Guest Host Chris Pratt Interviews Margot Robbie

Guest Host Chris Pratt Interviews Margot Robbie

#Guest #Host #Chris #Pratt #Interviews #Margot #Robbie

Hello great show you’re doing such a good job I am thank you thank you I had a lot of fun with the monologue but now let’s get down to brass tacks okay kangaroos did a donkey rabbit what up would it they have a donkey face but a

Rabbit hop oh I see what you’re saying I had no idea where that was going fine typically a donkey I see I see maybe I we got a conclusive maybe from yesterday now you are from Australia if you can’t tell from the accent and when you see your work people wouldn’t know that

Because you do such a great American accent but you are Australian where did you grow up on the Gold Coast but I grew up in the hinterland part of the Gold Coast okay the hinterland oh that means like it’s like you know I grew up on property

Okay he open now I know I’ve been to I don’t I don’t support like this like I hate the stereotype like everyone thinks oh you’re from Australia they were creepy crawly poisonous venomous things all over the place but are there creepy crawly poisons I mean kind of it’s not

Something you concentrate on when you’re going up but but yeah that mean there’s tons of poison I think there’s like a large percentage of the poison snakes in the world reside in Australia and spiders and well sharks have you so you had there’s like sharks and poisonous

Spiders and snakes a lot of dangerous creatures growing up but it’s fine I mean you don’t when you when you live there you don’t you don’t worry about it or think about it I mean they’re there but I didn’t it didn’t really seem like a big deal like if 10 of your closest

Friends growing up how many of them were killed why poison about six seven No no I mean I don’t even know I mean I grew up on property and I don’t even know someone who is I had snakes like literally in my house growing up which

No one purpose like by you know that would get into the house or whatever what kind of snakes like what would be like the biggest size like a like a carpet python if they’ve got like a gold pattern on their back then then they’re a copper pipe and then this and they’re

They’re fine I mean sometimes if they’re little often they’re probably more poisonous so you kind of like get them out with a stick instead of picking it up but the stick yeah they’re like a stick yuccas you keep a stick for a snake as poisonous snake removers this

One time my wisdom my mom came I was I was in my bratty teen years and and my mom came in said oh can you help me get the snake out of the house and I was like mom I’m really busy on msn like no

And she was like it’s a it’s a big one though liking you and I was like so busy mom no and then she won’t run away and ten minutes later I was like please mom hello and that’s when my mom but you know she she doesn’t come back in the

House and and I went down and she’s on the driveway and this Python was huge and it wrapped its way she tried to carry out its wrapped its way up her arm and it’s like trying to strangle her around her neck and she’s trying to call

After me she was like oh my god I’m like so I was like oh I know I I knew from that point on next time mom asks you to help get us another house just do it just do it don’t be a brat just remove the giant snake from your mom with a

Stick use the stick method other than like instances like that I felt no danger at all growing up in Australia so just completely shifting topics to like a more James Lipton II kind of question if you could have lunch with any celebrity uh-huh living or dead would you take him to Outback Steakhouse

[Applause] I’ve actually never eaten at an Outback Steakhouse I’m ruining everyone shouldn’t have said that let me ask you this I heard that they do have Outback Steakhouse in Australia yeah for sure next boyfriend of mine this I could challenge if you eat I think it’s like a

Kilo of steak and we like you eat all this stuff you get a free t-shirt yeah and a boyfriend of mine way back when tried to do the challenge but he was literally like vomiting as he was trying to keep eating it to win this

T-shirt he got there in the end he got he got the shirt yeah dang but he didn’t get Margot Robbie did he speaking of wrestlers did you ever did you have like a normal upbringing did you ever I worked in a restaurant did you ever work in a restaurant

Growing up I did I did I I worked in a restaurant from I think about 10 to 15 yeah I was working really young whoa I do all right well I started like back in the kitchens I was like polishing cutlery and then I upgraded to peeling

Potatoes and then I was a dish Pig and then I was a waitress and then by about 14 I was behind the bar and that was like the fun part Oh 14 behind the bar is that legal in Australia no it’s not I don’t know sometimes I can’t be like

Giving someone a drink and that’d be like yeah two beers are you old enough to give me beer and I think you want the beer or not no like oh yeah I got away with it that’s nice no it’s not legal it’s mine it’s not legal do all right

What’s in a rum and coke it’s a tough one a lot of ramen a little bit of coke are you more of like a beer person or like a whiskey person yeah definitely would be a drink up Oh what’s up here can I get some beer anyone Guillermo can

You bring us a couple beers yeah sure it does tonight there’s a bar outside when I come back you’re gonna see the lovely Margot Robbie and I have a beer so don’t go anywhere be a fair shot here coz I’m up at 5:00 every morning working my ass off

Does someone want to just tell me to my face you’re never gonna give me the scores I deserve this is how it’s done some of these girls have paid their dues don’t give it out skated them today we also judge on presentation well you know

What if you can come up with $5,000 for a costume for me then I won’t have to make one till then just stay out of my face maybe they’re just not as good as you think if you should pick another sport now I don’t want you to spoil the movie

Does she end up sucking here yeah that’s how it is to be good actually one of the rare things that Tanja actually didn’t say but when she sold the movie the real Tonya Harding I mean she was like I love that line I wish I had actually said

Thank you I can I actually don’t have a party trick I can art [Applause] I can hardly open them with already on Earth’s and theia’s though so I can’t attend yeah my job yeah she prepared this is amazing hey Cheers she’s a Tonya so I’m curious about this

Because you made a movie about a real person mm-hm an infamous figure skater I mean she’s Tonya Harding everybody what’s that like is she part of the process is does she is she there on set did you meet her how did that work I met her she

Wasn’t a consultant on set she wasn’t she already did a series of interviews with her and and then he did a series of interviews with Jeff Gillooly and both their stories contradicted two contradicted each other so much that he thought that was the best way to tell

The story to have all these unreliable narrators you know with contradicting storylines and kind of let the audience decide for themselves how it happened so I flew to meet her right before we started shooting and other than that she she wasn’t on set or anything but we

Showed her the movie right before we premiered at Toronto so yeah do you think she’s watching this right now I don’t know I I didn’t think about that if you are hi Tanya what’s up Tonya Harding what’s up Tanya I liked the movie I thought it was

Really great and I and I think you nailed the character of Tonya Harding that’s got to be an interesting and difficult thing to do meeting somebody but then telling a story when there’s so many conflicting perspectives on how this story went down now your didn’t know the skating is off the chain like

Did you how long did you train to with the skating I did a lot of training I did I did maybe four months of training for five months it was like five days a week three four hours a day it was the one by the way compared to what an Olympic

Level I skated I do my state with Tonya Harding I didn’t but when I did meet her she was she was so lovely when I met her she was more worried about me than I was about her and she was like how you going with the skating and I said well it’s I

Mean it’s really really hot actually and she’s like do you need any tip like do you want me to help we can go to the ice-skating rink now like do you have your skates with you and I was like well they didn’t let me bring them on the

Plane so no right you should have talked about that you should have said that they were emotional support skates I should have brought hi Tonya is in theaters Friday Margot Robbie everyone thanks for watching if you liked that subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest videos and if you didn’t

Subscribe anyway it’s free who cares

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