Her Son Can’t Stop Growing at Night..

Her Son Can't Stop Growing at Night..

#Son #Stop #Growing #Night.

Dude if this woman’s having problems with her son they should be going to therapy it’s just those bones they don’t fit into the skin anymore hello lux army let’s hit 100 000 likes for more new episodes so for this episode we received an email from a woman named

Candice a 53 year old mother who believes there is something horribly wrong with her son candace says her son doesn’t talk to her anymore and it seems like he cannot stop growing to the point where he can barely fit in his clothes she says he’s been

Pulling out his hair and won’t let her see his face she sent us this video for proof tommy i brought you your dinner Do you want it sweetie So tonight we’ve decided to head out to her house and see what’s happening with her son when she’s not watching him let’s go so what do you think’s going on with this lady’s son i really don’t understand the problem okay so from what she said in the email

Her son’s been growing super fast for some reason and acting really creepy towards her dude that doesn’t make any sense how do we know he’s not just hitting a growth spurt or something i don’t think this lady would contact us if he was just having a normal growth spurt

Dude if this woman is having problems with her son they should be going to therapy let’s just get there and see what we’re dealing with okay okay fine Something seems really wrong here dude the windows are all dark dude i don’t know if i want to meet these people this could just be like a waste of time well at the very least let’s just go in and meet candace and try to talk to her son okay okay All right let’s uh knock on her door sir hi candace right yeah hi uh you email us by your son we told you we were coming tonight okay uh we can come in right okay okay dude it seems like she didn’t know we were coming bro candace is your son home right now

He’s resting uh okay uh let’s just sit down and talk with you okay come on let’s sit down okay candace thank you for uh letting us sit down with you uh can you give us more details about what’s going on with your son my son it’s my fault

I should have done something sooner uh so you told us in the email you sent us that you know he’s been acting really strange can you go into that more he’s still my boy he just doesn’t talk to me anymore i mean i can see her very concerned

About him which is you know a good thing but when did all this start happening with him after michael passed michael was your husband tommy ran into the woods he was gone for about three days i almost called the police but eventually one night he came back into his room through his window

The window why didn’t he come through the front door i don’t know he just completely shut down and now he wears this changed mask it’s just like he’s not my tummy anymore well you mentioned that his father passed away are you sure this isn’t like some type of grieving

No this is some grieving it’s physical too what do you mean by that it’s just those bones they don’t fit into the skin anymore i love my son he’s my whole world but this isn’t my tommy okay candace uh is it okay if chester and i uh go talk to tommy now

Uh yeah but he’s been pulling on his hair lately okay that’s fine just don’t say anything i think he’s self-conscious of it okay where’s uh his room yeah it’s upstairs i’m left okay all right okay let’s go talk to tommy are you ready yeah tommy i’m gonna open the door

Hi tommy uh my name is parker i’m friends with your mom um she invited me here to talk to you to make sure you’re okay are you feeling already your mom’s uh been worried about the way you’ve been acting tommy do you think you could turn around

So we could talk face to face yeah we should go we gotta go now okay tommy uh if you want to talk more chester and i will be here all night dude i gotta talk to you okay dude did you see his face what was that

I i don’t know i think that’s his mask why is he wearing a mask i have no idea it could be some sort of grieving thing after his dad passed how could that be a grieving thing dude i don’t know i mean we came here to set up cameras

So why don’t we just start setting them up dude i’m afraid to see what this guy even does at night bro let’s just sew the cameras okay that’s good come on okay putting the camera up here okay okay so tommy just went to the bathroom let’s go put a camera in his room

Oh dude it smells so bad in here okay i gotta hide this thing hey what’s this dude there’s like some sort of meat or something here dude don’t don’t mess with that what’s the problem dude just moved huh the meat just moved bro what are you talking about let’s just go

I set the camera okay okay let’s put camera in candace’s room hi uh candace can we put a camera in your room okay that’s good okay candace so we set up cameras all over your house and we put one in tommy’s room too i’m not sure he’s gonna like that oh why

Um well he doesn’t know that we put one in there at least i hope not i just don’t want to make him angry i just want my old tummy back okay candace chess and i are going to do our best but uh we need to see how your son

Acts at night first canvas listen it’s already okay chester and i are going to do the best we can we just need to watch the footage from these cameras so we know what’s going on with them okay we’ll all watch the footage together in the morning

Chester and i are going to be sleeping in your guest room tonight okay you ready let’s go to sleep okay okay good night bro when we were talking to tommy i got a really bad feeling did you see the way that he looked at us

Dude i know it was creepy but we really don’t know what he might be going through i just feel like he doesn’t want us in this house bro i don’t feel safe sleeping here yeah and neither does candace and that’s her own son that’s why we’re here

Dude let’s just go to sleep okay we’ll watch your footage in the morning okay Oh Nice um hmm Um okay so it’s about 7 a.m right now we just woke up dude did you hear anything last night no i slept like a baby why i don’t know maybe i had a weird dream okay well can you go wake up candace i’ll go set up the footage so we can watch it

All right i’ll go candace it’s time to wake up i’m coming in uh hello candace are you okay what tommy no it’s chester uh we need to get up it’s it’s morning Oh my god my legs hi parker parker what’s the problem dude candace what what’s wrong her legs aren’t working and this is there’s something wrong with her dude there’s a black mark on her back are you okay i don’t know i’m fine i’m fine okay let’s let’s get you up okay

Okay bro what’s wrong with her okay so let’s look at this footage from last night okay so it looks like tommy wasn’t sleeping much at all he’s very active at night i can see that oh my god he’s coming into my room oh my god what’s he doing to you i don’t know

What’s wrong with my son is that why you can’t walk that’s your spine i don’t know what’s going on candace look what he did to you this isn’t normal we need to call the police no no no but candice see they won’t understand tommy okay well if you don’t want to call the

Police chester and i need to go talk to him right now no he rests at this time yo we gotta talk now bro okay let’s go bro what the hell did we just watch why isn’t she gonna call the police dude i don’t know that was horrifying it

Looked like he was sucking your spinal fluid out like a mosquito or something did you see the way he was walking i think he grew more last night we gotta get out of here well now it’s more clearer than ever that this lady needs our help we definitely stay here one more night

Bro come on we’re staying we don’t have a choice okay okay candace so uh we saw some pretty awful things last night i really just don’t want them to come in here again tonight i mean i don’t know what to do here are you sure we can’t just call the police

No no they won’t understand them okay uh well listen how about we put this chair here against your door handle in case he tries to get in again there’s no way he’s gonna be able to get through this okay okay so we’re all set now if he tries to

Come in again chester and i are going to be right in the other room try to get some sleep okay we’ll watch your footage in the morning okay i just really love the mess one would be okay I understand that but right now i need to worry about you too okay try to get some sleep all right we’ll talk in the morning okay good night bro you can’t tell me you feel safe sleeping here tonight what if he comes into our room alright look obviously i’m not

Comfortable with this but what are the other options we can leave dude let’s just record tonight to see what this guy is doing it’s definitely too unsafe to leave candace alone all right but the second i hear anything i’m leaving okay whatever let’s just go to bed okay whatever ah Huh So So Uh [Applause] foreign [Applause] dude something’s breaking what something’s breaking bro what what is the camping bro come on do you hear that yeah yeah let’s go dude the window is this your shirt where did she go bro i think we i think we got to get out of

Here dude dude did that guy take her dude i do not want to be here anymore we gotta go now dude we gotta find her i we don’t we’re gonna worry about ourselves dude you saw the thing take her we need to find her bro let’s go we gotta call someone

Dude he’s gone bro we need to call Someone So Thank you guys for watching this episode let’s try to smash 100 000 likes for the next episode to be released and thank you guys for 3.2 million subscribers let’s try to smash 3.5 million subs next the video is over now so you don’t need to keep watching but here’s some footage

Where we buy a house off the dark web from our other channel luxury dark click the link in the description to watch the full video and subscribe to luxury dark what’s up guys welcome back to a brand new episode of luxury dark so for this episode chester

Found a site on the dark web where you can buy houses all right let’s sit down and check out the site okay let’s see uh what’s selling on this site okay so these are the houses selling on here most of them look kind of strange why

Don’t you think these houses can just be like sold normally bro there’s something probably really cool about these houses so they can’t sell them on the regular market dude let’s just check out that first house mr jeffries it looks really nice it says that 37 people have gone missing in this house

Over a 14-year period i’m buying this in the hopes that we can actually clean this place up and make some money back all right all right let’s do it okay guys so we just bought this house i guess in a couple of hours i’m supposed to get

An email with the address so i guess we can finally see where this place is dude this is it this is it this is it okay dude this place looks amazing this place looks awful bro okay so i guess this is the front door dude what the hell is that hope you guys

Enjoyed that footage remember let’s smash 100 000 likes for the next episode to be released you guys mean the world to us and we want to make you guys happy with new better and more scary videos and thank you guys for watching thank you for subscribing and thank you for being

Part of the lux army you

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