Gordon Revisits Momma Cherri’s! | Kitchen Nightmares FULL EPISODE

Gordon Revisits Momma Cherri's! | Kitchen Nightmares FULL EPISODE

#Gordon #Revisits #Momma #Cherris #Kitchen #Nightmares #FULL #EPISODE

Two years ago i came to brighton to fix sherita jones’s failing soul food restaurant and it became one of my biggest success stories now i’m back to check on his progress hi guys But it turns out bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better where’s our standards gone what the [ __ ] are we doing has soul in the bowl become mold in a bowl if this food isn’t as good as the shack yeah you’re [ __ ] history brighton london by the sea loads of locals and a steady stream

Of hungry tourists nesting just a stone’s throw away from the seafront is mama sherry’s soul food shack offering classics from america’s deep south oh nice nice nice the big sole mama aka sharita jones has raised 33 foster children but running her first restaurant is proving a far bigger handful

It’s all going to just kind of go and fall apart so i don’t want it to fall apart oh god it’s definitely a shack from the outside anyway [ __ ] up caravan is this it sharita cherita gordon good to see you nice to see you this is how small and cool

It’s quaint it’s cozy i’ll say it’s like walking it’s like walking into your lounge thank you and that’s what it’s supposed to be about because i tend to spend all my life here this has got to be my front room otherwise when do i get to kick my feet up

After three and a half years despite throwing everything at this place and working seven days a week sharita is still in serious debt to the tune of 65 000 pounds and who’s the chef i’m kind of the chef i come from a background of big mamas

And all of them cook it’s called stick to your ribs basically stick to your roots ribs or ribs right for your roots see your ribs mama sherry shack seats 40 at an extremely intimate squeeze but sadly for sharita that’s not often a problem as we day trade is virtually non-existent it’s great at

The weekends but somehow we’ve discovered that we’re in a hole we’re just in this hole a financial hole that we can’t claw our way out of have you made any money since you’ve been open nope not a penny not a single penny have we made since we’ve been

Open it’s hard to put our finger on why is it critical i mean how long how long can you continue staying like this truthfully truthfully i’d say three to six months maximum maximum no customers no money right it’s time to check out the kitchen sharita calls herself the cook but brian

Moyo is her her chef so who’s in charge how you doing dude thank you do you do this and all that and poland uh i try not to we’re eating for cliche so are you the head chef are you the cook why um i’m confused well

I was employed to come as a head chef right but because of uh problems with finances and things like that don’t let me stop you i took a a sit back so who writes the menu uh sherita has written everything she does everything they’ve got a cushy job then really

Haven’t you you could say that as a chef yes pretty chill yeah as a chef yes it’s pretty serious but a head chef who doesn’t write the menu and only works 35 hours a week next he’ll be telling me he’s forgotten how to cook here you go

We can cut some catfish goujons with hush puppy and our homemade pineapple salsa it’s actually quite nice very um very delicate fish and um it’s nicely fried it’s very light really nice thank you be back with your mains for maize my plate’s piled high with a clumsy mess of ribs

Spicy chicken jambalaya and corn and bean succotash i hope he likes it hmm [ __ ] it now those ribs so tender i have to say it’s thrown on the plate with no real care but it tastes phenomenal this may be the first time i should go back to the kitchen with an empty plane

Um thank you bloody delicious thank you and you know what thank you i thought it was going to be really spicy but just turned down and it was spot-on and it actually made me feel like i was back at mum’s for the first time oh and having some home cooking

That was very good oh don’t get me crying there are things i would change okay i’m happy to hear about general i i know it sounds crazy i know it sounds crazy on your head mind your head oh god i fed good ramsey and he cleaned his place how the hell

Did you turn that thing off she doesn’t shut up rub it rub it rabbit rabbit [ __ ] sharita’s down home style should be a unique selling point but it ain’t working i need to go back to the kitchen and find out why friday and charity is tackling most of the day’s preparation single-handedly

In a desperate bid to save money part of this is you know you’ve got to get your hands dirty yeah of course marinating meat making dressings sauces and bacon are all crucial things to prepare in advance of a busy service shaking off the excess but deep frying

Chicken wings eight hours in advance of their first booking that can’t be right so why’d you cook them now because if you cook them off now and leave them to cool when the order comes in it’s just a matter of picking out how many we need

And they go back in and they come back up to a nice and they don’t go dry no no i’m beginning to suspect the good old home cooking isn’t as wholesome as it could be they smell good most of it’s coming from the freezer rather than the salt

How many freezers we got 13 by the time brian turns up there’s not much left for him to do so you can’t really feel like your head chef if you’ve got cherita in the kitchen every morning cooking the food and you come here you send it in the sense you’re not

Actually really cooking you’re just coming in and putting things together together yes it’s kind of hard yes have you lost motivation yes so if sharita’s head chef’s gone off the boil i’m hoping her remaining crew part-timers have a bit more spunk heading up front of house is lauren she

Arrives 10 minutes late for the evening service 20 year old aidy seems to be more committed to his glamorous day job so why panel beating finish at r4 every day kitchen porter gavin lives next door but he appears to turn up when he feels like it and charita’s librarian husband phil hot

Foots it back from the day job to become basement barman and resident dj it looks like your washer upper no way it does that as well these and numerous other part-time staff are all members of mama sherry’s big laid-back family so when he’s in the ship the middle of service he slowed

Them down like [ __ ] michael jackson yes yeah oh [ __ ] hate to ruin a good party but if you want to run a successful business then the terms laid back and professional just don’t mix it’s not just about how good the food tastes it’s about how it [ __ ] gets there as well

And that is crucial I can’t wait to see this team of jokers in action all right so we get going because they’re hungry immediately it’s clear who’s the mummer in this kitchen i’m getting you a chili pepper because you ain’t gonna know just the one can i take the seeds out at least

Cherita talks to them like they’re her children and she’s the only one cooking anything from fajitas fresh okay sharita all of the second part you’re in all right okay sweet potato skins onion rings cornbread two pieces can i get some jambalaya heat it up please for brian and aidy it’s just an

Elaborate heating and plating up exercise mountains of messy food school dinner style a d-minus must try harder that’s hot gravy yeah yeah on hot turkey yeah serves on cold plates yes with cold salad yep what’s he laughing at this is serious you weren’t going to break sweat there

Were you oh you are yeah he’s about to kick off when there’s twice as many staff as there need be this should be an absolute breeze but you’re just killing yourself trying to do everything we got everything in the basement paying two fully qualified chefs to dress and send a plate of nachos

Come on that’s a sure fine way to break your business very very painful tonight on several occasions you’re standing here cooking away in a world of your own yep and these guys standing there just almost playing with themselves because they’re waiting for something from you

If you are the head chef yes then you’re gonna have to start taking the reins yeah yeah i want to try and get through it a busy night without pissing your pants with laughter two hours pure concentration without laughing okay and i bet you can’t do it

I can do it are you [ __ ] smiling already if there was ever a case of too many cooks this is it one of them will have to go already i said no smiling no laughing serious okay a [ __ ] do not be scared to get rid of baggage brighton’s best kept secret mama

Sherry’s soul food shack is so well kept it’s losing a thousand pounds a week knowing it 20 past 10 in the morning no by day three i’ve uncovered a couple of reasons why i know it’s chilled but [ __ ] hell not as chilled as a snapper

Why is no one here this time in the morning that’s ridiculous firstly the food’s good but it could be so much better where’s uh where’s brian let me give you a hand brian yeah i have no idea secondly there are far too many staff and most of them aren’t pulling their weight

Late this morning yes uh for now what’d you do to when he’s late nothing nothing i’m just gonna wash up right now so you’re washing up as well she’s in she opens up brings all the supplies upstairs you should be ashamed of yourself brian shrita’s next task is to make a huge

Batch of macaroni cheese that will last her for two whole weeks let’s keep this going oh this is coming up nicely hot from the stove her food is irresistible people will travel miles to taste it i like that yeah yeah very nice but like a lot of our home cooking this

Lot is destined for the freezer where it’s delicious texture and flavor will be lost forever we cook beautifully yeah and i don’t understand why you want to freeze it when it’s so tasty well i think i don’t think i’ve won it’s not a case of wanting no i think you’ve got into a

Habit i’ve gotten a habit which is a lazy habit oh you’re not lazy because you work so bloody hard he’s lazy he’s definitely lazy if you turned up for work half an hour late in my kitchen trust me you’d be home for the day looking for a new [ __ ] job

To be honest it’s no wonder brian’s lost heart the man’s been working in the kitchen for as long as i have but to save money he’s been sidelined so much so he’s rarely involved in actually making any of the food there is a kind of a method to my

Madness but you’re throwing it together um it looks like i’m throwing it together but i throw it together the exact same way every single week so when you’re not doing it who does it i’m doing it that’s my point okay if sharita was using brian properly they

Could ditch the freezers once and for all and the macaroni and cheese is nearly there that looks delicious i think that should go to star food yeah i think so it does look good doesn’t it as it stands few customers will taste the food at its best street has thrown away her unique

Selling point And boy does she need one it’s a ten plus one saturday lunchtime and this place should be absolutely round and there’s not a soul in here This is dire saturday and sunday are your prime days for business but like many failing restaurants shrita’s making some classic mistakes poor man’s meat pie yeah eight pounds yeah i know it’s going to be good um yeah you go onto the menu here you’ve got main courses at 14.

Yeah 15 pounds why they gone up so expensive um to pay my bills to be blunt it was bank manager yeah um accounting and i was saying help me help me how do i do this they say you all again you’ve got to raise your prices generation prices always the bank

Manager’s solution yeah and it was it was literally down to a bank manager well he’s an [ __ ] oh good yeah yeah it’s killing the business i want to look at restructuring the menu okay making it a little bit shorter okay tweaking the portion size oh right having less come back

60 our bones come back but is that 40 i want to work on the objective for every customer comes through that door is to have a starter yeah a mains and a dessert okay you wait and see the turnover treble if you can squeeze three courses out of them okay

But before we can squeeze anything out of anybody we need customers and if they’re not coming to us we’ve got to take mama sherry’s finger licking food to them so got the meatloaf oh my god for the ribs okay got the chicken that smells amazing oh it’s smelling so good

So good and who better to flaunt it than the mummer herself don’t be shy whoa i’m gonna come to you since you’re not coming to me this is all cooked fresh at mama cherry soul food shack just around the corner there okay pretty pretty this particular food is called

Soul food okay cook from the soul from the heart boy she’s good a soul food evangelist and she’s out to convert the whole of brighton soul food can i hear you all say it all right just wind her up and let her go that’s nice okay give me some more wings all right

Don’t forget this time it’s on the house next time they’re paying you yeah would you cook this yes i did there’s no doubt that srita is a terrific cook but she’s employing brian to do that job and i’m beginning to realize she’s wasted in the kitchen what’s it called

With saturday night service about to begin it’s time to get the shack in order it’s pretty obvious that the business is in dire straits that’s real it’s real that’s the truth watching you guys over the last couple of days you actually treat it like it’s your [ __ ] home

Chilled relaxed and this lady here you talk to her almost as if it’s your mum and that really has to stop if this is going to go any further and if it doesn’t work not only are you out of business and your liver’s gone yeah all of you guys are out of a

[ __ ] job you’ve got no work so when it’s that far down we really have to dig deep and come up with sensible ideas and tonight i’m going to ask you to stay out of the kitchen okay because you’ve got so much to sell yeah and you you’re a [ __ ] good cook thank you

So cherita let him cook i’m going to let add him i am good you have to pass the reins over now and if you don’t break away from this stove i swear to god the business is going to close and let them do the job that you [ __ ] pay the money for

Okay yeah yep i’m going to go put some makeup on because i’m going downstairs chirita street hustling has secured a fully booked restaurant tonight if we’re going to get through it we need to get this kitchen working like an efficient well-oiled machine time to whip up a bit of professionalism into these boys

Uh gavin can you take those starters and food downstairs yeah just standing there and do nothing thank you can we standing there yeah open up your eyes yeah and get him [ __ ] working okay you’re running this place tonight you know that yes i’m going to prove to her downstairs

That you can do it yes and not just to her but yourself and me i said no smiling no laughing serious okay yes yeah let’s go good evening have you had a chance to look at the menu downstairs srita slipped effortlessly into the role of the hostess with the most test

Macaroni and cheese we do but i’m telling you it’s fantastic brian’s taking his first decision as the head chef pre-cooked buffalo wings are off the menu from now on they’re being cooked chicken’s to order from fresh nice you’ve already placed it turned around in 20 minutes well almost

The rest of the food’s going out just as chirita’s always done it hot food cold plates uninspiring salads That’s shocking and jawbreaking meatloaf But let’s not try to run before we can walk can i get this one as soon as possible There you go the restaurant’s full but now she’s front of house sweet is using every trick in the book to boost business five minutes so you go right next door to my friendly pub there you go and i will thank you um brian two hours in and the food’s not going

Out quick enough sharita’s faith in brian is dwindling fast these guys have been in a long time i got kids down there yeah that starters have just gone maybe okay what happened though starters you got starters they’re done so already in the left yeah yeah there are 80 under what these thousands

For one pretty stable these ones no i’m doing them now oh [ __ ] i just thought that they’re gone man for brian three years of living in a cunnery coma is a hard habit to break he’s beginning to lose it Still waiting on their starters and chorizo’s constant interruptions aren’t exactly helping come on brian don’t lose it now yeah no what else on this table i need to see what’s on it all right hot wings and barbecue chicken wings i’ve got the hot wings i need whatever else is there

Okay because they are getting restless oh yeah send it away i am so sorry i’ll tell you what the problem is with fresh food here you can’t expect the food to just jump on your plate just like that we can explain that to her after chicken takes a good 14-20 minutes to

Make sure that you know you don’t kill anyone okay has that pig feet go on because it needs to go on now because it takes the time yeah every minute you’re in here we’re losing money [ __ ] hell so what do you think of that meatloaf bloody good thank you

Didn’t i tell you didn’t i tell you i thought the kitchen got a really good start you were slightly nervous being down there because you were sort of not spying on them but coming up agitated yeah yeah you lost it brian yes a little bit and things just got a

Little bit yeah you said something interesting though yeah trudeau has to understand it’s going to take three or four minutes longer because i’m cooking from raw and the benefit is the customer but i think this guy yeah with the help of adi can get faster yeah

Much much faster i mean how would you sum up you’re in the dining room tonight it felt good because i’m telling you for three and a half years being here it was the first saturday night that i have spent downstairs they’ve seen you you know that’s the

Face they want to see when they come they say mama downstairs i’m going to be cracking the whip a lot harder it’s your business of course you know and that’s what i was thinking you know i got to crack it let’s go okay thank you good thank you

Guys let me go down here and finish stand because i got a few more desserts to sell yeah if brian’s going to win cherita’s respect as a head chef he needs to become more involved in preparing the food as well as cooking it number 13 lucky for some

But since these owls were cut he’s been dropped in a catch-22 situation where’s little lady on hey brian’s been left holding the baby it became a problem because claire had to go to work yeah and we had to find a way of meeting uh the bill at the end of the month

Yeah you know and that’s why uh i can’t do tuesdays and wednesdays the whole thing is just confused yeah you know as brian’s involvement with the food has diminished so too has his confidence the first time he made meatloaf two years ago it was a disaster

So we’re going to prove that brian can not only do it but do it better but how much influence do you have on the menu even sometimes i will do a menu or something but she changes it anyway so really heading into the my influence disappears but you’ve

Got to be strong now yes she’s going to concentrate in the dining room yes you’re going to be running the kitchen yes you have to be strong yes huh yes the problem with sharita’s meatloaf is the bacon by the time it’s cooked it’s like cutting into leather

The back bacon you saw dries out it’s hardly fattening back bacon okay so yeah streaky bacon um place one nice fatty piece of bacon there as it’s cooking yeah it’s putting moisture exactly inside the meatloaf yeah fantastic you know if i put my foot down and say no this is like this like

That i think i can see myself going far you know i can achieve things it’s a it’s a healthy feeling you know it’s a happy feeling mmm just look at them hmm the seasoning is just right it’s not too salty nice that’s fine it doesn’t need any doesn’t need anything else

Anything else at all With brian’s confidence slowly returning now i’ve got to work on sharita she excels as a natural cook and a great hostess oh my god that’s everything on my menu but when it comes to business she’s a self-confessed numbskull and this tells me the money the money is look out that’s a bit shorter

Yeah the other way around the other way around definitely but it’s not just the takings that are the problem here 200 grams of butter like a beautifully risen cake successful restaurants only thrive when three key business factors are working in close harmony gradually having 200 grams of flour we establish one-third staff cost

One-third food cost and one-third gross profit combine all those ingredients into one recipe yeah chemistry you have the most amazing cake and that’s how any good business works yeah at the moment srita’s business cake is way off course i’m going to show you something what we’ve got currently happening here at the show

With few midweek customers srita’s gross profits are dangerously low very very little profit her food costs are reasonably healthy but her massive overheads are crippling her i just want to show that what’s going to cost you when we start adding really high staff costs so there’s an imbalance already yep

Bloody hard now i’m doing this on purpose to prove a point yeah no yeah you can’t complete a recipe for successful business when you’ve got an imbalanced situation you can tell me to [ __ ] off by how much you pay yourself a month a month uh

Well i get around 200 a week that’s it i’m the lowest out of the kitchen 200 pounds a week a week yeah 800 pounds a month you’re working seven days a week i’m working seven days a week that’s a [ __ ] disgrace an addict it’s more than me

Some weeks a commie chef that’s part time gets paid more than you mm-hmm you’re far too [ __ ] soft oh no you really are far too soft well it stops now i know i know i know i know i know i know that is a profitable business yeah with the right ingredients uh-huh yeah

And that is what you’re currently running right have a think and let me know which one you’d like to eat very good oh i just feel like crying why are you crying peter because i’m not going to lose my business i’m nearing the end of my week in brighton

Ah [ __ ] bollocks not sure i’ve found my soul yet but brian is finally beginning to behave like a head chef and shirito is undergoing a transformation from mother to matron and from now on she’ll be ruling this roost with an eye in hand this is not a drop in cinder

But we still have a fundamental problem a crippling lack of weekday customers what we need is a gimmick a bargain that will ensure the shacks fall to the rafters all week long the idea is is to sell your restaurant per table okay okay so a table of six

I have six chairs yep ten pounder head uh-huh 60-pound for that table if that worked yeah every night at 10 pound ahead yeah that’s 360 pound in the tail think of it this way yeah they’ll spend the same amount of money on their alcohol on alcohol my plan is to create an exciting

Three-course fix buffet for each table simplifying the service and cherry picking from the existing menu simple sexy and irresistible soul food Look at that there for four people yeah you’ve got a mug of soup as well don’t forget i think it’s quite sort of fresh and new yeah and it sort of deformalizes the restaurant because it is soul food and it’s you know across the table

Yeah yeah but i think it it also it introduces everybody to different differences everyone is having different tastes of everything yeah and the idea of course is once they’ve experienced this they come back friday or saturday yeah for a full day yeah yeah this looks great good mm-hmm i like

That tonight we go live don’t worry i’m gonna be now you said live you wait i’m gonna be live it seems shirita’s well and truly sold on our new idea whoa okay i just gotta think of a word for tapas i’m gonna come up with my own word i’ma make a word up

But i guess i can’t call it slappers cause that sounds too rude [Laughter] on a normal wednesday night street would be lucky to get eight customers good morning mama cherry’s gonna help you but since we hit the streets three days ago word’s out and the bookings have gone through the roof

I’m doing probably two cities seven o’clock at nine o’clock sitting so how’s it looking now um it’s looking full day of the week oh my wednesday this is wonderful perfect and tonight that’s 550 pound food yep the same again yep hopefully on the drink drinking that’s a

Thousand pound in the till yeah which is equivalent to a friday night yeah yeah that’s a friday night show a touch of flexibility it’s a new start for the shack and tonight every member of srita staff has got to give 100 okay here are a set of rules that each

And every one of you are now going to abide by and it’s not a governing rule it’s an understanding what this business needs to go further and forward i need everybody here on time and on time means if i say you start at six you get here a quarter two

That way you have your cigarettes you get changed you chat you have your coffee and so that at six o’clock you’re on the floor okay the next one is there is always something to do and if you can’t think of it ask me the queen is now in residence

Yes exactly charita is now on the floor yep it’s where i’m gonna be and to confirm that we’re going to raise the flag yes all right okay okay sharita is in resilience yes and that’s what she says i want you to pull this up here together there you go

The success of soul in a bowl relies on doing large numbers and only 10 pound ahead sharita must fill the restaurant twice over everything prepped yes are you nervous yeah yeah good it’s a good sign start [ __ ] yourself brian aidy and gavin have got to get those platters flying down those stairs

But they’re only just peeling the last potatoes i’m gonna send you down a tray designed for two it comes with cornbread and soup as a starter soup’s excellent well i hope you enjoyed it i think you would very much all right thank you unfortunately we it’s the first wednesday night ever

They’ve had to turn customers away slightly spicy sweet potatoes table three two meat tacos okay just to bring them up to the want yeah they’ve had a person join them so it’s now before it’s already looking better but tonight has got to be perfect take the [ __ ] ball off the track

Put it in the ball yeah i still want all this [ __ ] on here everywhere now we’re nice and clean [ __ ] clean come on yeah and for the first time this week brian’s not smiling that is lovely well done all right vegetarian please eddie send it away so now we’re looking for a full

Soup and a threesome four corn bread three corn bread gavin you’re taking care of the uh desserts yeah the team is pulling together can you can you put a small just a bowl of veggie jambalaya on it and then the big one is going to have the meat come on

If we slow down i’m gonna lose it communication is much much better i get a timing on some of these so i can tell them five minutes five minutes on all of them okay here we go ads at eight o’clock so far so good you’re doing a good job

If they can keep it going we might just pull this one off they said they are stuffed it was delicious all of the different flavors that go with it fully satisfied i’m gonna take them some dessert you see that empty bowls how is this good yes all right things must be going okay

Because we’ve hardly seen her in the kitchen all night are we starting to turn the tables down i’m starting to turn but i’ve got this is a crucial thing at 10 pound ahead we have to turn those tables yeah so can we do two trays at the same time is it possible

Now the pressure’s really on come on let’s get some organization guys come on it’s still not perfect a tables called away you stick that ticket on the tray no one touches it but the vibe up here has definitely got more professional we’re losing valuable time man what are you doing two minutes over

How’s it feeling up here hot pumping can’t quite believe i’m saying this but i think brian’s actually breaking a sweat looking good they’re loving it people are loving it very tasty very good food i haven’t eaten anything quite like this before and it’s really nice [ __ ] well done yeah really good

That’s one day the real work starts tomorrow yeah let’s go i didn’t know how much i was gonna cook today you know i didn’t know if i was gonna cook or break basically but i just one thought in my mind is to get through this Thursday morning and the whole team are in early you got to get that well going they’re clean out of food stocks and fully booked tonight so they’re starting completely from scratch Fresh home cooking straight from the soul hallelujah can i just say you sent me a target yes when i spoke to you last night we hadn’t reached that time are you under pound last night yeah i asked for a thousand when i cashed up i hit 1 000.

Uh i was at 1080. fantastic and these two yeah they did it the future success of mama cherries depends on brian’s strength and commitment more than anybody’s you’ve really pissed me off this week you know that yes i felt really bad after especially yesterday when i realized that i haven’t been really

Sort of it’s like i didn’t care almost i just thought when i first saw you in the kitchen you’re treating like a job no passion but last night it came back and i could feel it you are the head chef yes so act like the head chef

Yes take responsibility to the head chef yes get a grip wake up and [ __ ] stop dreaming and i think sharita knows what she must do you are the most marketable asset of this restaurant well i’m going to be selling myself now i’m out of that kitchen understand kitchen morning a.m hosting

The room and being present in the evening you’ve got to continue that i will do then i’ve got to take some control back since my last visit cherita’s soul in the bowl has made mama sherries one of brighton’s biggest success stories her reputation is just phenomenal she’s

In and out of newspapers and constantly on radio and television so if she’s got that level of attention then she’s got to make sure what’s coming out in that kitchen is better than it was two years ago six months ago mama sherry moved out of the shack and upgraded to a new

Restaurant around the corner i just hope she’s sticking to the advice i gave her [ __ ] me mama sherry’s big house look at the size of that how many floors is it on one two three four five floors he’s got a lot of drinks here i like your eyes

All right baby oh look at you Look at the size of this place oh my god this is the first mega soul food restaurant unbelievable so first floor is what come here can i show you yeah absolutely i’m dying to see it follow me mega she’s not kidding this place is triple the size of the shack so question is

Is cherita managing to fill her big house we’re coming up to the beginning in december yeah and people are booking for march for march and that’s extraordinary do you know we’re doing a thousand covers in a week we average between nine hundred and twelve hundred a week here that’s what we’re doing i’m

Impressed she just taken her restroom to the next level but the first year of expansion is a really dangerous time for any business so i only hope that sherida’s got a tight hold of the reigns hi guys where’s my man where is he hello how many chefs are in here

This place is certainly well staffed brian’s heading up the kitchen 80’s gone and charred has taken on a whopping nine extra chefs god jesus christ almighty have you been uh busy i i can tell i can’t wait to tuck into some soul food i insisted everything at the shack was

Cooked from scratch so brian better be sticking to my fresh food regime i’m dying to see what you’ve got in the freezer same as it was before just what’s that that is a lasagna yeah that’s a combo no no that’s not combo that’s a peach cobbler sorry peach cobbler there

Yeah i’m dying to sleep inside you know what i’m like yeah oh dear the signs aren’t good what are they in there who i go there’s like food everywhere where are these from they’re just being cooked what’s that in there that’s the ribs that just came out they’re cooling oh no look there’s

Another [ __ ] tray of chicken are they in order it’s like a fast food joint in here all that’s missing is a family bucket and a litre of coke okay another box of chicken wings one two three four five six seven when i first met you

There was two and three of you in the kitchen it had that nice intimacy hearty feel that everyone was passionate from a meatloaf to a [ __ ] chicken wing and it just got done you know done in a way that everyone really cared for what they were doing

Two years on and from what i can see the soul’s gone from this kitchen right have a taste that catfish goujons that was the first dish i ever tasted in the shack the size of the [ __ ] thing [ __ ] you now come here a minute let me show you something yeah what is that

Are we charging customers for that while someone wants to boast to me about being fully booked the next [ __ ] march i feel like ringing them and saying don’t bother [ __ ] coming next march because i don’t think we’ll be [ __ ] ready in time who’s controlling that where’s our standards gone

Just where’s the passion gone what the [ __ ] are we doing get that [ __ ] in the bin everything in the [ __ ] bin now holy [ __ ] this is a nightmare the kitchen can’t cope and i’ve gone back to their bad ways of pre-preparing food to cater for the huge demands of the new restaurant

Right now going i feel like you’re crying my [ __ ] heart out this is [ __ ] you’re right it is [ __ ] i’m really sorry i [ __ ] love the show i don’t know and this is painful take 10 minutes outside get some fresh air that is upsetting i could almost [ __ ] cry because

We were so there the shack was renowned for its food it wasn’t the decor it was the food that got that lady on the map this place might be packed now but i don’t believe this food will have people coming back for more i wonder what the customers really think

I’m a bit disappointed to be honest i kind of with all the reputation mama cherry’s got i just thought it was all very bland and very small portions i feel now no flavor no flavor you need more more spices if the customers aren’t happy sherita can kiss her business goodbye

I can’t believe she’s turned her back on soul in a bowl this is not you i’ve known yeah for a long time where you’ve come from yeah i arrived i didn’t want to eat don’t take that personally take it as brutal [ __ ] honesty yeah i know what you’re capable of doing yep

If this food isn’t as good as the shack yeah your [ __ ] history it’s tomorrow morning bright and early you’re running your brigade and you’re putting the soul back in back in the bowl yup it will be i’m surprising myself and how upset i am because i really thought that we were moving up

I really really really did and now i’ve been like slapped in the face and like open your eyes open your eyes you know i still got a long way to go i gotta get back tomorrow morning on track and get them back in love with what they’re doing

I arrived in brighton yesterday to visit one of my biggest kitchen nightmare successes but two years on it’s taken a turn for the worst where’s the passion gone what the [ __ ] are we doing sherita’s business has expanded but in order to meet the demands of a massive new restaurant

She’s let standard slip i am so worried she’s heading for the rocks i’ve decided to stay on Good morning how are you um i’ve been better you’ve been here right it’s all right i’m all right right now i see a lady that’s panicking you’re taking every [ __ ] customer that’s walking in that door and you’ve got to stop it okay got to stop it okay you’re in danger

Of becoming a fast food outlet i know and i don’t want to be there that’s going to last and you’re right i have taken my eye off the ball hands up but is back on it okay let’s go downstairs we’re on it where’s brian he’s in the kitchen he’s working

With left bookings the kitchen will have a fighting chance of getting back the high standards i left at the shack but brian has never run a big team before and i’ve now got to get him to step up to the mark with such a little time the only thing i can do now

Is just get some discipline in that kitchen it’s embarrassing brian has got to [ __ ] run that kitchen and put some soul back into the food all right uh last night guys i have to say was great uh we we survived right stop stop stop stop let’s let’s cut the crap

That’s the problem find your bollocks for me last night was [ __ ] they’ve got to stop preparing food in advance right now i want brian and his team to prove to me they can make this house special from scratch they’ve got 25 minutes to do it i want soul in a bowl

Five [ __ ] bowls and i’m gonna follow you now find your [ __ ] bollocks and start running this [ __ ] kitchen before we’re running to the ground just like all the rubbish and anything that’s not supposed to be in a way clear so we can see we can see what we’re doing catfish nicely done yes

This food was designed to be cooked to order it’s a no-brainer five soul in a bowl just don’t put it in there man jesus brian can step up to the mark but he obviously just needs someone to give him a kick up the ass Freshly cooked chicken that’s what i came here for bring it together as a tea bring it together one minute to go right all of it come here first of all yeah it looks better than last night already i haven’t even started tasting it yet yeah look at the ghoujons it’s advertising they’re fruitful

Yes the soul’s back in this kitchen and brian’s taking control of his team that’s the most assertive i’ve heard you since i met you that’s the only way to run your kitchen as long as brian ditches the pre-prepared food and keeps cooking from fresh the food here will be back on top form

And for this business to survive sharita must keep a tighter hold on the reins there’s one issue i want to clear up today okay okay you can’t take both feet out the kitchen one of those has got to go back in there gordon’s right i’ve got to have my foot back in there

And i will be back in there in terms of supporting you not taking over but supporting you you two yep is where it all started nobody else and it’s only you two that’s going to make this place [ __ ] seriously successful no matter how busy you are you’ve got to

Make time for each other it’s like a married [ __ ] couple i couldn’t do without you and you know it you know it you know it so you know i can’t do without you you know this but i need you to be strong you know me and brian

We’re the foundation and you know like i said to me if you have a good strong foundation even if you have to knock the house all the way down to the bottom again you can build it back up so if gordon’s come back and he’s disappointed with my food

Then now i know where i got to work on and it’s getting my food back to where it was right now sharita and brian have got a real chance to prove they can do it it’s lunch service and i’m hungry just now yeah looking at it tasting again

I feel like i’m back in the [ __ ] shack i didn’t feel like that last night and brian’s even come up with a new dish lamb cutlets with a beetroot salsa in terms of the beetroot and the onions delicious it’s nice is that on the menu no it will be

I feel like i’m back in the shack great great that was delicious don’t stop moonwalking yes so you going it’s not easy to grow your business i should know but if sharida keeps her eye on the ball and manages this place properly i know she can make it work

It’s [ __ ] tough it’s tough love and uh i’m gonna leave him to it now but i’m glad she’s [ __ ] woken up because she needs to it’s been a long time for me yeah i know yeah i want you to go up there and moon walk back here all the way down all right

Just to make sure that she really slides on there that’s the one just in case wait it’s been two years

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