Happy New Year Fireworks Family Fun Celebration with Ryan’s Family Review

Happy New Year Fireworks Family Fun Celebration with Ryan's Family Review

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Yeah for us to celebrate this new year we’ve had lots of fireworks like just giant alone we never seen before this is so big and you the Sora’s firework ladybug a red cloth tire cover every fun part with quantum so we can do em on Kate’s not here because they’re with Grandma

Let’s get started yeah fine now I’m gonna do the fun part first we test out this store yeah that’d be so cool cool it’s gonna be a fire from my sword you ready Ryan oh he’s ready Oh oh how is that fun I never want to hear that again that was so loud right yeah that is huge and then I have to sit on the ground because it’s Ryan yeah be super careful okay okay the instruction says it’s supposed to look like a smiley

Face I don’t know yeah me too run oh I don’t see a smiley face though oh oh oh scary did you see your eye and I stopped I was cool but can’t have some other cool stuff in there some swamp way to say this one fits yes died one day Oh big party

Daddy oh that was cool yeah what next I want to try this chuckles there it is guys Pierre du Pilat hold if I was that very cool that’s cool this is just so many ways whoa solar blaze I guess you’re not They’re all looking the same the big smoke though this one’s super smoky look at that No smoking right I’ll try this party hearty party hearty Yeah don’t ladybug I was super cool about this one no no let’s see if it’s gonna look like a ladybug right now it just looks like just red ball yeah oh look kid you see this little pointy thing yeah doesn’t mean it’s gonna spin oh my god oh

Like a beyblade oh it’s better should I just do – okay oh yes let’s see if I can do three at the same time oh my three going alright whoa I didn’t know ladybugs just shoots up in the sky like that whoa where’d it go it doesn’t even come

Down it just disappeared flew away yeah went beyond maybe he went to our neighbor house I went way over there oh yes daddy’s gonna try this call silver rain my everybody moves I don’t see you to fill for color well I’m having my messed up they’re trying to make the

Color sober but that made them right oh yeah but rainbow huh they’re gonna try to draw something drawing a circle I’m going oh I got the right heart I see the heart yeah everybody’s gone no more magic ready for the giant finale neon candle last year we didn’t do this

Big guy that’s run oh I just shoot that nice I like that one good did you like it this one have a happy face smiley face move out do about Ryan move out move out whoa super fast did you see it was the frown face that

My Kate’s home do they want to see some fireworks so daddy’s over there he’s doing it you ready yeah please doing it whoa Garrett no baby that was pretty you like it guys something a little bit smaller for my kid to see beautiful don’t you think

Okay good come on you like it you do again that’s a tank oh we stand far no no no never mind that’s it one more one more what oh that’s it daddy’s way way over there bi see he’s doing one shoots in the air oh there we

Go they’re hard work I think so you use all the cones I’m gonna save these some next year Ryan’s world toys and clothing you’re now available at Walmart Target Smith toys in the UK and Ireland along with Big W in Australia there’s also meet Ryan book to learn all about what

Ryan’s like hi my name is Ryan and I am seven years old my favorite colors are neon blue and neon green there’s also Ryan’s bike with combo Panda that Ryan used to learn to ride a bike with no training wheels videos

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