GIANT BOARD GAME Challenge for $1000

GIANT BOARD GAME Challenge for $1000

#GIANT #BOARD #GAME #Challenge

The way to us not survive the The winner will win one allowed to get all six Donuts is because mum said just one bite there’s gonna be four different squares like marks copy this challenge you have to do it but you have to walk through Lego like paths lot of elimination the ice cream truck or even

Win surprise I just won 10,000 baby box by gonna play the my god Wow to safe square well done one two three four five Oh it seeks and if you don’t complete the challenge you’re out of the competition eliminate tie your hands Yankees for two turns wait what like this that’s right baby Wow Sega King of Kings tied to the ankles it’s mine wish me luck

One two three [Applause] And how you gonna move the next tune one two three four five lego-like oh no you have to really seeks to walk around like oh you can walk through that any time okay when you try to do it me biggie if you don’t do this punishment yes to go back

Full vigor is London’s racket is that it’s pretty long blindfold yourself everybody’s going to put one spread on your skin which you must get to other spreads okay so we’ve got a lovely assortment on demand team which one you get a peek I like busy so I’m gonna take

You this one this is my payback Jack and she’s bluffing big ego drink and she’s serious Sybase he needs to get wopo hmm you don’t have one by bees she’s a big one honey 1 2 3 4 by B 5 sinks what challenge will you pick knives long lines could all come out derma spin around 15 times then walk 5 spaces forward if you stay on the phone you can stay there That’s enough what’s the replay the plant behind you gets to shoot you with a nerf gun bad nerf gun yes It’s a mystery Wow it’s gonna leave me too Oh nana if you follow sticks on this guy you can just walk around like I want you see in the article Jack and Lisa day one two three oh the person in front of you gets to give you a makeover but there’s no any part of you who you could out of it

I’m so far ahead I am amazing I’m gonna get that donut only morrow free mom’s eating Donuts one two three four five mystery I really want to get switch with the Wiener but you didn’t actually took the surprise he just gotta stand on them what as heroes the one she gets a

Surprise to keep to to get the punishment oh one two three four lay your roller six you get to go around nice save is about to hyperventilate one to sing ice-cream can visit a disc you may go like would not be good for you One promote the person furthest from you and sell the him/her like a product come over here like this have you ever feel down in life will just come right here to this guy he makes you happy in a garden but those sites you love because and this does get annoying but he

Doesn’t mind the ball of energy it also has a diet of fruit loops and working anything you take care what do you reckon I thought was great hey May sorry Legends Papa has to go he’s leaving the game because he has to return the wheelchair I’m so singing sound OH [Applause] One two three yes I do but it’s a surprise pick a treat you only have five seconds to pick one okay five four to one feeding the birds you’re gonna get one of the five dollars one two three Holy Chinese restaurant and order pizza it’s a good prank calls how can I please have a pepperoni pizza please pepperoni pizza please do you sell those you’ll thank you bye it was so nice one two three whoa they say my ball game we love YouTube okay keep me up cuz that

Dough that I can see the doughnuts now I’m that close here we go what three oh it’s a mystery please get full I says we’re not One two three four five cat this spinning fight if you miss the spinning battle funny you’ll be eliminated one two three four five if you don’t want do a punishment side you can use go back for spaces take the Uglies photo of yourself and post on YouTube in or you’ll move back for

Spaces my interview isn’t for pretty pictures so oldest done if you won’t be my boyfriend he is my day for park Explain the I penis and aspire on this vlog that’s my girl what to eat some biggest beef go too near surprise she might use all hook good luck up and then get Ellie made in the slime bomb going to be surprised by God immunity from your next bananas for breakfast punishment that’s

Tomorrow morning yeah let’s go we’re gonna leave me I think one two three four five six I haven’t got a single good square yet all challenges and punishments to go to bed that talk to a pillow like it’s your prize oh no I mean cool you

Make up my curse to lovely thank you what bye bye two three four by five six it’s a mystery That’s what you got your rights up thumbs up three one two three oh it’s three Every time every time okay with your right back to sake now she’s right back 1 2 3 4 5 she gets a surprise okay here we go here we go – one – I’m say one well place we not end all night one two three one two three Oh your luck so far Sabres been so bad I hope you don’t end up in the elimination of slide here we go do I have to door came to move back for

Spaces I remember best for spacing people and I can’t little my hair my hair’s too much but is it done at war okay I’ll go further under what wait to get to my hair oh no I don’t wanna see no recipe sakes hey my feet so then you

Just wash it off for sizing so I’m lucky so far we haven’t grumpy safe then we have bigge been nice and then me time zero get six oh one two three go to new surprise Surprise surprise [Applause] So the first one you touch [Laughter] who is gonna land in this lab 1 2 3 8 a spoonful of drinking chocolate without Russia cause he’s at a club that’s not at all what’s the copper wasn’t necessary if I get a fool oh I mean I get the darn ah but no one two three new the bull game Amy you have done challenges pleasure That’s right they’re form eliminated and oh my goodness you would join me Sookie if I can just like be I’m gonna get good football here we go in a win and I leave mister to this girl she’s with the best foot the whole time I know you just gave it to maybe don’t

Get it hon see you out there

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