Gymnastics ! Elsa & Anna toddlers – competition – Barbie

Gymnastics ! Elsa & Anna toddlers - competition - Barbie

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Thank you thank you [Applause] I’m so glad that i can do the splits now yep great job oh wait but anya why are you like wobbling like that um because it’s competition day and um and i’m just so nervous about it well it’s okay all you have to do is just do

Your best it’s okay you got this just pretend that no one is watching and now let’s finish stretching so we can be ready to do some tricks and flips it’s gonna be so fun though don’t be nervous attention everyone the competition is starting in one minute girls are you done stretching you better

Go there with the rest of the kids oh yes we’re going [Applause] the parents are watching over there yep welcome to the competition over there we have patricia hello ruby hi anya oh hi elsia hi rebecca hi chloe hello samantha hi and violet hello round of applause for all the girls [Applause]

The competition is starting first up we have the vault the the girls will come on here and jump on the trampoline and then flip first person up just watch me go here i go i got this Yes [Applause] beat that and i don’t even know why you are even here you are too small you can’t even do anything here yes i can i practiced a lot now stop too little i tell you that girl ruby she’s being mean yeah oh anya you’re next what oh no no no i

Don’t think i can do it elsia come on anya yeah you can do it you can do it oh yes i can what if i fail no no i can do it i have i could do this okay three two one Oops i didn’t land on my feet it’s okay anya you will do better next time i guess so it was just my first try all right elsia i got this mommy i got this all right i think i tried my best on this then i know how to do it here we go

Yes very good that was a perfect landing she kind of did it better than me but i need to be the best i need to do the next one extremely good that was rude great job elsia next up is the bar first up is violet ready i’ll pick you up

Yes come over here all right here we go you’re good yep here i go swing swing can do it and oh yes one more time he yeah yes and now for the final trick and splits and and land [Applause] anya what island did so good then

What if i do this one wrong and then ma ami will be upset with me come on anya shave she won’t be upset you just have to try your best you got this come on all right i can do this yup go on yeah oh wait i can’t even reach oh yeah

She is going to help me thank you there we go i can do this two loops and the splits that’s all i have to do all right whoa whoa yes all right now second loop wait no oh no can i start again please yes every person in the competition has two

Tries if they can’t finish it the first time yes all right i can do this one and two and now just the splits you can do this sonia all right keep your balance and yes yes yes yes now down yes i knew you could do it anya thank you everybody

Don’t be so pr out of yourselves because if there’s one person who’s gonna win it’s gonna be me so please stop oh see i want you to tell her something she is being really mean all right then it’s not sure that you are gonna win anyway so please stop being mean well i

Know for a fact that patricia isn’t going to win patricia listen to us yup just don’t listen to her you can do this yup you you got this working hard does matter and believe in yourself you can do it hmm you’re right i can’t do it now that’s my girl you can

Do it patricia next we’ll have our younger kids do the small balance beam and the flip off of it first is patricia my turn up on the beam yeah we’re gonna live oozy we’re gonna lose nope i will not lose i can do this hands up and here i go what whoa

But that was so perfect how can she do that yes patricia i’m proud of you oh yes [Applause] i did it [Applause] hey hey hey that’s my spot can you please move over hey hey please stop it you don’t get to sit why because you are jealous or something

No no no i just don’t want you to sit beside me all right but i did it good anyway doesn’t matter hey hey not not here either what no no no okay well what about here no no hey it’s okay patricia come sit next to us yeah all right thank you elsia

Me again all right i love doing tricks on the balance beam let’s do this yes whoa i hope i can do that too good job lc how we’re proud of you thank you thank you thank you chloe you are next you can do this chloe thank you i’m in it to win it

Hop she didn’t land on the mat oh so she has a second chance like i did right yup oh yeah second chance yes come on chloe i know you can do this let’s do this three two one [Applause] next up is anya it’s my turn here i go again

Oh wait a second wait why am i going wait i’m scared actually no no no no um somebody else can’t who was next yeah yeah i’m just gonna stay here yeah yeah yeah it’s it’s fine anya it’s your turn we always do this at training come on well yeah but this is

Not training though people are watching in fact um i don’t i don’t even want to be in this competition anymore bye bye i just i’m just too scared mommy mommy i just can’t anya huh anya why did you come over here i i just i just can’t do it

Scaredy cat i knew it everybody is just washing me tons of eyes looking at me and like hey what if i mess up and then i just but anya some people win some people lose and this is just your first time you’re just here to have some fun yeah

Just have some fun yeah you don’t need to win yes but if i mess up then you will be upset with me oh anya how can we be upset somebody has to lose somebody has to win we won’t be upset tanya we’re just watching because it’s fun really yeah

Don’t worry about us oh you can’t do it you can do it it’s not what about winning though i thought it is about winning but do your best you can do it yeah just like daddy said i guess i’m having fun i guess and do not be afraid

All right then i’m back in it that’s my anya yes i can do it elsia everybody i’m back i’m glad that you decided to come back anya oh yes now go get it yep gonna do it glad you’re back and Three two one whoa whoa oh pretty good yes [Applause] next up we have the long balance beam and first up will be samantha so ready [Applause] and up and flip it and bleep bleep and now a little bridge and then kick back up in front now time to flip off yes [Applause]

Thank you next up is rebecca i’m right here here i go splits and now up and flip it oh no oh yes second chance let’s go i can do good this time here i go and yes one i i i only have one one last chance oh oh no

I don’t have any more chances i’m sorry but you used up your two chances so it’s time for the next person elsia no don’t worry it happens yes i guess so i will do better next time this one is the hardest one because you have to do many tricks on on the beam

Oh here we go and flip it yes lci you got this split and up and hit now handstand and splits oh yes yes yes oh all right one more and then i can land off cartwheel flip off yes yes yeah perfect landing yes yes yes yes yes anya got me coming coming

Yup yup just gonna try my best just like all the other ones miss miss miss miss lose liz lose lose hey well it was so slow first of all it is not nice what you are saying and this is anya spot doesn’t matter i’m gonna win anyway hmm splits and up

And flip it and flip it without any arms oh i did it what yes and now ah good job oh i can’t believe she didn’t use any hands to do that flip i didn’t know she could do it [Applause] i’m glad everyone’s enjoying and now for the last thing of the day

The freestyle floor first up is ruby come on out time to show off my moves oh yes [Applause] so far so good Oh no no oh it’s okay i can do it it’s okay it’s okay almost done you got this Oh no again well i guess i’m done now i just better go back i keep falling why elsia might actually have a chance of winning and final move yes [Applause] next up is violet in it twin it here we go let’s go violet oh yes another one yes and now ending splits [Applause]

Good job anya you’ll be the last one today let’s go anya spin spin [Applause] yes yeah you did it and that concludes the gymnastics competition round of applause see anya we did it the competition is over third place is who’s third place who is it

Goes to violet come on up here yes top three let’s go yes yes yes congratulations and third place you get a medal there you go yes it’s so shiny you can stay over there dad i did it i won i i won third i’m so proud of you sweetie the second place

Award goes to patricia yes yes yes congratulations patricia thank you earned it here’s a medal yes hmm i guess size doesn’t matter at all yep can’t believe it second place hmm but who’s first i bet it’s me and the winner of this competition is skip i don’t know

Did she actually call my name yes yes go elsia come on up here yes congratulations elsia whoa i can’t believe i won first since you won first place you get the first place trophy whoa my first ever trophy [Applause] yes i won first place you now stand up on the podium

Round of applause to the three winners such an amazing competition thank you i won first place good job everyone first place i know i can’t believe you did it telcia yes and i can’t believe you won first place yep and my and it’s my first ever

Competition and i won yes you did so great i watched every move yes yes yes first place so proud of you oh anya i know you did your best don’t worry it will always be next time i actually feel that i did do my best yeah good job yep

And congratulations elsia we’re proud of you good job elsia thank you everybody well it was a great day let’s go head out for lunch now it’s almost lunch time oh um elsia oh yes um i just wanna i just wanted to say good job and i’m also sorry for being

Mean to you oh it’s fine remember this is always better all right then bye bye see you at the next competition see you for more videos go to our channel and subscribe You

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