Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story | English Fairy Tales And Stories | storytime

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story | English Fairy Tales And Stories | storytime

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Once upon a time right on the edge of the forest if the golden haired girl this golden yellow haired girl’s name was Goldilocks she had such amazing and admirable locks that everyone who saw her was mesmerised but despite her sweetness at times she could be a rather naughty little girl every time she

Stepped out to play her mother would have to warn her to behave darling please stay in the backyard and don’t go into the woods Dean into the forest in a shack lived a bear family a broad-shouldered Papa Bear a medium-sized mama bear and baby bear mama bear always woke up early to

Prepare oatmeal porridge for breakfast one morning baby bear woke up earlier than usual and wanted to eat his porridge but it was too hot mama can we go out for a walk in the woods until our porridge cools down mama Papa and baby bear left their porridge is on

The table and went out for a walk the same morning Goldilocks was playing in the backyard while waiting for her mom to prepare breakfast but she was so bored of playing in the same yard all the time and she was very curious about the deep parts of the forest what would

Happen if I just went for a walk she looked around seeing that no one was around she began running into the forest When she got tired she stopped and looked around what a beautiful forest flowers trees why didn’t I come here before she began to walk deeper into the forest in the mean time walking around with his family the baby bear saw a beehive on the branch of a tree such a big beehive

I’m sure it is full of honey Papa can we eat a Manny no my boy that belongs to the bees it’s their home we can’t go in anybody’s home and eat their food it’s not right you’re right I think I will have to wait until we go home for my

Breakfast meanwhile Goldilocks walked all by herself for such a long time finally she got lost she tried to turn back but could not make out the right way she got really tired and hungry she was almost in tears of her tiredness she walked a little more and finally she

Came to the end of the road and she came across the house of the bear family in between the trees she quietly approached the house walked around it but she could not see anyone she knocked on the door but nobody answered then she looked through the window she

Saw three hot steamy pleats on the table She went back to the tour again and this time she knocked Hodge the door opened Goldilocks was overjoyed she looked him and yelled anybody huh when there was no answer she entered she approached the table on the table there were three bowls of porridge one big one medium-sized and one small because she

Was so hungry she wanted to eat the big one first but the moment she put the spoon in her mouth Oh her mouth burned because the porridge was still too hot she immediately reached the medium bowl but she did not want to eat this either because it was too cold it’s too cold Finally she dipped her spoon into the smallest one hmm this porridge is neither cold nor do you act it’s exactly the way I want it so she ate all the porridge in the smallest bowl When she was done with her breakfast and fell fall she wanted to sit on one of the three chairs in front of the chimney to rest for a while one of the three chairs was a big one the other one medium and the last one

Was a small one first she tried to sit on the big one but she couldn’t even climb on it she tried the medium one but this one was very hard it was very uncomfortable finally she sat down on the smallest one this one wasn’t very comfortable and exactly her size but

Suddenly the chair broke into pieces with a very loud noise Goldilocks found herself on the floor and she did not know what to do she walked through to the next door and here there were three beds a big a medium-sized and a small first she tried

The big gate this one was too big for her and also too hard second one was a little bigger than her size but also too soft so she lied down on the third and smallest bed this one was exactly her size and it was very comfortable so comfortable that Goldilocks fell asleep

Ride her way whilst Goldilocks was sleeping the bear family came back home papa bear had some wood with him that he collected for the chimney mama bear had fresh berries and baby bear just could not wait to have his porridge when they arrived home they went straight to the table papa bear had

A look at his bowl and was so angry somebody tasted my porridge mama bear also looked at her bowl somebody also juice in my porridge and when baby bear looked at his bowl he began to cry that somebody also tasted my oatmeal porridge but not only tasted it also ate it oh

They got up and started to look around Papa Bear noticed his chair in front of the chimney somebody’s set on my chair look it’s on a different spot and then it was mama bears turn to complain somebody also sat on my chair and just like before the baby bear began to cry again

Oh somebody who knows that on my chair too The bear family curiously went to the bedroom somebody lied on my bed look how it’s undone somebody I don’t mind to somebody like Papa Bear walked next to baby bears bed and saw that someone really was sleeping in his bed slowly lifted up the blankets and they were

Really surprised to see a little girl sleeping in the bed what is a little girl doing in our house tell this little girl to get out of my bed now waking up to baby bears crime Goldilocks saw three bears in front of her and she ran out of the room in great She went out of the house and started running without looking back she got breathless from running but she did not stop and she didn’t even know which way to go right at that moment she saw her parents coming across from the forest when she didn’t end up going back home

They went out looking for her Goldilocks was very happy to see her parents she ran and helped her mother we were so worried are you okay from now on I will always listen to you I will never leave without living you know Goldilocks hugged her parents really tight from

That day on as she promised she always listened to her parents and did nothing without having their permission she was a well-behaved and kind girl forever

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