Hello friends it’s me at today’s video we’re making some of the hardest decisions we ever had to make so in case these ever happened to me or you we would have already thought about it and we would know exactly what to do you know this is some life-and-death stuff

Right here what would you do if you met a gorilla sit down and avoid eye contact stand still and look it in the eyes you know you always hear about this whatever there’s a huge scary animal like a bear a gorilla a mongoose I don’t know you’re

Supposed to stand up tall and look at it like feeling me would still go ham on you a quickie have this you ain’t foolin me still eats the life out of you if swear if I was ever in this situation I would not I don’t think I could bring

Myself to just stand up big and tall hook my chest out and be like you don’t scare me monkey I would be so scared I would be running I would be screaming I don’t know it depends on the situation is it chasing after me I know they say

You’re not supposed to like run cuz then they’ll chase after you but I mean in this situation I would be terrified and I would run I’m gonna stand still and looking in the eyes sit down and avoid eye contact Wow okay so I guess this only works on gorillas you know if I

Ever get trapped in the zoo specifically in the gorillas cage I’ll sit down and avoid eye contact they don’t like eye contact they’ll feel very intimidated you know what you just mad I could go to the grocery store any time I people walk into a Starbucks and buy a banana such a

Luxury right there’s two people in front of you we got Billy and we got Bob your friend and an imposter looking exactly like your friend where did this imposter come from what if my friend be like a Oh top brass come on along its my long-lost

Twin or this dude who look like me my friend would say something there’s no way to determine who is who by asking questions okay but my friend gonna see me and give me that look and be like automatically know they know the same information about you oh we got a carpet

Copy this is the most advanced kind of clone they retain all your memories so you have what to get rid of the imposter your friend will be saved if you’re wrong you die how will you know who’s the imposter add them to drop the weapon the one who won’t obey is the imposter

What if they both dropped it this makes no sense pretty sure it’s very unlikely that I will ever be put in this situation where my friend has a clone I won’t be able to tell the difference like obviously my friend would just be like you know what

She came from USA she look like me it’s obviously not me people help me make videos but not you’ve been blessed with an opportunity there are three doors that you could take the first one will let you restart your life so have you made any mistakes you got a c-minus on

Your math test restart life or a door that will give you five billion dollars with a beat I mean if you restart your life do you think it’s gonna go any better imagine being a baby of 2019 no thank you about five billion hmm I could buy a jet

I could buy a yacht good buy an island yeah marry anyone anyone so they would like you back and marry you hmm so you could marry a billionaire and then divorce them and then get half of everything this one is a very tough one I don’t think I want to restart my life

Because what if it ends up worse than it is now what if it’s like I’m born and then the world is like set aflame something went terribly wrong I don’t know unless you messed up your life that bad that you gotta restart it and you think any other life would have been

Better than yours like I don’t think I could risk that you know what this was a nice opportunity to begin with I get to pick anything like what’s the catch what’s gonna happen when I go through that door yeah I couldn’t marry anyone I have to be a real person probably so

That choice is useless I’m gonna take the five billion whatever that’s a lot of money man I wish they gave me like a better option I feel like these options are not good enough I need something else maybe something to do with food I mean five billion dollars will give me a

Lot of food that’s like more than ten lifetimes of food okay what would you do if you fall down we going skydiving gone wrong trying to land on a haystack or a feel try to land on water haystack are filled imma go whoosh I’m characters hey to cushion my

Fall and ain’t no tempur-pedic mattress we all fall in the water water is always a safe bet right what in a haystack or feel okay haystack is different what if I miss the haystack and fall in the field that seems pretty dangerous I feel like my insides are

Gonna go splat I mean how far down are we talking about are we falling a few feet are we following several kilometers yeah gotta be more specific I’m still gonna land in water what would you do to survive a plane crash oh my god oh man

That would have been a good day to take off my headphones and listen to the flight attendant tell you exactly what to do in case of an emergency but no we didn’t listen what what I do I would probably get to the back of the plane and I would definitely not hunched over

Like that no you know when you extend the slinky and then put it back that’s what’s gonna happen but with your spine that’s what I think so I’m gonna do the lean position that mr. Harold over here is demonstrating yeah wait there’s writing or wrong answers get well now

You know you wrong answer you die so that’s what we’re playing today okay what would you do to survive open the door or break the glass oh man so you drive in and you take the wrong turn and you somehow ended up in the Atlantic Ocean well this didn’t go as planned

Open the window or open the door I think I would open the window I think the door would be difficult to open and the window I could just press the button and then mosey on out yeah oh wait break the glass oh I don’t know why I read it as open

The window I could just open the window the car still work and if it doesn’t work yeah it would break the window give it the middle oh you have me some kind of doors are hard to open already and then you want to try and do underwater nope you’re in the

Like ocean you brought your family your best friend your lover and $1,000,000 and somehow all of them need help because they can’t swim Oh bringing your life savings in cash to the ocean what would you say first probably a million dollars because everybody else knows how

To swim oh my god is that what they did they saved the million dollars not before real though I will say my family if they needed help if they didn’t know how to swim they would be first and then everybody else and then the money but I

Mean money doesn’t know how to swim so it’s the most vulnerable I’m kidding but like everybody else knows how to swim I would assume otherwise they wouldn’t be chillin in the Pacific Ocean would you rather be the person everyone hates or be the person everyone ignores being

Ignored sucks have y’all ever got the silent treatment no I’d rather somebody be mean to me and hate me then ignore me it’s like love me hate me you still talk about me would you rather only have access to youtube or only have access to online games heck you get in the online

Games I don’t need YouTube games are more fun I mean I use YouTube a lot I do watch a lot of videos but I feel like I spend way more time playing games and watching videos on YouTube so I have to go with online games do you

Rather eat the same food for the rest of your life or never use Instagram again oh what’s gonna be Instagram I can’t it be Twitter I can’t be snapchat Instagram as a social media I use the most but I mean I ain’t I need the same crest the

Plate of spaghetti the rest of my life ya know that’s not worth it I was not a fair trade-off not even close would you rather have free internet for a lifetime or have free food for a lifetime okay y’all got elaborate some more on this free Internet do I got like a pocket

Wi-Fi wherever I go I got a cloud a barrier Wi-Fi particles following me around the rest of my days I got free food the rest of my life from anywhere I could be eating a five you the rest of my life I’m gonna get the free food oh if you did more eh

You’re a can-do person and ready to take risks at the same time you keep out of trouble if necessary if you chose mostly B you’re wise and smart and can turn any situation to your advantage what did I get more of I did more B I don’t think I

Could turn any situation to my advantage quite the contrary actually I get pulled over and the police is like you was gone 23 over the limit and then I’d be like okay sorry and then he’d be like okay here here’s the ticket that’ll be $500 I’m not the type of person that could

Talk my way out of a situation I wish I could that’s like the best skill a person can have other than like a black belt in karate I think that’s pretty cool too but I am wise I’m pretty smart so we’ll get your help here an old man

Chat across the road you look like you got some big booty problems too a cat what does the cat need help with is literally just chilling in the road it was that why not the cat is good the cat has gone its entire life without my help

Sure you’ll be fine three this woman she’s carrying a lot of things she went shopping she’s carrying all her stuff by herself ain’t helping her for this dude whose car broke down I don’t know anything about fixing a car so am i a complete jerk for just ignoring this

Entire situation and be like sorry there’s nobody to help here I don’t see anybody who needs help they say comment below y’all comment below I mean grandpa you want me to hold your hand while you cross the street nobody seems like they need help yeah let me help this woman carry her Gucci

Bags to her car would you rather be the only happy person in the world Oh what everybody all six seven billion people are gonna be unhappy and me the joyous one or be the only unhappy one man this is hard if I’m happy and everybody’s unhappy when people like to look up to

Me be like hi how you doing you wake up every day with a smile I don’t want to be the most unhappy one that’s not fair yeah I’ll be sad all day every day but everyone around me is happy yeah then I’m gonna be like the oddball like natural

Election will take its toll and take me out okay I’d rather be the only happy one in the world selfish I don’t care you’re a completely autonomous person or are you ready to sacrifice for your loved ones I mean I’d rather sacrifice for my loved ones but not the world I’m

Not trying to be the most unhappy fool so everybody can be happy no something else good gonna be unhappy would you a always have to tell the truth or B always lie that’s a tough one there’s no right or wrong answer for this wait so everything you ever say will always be a

Lie okay I would rather just tell the truth what if people knew that about you and they took advantage of it knowing you would always tell the truth like what’s your social security numbers five seven one eight nine that’s pretty dangerous you know I probably do be to protect myself

You chose a you are a selfless person you chose B you clearly see your advantages yeah what if you’re at atm and somebody comes up to you and B ugh what’s your PIN oh I am obligated to never lie sir here it is take my money

Would you rather never be able to speak again or have to say everything on your mind I kind of already say everything on my mind now sometimes it might get very very annoying and everybody’s just gonna have to deal with all the garbage that’s on my mind

You chose a you’re a cautious and secretive person wow there’s a lot of illegal things going on in this brain we’re just not gonna talk ever again B you have such a big heart I don’t really wish always you guys do comment below wait so that means if I

Have like one line of a song lyric stuck in my head I have to like sing it out loud until it goes oh my god I’m gonna have no friends everybody’s gonna hate me I’m gonna be so annoying if I say everything on my mind but I can’t not talk ever again

Would you rather find true love or win a million dollars you know sometimes true love ain’t always the true love you think it is so find a million dollars do I gotta pay 40% taxes on it though or can I just pocket it if you chose love you don’t

Want to be happy on your own B you don’t really believe in true love I’m gonna go with B I’m gonna take my million dollars and be out by Lambo or something who needs love well you could drive fast but yes I hope you guys enjoyed this

Video if you did make sure that that like fighted the icon below let me know what you guys got and make sure you turn on notifications today today and make sure you subscribe to the wolf pack I love you guys so much six rat cheek bye guys

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