The winner gets $10,000 like this Where are we where are we guys where are we Go Go Sofia oh my god where are we oh my god and look there was a giant board game ready for us and there’s a pool jacuzzi basketball court man mine you know what this is my dream house are you

Doing this to the royalty family handshake in five seconds you guys already know what the Rosie family hot chick is right you guys know it yeah you got here that’s cool yeah haters everywhere oh you’re so pretty to have haters I’m gonna hit on you me more what are you doing here

Sophia yeah if you have subscribe to these amazing china what are you waiting for all that you got to do right now is hit that subscribe button and turn on wow babe you did it one shot guys we’re giving you a challenge get this video to

200,000 likes if we can do that I’m gonna be giving away two iPhone eggs okay why are you waiting for it right now guys guys – iPhone X brand-new this could be yours all you gotta do is hit the subscribe button and give this video

A big big bang so what are we doing today today we are all gonna be playing the giant board game what does the winner get the winner gets $10,000 like this so what do we do oh my god God thank you for this gift what are these

These are dice so this is what we’re doing we built a real-life board game I’m gonna play you play at home it’s cool the board games you play at home is cool but this time we’re gonna play as will characters and whatever we roll we gotta go and do everything that it says

So we start right here Yeah right there means you gotta spin the wheel that means you gotta come over here and spin this wheel and it’s not a good thing because there’s a lot of bad things on there the S means you are safe you get

To just stay where you are and keep on going the pool picture means you gotta jump in the pool this means you gotta switch with your teammate jail if you land on jail that means you’ve got to go to jail and the only way to get outta jail is you guys

Spend $200 and once you make it all the way around to the very end you get to collect $500 so how do we know who won at the end most money okay whichever team has the most money at the end of five rounds will take home

That $10,000 for Ron what do you think about that hello hello can you come out he come out please Sofia ki help me get him out babe I don’t know he’s scared he says nervous can y’all keep it down I’ll try to sleep here it’s Gucci dog in the house okay do

Like teams all right presenting you team number one yeah babe what was your team name the princess is rocky hold on okay okay I didn’t know I didn’t know what to call you and presenting you the princess are gonna lose Sofia and Andre oh okay okay I see you you guys look pretty

Tough to beat but not unbeatable we’re gonna win we’re gonna wait for our four out for Rochefort not now not now well show them what’s up during the game okay brother I mean this I we have the other team of course the ones that are gonna lose

Right because we are so much powerful than them so anyways so in this part with half the other team hello winner Kim’s okay so in this bar let me introduce you guys the second team with What are you doing are you guys yo I wrote you fam are you guys with the team boys are you with the team girls that deeply says sad we are differences are let’s get this going guys don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up we’re

About to make history right now let’s go who’s going first boys whoever rolls a higher number will go first all right well your number well your number so the girls got a four which means they go first who wants to go first Andre or Sophia Sophia go first

Sophia goes first for Ryan goes second you go third and the best for last for K poppy baby go okay three oh you got a six one two three four five six oh you’re safe hey what are you got what are you five enough for one two three

Four five six seven eight nine are you nervous are you nervous shooter shot oh shoot a basketball shot and if you make it you and $300 let’s go for let’s go let’s go we need this where’s the ball where’s the ball guys you’re hiding the

Ball or what Gucci do you know where the ball is no okay cool oh so the kids shoot from here adults shoot from here it’s really not that far all right come on we need the money okay you get one shot no practice shot let’s

Go what do you think Sophia he makes it or no you don’t think he’s gonna make it all right we need the money let’s go [Applause] no luck baby that’s all skill that’s all skill for a thief and the boys are already winning we got three hundred dollars in our pocket let’s go no pressure baby no pressure I got a question for you you like bad breath I know two or three what you got okay to

The cupboard did it touch yeah baby three step baby three steps come on be a good girl why two Juiz spin the wheel there’s a lot of bad stuff on there you ready for this are you ready to go in the pool okay you know nice Tom chipper all right

Let’s go baby let’s go you wanted to eat dog food we are gonna dump coke all over you yeah you know what the worst part is I’m gonna let Ferran do it to you okay Ferran are you ready to dump the coke on your mom Fran Fran that’s not

For you to drink you stop stop when we need you to dump down here let’s go let’s go okay come on baby you gotta do this you can do it baby come on come on times tickin let’s go what what are you doing there’s no more coke in here Sophie how

Are you friends with this guy like do you know him you hang out with him at school of course you’re forced to do it alright let’s go that’s enough she’s punished babe I’m just checking up on you you okay are you okay oh my god me

Amore he got you so bad huh you know I love you so much but it’s guys versus girls then we’re gonna win maybe you gotta keep playing come on let’s go hold your hand let’s go okay okay cool I’ll just I’ll walk like this is my turn this

Is the end of round one and all these about to go three I spin the wheel all right wish me luck blow my finger can’t get a moment with my friend alright okay okay we have a place team can we switch for each other the game so I see yeah I’m not

Actually you’re not the owner of the game Rosie fan now water is freezing I already touched the water and it’s cold it’s really cold but I’m gonna do what it takes because I’m part of the boys team hey for all you boys out there support me come on cheer me on make sure

You like this video because the boys are gonna win I’m going in baby let’s go is what you close on I got to go my god you can’t I can’t take off my shirt I’m so sorry I just you gotta go right now that why are these freezing and it’s your you

Need to jump from there really I mean what I’m ready oh hey guys this is really cold then my gosh I was acting all tough earlier bad I didn’t realize it was this cold let’s go let’s make a deal let’s make a deal if we give you a hundred dollars out of

Our money will you allow us to switch for this we can’t do it for 200 we all the girls 200 but don’t worry guys we’re gonna get it back but he’s gonna jump instead of me because I’m kind of scared to be honest let’s go yeah I don’t think

He’s gonna do it guys I don’t think you boys okay here’s a deal yeah we owe you 200 dollars 116 let’s go around to baby yes sir you’ve said you’re gonna start from here from here one two three four five six seven let’s see what you got

Are you nervous you want to back out if you want give me your money and you know you don’t have to spin it yeah okay let’s go let’s go let’s go shoot a shot and win $300 you get to shoot it from here good luck Sofia okay it’s okay next

Up for right let’s go let’s go for Ryan [Applause] [Applause] he’s gonna jump in the pool again let’s go you got this let’s go now you get your foot in there huh all right I son Brady okay one two three what do you got what do you got a 2 and a 1 that’s three

Let’s go up baby one two three go spin the wheel you got this okay baby we got these we got this okay Sophia oh by the way so far the score is you have two hundred dollars and we have one hundred dollars so we guys step it up okay okay Wait ginger shoots baby did you spell shot wrong that was you who wrote it that was you ginger shoots those are nasty those are nasty yo who’s ever had a ginger shot those are rough like thank God it’s not me all right guys I’m ready Sal you do

It do it do it all the way all the way all the way let’s go all the way come on all the way open your mouth let’s go let’s go oh yeah you’re struggling you struggling yeah dude I was robbed you okay baby you still want to play you

Want a forfeit do you girls want a forfeit babe I know that was rough but you did it for the team you got this babe you’re gonna be okay let’s go baby big money big money big money big money a one and A four so I got a five one two

Three four five okay save this neutral I’ll take that ironically Sophia you go first let’s go round three okay you got a six and at three thousand nine one two three get something good no we need the money let’s go five and a two thousand seven

One two three four five six seven day why is everyone getting saved one two three okay one two three four five six seven eight that means you’re in jail and the only way you could get a jail is you guys spent $200 thank you put the money away

Put the money away good you know good you know good you play playback playback yeah did you know I got you I’m always here to help you out guys I’ll add me to one but Gucci went and he moved it to a three does that count yes or no what’s the

Rules on that yeah I got a 3 and a 4 that’s a 7 thanks cutie one two three four five six seven I’m safe again damn till your next I’ll be scared – don’t be scared oh one and A two yeah three guys guys guys guys I have a feeling she’s

Gonna get something really bad I don’t know why I just have that feeling let’s find out what happens you lost $200 girls that makes you minus 200 that means we have how much do we have by the way so that means you have one more round to recuperate as much as

Possible I’m happy guys we are one round away from taking home that $10,000 to run all we gotta do is last one more round and we take home that $10,000 okay all right relative family we have a good plan you need to stick around you need to give us and this video huge

Turns out because we’re gonna freak operate when is my turn I’m gonna get 200 and more than that so I stick around we’re gonna win all right go for run let’s see what you get what are you doing what was it it’s a three and a six

That’s that’s a nine nine spin the wheel let’s go run we can’t lose money don’t lose money let’s go baby you got this Ginger sides your son you’re a beast bro you’re a piece you better do it because we don’t want to give away the money let’s do this baby hold on pound your chest will query don’t tell them that you got this baby because it’s really spicy you know why

You can do it cuz he’s royalty and when you’re royalty you the best let’s go baby all in let’s go all the way all the way all the way all the way all the way yeah my point Oh sex on them flex on them that’s my boys around former eight

Andria’s turns alright so I’m gonna get out from jail right now on ten right yep one two three four five six seven okay yeah why are you feel happy cuz you’re negative 200 oh yeah that’s true all right hi guys my turn this is the end of round four so hopefully we get

Some more money let’s go three and three at six one two three four five six let’s spin that wheel roll dice again I get two three four five six seven eight I’m safe I’m safe we got one more wrong guys so step it up if you want to win that

$10,000 because right now you’re not doing such a good job and we’re winning the boys are winning the boy what kind of plan do you have about five which means this is your last round so make it worth it okay let’s go alright and a five that makes it a test

You got ten Sophia go Sophia you need money here let’s go you need money good luck Sofia good luck oh my god oh my god wait wait what if she gets to the end that means she collects $500 huh only gets 200 no because she’s minus 200

Right now if she collects 500 they’ll be up 300 wait wait so you guys know if you make it all the way to the end you collect $500 Oh that means you gotta jump in the pool ready to jump in the pool you gotta go in with your clothes all right Sofia it’s time for you jump in the pool what are you gonna push around okay yeah he said that you’re pretty cool there’s your teammate she’s inside Gucci what do

You think about today so far this vlog is kind of boring I’m about to go to sleep in three two or okay four run this is your last run are you ready for it all right let’s go a 1 and a 4 that equals of 5 don’t lose money oh my god

Oh my god they’re gonna dump coke on you if you want we can give away some money so they don’t have to do it no yeah my boy don’t do it let’s go let’s go [Applause] no I’m cool I’m gonna come down for a cup for I come down yo Chino cook for

You good you know this is your last round so you better get something good too and a forever six one two three four five six hi baby you gotta make money somehow we got $100 and you’re minus 200 okay okay okay one good luck oh my god oh my god

Oh my god foreign all right come over here okay she has the opportunity to win $300 if she makes no no no it’s cuz she’s – two engines yeah but yeah but that means if she gets that 100 we were tied now because all we have is 100

She’s gonna miss for sure guys I’ve never seen Andre play basketball but anything is possible in this world but as I look at her right now and I’m watching her dribble it doesn’t look good guys it doesn’t look good if you make it a wee bit tight and we make it

Okay I make My god baby that went in and out could we see it replay oh yeah more you had your chance as long as I don’t lose money we win Quran you better hope that I land on safe because I don’t want to lose that money that we got right now okay okay cool

Good talk high man key please long this 1 2 3 spin the wheel this is the last one we’re gonna do so let’s see what happened blow the hand please I’m not doing that I do it that means that we win the game give me a moment to think about this so

You say if I don’t do it we lose if you don’t do it I can do it and we’re gonna win and you’re gonna lose yeah I’ve never had dog food and I don’t plan on eating dog food this is weird this is weird what should we do I’m

Stuck in a tough situation you might get a stomach care you may get sick by eating that the food I ate at East End you know what bring out the dog food I want to see what it looks like no no nobody looks like you gotta say yes or

Not right now yes with you I don’t care no no do it don’t do it don’t do it I wrote you firm I gotta take the loss never in my life do we take Alice were royalty baby bring the dog food let’s go no babe yeah I don’t want to eat dog

Food coochi did you eat my food yeah man let me get so let me get some man let me get some oh my god are you ready oh that looks nasty that looks nasty man oh my god sake help me out Sophia can you help me out babe you have some help

I think Gucci you gonna help me out yeah man I’ll do whatever it takes give me that give me that oh you’re gonna do it hey no I’m gonna do it I’m gonna win $10,000 we’re not losing we’re not losing that $10,000 and I gotta do whatever it takes okay give me a

Countdown I can do baby that you’re doing that I said oh my god she is excited this is nasty the whole play you gotta finish it you gotta finish it over oh my god you know gonna sleep with me tonight oh my god he actually finish it

I can never let the family Wow oh thank you it’s about to drop maybe you can maybe you can are you trying to that’s nasty man huh I can’t believe I ate dog food you want some water oh my god give me some water please give me some

Water oh my god that was disgusting Oh baby we don’t know what about we’ll have ginger shocker and the winner of this challenge are the boys yeah we have to eat dog food yeah we took ginger shots yeah he got dumped by coke but it

Doesn’t matter you can do – ah yeah no matter what in life you do whatever it takes to win no I want this $2,000 I drink I do your shot as well you want to go to Hawaii for them what do you want to do let’s go let’s go on vacation

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