What is up spy ninjas we have hacked our way into roblox project zorgo’s secret roblox server and inside their server we’ve built our own safehouse because we are not going to allow them to keep hacking people like you and people like us we’re here to protect roblox we’re tired of people getting hacked

Getting their accounts deleted and getting their robux stolen i’ve got beef over here playing with me and i’ve got daniel regina and melvin what’s up everybody james brother representing we’re gonna update this as much as we can every day until this is the best way to hack into project zorgo’s server i’m

Glad you found me because i need your help roblox server we’re in right now is very dangerous this here is the exact roblox server where real hackers hang out train and commit crimes these hackers are ruining all of roblox and then once you’re strong enough make

Your way up to the top of the black pyramid headquarters to shut them down for good now go talk to melvin and he’ll teach you how to fight the hackers are gonna be so upset once they find out we put our safe house in their server oh my gosh guys i’m ready

To walk inside i mean the gate looks so good it looks so nice all right it says to go talk to melvin now yeah i need to add the muscles later melvin yeah you’re so skinny bob sounds like regina just wants to talk to bob so you want to fight project zorgo with

Us yes see if you got what it takes no problem melvin i got moves in real life so let’s see how i do in roblox Remember we did this other day we were fighting bob this is Hey guys check out my moves Hmm not bad but i wonder how well you’ll do in a real fight against project zorgo i guess it won’t be long before we find out let’s go talk to v oh i can’t wait to see what i look like i hope i’m tall like everyone else wow v you are

As tall as me look at you let me see let me see wow oh my gosh i am so tall wow pretty accurate too melvin got my side part properly i usually wear white pants okay let’s talk to v see how you can help us defeat project

Zorgo the dakota wheel is the tool we use to figure out project circle’s secret language find the red safe and decode the lock just like b taught us look the decoder wheel oh i think it oh i think it defeated me i’m gonna decode whoa look at that

Perfect you are a great spy ninja yo coins is the ninja points we were talking about just you wait till we find out what you could do with those ninja points in the bottom right hand corner look you can see how many ninja points you have we’re gonna talk to me wow regina

Wow look at you whoa i am tall you’re doing pretty well spy ninja i think you’re ready to try out hacking nothing hurts project zorgo more than when we take down one of their server terminals by hacking into it from the server terminal that’s nearby

Oh laptop i encrypt it it even says spy ninjas on it dude it just looks much better than that garbage can thing you did yesterday hey i tried but yeah this is way cooler but this is actually what the project zergo terminals are gonna look like press the action button

And you’re hacking it see those tens flying off all the bits are going down to zero you’re getting down to zero better there are more types of terminals that we can hack into click click click click click click click ha ha ha ha ha ha ha make sure you try it out

Bringing down those bits see once it gets to zero awesome there are more types of terminals that we can hack into and they’re hidden throughout project zorgo’s world make sure you try it out whenever you see one now she said i gotta go talk to daniel

Thanks for putting the cover in the pool melvin he did tuck in daniel’s shirt he joked about doing that here in project zorgo’s roblox world nowhere is safe from the hacker’s prying eyes if you ever feel uneasy like somebody’s watching you equip this listening device the listening device tunes into the

Project zorgo frequencies and lets you hone in on their location the device will be faster the closer you are i got a listening device it’s the ninja noise enhancer look at that wow guys you can actually get this in real life on or wait there’s gonna be hackers daniel

Said we gotta go to where the beeping is the fastest faster it’s beeping faster towards the trash can it’s beeping really fast oh my gosh so i gotta press e to shake i don’t know oh oh yes let me try shake the bin oh boy oh boy he’s after me

Take out your i’m doing fists he’s coming after me fight chad fight all right let me pull up my fists oh you did it that’s what i’m talking about thanks daniel for the positive encouragement ninjas are happy to welcome you into our ranks you are now officially

A new recruit of the spy ninjas thanks chad i’mma now a new recruit oh what’s going on the front gate here oh v oh no no no the front gate spy ninja you are needed at the front gate be quaint is their way for you these are actually hundreds

Now attacking the staples they don’t like that we’re inside of their server that must be project zorgo’s private servers anti-virus they’re trying to boot us out of their server here they are i’ll protect uv power yeah this against me the show how we do it projects are still trying to break in

Defend the safe house project zargo is super mad that we have hacked into their server oh gosh we need to protect chad he’s the one that’s keeping a connection alive so we can stay in roblox and fight back against the hackers oh no hackers are loading in right now

They must have tracked your connection signal quick use your fighting skills to disrupt their connection i’m gonna protect my chad avatar here they’re trying to disrupt our connection dude you guys get away from this server yeah if they shut down this server right here guys look at that green beam of light the

Hackers must have set up a terminal to steal our robux pave the terminal with your laptops and stop them and look they must be storing roblox in these safes nearby decode the safe and keep an eye out for other safes around the safe house we’ll show those hackers that their

Plans will never work oh my gosh hackers are after me they don’t want me to shut down their server yeah boy let’s take them down this is what they’re using right here to hack people in roblox for real oh gosh they’re kicking my butt my life’s going down i gotta protect myself

Oh my god oh boy okay okay okay they’re dropping all kinds of ninja points i gotta get my laptop back out i gotta hack them here we go here we go here we go here we go yes the hackers have been able to cheat in this virtual world

They can hide inside almost anything good thing we can use our listening device to hear their transmission signals i can use these ninja points to upgrade my character and that’s gonna allow me to fight off the hackers more easily get the listening device on there’s hackers hiding out i gotta find them

Those okay hackers rounds we got one round one oh my gosh these hackers are attacking us in multiple waves and mounts multiple rounds oh boy look they’re going after the oh my gosh they’re going after that come on chad run over there buddy don’t even care about me they care about

Chad and the oh no no no oh hacker terminal spawns i gotta find it gotta find that green beam of light using the quarter wheel let’s shake this tree oh boy i think a hacker just fell out he’s ready to attack me oh i’m losing real bad oh failure oh failure as well

Better beat those hackers up first they’re pretty strong if you lose all your life then it’s over chad The reason why we failed is because we were playing that separately but as spy ninjas we work better as a team together yeah we do thankfully that was just the training mission now the real thing starts all right spy ninjas now we are all together at the safe house

And now we must protect the safe house from oncoming hackers but what’s very important is we need to all build our characters stronger because that’s going to allow us to go after the black pyramid once we can build our character strong enough to get into the black pyramid

That’s how we can shut down project zorgo for good and stop them from hacking innocent roblox people why don’t you teach us how to upgrade our characters huh yeah check it out guys by the lion statues there’s gonna be four places here where you can spend all of our harder

Ninja points and turn it into strengths and scales so i want to increase my damage right now it’s at 100 percent boom i’m up to 105 damage you know where i’m putting all my skills i want to increase my sprint speed the hacking speed comes in really handy when you need to

Disable project zorgo’s server terminals so i’m going to upgrade this regina you’re the best i gotta do hacking speed we also have the glider speed here daniel looking good my buddy 155 damage wow i want people to examine me and be like oh my gosh he’s amazing

I’ll be watching you well that’s not the only way to improve yourself guys take a look at this card bender here you can use the tokens you earn to buy packs of cards like pokemon now we’re talking we don’t have any tokens right now though you gotta earn some cwc or spy ninja

Merch to increase that defense everyone’s defense is gonna be zero until we can finally earn some merch to cover our tender bodies let’s check this place out oh it looks beautiful i sit here me and me both sit here i sit here this is my desk this is my desk

Put it over here let’s check out the chick the chicken let’s check the kitchen you said that because i’m in the kitchen huh daniel’s just hanging out in the kitchen here what’s going on buddy wow look at this hot sauce bottle oh hot sauce i have to go potty break

The bathroom’s over here in roblox oh it’s a little different like not even kidding wow you really gotta poop we got the plaques here regina’s just hanging out in her room what’s happening regina there’s the hatch right there oh i can inspect the plaques let’s see

These are all of the youtube awards that the spy ninjas have received all the spy ninjas at home who join us inside of roblox they can live with us here in our roblox safe house that’s cool melvin why are you on the toilet he’s pooping in real life right

Now guys close the door melvin jeez we’re all just hanging out in the bathroom look at melvin poop wow i can buy so much stuff here where are you i’m in the armor room the armory what’s up melvin i want to buy some stuff wow look at all this cool stuff

If you collect 10 cards of a particular item then you get to have it all right melvin’s like yo bro oh why are you sweating dude you’re sweating so much you know we’re filming i just got what did i miss out on are we good no no everything looks good so far

Oh my gosh why am i so small compared to this with all five of us we can take on the black pyramid together it’s right over there whoa i jumped a fence on accident you ready to take down the black pyramid right now yeah i’m ready let’s go

You ready let’s attack the pyramid oh what’s this project absorbable force field surrounding the safe house hasn’t been dismantled yet continue to help the spy ninjas by growing stronger guys our characters aren’t strong enough yet melvin did you build this forest field no i didn’t this must be project zorgo’s anti-virus

Oh my gosh project zorgo does not want us getting to the black pyramid am i drowning v is still swimming of course v would be in the hot tub because it’s the only place you can comfortably switch we all need to grow our characters stronger in order to break through

Project zorgo’s force field and get to the black pyramid and the best way to grow our character stronger is to collect more ninja points by defeating hackers who try to attack our safe house follow me we can go to a rally up point this is where you can rally up with your friends

I’m on the roof everybody can press e to ready up hackers are incoming get ready to defend the safe house everybody let’s go baby let’s work as a team round one start This chad virtual chad hey you gotta protect virtual chad if these hackers shut down this server right here we get booted out of roblox coming in from the left yes collect those ninja points the more points we earn right now the more we can upgrade our stats

What the hell dude this guy’s humongous i need help he did a super powerful move oh my gosh oh my god everybody yes round one one oh there’s another round of packers coming all to the terminal you don’t stand a chance against all five of us hackers

Boom yeah right now we only have our hands and fists but i think if we get strong enough we’ll be able to use ninja gage yeah we can upgrade oh okay oh god i’m down what happened oh my gosh the big one whoa that got like half my energy gone

Okay where is it yeah look for a green light there it is where i don’t see it this way that’s a job for you regina you’re the best hacker and daniel’s out oh my gosh i’m getting attacked help everybody help me guys there’s hackers here where are you where are you i’m packing

The terminal oh my gosh you’re way over there oh it’s almost down to zero bits once i get down to zero this thing explodes three two one boom yes thanks for helping me hack regina oh boy round three round three good job chad i’m back in guys i’m back in

Get these guys they’re going after our terminal oh boy come on everybody oh boy oh wow these guys are strong i need oh i got defeated what where are you i need to wait for the next round to respawn i’m down if you pay attention there’s a bar across the top

And if that hacker mask makes it all the way to the right hand side we lose Is are these his remains right here the hackers are hiding now we gotta listen for them with our spy ninja noise enhancer oh no where are they ready all right i’m gonna shake it if something pops out get ready to attack ready yes three two one shake oh there he is

There he is nice nice yes me and melvin are back in great work guys round four the hackers are winning the front yard we’ve got a server terminal in the front yard we need to protect it the hacker mask is making its way all

The way to the right go go go go go go go there’s so many hackers okay i’ll go in the backyard i got the front yard Oh my gosh someone help me in the background oh my gosh there’s a giant one yeah oh gosh that hacker mask is climbing to the right oh gosh Smash smash smash smash i’m gonna get a high view shoes i see it oh no oh no i’m coming they’re so high up you can’t get them Two big guys coming in three of them three huge guys oh no Regina oh he punched me one time oh no failure let’s upgrade our attributes so we’re even stronger for the next defend the safe house we can do an even better job right here is a vending machine where you can get cards i’m gonna buy a pack of cards let’s see what happens everybody Yellow headband whoa i got a super rare card cool i bet you that one gives you lots of defense points but i gotta cut ten of those in order to go buy that merch so we gotta keep collecting ninja points and keep cooking ninja coins and upgrading our stats and getting new

Equipment and if we can grow strong enough then we can break through that force field and go attack the black pyramid yeah this is so fun but can you imagine once we get through that force field look guys past the force field you can see the project zergo headquarters the

Black pyramid with a big mask on it there’s even the stratosphere tower over there there’s so much stuff to explore project zorgo is just running free in this server so if we can break past this force field we can stop them but we need your help all right spy ninjas

Here we are the team the five of us together with the five of us and the millions of you spy ninjas at home if you join us we can definitely defeat project zorgo no problem and we could be the heroes who save roblox no longer will they be hacking players and deleting their

Accounts and stealing their robux all you need to do is go to roblox and search for spy ninjas versus project zorgo find that server that’s what we’ve hacked and renamed it to join that server get in here build your character strong and help us take down project zorgo great work

We were so strong with the five of us it’s gonna get more and more fun the more you play and we’ll see you over on roblox right Now

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