GROCERY store ! Elsa and Anna toddlers go shopping – Barbie is store manager

GROCERY store ! Elsa and Anna toddlers go shopping - Barbie is store manager

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Are you looking have a nice day fruit no some mail mommy are you okay um yeah I’m just still a little bit sick I still have the cold yes I can see I hope you feel better girls do you want to go get the mini shopping carts over there yes we’re here

Not the Royal market let’s go get a shopping cart Anya blue for me and purple for me and me I know we’ll get some baskets there we go girls since you were nice and I promised you you can choose one sweet from here come on yeah let’s choose mmm

Which one donut mmm or maybe chocolate muffins mm-hmm Elsie ah who are we kidding of course we’re gonna choose the cupcakes oh yes of course see pink cupcake purple cupcake funny but Anya fruits are much healthier so we also need to get something healthy let’s pick out a fruit hmm how about peach

Yummy my favorite for Emmet in the card it goes watermelon favorite fruit for me and strawberry pull lop it in and what for am I gonna take last oh yeah great mmm nice and juicy hmm how about a tangerine mmm and pineapple YUM and it’s a mini

Pineapple so I should be able to finish it all by myself but you look so good yes yes I have to get them to look there we’re going jiggling time to get some beans let me see yeah these are the ones I like and I know the girls like macaroni and cheese

Um I’ll get some peas and I’ll also get some tuna and some coffee for me and Elsa perfect what are you getting Elsa oh I was just deciding what I need for cooking of course we need some flour and I don’t know which cake mix to get the

Chocolate were the vanilla mm-hmm I know we all like chocolate I’m gonna get the chocolate I was almost knock down the shelf okay and we also need some milk I like this man miss milk he’s the best Oh some cereal perfect let’s get the cereal anything else on earth oh wait we

Need Brent how can we forget that oh yes the bread it’s right down there okay I think that should be enough from this section auntie Elsa what are you getting I was just getting something from here can I please have a bag of chips but honey I you had some chips last time

Yeah yeah but I promise I will I will eat all my food and fruit and I promise promise promise please okay only if you keep those promises or else we’re not gonna get chips well okay we’ll get the bag of chips Thank You auntie no problem Jana put it in your cart yes

I’ll share with LC yeah LC aha I got chips and we can share it it makes my mouth water oh and look over here on the board it says right here so yummy with a doughnut and then over here at the vegetables there is a carrot and it says so crunchy

Honey I just feel like we don’t have enough chips don’t worry I have a plan you will talk to to mommy and I will go and get the other bag of chips yeah I don’t think it’s good what you’re doing just just it’s fine just go talk to them okay no me money

Elsa yes do you want to see you uh fruits I got oh yeah sure we would love to see okay what did you get so I got some strawberries good they’re all distracted are you okay well they’re not all right looking out okay going good we’re going

Good no one sees me and now to grab the chips you know what do you have at your back come nothing of course you know yeah there are some throws and anything there’s there is there’s nothing there’s nothing you should do you have the chip back

No yes you do make you just thought of the chips and it was just in your imagination yeah those are chips why are you taking another bad nature chips I promised Mooney let me see oh they are chips else yeah you know I’m not against

Chips if you eat all your food and you eat fruit and of course if you don’t munch on them every day but I don’t like what he’s sneaked out see how you could just ask me that’s that’s more nice I’m sorry mommy I should have asked okay the

Since you apologized I will get you this chip so next time always ask me if you want it don’t sneak okay okay I promise Thank You Lonnie look I got a chip that oh cool I’m glad she lets you now we have to whoa our baskets are becoming

Full I think I should get a bigger cart yeah can I come with you Andy uh sure hey I’ll get the biggest one over here oops here’s a big cart – coming coming it’s coming to you on yacht okay let’s put this inside perfect before we leave we still need a few

Stuff like paper towels and pasta oh I see that right over there right back thirsty oh you forgot the water oh yes that’s the most important drink how can I forget where’s the water where the water it’s off there mommy uh-huh I don’t see oh the time is now

Oh that’s right you mean yes it is I [Applause] guess I do it’s kind of funny all the things fell no it’s not because she made a big mess and all the store managers gonna come oh yeah well what to do well I guess I have

To clean it up but I need help I know where are you oh I right here I heard something that’s what I heard yes um I guess I wasn’t paying attention and I wanted to get water and then the whole shelf spell Oh sis I guess I’ll help you thank you or

Not let’s lift up the shelves first okay now let’s try to get everything back on we’ll help you too mommy oh and sorry for saying that it was funny oh that’s okay actually I didn’t even hear that okay thanks for helping no problem fresh cake hope it’s not destroyed rise and shine pancakes

green because it’s orange juice and some milk The last one tada we’re done hey thank you so much for helping girls well done I was being too clumsy and now we could finally get the water bottle gently this time yes we did it whoops I think the store managers coming mommy hey guys um I heard

Something loud here is everything all right oh yes everything’s all right we just knocked out a few stuff maybe a lot of stuff but we picked it up don’t worry everything’s fine now okay glad to hear you’re all you’re all fine just checking I’m nice day you too you too

Good also we’re just gonna check out that corner and then we leave okay okay let’s go Elsa okay so where’s the past I said right there LCI do you smell that yeah it smells like flowers I have an idea now what are you gonna do sneak a

Flower no no no no I have an idea since I feel bad for mommy cuz she knocked down the shelf I want to get her a flower maybe that will make her feel better hmm sounds like a good idea look at them so pretty yeah I know

Mm-hmm look at those ones and they’re the most expensive and they’re the ones I want to get but we don’t have any money else yeah yes actually we do what do you mean only grown-ups have no my birthday money it’s perfect but mommy is right over there and she’ll see you well

I’ll just sneak past her and pay first so she won’t see em okay and I have some of my BOB birthday money and I’m gonna get these sunflowers for my mom because she’s such a good mommy but now we have a problem what’s the problem who’s gonna

Pay oh you’re gonna pay no you’re gonna pay um why are you putting me though because because I’ll see ya tell me the truth I’m scared to pay well I think you haven’t done this before you should be brave like a lot last time hmm actually I think I do

Remember doing it before okay I’ll be brave yes and I’ll also come with you so don’t worry let’s take our flowers they give her shopping how can I stay thank you who’s next at checkout number three okay so let’s see how much they cost let’s see seven

Dollars and yours six dollars so 7 plus 6 is 15 so then it has to be 12 no still not it what but it has to be 12 no do what again you can do it on yeah focus focus focus think that you’re missing out on me so

She’s asking you same plus 6/13 yes you got it right but do we have enough yes I’m sure we have okay but I’m scared what if she thinks we’re I wear a weird of course she won’t we’re just some kids so what’s the play for some

Flowers okay you say so okay you go first hey stop pushing me first but you can stop pushing me to final go first but you don’t have to push me say for me um excuse me we’d like to buy these two flowers oh look at that two beautiful flowers for two beautiful

Girls he is I can help you let me just point it down here okay that’ll be $13 please okay $20 yep okay and your chain is $7.00 here you go thank you thank you for buying a nice day all done now see how quick she’s coming hide them behind

Them girls I’m at the cash register you can come here mm-hmm water some paper towels pasta um get me pasta all right add it up and I’ll be 125 95 please do you think we should give them out yes thank you okay girls we need to go wait we want to

Show you something what did you get more chips Oh No well since you are such great moms and LC I felt bad for Elsa because she knocked down the shelf we got you Bo flour what you got flowers but are those real yes they aren’t but

How did you buy them from over here we got them with our birthday money and you paid by herself yes yes we did yes and I they came to be they paid all by themselves they were such nice girls why I’m so proud of you how you made even

The calculations anything Hey I’m so proud of you girls and thank you so much for the flowers we appreciate it girls you’re so nice and oh my favorite sunflowers oh yes and those are my favorite flowers too how are you girls we love you we love you too mommy

What a nice gift girls now that’s what I call a surprise can’t believe you actually did that yeah me neither time to go girls can we have chips yeah and the fruit pasta for dinner it is right ona yep time to get baking visit our channel and subscribe for more videos

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