Guided Meditation for Inner Peace and Calm | Mindful Movement

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Guided Meditation for Inner Peace and Calm | Mindful Movement

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Hello and welcome thank you for taking the time to listen to this meditation to help you find inner peace it will help you to calm the feelings of being overwhelmed that may cause you to get anxious or stuck in life we are a culture of information overload and live

In a busy over scheduled world where we often think we need to do it all and do it perfectly this mindset of being attached to the perfect outcomes can be at the root of overwhelm or anxiety and can cause you to get stuck in your thoughts or actions today we will begin

The process of self inquiry to get curious about what we are really feeling be okay with life as it is and then nurture and open our hearts with kindness this process will help you to find peace from within let’s begin make yourself comfortable with your arms and legs uncrossed make

Sure to turn off all possible distractions and set this time aside for you in a moment I will guide you through a body scan to begin the process of relaxation so you can release tension and negativity by letting go completely you can turn your attention inward

And now allow your eyes to close gently and bring your focus to your breath Without changing your breath simply notice how it flows in through your nose feel the cool air as it passes into your nostrils and fills you up encourage each natural out-breath to release any tension that you may be feeling continue to observe your breath and allow it to deepen naturally and

Slow down today you will practice connecting to what is true for you in your heart you will cultivate loving energy for yourself to nurture what is true for you and to find peace give yourself permission to be fully supported by the earth to connect to the collective energy of the universe and to

Be open to possibilities of what comes with the state of comfort and relaxation and now slowly begin to scan your body as I say each part of your body encouraged a release a complete relaxation to find ease in your body allow the surface below you to support you fully Begin this body scan at your feet and simply relax move your attention up from your feet and begin to release your lower legs and knees feel how each part of your body becomes heavy and connected to the energy around you as you allow it to let go and now

Find a sense of ease and your thighs and hips as you let go completely moving up take a deep breath to help release any tightness in your lower back continue this process of increasing your comfort and connection to the collective energy of the universe around you and

Welcome a feeling of softening into your abdomen let your chest and arms rest heavy on the surface below you feel as your neck and throat release any physical and emotional tension that you may be holding on to Allow your jaw to unclench and feel as the small muscles of your cheeks I then forehead soften and smooth and as the small muscles in your face and jaw let go the rest of your body follows and softens as well now your whole body is heavy on the earth And allowing your breath to return to its natural rhythm and flow you find that you are fully relaxed you know you are safe and supported and you are open to guiding yourself into a calm state of mind now that you are fully relaxed you can begin this inquiry process

By checking in with what is true for you what you are actually feeling without judgment and without trying to change anything Make space for the truth to surface and whatever form it comes simply allow it to surface Consider the situation or feeling that has you overwhelmed or stuck recognize what you are feeling and accepted in the present moment know that the state of overwhelm is simply an obstacle on your path and it is part of your journey Because this may be a negative or challenging emotion let down your guard and your armor to this emotion make space for awareness and acceptance without judgement we often have the unconscious impulse to push away suppress or ignore difficult emotions which simply brings about more suffering some might busy themselves to prove

Their worth or neglect what is really going on some may have a fear of failure and the overwhelm may paralyze them some may feel anxious or restless based on all that there is to do whatever you are feeling is okay these are simply patterns that have developed they are not you

Recognize the self-talk going on in your mind recognize the potential that you may have unmet or unrecognized expectations from yourself or others that may be playing a role in the judgments of yourself Or possibly you’re experiencing negative self-talk Begin to move out of the thinking patterns and bring your attention to your felt experience no need to attach words or labels to your feelings simply explore what those feelings are Pause and allow these feelings sometimes we may be judgmental when a negative feeling surfaces acknowledged the feeling and allow it to be what it is without judgment Or sometimes we may push the feeling down and focus on something else In this situation being present is the way stay in the moment stay with the feeling and be okay with it continue to make space in your heart for these feelings to come up and simply be We may want to resist the discomfort of a negative feeling and remove ourselves from the present moment do your best to stay present and mindful in a time when difficult emotions come up practicing a moment of pause after recognizing a feeling or behavior gives you the opportunity to make another

Choice a different choice than you are used to making creating space during this moment of pause allows you to stop the negative habit or behavior before it continues it allows you to respond skillfully rather than reacting by simply allowing the difficult emotion to be what it is you

Are able to bring your awareness to the present moment experience and you may notice almost immediately a sense of softening and ease around the emotion simply by allowing it to be with honesty and acceptance comes the ability to move forward and to grow once you have recognized the emotion and allowed it to

Be what it is get curious about what you are feeling and what is behind the feeling explore your own truth breathe deeply to allow space for your truth to surface Now is the time for some deep self inquiry start to ask yourself some questions about what you are experiencing what is underneath the feelings you are experiencing is there a physical component to how you are feeling the answers may not come immediately and that is okay continue to allow the emotions to

Surface in these next few moments of quiet make space for the truth and acceptance of what is the answers will come in time Begin to let go of judgments let go of self-limiting beliefs let go of expectations let go of fear let go of any negativity you may be holding on to this negativity doesn’t have to be named specifically just let it go let the energy of negativity go let go of any past negativities and

Replace them with positive thoughts and gratitude take a moment to release all that is holding you back all that you have pushed down any anger and resentment any fears and any negativity As you bring the feelings and emotions to the surface do so with a sense of unconditional love for yourself see what is really going on for you and proceed with care and compassion continue to come back to the felt experience and move out of the thinking patterns and

Then take some time to nurture yourself place your hand on your heart if you like and offer love and kindness to yourself open your heart and let it in offer positive energy to the area of your heart Ask yourself what it is you need in this moment to care for yourself to nurture and support you ask this of yourself often and listen really listen to what it is that you need to calm the sense of overwhelm to get unstuck to find peace within and now bring your attention back to

Your physical body and deepen your breath once more you are now beginning your journey back to the present moment and as you do you will continue to nurture yourself with care and compassion you will find inner peace begin to reactivate each part of your body from its relaxed State feel

The rush of energy back into your body like a warm wave coming over you awakening your body slowly and when you are ready open your eyes you are fully back in this present moment feeling awake and energized thank you so much for listening I hope you have a wonderful day

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