Gravity Falls: S2E15 “The Last Mabelcorn” – Cryptograms!

Gravity Falls: S2E15 "The Last Mabelcorn" - Cryptograms!

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Hey Gus today I’m going to be talking about the cryptograms hidden in the most recent episode of gravity falls the last Mabel coin the first code is actually hidden in the episode and it is when Ford discovers the ancient drawings of Bill during a flashback it started with bad dreams which you

Became nightmares I was foolish I wanted answers I painted the symbols I said the words when gravity falls and earth becomes sky feared the beast with just one eye this doesn’t reveal anything we don’t already know but it reinforces the idea that Bill is a trickster that will

Bring about the end of the world very soon the cryptogram during the end credits tells us that a simple man with eager ears may trust the whispers that he hears even though this code doesn’t reveal much it actually might be giving away more than you think first of all we

Have no idea who bill is going to make a deal with outside of the shack however this code confirms that bill woman could deal with the male rather than a female it’s unlikely he will try to trick Mabel or Wendy or any of the other female characters in the show

Now that we know bill will make a deal with the man the question is which man and will be a key phrase in the script agam is not just a man but it’s a simple man one possible person that could be called a simple man with eager ears is

Grunkle Stan it seems like he is living a simple life because he just wants to get money and protect his family his ears are huge so the eager ears part of the code would also make sense however Stan’s backstories more detailed and makes him less simple than he seems

Another simple person is soos because he doesn’t know a lot of information and he is definitely willing to listen to everything after all he was the only one in the beginning of the show that believed at dippers crazy statements about the supernatural occurrences even though this cryptogram doesn’t specify

Exactly who Bo’s going to make a deal with it narrowed the possibilities which made it easier for us to guess the last cryptogram appears after the end credits and it says in ciphers game he needs upon be sure to know which side you’re on this code tells us that bill needs to

Make a deal with someone outside the mystery shack and after that he can start the battle similar to a game of chess board and Bill are going to fight and make their moves depending on what the opponent does he turn it’s going to be really cool to see

This metaphorical game of chess unfold and how will effect each character’s lives will be awesome anyway that’s all for this video be sure to comment below to tell me what you think also if you didn’t know already there’s going to be a gravity falls panel at New York Comic

Con this year I will be there to watch the panel so comment below and tell me if you’re going as well thanks for watching the video and I’ll see you guys next time

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