Google’s Plan To Create The World’s First Quantum Computer

Google's Plan To Create The World's First Quantum Computer

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In september of 2019 there were rumors of a paper where google claimed that it had achieved quantum supremacy in october of that year google released the paper stating that it had achieved quantum supremacy with its quantum computer which had run calculations for a task in 200 seconds and that the same

Task would take the most powerful supercomputers at least 10 000 years to solve ibm the new york multinational technology giant refuted these claims almost immediately claiming that they could solve the problem with their super computer in just two and a half days now you’ve gotta wonder why is this statement from google so

Important that ibm seems to not want it to be true what is quantum supremacy and what is quantum computing also why is the chinese government heavily investing hundreds of millions into the same project welcome back to our channel if you haven’t already make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring that bell

So you’re notified every time we upload a new video alright so it may sound weird to talk about google beating innovation in a surprise manner i mean we should expect these kinds of landmark achievements from them every once in a while right they did after all create the most

Efficient information tool with their search engine that generates hundreds of millions of answers to your questions in half a second and although you’ll only visit the second page when working on a school project google search engine is so good that it will search you as well they also created the google

Recorder app in 2019 that makes transcribing recording editing and even translation seem like child’s play as the app was voted the best app and the recorder app is so good that some people even claim that it doesn’t stop working even when you shut it off but no quantum supremacy is eons beyond these

Innovations in terms of possible impacts so this brings us back to what is quantum supremacy and quite simply it is when a task is run on and solved quickly by a quantum computer a task that is so hard a classic computer would not be able to solve it

In this case google made use of its own quantum computer built from scratch sycamore to achieve quantum supremacy sycamore is part of the company’s quest to develop a useful error-corrected computer by the end of the decade and to help meet this goal google has built a quantum ai campus in santa barbara

With hardware research labs a data center and facilities for developing quantum processor chips by the end of the decade google would have spent billions to perfect quantum computing but what really is quantum computing to understand quantum computing we’ll need to make use of some simple concepts from quantum mechanics

And to do that we’ll need to start at the very beginning for over a century physicists have tried to understand the physical properties of objects at the subatomic level also known as quantum mechanics some of the greatest minds like einstein heisenberg and niels bohr have tried their hands at it

Because quantum mechanics was hard to understand and seemingly irrational erwin schrodlinger kind of made a popular quantum mechanics for dummies thought experiment that is now known as schrodlinger’s cat we might consider schrodinger’s cat this experiment consisted of a closed steel container a cat and a radioactive poison that will detonate randomly

Now because we do not know whether the poison has detonated we can think of the cat as being both alive and dead until we actually open the box to observe it this attribute of being in two different states at once until measured is called superposition and it’s a characteristic feature of

Subatomic particles like electrons and photons now while classic computers mimic humans in the way that we carry out calculations using bits of ones and zeros as data quantum computers like sycamore mimic nature using quantum bits or qubits of both 1 and 0 as data these qubits can

Exist in both states of data at once and change accordingly to give the required answer for a task and this also means that compared to bits qubits process a ridiculous amount of information faster and this ability to process more information faster increases as you increase both the bits of a classical computer

And qubits of a quantum computer like google sycamore for instance unlike two classical bits that will exist in either of the four states two qubits can exist in all four states at once three qubits in eight states four and sixteen and so on the qubits in the circuit are

Entangled in such a way that this helps the computer affect the changes across all the qubits to arrive at the correct state that generates the solution to your task this behavior is also derived from quantum mechanics and was described by einstein as shbukhoft femverkin or spooky action at a distance

This is the effect where two particles are correlated with each other in such a way that you can actually predict the properties and behavior of any one of the particles just using one of them no matter how far apart they are from each other google’s current quantum

Computers have less than 100 cubits and a quantum computer with 300 qubits would have more states than we currently have atoms in the observable universe however the company has set a goal of creating a computer with a million qubits that’s a goal that requires a lot of patience and hard work which the

Brilliant team at google and quantum ai are ready to undertake the reason why building quantum computers has been an issue is because qubits are not stable and need special conditions to work google’s quantum computers like this steampunk like chandelier has something called the josephson junction that converts the bits to qubits

Meanwhile the build of the computer ensures that the electrical and magnetic interference are avoided while superconducting is also achieved by using the cryostat to bring the temperature close to absolute zero all this delicate care is necessary because the possible monetary gains as well as social advancements are quite simply immense

And maybe even unknown so we’ve understood some concepts of quantum mechanics and quantum computing or maybe we haven’t maybe it’s both but you can’t really explain it but you kind of get it well i hate to break it to you but your brain has just been superimposed

And it has massive implications if fully implemented i mean we’ll be solving problems with the power of nature and the universe and because quantum mechanics is actually not fully understood by anybody including scientists these quantum computers can help us have a better understanding of quantum mechanics itself as more progress is made

Google’s quantum computers will have real world applications for instance it would be able to correctly predict the best combination of molecules for drugs which is today done by scientists in a sort of trial and error method this would save a lot of time as well as

Cut off a whole lot of cost and waste and speaking of predictions it can also be useful in creating models for projects and theories as well as making financial forecasts they can also be used in the implementation of even safer encryption technology than any we currently have quantum computers would make

Cryptographic functions for blockchains look like a joke but on the flip side they can easily hack private keys as well as other security systems using weaker technology so i guess we know why the chinese government wants to get there first however the presence of a quantum computer does not mean that classical

Computers will cease to exist since they’re fundamentally different with respect to the computational processes that they mimic quantum computers are just here to solve the really data-heavy tasks that would otherwise be impossible even on the most powerful supercomputers that we have today not to help you open two chrome tabs at

Once so ibm and google could have disagreements about this wonderful technology but the crazy possibilities of this technology mean one thing and one thing alone when everyone is done perfecting the tech apple is probably going to do this awesome press reveal about some new innovation to its customers

And call it something aptly you know icubit or mac iq what name do you think they’d give the product if they made their own super computer also who do you think will be the fastest to perfect super computers google ibm or the chinese government let us know in the comments below and if

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