bloomed, eyes meet and my heart went away.

Your promise it bloomed, eyes meet and my heart went away. When you walk, your anklet makes noise. When you stop, the magic starts. When you stop, the magic starts. Everything is done by you, O sir! Everything is done by you, O sir! It is neither my fault nor your fault.

By two young persons love. . . .the whole world has started shaking. Eyes meet and my heart went away. The whole world has started shaking. . . .eyes meet and my heart went away. I left home one day in the evening. Don’t know for which work. Forgot about the work.

I meet him in the street, eyes meet and my heart went away. I meet him in the street, eyes meet and my heart went away. ”Rama O Rama. . ” ”Rama O Rama. . ” ”Rama O Rama. . ” ”Rama O Rama. . ” Just like cloth, he washed him.

Arjunsingh, do some thing, otherwise, today was his turn. . . .and tomorrow it will be our turn. Now its not our turn, its his turn. Today I am going to fix that rogue. Accountant, make a call to Bombay. 36 2324. And Jata Shankar, until Vijay is dead. .

. .you keep a watch on Narmada and Kaveri. Otherwise they will run away. What have I done? He is snoring ! I will kill him. I will be hanged. He is sleeping ! Let him sleep! Let him sleep! Locked ! It’s made in Aligar and is strong.

Window is open ! Window is open ! Ka ! Ve! Don’t! Shout! Pipe! Window is also open. Climb the pipe and go up! Surdas! Has climbed with the help of a snake. Slippery! Today I will not slip! Today I will not slip! Slippery will not slip! Window! Kaveri ! – Who is there?

Who is there! I am! – Why did you come here! ? Why does a man come to his wife’s room in the night? My darling ! Come, a golden chance is there! Come! Come! Listen, Kaveri. Leave this world ! Not under the bed ! Not under the bed !

Listen. – Not now. – Kicked me. Not now! Not now! Again, not now! We are not here as a husband and wife. We are here as mother and son. Just look at the white hair. What are you doing? – Remove this false hair. Now the hair has become black.

What? I am not your wife? I’m your mother. Not my mother. You are my would be children’s mother. Just think about it, what will the people think? How did this old widow become a mother? The full blame we will be on Jata Shankar. What?

Don’t you feel ashamed? – I just feel like loving. What shall I do? I am also having the feeling. – Then, come on ! But not till we are here. . – Why not? Not now! Not now! Not now! Now I understand. No. – Not now means just now.

Wow! Wow! What is this? What is this! – What a 2 1st century? Hey, this is the 2 1st century! Where is my specks, search for my hair? Hair. Here is my hair! No, it’s yours. You are my step mother. And you are my brother, Munna.

Tell me the truth, what is the relation between you two? Otherwise I will beat you to pulp. Pulp? Sir, forgive us. We are the actors of dramas. We got trapped in this matter, to feed our stomachs. Jata Shankar has told us. . . .to enact a mother and son’s role.

Actually we both are husband and wife. From the day we had married. . . . until now, our first wedding night has not happened ! May your first night get burnt in fire? Sir, believe us, we are trapped unknowingly. Manager and his employees killed Munna Sir.

We are not involved In this. – Honestly! We are touching your feet, folding our hands. . . . please, forgive us. We will go away from here. Where to? Now, you both can’t go away from here. – We can’t? And if both of you will do what I say. .

I will present both you in the court as the government’s witness? And both of you will be forgiven. Sir, you’ve granted the blind eyes! Great! Now, both of us can stay together. Now you will not stay together. Play safe right now and go down. I am going. Not from there!

Go away by the way you have come in. – From there! Hey! The balcony is too high. I will fall down and die. You weren’t scared to climb up! Then I had my lovers’ courage. Go! – I am going ! I am going ! You have not gone! ?

Its night and you ! First, you go! Going? Or, otherwise! I am leaving. See, how you both met today. . Shh ! Not now? – Never ever! Yes! Never ever! Not now! Never ever! What is going on? Never ever! While staying here, never ever. Till you are here, wear the wig like this.

Always act exactly like mother and son. Today, what I saw must not happen again. Understood? – Yes, sir. Sir! Today you will go and give your statements to the police.- Yes. Yes. – So that the verdict is passed against the killers. We will make them hang. How can we let them escape? !

Sir! Brother! My self respect will be ruined. He had come to take Jamuna forcefully. But I, your employee, said no. Then he beat me and took Jamuna to the Red Teahdi Godown. Please, do something. – Scoundrel ! All of you murderers are bad.

You may cut me into pieces, but, save Jamuna’s self respect. Her’s is not only mine, but also your self respect. Sir! Please save her, otherwise. . . .she won’t be able to show her face to anyone. You may wait here, I’ll return soon. Okay. We’ll wait here. Come. Who are you?

He is laughing. poor man has gone mad due to his grief! He has made us mad also! Don’t beat! Don’t beat! Jamuna ! Jamuna ! He had said here only. You ! Yes! Your death ! See, I am not your enemy. A devil is not anyone’s friend.

He follws an order for a beheading. Finish him! Cut him into pieces! All this money is yours. Throw him into the swamp. Where are you running off to, Arjun’s dog? Nobody can be spared by me. What happened to uncle? Nothing has happened to him, as yet.

It will happen when he and his partners are hanged. Where is Kaveri and Narmada? No one is there in the palace. Surely your uncle has surrendered. . . .them to Arjun Singh. But where will that stupid escape and go. The Police’s stick will settle them. Come on, sit! – Come!

Here, where are you going small Sir? Police station ! Before going to the police station, just see this. Now, I’ve just snapped it, it is very fresh. See! Maa ! I found the address in your bag, Photo is not good? You rogue! – No! No! Whatever condition you will make of me. .

. .exactly the same condition will befall the old lady there. Within an hour if I will not return. . . .your mother will be dead. You are intelligent. Go there and solve the problem with Arjun Singh. And take your mother and go back to that place. . . .from where you have come.

Now do it fast. Only 58 minutes are left. Vijay, don’t listen to this goon. Your lover is not more important than your mother. Only 57 minutes remain. Leave me! Leave me! What enmity do you have with me? After all, who are you? Mother, I’ll tell you. . He is the manager, Arjun Singh.

He and his partners have killed your husband. . . .and your son, Ajay sir. No! No! No! No! No! No! This is false! This is false! No. He is telling the truth, old lady! But, old woman, why are you getting worried? For you the old man was dead, a long time ago.

And your mad son remained. he was a burden on this earth. We killed him and our motherland’s burden was lessened. Right, Jata Shankar? Yes! Murderer, killer, if it is true. Than remember one thing, my one more son is alive. He will take revenge on you.

With this entire wish you will go away from this world. But, don’t worry, after you, . . . . your second son will also be sent there. The branch of cruelty never grows. A paper boat can never float for a long time. Hitler’s Hitlery did not remain. Ravan’s raving never remained.

Cruel person, your cruelty will also not remain. All of you will die. You will kill us? – Yes. Tie up this old woman. Arjun Singh ! Vijay! Mother! Son ! – Catch them. Leave me! Leave me! Son ! Leave her! So you are mother and son. – Leave me.

Arjun Singh ! Leave my mother! Otherwise I will cut your hands. How will you cut my hands? This is not your father’s palace. This is my place. Scoundrel ! Move. Beat him! Beat him! You bearded man, release me. Release me! Move aside! Move aside! Release me! Get aside! Get aside!

Black man, at least you release me. Move aside, move aside. Just like this. How did your forehead get filled with vermilion? Jata Shankar! Jata Shankar, I will kill you. Jamuna, what are you doing? Have some shame, Jamuna? Why are you beating me? I am your uncle.

Yes, you are my uncle, but you are like Kans. Vijay! Hey, take him out from there, hurry up. Take him out! Come on, fast! He is not here. Scoundrels! Boss! That’s good ! Vijay! This time my pistol is on your mother’s head.

If you will not come out before I count to five. . ,,then you will see your mother dead. One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Stop! Hit him! Hit him! Hit him! Hit him! Hit him! Kill him! Well done! Beat them. No! No! No. Leave me! Old lady! Where are you going? No!

Tie him with the chain. Baseless person, leave him. Come on, tie her also. Rogue! I will take avenge every drop of blood. Vijay, your soul will shout. . . .open the grave. In front of your eyes, this old lady will be put in this grave. That also alive.

And listen ! After that, four of you will also die in this way. This can’t happen ! We are Hindu. As per Hindu rites. . . .our last ceremony should be performed as Hindus. Isn’t it! ? – You shut your mouth ! Why shut up! ? I can’t keep quite in religious matters.

Make arrangements of wood for us. Stop your nonsense. Did you get any news about that dumb child? Not yet! But in the jungle, our men are searching for him. Before reaching the police, he will be killed. Good ! And after finishing all of them, we would be gone.

The papers have come to us. By tomorrow, all the bank’s money will be with us. Am I right, accountant? Quickly clear their accounts, lets go and enjoy. And look at him. He had come to take revenge for his brother and father. Won’t you take revenge? And this old lady.

She wanted the revenge for her husband. Baseless person ! Dog ! I am not a dog. you are a dog who is barking. And listen ! I will lock your mother in the grave. I will put her inside the ground alive. She will tremble and die inside and you will tremble outside.

No. – Jata Shankar, close this old lady in the coffin. No. – Stop there, old woman. – No. – Vijay! Vijay! Help! Let me go! This chain cannot be broken by an elephant. So, how will you break it? ! See your mother going on her last journey.

And pray for her soul to get peace. Vijay! No. Stop your voice. No! Mother! No! Leave my mother! Brother! Brother what is this? Have these people tied you up? What are these people doing? Munna, these people have locked mother up, alive in the coffin. What! ? – And they will kill her alive.

They are killing mother inside the coffin. Then what are you doing here? Save mother! What can I do, Munna? They have tied me with this chain. Break these chains, brother. Break them, quickly. If I could break it, then would I stand here? Vijay, this is the first revenge for my blood.

Mother will die! Brother, do something ! Mother will not die. Brother, you call me from your heart. . . .tell me, ‘Munna, come inside me, give me your strength. ‘ Then, brother, I will come inside you. You will get my strength, then we will kill everyone, brother.

Call ! Tell, ‘Munna, come inside me! ‘ Yes! Munna ! Yes! Munna ! Munna, give me your strength. Munna come inside me. Give me your strength, Munna. Munna, give me your strength. Munna, give me your strength. Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! You are my mother! No! Thank you !

Come, let’s run. Come. Not now! Not now! You scoundrel ! Where do you want to go? Now, you are bound tight. You hit me. You had cut Raju’s tongue. Who are you? You had forgotten me! I did not forget you. How fiercely you beat me! You’ll also die in the same way.

You are looking very beautiful. Red Indian ! You had kept my wife as an old woman. You had made my wife as my mother. Leave me! Jata Shankar! Jata Shankar! Kaveri, my eyes are red. Fire is coming out! – Its luk, luk. Luk, luk is coming. I will also push his pillar.

Push him! You had killed my father. Who are you? I! Myself! Munna Sir! Recognised me! The way you had killed me. No! – In the same way you will also die. Die! Leave him! – No! I am telling you to leave him! – I will not leave him! I said leave him!

Leave him, son ! I will not leave him, mother. He has killed our father. He has thrown me from the mountain. But you are alive! Leave him, Vijay. Jata Shankar, you are a rogue. Munna brother, leave me. Remove my ring, first. Here it is, take your ring.

I will not beat you, jailer will beat you. Come on ! Come on ! Jamuna ! Munna sir! Jamuna, I am Vijay! Vijay! Come on ! Kaveri now our marriage first night will take place. Not now! What happened to your voice? You wait, now. – First jail !

Marriage’s first night in a jail ! Oh ! Shut up! There will be our marriage’s first night. Come on ! Don’t leave my hand. Very Good ! Very Good ! Go on ! Go on ! What happened? Nothing ! Nothing has happened ! Is Munna sir here? How will Munna sir come here?

He is very intelligent. How he will come in his brother. . I will not go like this, I will see the last scene and go. First you give one kiss. Than I will go, otherwise I will not go. Why! What are you looking at? After this, it’s bad manners.

Now I am going. You too go. Greetings!

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