Gmod Sandbox – The Toys Escape! (Garry’s Mod Skits & Funny Moments)

Gmod Sandbox - The Toys Escape! (Garry's Mod Skits & Funny Moments)

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Guys guys guys guys what do you hear that footsteps oh no oh no oh no we’re on the same spot he left us hope he doesn’t see us my bed no oh god oh god I’m freaking out right now don’t move oh my god he’s leaving he’s

Leaving he’s leaving yes well thank God Louie’s gone now we could do stuff we could be toys yes do what we want yeah yeah we where’s Minnie lad I haven’t seen him in like seven weeks I just realized he was gone he threw me

Up here to go away all there is hey wait you jackass I’m sorry I’m not gonna lie okay okay okay just just calm down okay everything’s gonna be fine somebody take you this long to say something yeah this is kind of on you okay okay okay mini

Lad let’s say we have to save what we are going to save you yeah by God but first let’s play with this new Batmobile toy yeah can i play yeah many lives when you play as Batman pretend the door is a skyscraper no Louise birthday every single week oh

My god this is so freakin Yeah hey mini lad how’s it going hey did you try the new ride he got no oh my god guys yeah I love tanks but for some reason he bought five I got four there’s a spirit this is awesome guys awesome if there was one yeah I really wish this

Empty tank was in here it really gets in the way yeah it’d be better if they had another guy to play yes that was awesome all right oh man that was those so much fun what were we doing again earlier I don’t remember it was like we were nice oh

That’s right so all right listen Mini lad we are going to save you okay yes we party like we need to get up here but first let’s play with this new gta5 mobile I am your father get back get back buzz die back buzz hi you ran away from Randy

Get away are you ready for the best fun of your life I was born I don’t even know what this is but it’s awesome I’m on top of the world oh my god I’ve never been up this high yes oh my god that was awesome hosts fun

Of it is the best findings of my life three weeks so what were we doing again I can’t remember guys Oh [Applause] yeah Oh y’all areas stop oh yeah okay I’ve been called a for weeks all right Minnie laughs Minnie land what what we are going to save you thank you

Please but first no no no no no stop right there about that bap bap stomp ice cream truck okay okay okay okay and then we can put the toys afterwards you know we spoil you Minnie let’s just get me down here my ass is numb you guys ready

Yes the lyrics go save them sorry beauty a failure there’s gotta be another way Oh Oh God Louise definitely gonna notice that he’s gone oh no that’s something you can’t cover up he literally exploded into like a thousand okay okay all right yeah rocks fine somehow okay oh nice I’m a life model decoy now oh my god yes I got it what I got it

Are you thinking what I’m thinking are you that what I’m thinking or thinking yeah SuperSpeed wraps all you have to do is make a simple ramp straight to the top of the door we did it we did it we did it no it only took force but we did it straight to the

Top of the door okay to the top of the ready right behind you come on guys there we go yeah minilab recover to save you we’re shortly your second because it’s straight they’re mini it’s 800 detours dad please hold we’ll be there in a second we’re almost there [Applause] Yes your friends get your nose out of my face we finally got you free he’s dead he’s dead wasted all that time and now he’s dead wait a minute we’re toys so we don’t die oh yeah yeah that’s right guys alright finally finally we got Mario our spoiled friend Mario spoiled you’re

Playing that card never even said thank you listen we had no idea you were up there the entire yeah this is all trying to save you he has died yeah he survived a giant explosion of TNT look at them so let’s get a thank you thank you

Let’s get it thank you thank you guys for one wedging alright moving on yes moving forward I’ve been inspecting the blueprints of this house okay where the [ __ ] did you find blueprints at the house anyways I found one specific spot where we could leave okay it leads the outside world oh

Yeah I’ve never been out don’t don’t ruin the surprise okay I’ve never been outside are you guys ready to be free I’m ready let’s do this behind me are you ready I’m ready you know the magic words by Goku by woody by Mario by Batman buy the other journals buy the

Rest we’re getting out of here I just want to point out right now guys this is way more complicated than me but it’s awesome we could have just left the front door on Swanson’s s we got the hot dog we got the steak we got the booze we

Got the cheeseburger we got the double-barreled shotgun and we got [ __ ] epic [Laughter] and that was epic I was always told I was going to be in the toilet one day [Laughter] anybody going off the ramp anybody want the ramp right now when you’re hitting the keyboard right now

And perfect yes I’m in the room hey mini love hey hi guys hey really are you in the corner of Rock [ __ ] yeah you guys are in the corner let’s [ __ ] go A Telugu story yeah go ahead once upon a time yeah there was a guy yeah and then there was a ghost yeah so weird dude and then what and then the guy tried to kill the ghost and then he realized that it was just a lobster not actually a ghost according to this

There’s hot singles in my area there’s a news clipping about it a fat Italian man stuck on our door it just unfollowed me a lot on Twitter

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